Monday, February 6, 2017

Johnson, Adam H. "Short comment on Chuck Todd." (03 Feb 2017) Twitter.

  • once did a Q&A for a college class; they asked me how to succeed in journalism. I told them be as dull & morally unimaginative as Chuck Todd
  • imagine being this stupid. [Accurate.]

  • oh hey I wrote a thing about the media, "fake news," & Trumplandia
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    I love
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  • when you try communicating with liberal twitter:
  • Trump is now a Gilmore Girls brat
  • The Washington Post's coverage of Trump's supreme court nominee has been uniformly uncritical
  • extremely this
  • Random fight broke out in crowd of protesters, consensus is it was an agent provacator.
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  • Crowd chanting "NYU, shame on you"
  • NYPD with their standard 10000 to 1 cop to protestor ratio outside the Kimmel center NYU
  • 1st and 7th ave Brooklyn
  • A Vice Canada editor tried to turn young reporters into his cocaine mules, the National Post reports:
  • "An informal survey of bodega workers in 3 neighborhoods in BK suggests they risk losing between $500 and $1,500."
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    The number of white US citizen cisgendered men who are coming out today to defend Nazis against anti fascists is somewhat astonishing
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  • Feb 2
    Hi uh there's a minivan parked on my block that has a couple dozen VHS tapes of the motion picture SPEED on the dashboard
  • RIP. The Quebec Mosque City Victims: Professor, Butcher, Computer Technician

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    imagine being this stupid.
    once did a Q&A for a college class; they asked me how to succeed in journalism. I told them be as dull & morally unimaginative as Chuck Todd
  • Your discourse with Chuck Todd would improve if you could imagine being that stupid for a second.
  • Chuck is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.
  • he's a candle among spotlights.
  • It's silly anyway. Everyone knows the Republicans wear jackboots now.
  • rep:I think gay children should be tortured straight Dem:I think the elderly should have health care Media:This discourse
  • i spend a second in the nazis shoes and immediately throw myself off a bridge
  • Both sides are the same! Always! That's the basic principle of Chuck Todd Jernalizm!
  • Feb 3
    Image what it must feel like to be in control of the means of production. Just imagine!
  • Why is looking at things from other people's perspective stupid?
  • If only I understood the parasitic obsession of screwing over your fellow man.
  • Freaky Friday remake, but with the Koch Brothers
  • . I think what he's describing, empathy, is a good thing.
  • I misunderstood when I first read it. yes, it's stupid.He's talking about the people in politics, not people.
  • give me all their money so I can see what it's like.
  • oh thought you had to 'walk a mile' in those shoes or something
  • Yeah "we're just like the average man on the street" except for the million of dollars we have"
  • I tried to imagine it, but then I had a brain aneurysm.
  • Conway's "alternative facts" thing was wild in that if only for a second, it rustled him from this bipartisan stupor
  • Imagining it takes more intelligence than being that stupid, so it's kinda impossible.
  • Feb 3
    Who'd want to spend even a second in Trump's shoes? Gross!
  • I think the opposition he's referring to is Indies & Dems who haven't left the party or he means Bernie Stupid🙄
  • Feb 3
    No, I'm pretty sure they're talking about swapping shoes for a bit. Which, again, ew! Not hygienic!
  • BAhahahahhahahahaha
  • *imagines man removing lid and pouring scalding hot coffee on own crotch*
  • worse, publicly. On a daily basis.
  • whadda ya know these fit like a charm?!
  • The parties behind the Parties are all billionaires, so yeh, I'd love me some Prada shoes. They ain't gettin' 'em back.
  • The kid's book approach to politics
  • is he 3rd grade teacher
  • No thanks, lol.
  • Yeah, really deep, that!
  • There is a profound belief that ideology is not real and that people all want the same things, even though that's not true
  • Hard to fathom how clueless so many in the establishment media are but unlike DJT I prefer them to Kellyann Conway
  • God I miss Tim russert.
  • When's the last time put himself in the mindset of those in poverty?
  • what is Chuck Todd's last name ?
  • This is densely stupid!
  • I like your TS, Adam, but I don't see a plan behind it. You criticize hope for rapprochement? On social media?
  • "Our political discourse" meaning his TV discussions. But that's not where political discourse lives in America.
  • Sorry, I tried, but I can't imagine being that stupid. I would think "vapid" would be a nice description for Chuck as well.
  • chuck Todd's answer to the problems with Washington: Freaky Friday.
  • If you think about we are already in the othersides shoes we just choose not to destroy America. By voting for demagogue.
  • Chuck Todd is the it pundit for some reason.
  • try as I might, fitting myself into liars' shoes is just not my cup of tea.
  • the West Wing is able to do frontal lobotomies on select group of media.
  • Go work on your compassion for rich corporatists and fascists and let us know when you've learned your lesson.
  • I don't have to imagine it! Although I refuse to put on anybody else's shoes. Gross. Very, very gross. Sad really.
  • Feb 3
    plus Trumps shoes are probably tiny
  • Dear Chuck, Up to Pres to reach out to opposition first to heal wounds. So far only reaching to grab us by the...throat
  • eww gross. That sounds germy. Very, very disgusting. So sad about other people's feet.
  • If Chuck Todd wants to empathize with horrible people, we can stop watching him.
  • Is there actually a point to your hate filled tirade with other trolls of the day?
  • There's no way an even half-woke Democrat could be as stupid as 🍊PissBoy...or as vicious, sexist, racist or cruel.
  • Feb 3
    how much does he get paid again?
  • oh if only the capitalist ownership class would ~think~ about the workers, they'd stop exploiting them by design
  • I have lost all respect for Chuck. There is no equivalency between these two parties.
  • Ok, I imagined it: I put a teacup in my pocket, hot tea and all, scalded myself, then stumbled into a doorframe.
  • You scoff, but I switched places with the governor of South Dakota for 2 hrs today and now I see why ethics committees suck

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