Monday, May 7, 2018

Richman, Murray. "Comments on him on YouTube"

everything this guy said from beginning to end hit me like 2 tons of bricks

absolutely amazing , absolutely genious. thanks for this upload

what a shithead, getting the witness to say the wrong thing isn't defending liberty 

afaultytoaster it's business
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Without a doubt, one of the best criminal defense attorneys that ever lived. A true legend from The Bronx.


Thank you for sharing this video. Quirky characters like Dr. Death.

Found out about this guy through a Jay-Z line off the track No Hook. This man is so fascinating to listen to, however. Very eye-opening interview

This guy still does a radio show in Westchester NY outside of NYC. [it’s] pretty great! "The Don't Worry Murray Show"

"Mr. Death" (not Dr.) was a great film! All Morris' docs are very strange and pose deep questions. He got his start in philosophy and it shows.

Hmm. Interesting.

I'm not doing God's work, I'm doing man's work.

Wow, a lawyer being honest. For once!

this guy is my kind of guy

a phd. in streetsmarts

Thank you! Very entertaining. They don't show this in the country I'm living in. Definitely a good series

My client came out a restaurant with two empty gas cans and a roaring fire behind him... Lol

I wish the things he said were not true.

Top man

In New York, he's known as "Don't Worry Murray" :)

wat a fukn dodgy dude aye hes basically a criminal no better than the mobsters he represents

don't like this guy...

Fat fucking scumbag this guy.

Murray is an interesting character but I think he's deluding himself if he thinks seeking a criminal clientele and then arguing for their acquittal despite believing himself they're guilty doesn't make him at least partially responsible for their actions.  There's always a choice.

For criminal defence lawyer there is no choice. Once he accept his client, his only duty is to defend him. Criminal defence lawyer can't draw a conclusion about the guilt of his client. That would prevent him to do only job he has - to defend client. Criminal defence lawyers might not have the conscience but they don't have guilt over their client[’]s actions.
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City island loves you murray , the best lawyer out there

I think people are becoming sanctimonious here and missing the point. A lawyer's job is adversarial in nature. In any criminal proceeding, the prosecution's job is to burn your house down in the name of the people. Your job, and Murray's job, is to prevent that from happening by any means available. As a society, we have this misguided view that laws are in place because they're fair and just. Most people without experience in the criminal justice system think that anyone charged is guilty and, more or less, should be crucified. Nothing could be further from the truth. Go spend some time in the county jail because you can't make bail and then have false charges against you ultimately dismissed and tell me otherwise. If we don't have Murray and others like him in place and the jury system, we'll all be going down a dark road indeed.
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well said, obviously the big fish stories are about the crooks he got off but people have to realize this guy gives his innocent clients just as passionate of a defense too. whats sad is not that guys like this exist but that most people cant afford to hire him and a lot of his fees come from the wallets of his clients victims.

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@Etcher's from Donnie Brasco...

i love the donnie brasco scenes great movie

@afterapplepicking Somehow I doubt Errol Morris was looking to Donnie Brasco for cut-scene inspiration.

Just another run of the mill psychopath. Glib, superficial, manipulative, totally lacking in conscience, he's a half-step away from the wise guys he defends. Useless piece of blubber.

he sounds good but he ain't no Saul Goodman. 


This guy is awesome



I've never understood the "Chaotic Neutral" alignment in D&D games... but after watching this interview I think I get it.

murray ill all ways love u shayeh dov

This guy is "Lawful Neutral"

The narrator is horrible. What a way to ruin a documentary. Rediculous voice.

His interview voice is his trademark - off camera, slightly off mike. That is what made him famous. Look him up.

+readchesterton1 Doesn't fit though. I could name a few people who are famous who shouldn't be Lol.  ...[it’s] such an awkward style. It doesn't work :(

+Tiny Kitty If you watch more of his work ... The Fog of War, The Known Unknown, Thin Blue Line (perhaps his best) ... then you may have a better appreciation for his style.

Administrator. “MAJORITY VERSUS MINORITY: How the Supreme Court Reasons” (03 Apr 2018) BKPL.

