Friday, February 3, 2017

Chomsky, Noam. (Unknown, c. 2002) MIT.

  It’s particularly true, there’s a reason the United States typically prefers the Labour Party to Likud even though they do about the same thing. The reason is a striking difference in style which has to do with their constituencies.
  The Labour Party is the party of professionals, educated, Westernised, you know, folks like us. That’s the Labour Party. Likud is the party of the poor. The so-called Oriental Jews, Working Class, different culture, kind of like an Arab culture, a culture which does not comprehend the nature of Western hypocrisy. [Isaiah Berlin - Henry Hardy - Michael Ignatieff. John Searle & Steven Pinker. Bill Maher. Joyce Carol Oates & Barbara at the Brooklyn Public Library. Shirla Lee Jackson & Donna Brazile. Corey Booker & Jesse Jackson. Martin Scorsese & Kent Jones.] Therefore, they do everything very openly and brazenly like when the Secretary of State shows up they put up a settlement that day with a sign saying, you know, “Fuck you” sort of thing. The Labour Party understands, the Labour Party understands the norms, and they say so.
  The current Minister of Defense who was Shimon Peres’s last housing minister in 1996, he pointed out, he said, “Look, Labour builds quietly. We don’t talk about it. We just do it.” You’ll see Yossi Beilin who is the super dove, way out at the edge, [Henry Siegman] denounce the Likud because they’re doing it so openly and brazenly instead of doing it quietly, the way we do, so the Americans can pretend they don’t notice it and just keep funding when we build our [some Hebrew], this and that to surround Jerusalem and so on and so forth. [Joyce Carol Oates. Pamela Brown. Concentrated Face Scarsborough.] It’s much preferable, but yeah that’s what they plan, and it’s what the US planned and it’s what they understood. There has literally been no deviation from it.

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