Saturday, December 2, 2017

Press, Alex. “Collective Action Key to Fighting Sexual Harassment” (19 Nov 2017) The Real News Network. The moment of choice among the available words. Is the act of utterance the same as the act of writing?

  That said, some of the conversation around the Weinstein case specifically has drawn in with the union in Hollywood could have done, so SAG-ATRA specifically being the Screen Actors Guild that represents most of, if not all of, the victims in these cases. And some of that conversation, I think, has been really productive in that actors, including Mia Kirshner, who's a Canadian actress. Morgan - I can't remember his last name - he wrote a piece for us [Jacobin Magazine] about this issue where they talk about what SAG-AFTRA could have done and what it didn't do, and I think that's a really productive place for the conversation to move.

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