  MAJORITY VERSUS MINORITY: How the Supreme Court Reasons
   Tue, Apr 3 2018 | 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm | Central Library

  “MAJORITY VERSUS MINORITY” is a free eight-week class offered as part of BPL's Library School series taught by Norman Finkelstein.
  The decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court have had a fateful impact on the lives of all Americans. The purpose of this course is to analyze how the Court reasons its various opinions. Is the decision based on facts and logic, judgment, or prejudice? We will examine not only the majority opinion but also the dissenting opinion(s). Among the cases we'll consider are:

  Plessy v. Ferguson, 1896 (upholding ”separate but equal” segregation laws)
  Korematsu v. United States, 1944 (upholding the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II)
  Brown v. Board of Education, 1954 (declaring segregation in public schools unconstitutional)
  Miranda v. Arizona, 1966 (declaring that prisoners must be advised of their rights before police question them)
  Loving v. Virginia, 1967 (declaring state laws that prohibit interracial marriage unconstitutional)
  Roe v. Wade, 1973 (declaring women have a constitutional right to an abortion)
  Regents of the University of California v. Bakke, 1978 (upholding the use of race as a factor in college admissions)
  Bowers v. Hardwick (upholding laws that prohibit “homosexual sodomy”)
  Texas v. Johnson, 1989 (upholding the right to burn the American flag)
  Lawrence v. Texas, 2003 (declaring laws that prohibit sodomy unconstitutional)
  Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 2010 (declaring that corporations can spend unlimited amounts in elections)
  Obergefell v. Hodges, 2015 (upholding same-sex marriage)

  *Space will be limited to 20 students.

  Norman Finkelstein received his doctorate in political theory in 1988 from the Princeton University Politics Department. He taught for two decades in the CUNY system, NYU and DePaul University (in Chicago). He has lectured on a broad range of subjects, and has written ten books that have been translated into more than 50 foreign editions. Finkelstein's main fields of research and teaching are political theory, international law, and the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Finkelstein, Norman. “Typical Bullshit Remark before the Commencement of the Course” (April 2018) BKPL.

  What we’re doing here today and for the next roughly eight to ten weeks is an exercise in Thinking. It doesn’t mean that I agree with anything I’m saying, it doesn’t mean that even you agree with anything you’re saying, it means we’re trying to think, trying to reason through an Argument and we’re trying to find the Errors, Holes, Gaps in the Arguments that are made by the Court. I hope nobody here is going to be restrained or constrained by Political Correctness. There’s no question here about offending.
  The first week we’re going to be doing today, the issue of Segregation. The second week we’re going to be doing the issue of Abortion. The third week we’re going to be doing the issue of Sodomy. The fourth week we’re probably going to be doing the Flag-burning case. Everybody has a right to strong Opinions but what we’re going to be doing in the class is not registering strong Opinons. We’re going to try to think and whether the Judges are making convincing Arguments or not. I had a chance to read several of the Decisions, and so far I found the Reasoning of the Court wholly unconvincing and wholly inadequate. And we’ll begin right now and see.

  Formats are going to be as follows. Number one, I’m going to severely edited version of the Decisions. I’m removing all the technical Aspect of the cases. For example, large part of these Decisions deal with the question of whether the Legislative Branch of the Government or the Judicial Branch of the Government should be deciding these cases. Should it be the Legislative Branch, the Congress or should it be the Judicial Branch, the Supreme Court, which decides whether Abortion is Legal. Should it be the Legislative Branch or the Judicial Branch which decides whether it is Permissible to burn a Flag. I’m not going to be discussing those issues. It is very technical how to evolve the division between what is the Jurisdiction of the Legislative Branch, what is the Jurisdiction of the Judicial Branch. That’s something [of interest to you], go to Law School. [Emma Caterine. Martin Garbus & Michael Ratner & Vince Warren & Katherine FRANKE. Dima Khalidi & Liz Anderson. R.B. Ginsburg & Kagan & That Spic Cunt from the Bronx. Glenn Greenwald & Anthony Romero & Hina SHAM-Shi & Kade Crockford]

  I’m just interested in seeing kind of, as I said, the Moral reasoning of the Courts. The way we’re going to be doing is, the format I’ve elected on after thinking it through is we’re first going to read each Decision, what’s called at the top, the Syllabus, and that’s just the Case Summary, what is the issue the Court is trying to resolve. After we read the Summary, we’re going to go around and ask the class where do you stand on the particular issue the Court is confronting and we’re going to hear out your Arguments. Why you think A or why you think anti-A on that particular issue at hand. Then we’re going to read the Majority Opinion. If there is a Minority Opinion, which in general there will be, we’ll do Wade [vs. Roe]. No, no, no, no, no, Brown vs. Board of [Education] was unanimous. But in general we’re going to find Minority Opinion and we’re going to go through them. That having been said, we’re going to begin now….

