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Charles Tilly. Bibliographie.

The list excludes perhaps 250 book reviews, a half-dozen edited journal issues, twenty or thirty comments, replies, and introductions to symposia in scholarly journals, a score of published interviews and dialogues published in magazines and journals, a hundred-odd prefaces and introductions to books (including sixty volumes of the Studies in Social Discontinuity published by Academic Press, then by Blackwell, between 1971 and 1992), prefaces to the review-essays in almost every issue of Sociological Forum from 1986 to 1992, a handful of opinion pieces, around 30 talks and occasional essays published in university magazines and similar periodicals, numerous reprints in readers, more than 100 papers circulated in the Working Papers of the Center for Research on Social Organization (University of Michigan), the Working Papers of the Center for Studies of Social Change (New School for Social Research) and similar series, many items that are still in press, some published verse, and possibly 50 more published articles that are translations or slightly revised versions of publications already on the list.

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