Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Perez, Tom. "Questioned by Zaid Jilani on the BDS and Home Demoliton" (18 Jan 2017) George Washington University, DNC Debate sponsored by the Huffington Post.

1.       Jilani: Hi.
2.       Perez: Hi.
3.       Jilani: Zaid Jilani. I saw your question about the BDS movement. It’s really interesting. That’s a debate a lot of democrats are having.
4.       Perez: Is that right?
5.       Jilani: A lot of people across the country are having. It’s interesting. People are quick to condemn the BDS movement, but they’ve also been sort of really strong actions against human rights. For example, 1600 Palestinians lost their homes last year.
6.       Perez: No, absolutely. I understand that it’s a complicated issue.

7.       Jilani: Would you condemn [unclear] just like you would condemn BDS?
8.       Unknown: It’s that type of stuff.
9.       Jilani: Secretary, would you condemn the home demolitions by Benjamin Netanyahu? Secretary, do you also condemn the expansion of settlements? Secretary Perez. Secretary Perez, do you feel like you can represent Arab Americans who are involved in BDS?

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