CaPoCCia, Andrew. "Errol Morris's First Person S01E01" (16 Feb 2000) Bravo? Attorney who is not anti-Capitalism who deals with and who work on behalf of the clients of Petit Bourgeoisie, of Working Class and of Lower Class.

  «I’m a Prisoner in my own Home.» «I’m afraid to answer the phone.» «I can’t sleep at night.» «I had nowhere else to turn.» «I was going to leave the Country.» «My Wife was going to leave me.» «I sat at Home with a Gun.» «I didn’t know how I was going to get through the night. Then I saw my Children and I couldn’t do it.» This is what’s said to me every single day by People.

  Sooner or later, if you’re [homo sapiens] and you’re raising a Family and you’re living in this Country, sooner or later something’s going to happen that’s going to interrupt your Economic Status. There’s going to a Death, a Divorce, a Separation, a Downsizing, a Relocation, a Medical Emergency, the Furnace breaks, the car breaks down, the roof leaks, whatever. These Things happen in Life. You need that little extra Cash. And you say, «Well, hmm, look what I got in the mail today. I’ll just use $1,000 of it.» Well, that’s when the problem starts and you’ll never, ever get out of the Debt. Never.

  I opened my office in 17 February 1997 with an [Advertisement] in the Paper and I had the word «Debt» upside down. Big letters, black letters «DEBT» upside down.

  You know, is your World upside down because of overwhelming Debt that you can no longer manage? And I got 20 phone calls. The second phone call was a woman named Cleva Mae. She had borrowed $10,000 from Fleet Bank and she lost a Tenant and she could no longer make the Payment. They threatened to file a Judgement against her, which they can’t legally do, they threatened to put a Lien on her Home, which they can’t do. I said, «These are severe Violations of your Rights.» I sued the Fleet Bank, I used the Collection Agency, I used the Collector. We zeroed out the Debt and I got her $4,000 by enforcing Rights that she didn’t know she had. Nobody advertises them, nobody publishes them, and nobody raises their hand and say, «We do this for you.» except our Law Firm is now doing that on a regular basis.

  How do you stop this groundswell of Consumer crusading? Get rid of the lawyer. You get rid of the lawyer. Because it was always a slam dunk. The Collector would sue the Consumer, who couldn’t afford an Attorney. It would not even appear in Court. It would be a Default Judgement. Many Judges have sanctioned me, fined me. «How dare you raise that Defence in my Courtroom? Fine you.» You know how much I’ve been fined so far in the last year? What do you think? By Judges, various Judges. Come on.
  Morris: A million Dollars.
  Cappocia: No, a million five.

  Morris: Is the Court playing the role of the angry Parent?
  Cappocia: Yes. «You have gotten this Credit Card? You didn’t deny you got it. You used it? You didn’t deny you used it. And you took Money? And now you’re not paying it back? You owe it. You lose.» There’s one Judge fined me $850,000 in one day. The Law requires a full Hearing if you’re going to find a Lawyer. Ask me if there was a Hearing scheduled. Come on, the answer’s No. No Hearing. This is the new American Way. In 1999 alone, we saved our clients $26 million.
  Morris: How many People do you represent?
  Cappocia: Around about, I don’t know, 12,000 to 15,000.
  Morris: How many?
  Cappocia: 12,000 to 15,000. Growing every day.

