Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hines, Debbie. Objections or Questions. (04 Nov 2016) RT, Crosstalk.

1.       Hines: Yes, Peter. I think that all of this is much ado about nothing. The FBI Director Comey in July cleared Secretary Clinton of any Wrongdoing, said that, although it was not done the way it should have been done, it may have been sloppily done, obviously she should not have had emails on a private Server. That’s not the legal Standard that you look at. It’s whether she did anything intentional or willful in that regard. Anything criminal. It’s a different Standard [from] if you did something negligent, which is on the civil side, which has nothing to do with a criminal Prosecution. And in that regard, FBI Director Comey, said in July, it wasn’t even a close call. She didn’t do anything Wrong. Now we have.
2.       Hines: Oh, yes. That is exactly what he meant.
3.       Hines: We’re talking about a criminal Statute and there’s nothing criminal that was done.
4.       Hines: Okay. Here’s the real Problem with Hillary Clinton, and with the Clinton’s. Let me just be clear, I was a reluctant Hillary Clinton supporter, but I am a Hillary Clinton supporter in that regard. One of the Things that’s caused her problems, in terms of trustworthiness and where we are today, is that the Clintons like to walk a very narrow rope, so to speak. In that regard, what I mean is that, they are on the side of the Law. [Alan Dershowitz & Burt Neuborne] She is not going to be indicted, however, the Things that she’s done just makes it look sloppy, it makes it look like, oh, you were really trying to cut corners there, that in essence are going to turn out to be criminal. Everything that H.A. is saying, that may be his own opinion, but that is not what they FBI is saying.
5.       Hines: All these leaks are very suspicious any way, that are going on.
6.       Hines: No, it is not fact. Until the FBI comes out and say that they’re recommending to the Justice Department that they indict, there’s not going to be an Indictment.
7.       Hines: Can I finish my point, H.A.? The other real Problem that’s going on is that the Justice Department has had a long-term guideline that’s been going on between Democrats, as well as Republicans, that basically says, that when it’s sixty days out from an Election, that the Justice Department, of which the FBI falls under the Jurisdiction, is not to do anything that would impact an Election. That is exactly what FBI Comey is trying to do with all these innuendos and putting everything out and trying to say that there might be something, there is something, that’s all that is going on.
8.       Hines: That was a lot. Okay. There’s several Things that a President can do, a Pardon or a Commutation. A Commutation is when this Person is already serving a Sentence. To my Knowledge, I could be Wrong, but I think, [An example of condescension derived from professional Knowledge & malignant cunt.] that a Pardon can only occur, number one, not just the Person being indicted, but a Person actually being convicted of a Crime. That is where most of the Pardons really do occur. Right now there’s tons and tons and tons of People, hundreds, if not thousands, that are asking President Obama to. [A cunt with a low standard.]
9.       Hines: Let me finish. I doubt we’re even going to get. Okay, we’re working with a very tight schedule. Let me tell you how it works in the Real prosecutorial World. The FBI Director doesn’t just bring an Indictment. It has to go before a Grand Jury. There is not enough Time between now what happens, and January, whatever date it is that new President, hopefully Hillary Clinton, is installed into office, there is not enough Time for all of that to occur.
10.   Hines: There is not. You’re acting like a Grand Jury. But they have to hear and see all of that Evidence, They don’t just go on the word of the FBI director. I have done Grand Jury Work. It doesn’t work the way the Media is presuming that it works. It would be a much longer Process, even with the Grand Jury Process, when there were the Police Killings in this Country. They took three months just to come out with a Conclusion. It isn’t working the way everyone in this Media room thinks it’s working.
11.   Hines: I think what Hillary Clinton’s Campaign is doing is what should be done, which is getting out the vote. I doubt very seriously if there will absolutely be any Indictments. I just think that’s a lot of the Media buzz that’s making a lot of this up. In terms of being ready one day one, we have a choice, in this Country of electing a Person that is more than qualified, who yes, will be ready on day one or a Person who will make us the laughing stock of the entire World in the name of Donald Trump who doesn’t understand our Constitution, who doesn’t understand our Democracy, who doesn’t understand.
12.   Hines: How the World works in the United States, who is against African-Americans, who is against Latinos, who is against Gay, who is against Muslims, who is against everything that the Constitution stand for. That is what will make us the laughing stock of this World, not Hillary Clinton being elected.

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