Saturday, May 5, 2018

Smith, Abbe and Monroe H. Freedman (eds). How Can You Represent Those People? (NY: New York, 2013) Palgrave Macmillan. Contents.


  “Defending the Guilty” after 30 Years by Barbara Babcock
  How Can You Prosecute Those People? by Paul Butler
  How Can You Defend Those People? by Tucker Carrington
  There but for the Grace of God Go I by Angela J. Davis
  Why I Defend the Guilty and Innocent Alike by [Dersh]
  Why It’s Essential to Represent “Those People” by Monroe H. Freedman
  Defending Civil Rights by Vida B. Johnson
  Ruminations on Us and Them by Joseph Margulies
  Wrecking Life: When the State Seeks to Kill by William R. Montross, Jr., and Meghan Shapiro
  “Those People” Are Us by Ann Roan
  Representing Sex Offenders by David A. Singleton
  How Can You Not Defend Those People? by Abbe Smith
  Fair Play by Robin Steinberg
  Defending … Still by Michael E. Tigar
  Not Only in America: The Necessity of Representing “Those People” in a Free and Democratic Society by Alice Woolley

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