indentured servant
  Credit Card Companies have a scheme to keep People in Debt and to keep them in Debt to their Company. A scheme where you’re paying them Money and you keep paying them Money. You’re borrowing Money from them to pay them. They want you in Debt. Credit Cards Companies want you in Debt. Why? They want the Minimum Payment. They don’t want you to pay the Bill off. If you pay the Bill off, they cancle your Card. How come they never ask you for more than the Minimum Payment? They want you to be an Indentured Servant for the rest of your Life with them. That’s what they want. How long do you think it would take to pay off $7,000 at 21.9% Interest if you were making the Minimum Payment? 143 years. It takes 143 years and you end up paying approximately $76,000.
[Mnemotechnique, Christiane Lagrange, Robert de Niro, Seth Klarman. Cf. Immanuel Wallerstein] The Profit comes from the Interest and all the little other Fees and Charges that they tack on. They have a whole litany of tricks. Clients come into my office and say, «I can’t do this anymore. I’m paying $1,200 a month in Minmum Payments. I have nine Credit Cards. I owe $40,000.» It just keeps going on and on. «I don’t know what to do. I’ve mortgaged my House twice. I’ve taken my IRA Account. I don’t have it anymore. I’ve borrowed all I could. The Education Money for our Children is gone and I still owe the Money. I tried Consumer Credit Counseling Services.» I said, «I know.» I said, «It doesn’t work. It’s part of the same Network, it’s part of the same Group. You’re never gonna pay it off with Consumer Credit Counseling,» and you don’t. You know the Consolidation Loan you went to get? You didn’t get it. You say, «I have great Credit. A+ on my Credit report. Why can’t I get the Loan? You told me if I paid my Bills on time all the time, I’d have great Credit, and I do. Here’s my Credit report.» That’s the Lie. «I don’t care what your Credit report says. It’s irrelevant. I’m not going to give you more Money because you probably can’t pay it.» Now, you went to Citibank or Chase Manhattan [] or Fleet Bank for that Loan. They said, «No way. You got too much Debt.» Guess what’s in your mailbox when you get Home? The same Bank that would not give you the Loan because they know your Debt to Income Ratio is too high will give you a pre-approved Credit Card. That’s why dogs get Credit Cards. That’s why Children get Credit Cards. Five, six, seven, eight Credit Cards from the same Bank. We have this huge bowl of Credit Cards that clients used to bring in while they were with us. They just get them by the dozens. They know how much Debt you’re carrying. They know it but they’ll give you the platinum Card, the gold platinum Card, the millenium Card, and the gold-gold Card, and when you get the fourth Card, you say, «I can’t afford this.» And guess what? You know why you use it? You can’t make the Minimum Payments on the other three Cards one month. So what do you do? You take a Cash advance on the millenium Card to make the Payments on the other three Cards. So now, «Oh Good. These Payments are due? I get a Cash advance on Card four to pay the Minimum Payments on Cards, one, two, three.» There’s no Reason for this. No Reason, you load People up with Debt that you know they cannot repay and you target those most vulnerable. You target those least able to pay, and of course, you know they’re least able to defend any Violation you commit and they have no Conscience whatsoever about this. None whatsoever. But you –
  Morris: They have no Guilt.
  Cappocia: Guilt? They have no Guilt. Of course they have no Guilt. You can’t make them feel Guilty. But if you sue them, you can make them understand.

  somebody likes me
  Morris: Pre-approval, it’s like «I Love You» without ever having to meet you.
  Cappocia: Yeah, Right, Right. «You’re a great Person.» You know, the Words «I’ve been pre-approved.» For what? «Somebody likes me. They’re going to give me Money. I’ve got to be a Good Person.»

  The Psychology is very clear. «Listen, you’re a Good Person. You’re pre-approved. I checked everything out on you. I’m sending you this Card with this Money. You’re pre-approved. You feel Good about this, don’t you?» Right? Now they call you up to say, «We gave you this Money in Good Faith. Why aren’t you making your Payment? We don’t care if your Wife died. We don’t care if you lost your Job. You need $29. Send it Western Union. You owe this Money. You used it, didn’t you? What kind of Person are you?» Guilt. Clients come in to me and they say, «This is my Debt. I owe it but I can’t make the Payment. I feel terrible. I feel so Guilty over this.» You know what I say to them? «Stop that. Don’t feel Guilty at all. What you are embarking upon now is the Business of getting out of Debt.» I said, «Think of your Family as a Company and they’re Shareholders. Just put that in your Mind and you’re going to save your Company. I want you committed to that Thought. When Macy’s has financial problems, do they internalise the Guilt? And the President of Macy’s says, ‘I feel so embarrassed about this. I feel so Guilty. What am I going to do? You don’t feel Guilty about it, either. You’re Mr and Mrs. Smith Incorporated getting out of Debt. No Guilt. Don’t internalise it, don’t personalise it. It’s Business. And you tell your Creditor, ‘Nothing personal, it’s Business.
  Morris: I’m sure you’ll understand because you are a Business.’» Okay?

