Sunday, February 19, 2017

Markov, Sergei. Objections or Questions. (09 Oct 2016) Al Jazeera, Inside Story.

1.       Markov: Of course that’s a [some Russian] without destroying of United Nations. But now we see a little bit irrational policy of Washington and London so we can believe it as that they can try and to crush United Nation, one of the major institute for whole international community. I think the main problem in Aleppo and Syria is United States in fact became the ally of Al-Qaeda named Jabhat al-Nusra. They tried to separate pro-American rebels in Syria from Jabhat al-Nusra as they cannot do it during the year. Probably there are no Possibility to make the division between al-Qaeda, Jabhat al-Nusra and pro-American Syrian rebels. I want to ask American officials and American soldiers: Do you agree that some crazy Washington politicians making your ally of Al-Qaeda, those Al-Qaeda which attacked Americans and killed thousands of American in New York on September 11?
2.       Markov: Of course it’s pure propaganda. It’s difficult [some Russian] to hear that our colleagues in Aleppo don’t want to discuss real issues. And real issue, first of all, separation of clear terrorist such as al-Qaeda Jabhat al-Nusra from pro-American rebels. And why you don’t divide them? My colleague didn’t want to answer those question, but now we have clear Answer. Because in fact, no difference between them, because this is a so-called moderate jihadist and Jabhat al-Nusra. In fact, one army and they fighting as one army. And second issue which we should discuss is the Mistura plan. I think it’s a very Good plan. It can help to save tragic humanitarian situation in Aleppo. Let’s allow those fighters to leave Aleppo and to go [some Russian] under the Control of the United Nations without any Bombing from the Syrian Government.
3.       Markov: I think the number of Children that have been killed by Saudi Arabia- and United States-led Coalition, much more, much more than from Russian strikes. It’s cruel War, sometimes civilians can also be killed but main problem is not Russian activity which support more or less civilised ophthalmologist, Bashar al-Assad. [Samantha Power. Madeleine Albright.] The problem is that those who want to overthrow Bashar al-Assad they are mostly jihadist and terrorists. Those who call for Freedom and Democracy they usually don’t take [some Russian] and go to Fight in Aleppo and in other Cities. Usually it’s sitting in Facebook in Paris or London or in Dacca. The problem is, I can repeat, separate al-Qaeda. And please, United States, don’t be Ally of al-Qaeda and we hope that [some Russian] now clearly will send signal to own Government, “We don’t want to be an Ally of al-Qaeda.”
4.       Markov: Of course we very want to have a compromise in Syria and peaceful moving there. But main [thing] that should be done, United States should stop support Al-Qaeda. Now it’s very well much clear. And civilians in Aleppo use as hostages by such a military coalition of al-Qaeda, it’s mean Jabhat al-Nusra and pro-American rebels and fighters. We very much ask our American partner to be more rational and to be more clear, and also to have the policy which is supported by American People. We know very well that American People want United States to be Russian Ally in fighting against al-Qaeda, in Syria and in other Areas to Fight against international Terrorism. We very much [some Russian] by the fact that Washington is a strong Contradiction with the political Will of American People, now prepared to be military Ally of al-Qaeda against Russia in Syria. It could be very dangerous Development but we very hope that Rationality and Democracy will win in Washington.

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