Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Martin van Creveld. Questions or Objections. CrossTalk. 21 Jul 2014.

1.       Van Creveld: This is not a question of objectives. You seem to forget that this particular War was started by Hamas, not by Israel. Israel is defending itself against the rocket attacks. Even as we speak, rockets are pouring down in much of Israel. A couple of days ago, they even fell in my house, which is not far from Jerusalem.
2.       Van Creveld: Occupation of Gaza ended eight years ago. For eight years now.
3.       Van Creveld: Not a single Israel soldier has been stationed. Yes, it did. The beeper of Van Creveld. Excuse me. For eight years the Occupation of Gaza, no single.
4.       Van Creveld: Let me finish. Let me, let me, let me finish. Let me finish.
5.       Van Creveld: SHUT UP AND LET ME FINISH, OKAY? Let me finish. I did not interrupt you.
6.       Van Creveld: For eight years now, my grandson, who lives not too far from the Gaza Strip, has been under rocket fire. And the only object I care about is these attacks finally come to a halt.
7.       Van Creveld: Please, let me finish.
8.       Van Creveld: Sure.
9.       Van Creveld: I couldn’t agree more. We need Peace with the Palestinians. And there’s a strong part of Israeli public opinion that would favour and withdraw from the West Bank. We can’t withdraw from the Gaza Strip, because we haven’t been there for years. If only we could have firm Peace agreement, but that has so far not happened. And the reason why it has not happened is because Hamas doesn’t even recognise Israel. So what are we talking about here?
10.   Van Creveld: Oh, this is a waste of time. I’m getting out of this programme, okay? Goodbye.

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