  Morris: I used to have a guy who called me every morning, Mr. Montclorey.
  Cappocia: Uh-huh.
  Morris: From a Credit Agency.
  Cappocia: Yeah.
  Morris: And he would leave these messages because I would never return the calls, pick up the phone.
  Capocia: Right.
  Morris: He would leave these messages, «Mr. Morris, have you no sense of Shame?»
  [Laughter of Cappocia]
  Morris: Or for example, «Mr. Morris, did your Parents really bring you up this way?
  Cappocia: «Up this way.»
  Morris: «Is that what they did?»
  Cappocia: It’s called gee-you-eye-elle-tee right there.
  Morris: Ring-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling.
  Cappocia: At 6 o’clock at suppertime.
  You say this phrase, «Call My Laywer.» That’s all you say.
  Morris: Would you say that you are in not just Debt-reduction Business but the Guilt-reduction Business.
  Cappocia: Yeah, right. It’s my background as a psychologist. In Divorce, there’s two Aspects. The legal Divorce, piece of cake. But the Psychology of divorcing yourself, the hanging-on lingers. That’s why some Divorce take as long as five, six or seven years. Until they’re ready to let go, you can never divorce them. Psychologically, they’re married to it because the Guilt associated with that Debt is so ingrained and so internalised with them that they cannot come to grips with letting it go. «What will this do to my Credit report? Will I be able to buy a House ten years from now?» Hello, you just – «You think I’ll be able to get a Car when my Car breaks down?» You have to say, «I can’t do it anymore. I’m getting out of it. Tell me what I have to do.»

  you owe me money
Our techniques of getting People out of Debt is precisely the Methods that Donald Trump use. «You know that $100,000 I owe you? Now I’m going to be able to pay you $10,000.» When the Dollars are very big and the stakes are very high, they don’t treat you like the $2,900 Consumer. They call you in and we work out a Deal, «Listen, Donald, you know, we’ve got to work something out here.» And they do. Their Risk is great, they stand to lose a billion Dollars. You, you owes $2,900 to a Credit Card Company that has 10 million Clients, there’s no effect on them unless, unless you, the Consumer, can hold up your Rights and say, «Wait a minute, I’m going to put your feet to the Fire here. You violated this, this and this and you owe me Money.»
  Morris: The Bank owes you Money?

  Cappocia: Absolutely. If a Bank violates your Rights under the Truth in Lending Law, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, under all these Laws, under the Fair to now go to them and say, «Listen, when you gave me this Card, you didn’t follow the Law, Mr. Creditor. You didn’t follow the Law. I’m entitled to two times the Finance Charges that you’ve levied against me on this Card. How many Consumers use the Law? The average Consumer is not a Lawyer. They’re amateurs, they’re up against professional Lawyers. You don’t have a chance. The Consumer has no chance.

  MBNA just pulled this one. They sent a letter to every one of their Cardholders. «You no longer have a Right to go to Court.» I mean, I just sit there and go wild over this. «You no longer have a Right to go to Court. You don’t have a Right to have a Jury Trial. We’re going to arbitrate everything in front of an arbitrator of our choice and if you lose, you have to pay the Arbitrator Fees. Which we’ll charge to your Card.» Didn’t anybody ever read the Constitution for Christ’s sakes? This is America.

