Monday, October 26, 2015

Gil Hoffman. Objections or questions. RT, CrossTalk. 20 Mar 2015.

1.       Hoffman: This is a victory of the mainstream Israel over the extremists like Gideon Levy and the international Community that tried to force its way on the People of Israel. The People of Israel voted to have a Government that will work on its Economy, that will work on bridging the gap between the Rich and the Poor in this Country, and that will work on keeping Israel safe and secure when there’s crazy things going on in the Region where the journalists in the other Countries are getting their head chopped off. So the Israelis wanted to have a leader who, right or wrongly, keeps them safe and secure, and Netanyahu really enforced that message over the last few days, and it’s sunk in.
2.         Hoffman: Netanyahu’s still in favour of the two States for the two Peoples. I think his words were taken out of the context. In fact, he clarified it in an interview that was broadcasted on MSNBC in the United States on Thursday afternoon, America Time, Thursday evening, Israel Time and Russia Time. In that interview, he talked about how he still does support a Palestinian State. What he was talking about is how he doesn’t envision one can be created under the current circumstances when there’s all these crazy things going on in the Region with 200,000 People killed in Syria, and when there’s genuine Fear that in any Land Israel withdraws from will be a base for Hamas or ISIS to take over and attack Israel.
  And I want to talk about that true face of Israel, Peter. The true face of Israel is [some Hebrew]. [Some Hebrew] is the new leader of the joint Arab list, a Party that is our third largest Party in Israel. An Arab Party that calls for equal Rights. And Arabs came out in drubs. It’s part of our Democracy. What Netanyahu was warning the traditional right-wing voters in the Likud was about outside interference that the international Community was paying to have these Arab voters go out and try to beat Netanyahu.
3.       Hoffman: That’s just crazy, everything he’s said. Not a single word was right. Israeli are not racist. We took Africans from Africa and brought them into our Country and made them a part of our Government.
4.       Hoffman: And made them our lawyers and our judges. The country that’s racist that brought blacks to their Country as Slaves is America. There are as just as many blacks in the Knesset as there are in the Senate.
5.         Hoffman: Before you get to the Settlement, I was supposed to – Can you answer that question? Can you just answer my question? Can you answer that question? – given an opportunity to response to Norman, who accused my Prime Minister of going to Congress. I’m going to answer your last question before we get to the Settlement, which is an important topic, and I’m looking forward to discussing it with you. Netanyahu went to Washington in order to wake up the World against an Iranian nuclear Threat that poses a Threat to Israel and the United States and the international Community. That speech was effective in making sure that the international Community will subject that Agreement to a greater scrutiny.
  Now about what Norman said about the Knesset, about the support in Israel for the Palestinian State, okay? We just elected the Knesset two days ago. In that Knesset, the number of the Parties that are against the Palestinian State is eight. Eight out of 120. Those are the numbers. It can’t be denied. There was a Party further to the right, called [some Hebrew], that was vehemently against the Palestinian State. How much seat did they get in this new Knesset? Zero. That’s Israel.
6.       Hoffman: That’s not what I said.
7.       Hoffman: That’s not what I said.
8.       Hoffman: What I said was: Netanyahu is still in favour of the two States for the two Peoples. The current Reality in which the ISIS is taking over a Land area 20 times the size of Israel does not permit the concessions to be made on the Israeli side. The Palestinians are not interested in coming to the negotiating table and talking to Israel. Israel was talking to them. They left the negotiating table and went made a deal with the Hamas, which is recognised by the EU, the US and the Countries around the World as a terrorist Organisation. It’s no doubt that Israeli would like to continue talking to them if they would come back to the table. There’s no indications that they will. And when they come to the table, of course, one of the things that is going to be decided is where the final Borders are going to be.
9.       Hoffman: Then there will be Jews on one side and Arabs on the other.
10.   Hoffman: Except on the Jewish side.
11.   Hoffman: There will be Arab minority that will be protected, on the Arab side, there will not be a single Jew.
12.   Hoffman: I think it all depends on the Palestinian leadership. While the Israeli Arabs are voting in drubs, it’s part of our Democracy. Their Palestinian brothers are jealous of them, because they have not had an Election since January 2005. It’s not because of Israel. It’s because the Palestinian leadership that doesn’t want to have a democratic Election and the international Community that has not encouraged it. Abbas was elected in January 2005 to a four-year term. He’s now been in Power for more than 10 years. He turns eighty next week. And People who are eighty don’t change their spots. They’re not going to come to a table and start giving things up. In September 2008, Israel leader, Ehud Omer, a left-ring leader, offered the Palestinians 100% of the West Bank with Land swaps, offered to take in thousands of Palestinian refugees, even though there are a lot more Jews expulsed from the neighbouring Muslim Countries, when Israeli created the Arabs who fled in 1948 when the Jewish State was created, and he offered to divide the Jerusalem, have the Arabs in the Jerusalem the Capitol of the Palestinian State and take the old city of Jerusalem and internationalise it into five Countries: the United States; the Palestinian State; Israel; Jordan; Saudi Arabia. That was what the Prime Minister of Israel offered to the Palestinians in September 2008. Had they accepted it, it would have gone to the UN General Assembly where every Country in the World would have voted for it. They missed that opportunity. The reason why we don’t have a deal is because we keep on having these Palestinian leaders who let their People down.
13.   Hoffman: I said, Land swaps.
14.   Hoffman: There’s already an Agreement on the Water that was worked out.
15.   Hoffman: You won’t be satisfied until there’s no Jewish State at all. I know you. I know your History.
16.   Hoffman: If you have millions of refugees coming from all over the World, there is no Jewish State.
17.   Hoffman: I see American People supporting Israel. All the polls do.
18.   Hoffman: I’m answering the question. You interrupted me.
19.   Hoffman: The answer to the question about Obama is No. The answer to the question about Obama is No. Obama has decided to try to put pressure on Netanyahu, that’s not something that Netanyahu is going to accept, but as soon as Obama is gone, Things are going to get better.
20.   Hoffman: Canada and Australia? Laughter of Lavelle.
21.   Hoffman: And Egypt and the Gulf States?
22.   Hoffman: I know the polls about America. 70 percent of America are in support of Netanyahu’s position on Iran, not Obama’s.

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