Tuesday, April 4, 2017

McLaughlin, Jenna. (03 Apr 2017) Twitter.

Apr 3
*~*~*Here comes a personal news tweet train....*~*~
Jenna McLaughlin Retweeted Benjamin Pauker
I'm thrilled to announce I'll be joining to cover spies and intelligence starting April 17.

Jenna McLaughlin added,
After almost two years at The Intercept, I can barely put into words how much I admire my kickass colleagues and how much I'll miss them.
  • From the best researchers in the business to reporters I aim to emulate every day to editors who've guided me, TI jumpstarted my career.
  • But I cannot wait to nerd out on the intelligence agencies for and the rest of the FP team really soon.
  • Now accepting any and all book recommendations, tips, scoops, and bunny photos.

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