Sunday, February 19, 2017

Dobbs, Lou. Questions or Objections. (Unknown) CNN, Lou Dobbs Tonight.

1.       Dobbs: President Obama today congratulated Afghanistan’s President Karzai on his Election Victory. The President, President Obama, is still weighing his choices for Forces in Afghanistan. The Strategy for those Forces. That is the subject of our face-off Debate.
  Joining me now is Jeremy Scahill []. Good to have you with us. Patricia Degennaro, senior fellow at the World Policy Institute. Good to have you with us. Max Boot []. Thank you for being with us. Good to see you again.
  Let’s turn to, first, what happened here? Last week, there was going to be a delay as we had a, all of that nasty Fraud in the Election. There had to be a runoff on the 7th of November. Suddenly, now, in the 2nd of November, the President sort of blesses Karzai and says we’re done just because his opponent withdrew.
2.       Dobbs: You’re not saying Corruption be damned, give the People what they want and they’ll be fine?
3.       Dobbs: Jeremy Scahill, today the President said at least this is resolved in response to both my point, and that of Max, at least it was determined in accordance with Afghan Law which is very important. You don’t feel that was the right tone.
4.       Dobbs: Trisha, you worked with President Karzai.
5.       Dobbs: You say the Election puts any U.S. policy that’s taken, any direction taken by this President, in a very difficult position. What do you mean?
6.       Dobbs: There’s a Perception issue I think everyone’s aware of in terms of other Nation’s views about our policy there, and NATO’s, of course. But the real issue here is how many more Lives are lost there, how much more Money can be spent there, because now after more than eight years there the Poppy Crop is every bit as vigorous and substantial as it ever was. That’s hard for Americans to tolerate and certainly for this Government to explain. More than 900 of our Troops have been killed there now.
7.       Dobbs: Well, I’m going to, but just if you will, and then I want to hear your view. Give than backdrop what is the proper course for the President? He says in the next few weeks he’s going to make a decision on Strategy. What should his decision be?
8.       Dobbs: I take your point, Max. Here’s my point, if I may. We have been in Afghanistan for eight years. The most powerful.
9.       Dobbs: Well, to the point that more than 900 of our Troops have died.
10.   Dobbs: More than 4500 of our Troops wounded.
11.   Dobbs: But what I would argue, that a General Staff who spend the Lives of 4,500 casualties, plus more than 900 dead, that’s a striking.
12.   Dobbs: The measure of.
13.   Dobbs: I’m not talk about a Strategy.
14.   Dobbs: Let’s give those numbers one more time.
15.   Dobbs: What should be the President’s decision?
16.   Dobbs: Or Strategy?
17.   Dobbs: So what should we do? Jeremy says withdraw. Max says meet McChrystal’s number.
18.   Dobbs: More Troops?
19.   Dobbs: Fewer Troops.
20.   Dobbs: Patricia, thank you very much. Max, thank you very much. Jeremy, thank you.

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