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WikiLeaks. EU and French diplomats who strongly criticize U.S. trade policies and call TPP treaty a confrontation against China. 29 June 2015.

NSA Global SIGINT Highlights

NSA intercepts EU and French diplomats who strongly criticize U.S. trade policies and call TPP treaty a confrontation against China

WikiLeaks release: June 29, 2015
NSA intercepted talk between Washington based French and EU official where they discussed U.S. lack of leadership on trade issues and the view TPP (Trans-Pacific partnership) was a designed to force future negotiations with China. The intercepted communication was between French Minister-Counselor for Economic and Financial Affairs Jean-Francois Boittin and EU Trade Section head Hiddo Houben. Boittin expressed astonishment at the level of “narcissism” when describing U.S. Idea of scrapping WTO Doha Development Agenda (DDA) witch he called “stupefying”. On another subject, Boittin's interlocutor, Houben insisted that TPP was used to confront Beijing. He assessed as well that this focus on Asia was added proof that Washington has no real negotiating agenda vis-a-vis emerging nations, including China and Brazil.

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Title: NSA Global SIGINT
Highlights: EU Officials Perceive Lack of U.S. Leadership on Trade Issues, Skeptical of Pacific Initiative
Date: 2 August 2011
Organization: National Security Agency (NSA)
Author: Summary Services Office

Pages: 1
EU Officials Perceive Lack of U.S. Leadership on Trade Issues, Skeptical of Pacific Initiative (TS//SI//OC/NF) (TS//SI//OC/NF) Washington­based EU trade officials ascertained in late July that the U.S. administration is severely lacking in leadership when it comes to trade matters, as shown by the absence of a clear consensus on the future course of the WTO Doha Development Agenda (DDA). French Minister­Counselor for Economic and Financial Affairs Jean­Francois Boittin expressed astonishment at the level of "narcissism" and wasteful contemplation currently on display in Washington, while describing the idea of scrapping the DDA in favor of another plan­­which some U.S. officials are seen to favor­­as stupefying. The Frenchman further asserted that once a country makes deep cuts in its trade barriers, as the U.S. has done, it no longer has incentives to offer nor, as a consequence, a strong position from which to negotiate with emerging nations. Boittin's interlocutor, EU Trade Section head Hiddo Houben, after noting the leadership void in the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, declared that with regard to the disagreement within his host government on DDA, a political decision must be made about what direction is to be followed. On another subject, Houben insisted that the [] (TPP), which is a U.S. initiative, appears to be designed to force future negotiations with China. Washington, he pointed out, is negotiating with every nation that borders China, asking for commitments that exceed those countries' administrative capacities, so as to "confront" Beijing. If, however, the TPP agreement takes 10 years to negotiate, the world­­ and China­­will have changed so much that that country likely will have become disinterested in the process, according to Houben. When that happens, the U.S. will have no alternative but to return to the WTO. Finally, he assessed that this focus on Asia is added proof that Washington has no real negotiating agenda vis­-a-vis emerging nations, including China and Brazil, or an actual, proactive WTO plan of action.

Unconventional EU diplomatic Z­3/OO/531614­11, 011622Z

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