Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Chomsky. Transcript. One question & One answer. UCLA. 07 May 2011.

1.       [The principles] that Israel is founded on, they take this term and we let them have it. It gives them legitimacy. You know, you see what I’m saying? I’d get you to comment on that [unclear]. Sound of applaud.
2.       Israel doesn’t have a Constitution.
3.       Moderator: He didn’t catch. We’re going to have to. Also, the people in the other room, can you come here?
4.       Talk about AIPAC.
5.       Can I ask you to comment on this use of language the Israeli lobby uses and how they use certain terms and certain faces to define ** how that’s kind of a Mechanism for Control? Specifically, one of the terms that drives me at the wall is. Specifically, one of the terms I’ve heard you use is “pro-Israel”. We’ve allowed these people who are in favour of Israeli policy, which is isolating Israel and sending them over the cliff of international isolation. To take over the term that’s pro-Israel.
6.       Chomsky: I agree with you.
7.       Talk about AIPAC.
8.       Chomsky: Okay, so let’s talk about AIPAC. Sound of applaud. You mentioned AIPAC, so I’m not introducing anything. You mentioned Israeli lobby, and how the Israeli lobby uses the term like “pro-Israel”?
9.       Yeah.
10.   Chomsky: I basically agree with you. I’ve been writing about it for 35 years. Sound of laughter. I’ll just repeat what I’ve been writing. People who call themselves pro-Israel , I think, are the people who are dedicated to Israel’s Moral degeneration and ultimate destruction. Sound of applaud. You go back to 1971, [The Malignant Cunt Golda Meir] they had a choice and they had a choice ever since, Security or Expansion. If you’re against Security and in favour of Expansion, you’re not pro-People of Israel, you’re in favour of their destruction, because that’s going go happen. Either Moral degeneration, which is very striking. What’s going on in the country is very shocking. [Accurate.] To the point where the head of the Israeli Bar Association, you know, a conservativelawyer, wrote an article in the main journal, Ha’aretz, in the Hebrew unfortunately in which he warned that we’re becoming Fascism in Israel, his term, Fascism. He said, We’re becoming a fascist State. Pretty strong words, you know. [Omitted] If that’s what you want for Israel, okay you’re a supporter. [Omitted] As for the lobby, there’s a lobby, it’s a powerful lobby, but think about it for a minute. In the Press, let’s say, I won’t use the word “pro-Israel”, because. In general the most strong supporter Israeli actions and Crimes are the Wall Street Journal, by far. Much more so than the other mainstream Press. Is that part of the lobby? [Omitted] Sell them arms, recycles petro dollars, helps U.S. Treasury, helps the Arms industry, and meanwhile strengthens our cop on the beat, military-strategic alliance. AIPAC has very little to do with this. When, in fact, Israel tries to do something that U.S. doesn’t like, AIPAC just runs for cover. They’re smarter than to stand up against U.S. Power. So for example, Israeli Economy is very largely Military-based, high-tech Military. And they have to Export, and the big market they would like to Export to is China. And they’ve tried several times to sell advanced arms missiles to China. Every single time, U.S. just clamed down, You can’t do it. In fact, George Bush Number Two, in 2005, Israeli tried to do over his objections, the Bush administration not only stopped them but went out of his way to humiliate Israel. They refused to allow high-level Israeli Military officials to come to the United States, they insisted an apology from Israel, which of course they gave. You don’t hear a peep out of the AIPAC. I mean, AIPAC is important, it’s a big lobby. Indian lobby, talk about Cashmere. The Indian lobby in the United States is pretty strong, probably the major lobby, also very right-wing. It’s probably the biggest ethnic lobby after AIPAC, and they have an influence, but not when they run into the core of U.S. Power. U.S. policy is not determined by ethnic lobbies. They’re okay as long as they work more or less within the framework of the Powersystem, but if they start running against the interest of business community, they’re smashed in no time. In fact, the people who believe in the significance of AIPAC, I mean, AIPAC is an important lobby, but if you really think they’re running U.S. policy, say Mearsheimer and Walt, they’re harming U.S. interest, whatever that means. [i.e. Holding onto the colonies as many as possible.] there’s a path that you ought to pursue, and interestingly nobody pursues it, namely Stop all the things we’re doing, Organising, Meetings, Protests, all waste of time. What you do is, Put on your ties and jacket, go to the offices of Intel, Chamber of Commerce, Lockheed Martin, and explain to them politely that their interests are being harmed by ethnic lobbies that they can put out of business in five seconds. That ought to solve all problems.
11.   War on Terror is ethnic and has dimensions. Sound of shoo. You’re racist. You still support the racist 9/11 lie? Osama and Goldstein? You still believe that?
12.   Chomsky: Do I believe?
13.   Moderator: What’s up, dude? Sound of applaud. Wolfhowling of one homosapiens. Thank you everybody for coming out tonight. Thank you so much.

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