Sunday, February 19, 2017

DeGennaro, Patricia. Objections or Questions. (Unknown) CNN, Lou Dobbs Tonight.

1.       DeGennaro: I think it’s taken away the legitimacy of the Government. The Afghans, my colleagues there, and within the Country that I’ve worked with through U.S. aid and through UNDP and other Areas, the Asia Foundation, have told me basically that they thought this would be the outcome. So they were just going to sit back because the Americans had already decided. That in itself gives it illegitimacy. If the Afghans are not deciding who their Leaders are, who their Government is, then what Faith do they have in the process at all? And to couple that, to have us or have the international Community, including the U.N., say that Fraud really doesn’t matter nor did the Corruption also puts us in a very precarious position, saying we’re also illegitimate.
2.       DeGennaro: I think the bottom line here is we continue to focus on a War-type Strategy. And with all due respect to General McChrystal - he did his Job very well, and that is what he was asked to do and he should be highly, highly respected for that - but the U.S. continues to focus on the War-type Strategy, without looking at what the civilian capacity should be. You were speaking about 78,000 people. With all due respect, I don’t think at all the resources are unlimited there. I think the Management lacks, the Strategy lacks.
3.       DeGennaro: We have the perfect Opportunity to hold a loya jirga in the area and use our Power for something Good and something for the Afghan people and something that’s legitimate.

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