Thursday, January 14, 2016

Conspicuous Consumption, Example. Claudia Canavan. Instagram's 10 Biggest Show-Offs. Esquire British. 14 May 2014.

Prepare for next-level life envy. This is a collection of the most ostentatiously wealthy men who bloody love sticking their Ferraris, jets, yaughts and cash wads all over the internet.

1.      Dan Bilzerian: A millionaire poker player whose ultimate playboy life in half naked women, yachts, private planes is a social media dream.

2.      Charlie Bennett: An investment company CEO with a penchant for ferraris, guns and catching massive fish.

3.      Scott Disick: This guy doesn't appear to do much for a living, but he has fathered two kids with Kourtney Kardashian. A legitimate career path if we've ever heard one.

4.      Mark Francis Vandell Orlov-Romanovsky: The son of a Russian princess and a star on rich-kid reality show Made in Chelsea, this jewellery business owner flies between the world's biggest mansions, drinks the most expensive champagne and seems to dress exclusively in Tom Ford.

5.      Michael W. Porter: We wish we could have partied on a yacht with bikini-clad blondes to celebrate our graduation.

6.      Johannes Huebl: A filthy-rich model engaged to socialite Olivia Palermo. Porches, bespoke suits and international luxury travel abundant.

7.      Connor Cruise: Life looks pretty sweet as Tom Cruise's DJ son.

8.      Kanelk K: Kanelk shares Chanel accessories, neatly lined rows of keys to the world's flashiest cars and gold-studded trainers. Unequivocal proof that money and taste are very, very distinct. 

9.      Alex Pod: Another professional gambler who takes a whole lot of pride in his private jet, Rolex collection and stacks upon stacks of cash. 

10.   Brendan Fitzpatrick: A luxury realtor and now star of a E! channel reality show entitled ‘Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills,’ this is a guy who loves notoriety as much as his at home bowling alley.

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