Saturday, April 11, 2015

JohnMikhail. Bibliographie.


2.       The Constitution and the Philosophy of Language: Entailment, Implicature, and Implied Powers, 101 Virginia Law Review __ (forthcoming)
7.       “Your Theory of the Evolution of Morality Depends on Your Theory of Morality” (with David Kirkby and Wolfram Hinzen), 36(1) Behavioral and Brain Sciences (2013), pp. 94-95.

  Unpublished Papers and Working Papers
1.       ‘Any Animal Whatever': Harmful Battery and its Elements as Building Blocks of Human and Nonhuman Moral Cognition (2013)
Workshops: Berkeley, Georgetown, Rutgers, Ohio State (MPRG), Miami (ALPC)
2.       The Necessary and Proper Clauses (2011)
Workshops: Georgetown, San Diego, Fordham, George Washington
3.       Unreasonable Risk: A Formal Analysis and Critical History of Common Law Negligence (2009)
Workshops: George Washington, Georgetown, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota
6.       Outline of a Research Program in Moral Psychology (1997)
7.       The Moral Faculty (1996)
8.       Rawls’ Linguistic Analogy (1995)

  PhD Dissertation

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