Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Accattone1961. Trivia. IMDb. 27 Aug 2015.

1.      “Accattone” is Roman dialect and derives from “accatt-are” (to take, gain or acquire, often by illegal or otherwise unorthodox means). It indicates a beggar, and was mainly used in a non-literal sense, that is, it does not indicate a professional beggar but someone who lives of expedients: small thefts, begging, small-time frauds. It is a heavily derogatory term, and the leading character’s having it as a nickname means he was held in low esteem even by other criminals (as this was usually the case for pimps, as they exploited prostitutes and gained money but did not personally risk their lives and health, unlike thieves, robbers and other members of the underworld). This word has become almost obsolete in Roman dialect nowadays.
2.      The Rome premiere of Accatone was accosted by the neo-fascist group Nuova-Europa, causing mayhem by violently attacking the audience and vandalising the cinema.
3.      This was Bernardo Bertolucci's first work in movies. He was an assistant director.
4.      Pier Paolo Pasolini’s directing debut.

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