Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Chomsky. Questions or Objections. The New School. 19 Sep 2015.

1.       “How has the United States supported radical Islam?”
2.       “Why isn’t the United States doing more to help Syrian refugees?”
3.       “The Obama doctrine vis-à-vis Syria?”
4.       “What do you think about the antics of Donald Trump, in tangent to your earlier idea about American exceptionalism?”
5.       “U.S. exceptionalism has existed since the”—what’s that? ANTHONY ARNOVE: “Doctrine.” NOAM CHOMSKY: “... since the doctrine of manifest destiny in the 18th”—actually 19th—”century. What has changed?”
6.       “World leaders will meet in New York City next week for a new set of global anti-poverty targets, sustainable development goals. Do you think these targets are sufficient?”
7.       “Can you comment on the importance of WikiLeaks cables?”
8.       “Do you think that U.N. foreign policy is—U.S. foreign policy, sorry, is driven exclusively by economic interests? What other factors influence U.S. foreign policy, and to what extent?”
9.       “What is intelligence?”

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