Thursday, August 13, 2015

Soderbergh. Transcript. Excerpt. ElvisMitchell. The Treatment. 14 Jan 2009.

1.      I think it’s a natural impulse for us to try and make order out of what the hell’s going on here, and asking questions about why [it is] this way and not that way. I’ve made films that are sort of fragmented and nonlinear structure. I’m one of these people who feel that things aren’t ordered as they appear, and there’s kind of a tacit agreement that we all have to share in order not to go nuts, that there’s some kind of real structure with what’s happening around us. I think part of what makes us feel that way is that Time moves in one direction, at least the way we experience it, so there’s a narrative implied by that fact. But I [] think we kind of exist in a couple of different realms at the same time. If I’m walking down the street, I’m thinking about something that happened a week ago, I think about something I’ve got to do tomorrow, and [] I have to make sure that I don’t step off the curb and get hit. [I think] that’s pretty natural state for most people.
2.      Especially when it comes to dramatic event, whether it’s a piece of violence, physical violence or emotional violence. I’m a big believer in showing what the fallout from that is. Everybody’s been in a situation where, you know I’m the kind of person, if somebody yelled at me, for days, I’m thrown by that. I’m not a very confrontational person. It takes a lot for me to go there. I’ve made twenty films, I’ve never yelled on a filmset.

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