  That was the way it was played until a Lawyer stood up and said, «I can represent these People. And someone’s going to say, «Well, how can they afford to pay you?» I said, «I figured out a way. I’m going to take the Money that you’re sending to the Credit Card Companies every month for Interest, Late Fees, Over the Limit Fees, Annual Fees, Renewal Fees, and you’re going to hire this Law Firm and we’re going to say to this Credit Card Company, ‘I’m not going to pay you. Go ahead and sue me. My Lawyer’s going to defend me for free. I owe you $10,000? I can afford to give you $2,000. You want it?’ ‘No.’ ‘Okay, thank you, good-bye. When you’re ready to take the $2,000 that I can afford, I’ll send it to you. If you want to sue me, go ahead.’»
  Morris: You wipe out the Debt, ka-blam. You find Infractions committed by the Credit Card Companies.
  Cappocia: Correct.
  Morris: And from those Fines –
  Cappocia: Right.
  Morris: -- you take a Fee.
  Cappocia: No.
  Morris: How do you make a Living?
  Cappocia: I get 28% of what I save you when I save it. You pay a portion, a portion, of the estimated Fee each month. It may be $50, it may be $100, over 14 months, 20 months, 22 months. It’s what you can afford, how you can afford it. The whole Concept here is not to earn Fees but to get you out of Debt.

  a tank of piranhas
  All I did was sleep and work. I was working 16-18 hours a day, weaving this, client after client. «How do I work it? How do I develop it?» The first Thing I did was say to a client, «Okay, you got $20,000. We can reduce it to 10. We’re saving you 10. Our fees are going to be 20%.» And then we had to reduce the Debt. I’d call the client up. They didn’t have the Money. I said, «This isn’t working.» So we went to Banks and we tried to get a Loan Programme going. The Banks were all, «Are you People crazy? People can’t pay their Bills and you want us to give Loans to them.» I said, «You’ve got to buy the Concept. We get them out of the Debt then they don’t have this Debt anymore. They can easily afford the Loan.»
  Morris: Isn’t that asking the Banks to turn on each other?
  Cappocia: Yes. Yes, but, you know, Money makes strange bedfellows.

  Morris: Doesn’t that conjure up the Image of a tank of piranhas?
  Cappocia: Yeah.

billion with a B
  Credit Card Companies sent out 3.1 billion, with a B, Solicitations last year. 3.1 billion, with a B.

  And 60 billion, with a B, were paid in Interest, Late Charges, Over the Credit Limit Fees to Banks. Not one dime of that went to Principal. Is it profitable? Most profitable Business in the Country is Consumer Debt.

  Morris: Is this a David and Goliath Story?
  Cappocia: Yes. Well, listen, there’s me and there’s Attorney General, Committee on Professional Standards, Collection Lawyers, Bankruptcy Lawyers, Consumer Credit Counseling Services. Citibank isn’t a small little Bank, right? MBNA, Discover, Sears. Absolutely. David’s going to have an Army behind him, you see, an Army of angry Consumers, and they are angry. They are very angry over Credit Card Companies and Banks as to what’s been done to them and their Lifestyle and their hopes and their dreams and their futures. They’re not laying down for it anymore. They just need someone to say, «I can hellp you.» We are at War. They’re either going to stop it or they’re going to pay for it. It’s that simple. The War is going to continue, it’s going to get hotter and deeper and harder and stronger, but, but these People are going to win.
  Morris: Can anything stop you?
  Cappocia: No. Uh-uh. It’s beyond me now. This is not about Andrew Capoccia any longer. This is about the Rights of Consumers. As I told one Judge, I said, «You do what you want. You want to ignore the Rights of these Consumers? You want to ignore the Law?» «Oh, I don’t want to ignore the Law.» I said, «Yeah, you do.» I said, «You do whatever you want, Judge, but this isn’t going away.»
  Morris: What would American Society be like without you, without this quest?
  Cappocia: It’d be Business as usual. How many People struggle with this Debt because they’re too Honourable? The Pressure, the Pressure is unbelievable and you have no one there to help you. It’s terrible and something has to be done. Something has to be done. America prides itself on providing Opportunity to stand up and object. We find solutions.
  Morris: What about the cynically inclined who say, «Okay, this guy is just a huckster?»
  Cappocia: Yes, snake-oil. Preying on those who are desperate. Right? Right? Okay, it’s been said, it’s been said. But for every one who said that, I’ll give you a hundred of my clients who have taken a Bad Life-situation and turned it around and now they have hope and they’re going on with their Lives.
  Morris: Do you feel just excited about taking on the big bully and bringing them to his knees?
  Cappocia: Where did you get that Idea?