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Parampil, Anya. "Democracy Then, Democracy Now" (01 Jun 2017) Twitter.

  Democracy Then and Democracy Now

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  • I guess now that Trump is pulling out of , considers the deal it once admitted was "dangerous" as "landmark"
  • It seems wishes Trump would stay in the crap deal. That's something they share in common with Exxon:

      [Link to CNN Money]

  •   I believe issue is less whether the deal is good or not and more that it's a step in the direction of suicide
  •   If it was a Kucinich Administration pulling out of Paris climate agreement then I assume DN and others would view it differently, more
  •   comparable to Ortega [Syria?] and Nicaragua who don't sign up as it doesn't go far enough
  •   I think it exposes a certain level of partisan hypocrisy in Democracy Now, if this was their only bad coverage I'd give them a break
  •   But the Trump era has made it clear to me the org has no soul, is willing to capitulate to empire on issues like Russia and Syria
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  • their slide has been sad to watch
  • What is your point? said the Paris Accord did not do enough to tackle global warming. Obviously, scrapping the accord is worse
  • They opposed it because they believed, as most climate scientists and activists know, that it didn't go far enough to protect (1/x)
  • vulnerable populations, such as the islanders of places like the Maldives. 2°C is a death sentence for their entire country & heritage (2/x)
  • Equating people pushing for a stronger, more rational, more compassionate deal with those who entirely oppose any deal is unconscionable 3/x
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  • one-sided deal calls on US to curb Carbon emissions while China India others increase their emissions not fair to US
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    alternative media bullshit is still media bullshit

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