Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Paul Bilzerian. Soundbites. WSJ. 16 Sep 2014.

·           Unknown: [unclear] I know he has his own Business intersts, but he has said, you know, We had the Trust Fund, the one that kicked in when he was 30. Another one that kicks in when he's 35. And Adam had the same. So you clearly were able to do these thing while the Government was chasing you, you know? I mean, could you address that, generally speaking?
·           Balzerian: That was, let's just put it this way. That wasn't easy. Let me just say that. It's not an easy thing to do. But. The Good news is, We're done with that now. So now I don't give a damn about what they think. They can think anything they want. We don't have much, we don't need much, I don't care about it, I never did care about it, the only reason you care about it is for your Family, right? So that they don't have to work. So at this point and Time, they can knock themselves out.

·           Bilzerian: I've been candid. I've been forthful. But I'm dealing with the scumbag on the other side. They will take every piece of truth, twist it, turn it into a lie. They will do whatever they need to do, whatever it is. There is no standard below that which they will not go to lie, cheat, steal, extort, murder. Most of my friends wonder why I'm still alive, okay? I mean, all of them. I can't believe they haven't just killed you.
·           Unknown: You still feel vulnerable? You don't feel?
·           Bilzerian: Yes. Imagine being a little ant, okay? And an elephant walking around, okay? Do you think an ant is feeling vulnerable? For as long as he lives, he feels vulnerable.

·           Bilzerian: Anything related to Money, okay, is a subject that's dangerous for my Family.
·           Unknown: Right.
·           Bilzerian: And a subject that's dangerous for me. I don't care about it. Look, if I could. Honestly and truly, if we could say, Hey, I tell you what, let's settle this thing, okay? Let's just do this showdown. Couple of six guns, we'll line up three judges, so three shots at you, me and the other side, okay? Three of you and me. I'll take that any day of the week. I would happily go to the death of that moment for the chance, okay, to fight a fair fight, okay, and an honest fight, okay, the World could watch, let the better man win. And I would do it in a heartbeat. But they would have to agree with it. Laughter of Balzerian.
·           Unkown: Right.

·           Bilzerian: I may be angry about what happened and incredibly disappointed about our Legal System, and so on, but you know, I am a very lucky man, and I mean that. As I said to Terry, I'm almost 64 years old. If I were to die tomorrow, I look back and say, I've done more than everybody I know. I've been to a War, Prison twice, [gone] through Bankruptcy, I mean, I've run Fortune 500 Company, I've had 25,000 employees, I've made hundreds of millions of dollars. Just look at what I've done over my life.

·           Bilzerian: Money drives everything, doesn't it? Because it's meant anything to me, it's hard for me to understand.
·           Unknown: It's hard to reconcile with so much Money, and you're saying.
·           Bilzerian: Nothing. It's never meant anything.
·           Unknown: Why did you make so much Money, then?
·           Bilzerian: For the Love of the Game.

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