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BrunoMcKay. Stripper secrets. How to seduce strippers in the strip club. 2005.

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Table Of Contents
A Quick Warning About Strippers
PART I: How To Pick Up Strippers
A Note About Your Appearance
The #1 Rule When Dealing With Strippers
Don’t Let Her Dance For You
Don’t Stay In The Club For Too Long
No Touching The Girls
Treat All Strippers The Same Way
Never Trust A Stripper’s Phone Number
Don’t Brag or Complain
Don’t Stalk The Girls
Become An Insider
What To Do To Get A Stripper Interested In You
Become The “Striper Boyfriend”
The Numbers Game
Meeting Strippers Online
PART II: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Strip Clubs (But Were Afraid To Ask)
How Strip Clubs Operate
Types Of Strip Clubs
When To Go To A Strip Club
Go To Clubs Alone
Topless Or Nude, That Is The Question
18 And Over
Find The “After Club” Hang Out
Working In Strip Clubs To Pick Up Dancers
PART III: Tricks Of The Trade: Stripper Secrets
Stripper Names
Strippers And Religion
Never Believe A Stripper Is Single
Girl On Girl Action: Strippers and Bisexuality
Threesome Tactics With Strippers
High Mileage: Getting More Bang For Your Buck
Using Drugs To Pick-Up Dancers
Making “Arrangements” With Strippers
Being In A Relationship With A Stripper
Afterward & Disclaimer
Other books

So you want to date a Stripper, eh?
Let’s face it, it’s hard not to want to! A Stripper’s job is to become every man’s fantasy, and if they’re doing their job right, we’re going to want to date them. But wanting something and actually getting it are two different things.
I personally think EVERY man should date a Stripper at least once in his life, just to have the experience. It can be a very fun and rewarding endeavor. It can also be a hellish and traumatic event. Either way, you will have learned something about women in the process.
Many guys look at Strippers as being “safe” in the regard that they come up to you, talk to you, dance for you, get naked for you, touch you, and all that good stuff, no matter what you may look like or what your lot in life is, as long as you got the money.
This means none of the bad feelings of rejection that come with “normal” women.
Some guys can mistake what the Stripper does for genuine affection. Others just get really turned on and want to fulfill their own fantasy. And some guys just like the appeal of a sexually promiscuous woman.
But lots of guys have no idea how to actually date a Stripper. She may seem like she’s totally into you at first, but then once you go to the back, she’s all business. Or maybe you two “hit it off” and you actually get her number, only to find it’s either wrong or disconnected. Maybe you even ask her out in the club, and you get the polite but demoralizing line of “I don’t date customers.”
So what’s a guy to do?
Well, this book is designed to help you overcome those obstacles so you can get that girl you desire to look at you as an actual MAN, and not some lowly customer, and to get her to meet you outside the club so you can pursue a relationship with her (what kind of relationship that may be is up to you).
So what makes me qualified to teach you how to do this?
Well, I’m a guy who’s dated numerous Strippers in his lifetime, and I have learned a lot about these women in the process. See, all women are different, but there are common traits that all Strippers share that can be used to your advantage, and I’ve figured them all out.
See, I used to work at certain strip clubs (which will go nameless, though I will say that they reside in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Pennsylvania) as a bouncer, a doorman, and eventually a DJ. As a young, rambunctious teen, I used to go to strip clubs with my buddies frequently, but I didn’t start learning the tricks of the trade until I fell in with two beautiful ladies who were professional dancers. Since I was the only guy they knew who had a car, they would bribe me into driving them to different clubs so they could make a living. Through this, I not only got an insiders look into the lives of Strippers, but I also had numerous sexual escapades with both women (sometimes at the same time).
My insider’s status eventually lead to jobs at some of the clubs they worked in because my connection with them got me in good with the management and bouncers. It also didn’t hurt that I’m a big guy who could handle himself in a fight.
So I’m almost 30 now and have gotten out of dating Strippers all together. It was fun while it lasted, but the hardships of living life in the fast-lane started to wear on me and I wanted to settle down with a more normal woman who didn’t have most of the baggage your typical exotic dancer does.
I still go to strip clubs with my buddies, and when I do, we always have a blast. I know all the little tricks of the trade and can ensure we always get treated like royalty in the club, no matter where we are in the country. One night, after a particularly raucous night of drinking and sleazing at a topless bar, a buddy of mine told me I should write a book since I know so much.
So, having never written anything before, I dismissed the idea outright. But seeing as how I spent most of my life in Strip Clubs and not as much of it in school as I should have, I decided it would be a good way to make some money, by selling the knowledge I’ve accumulated over almost a decade of running around with Strippers (God bless America, where a loser like me can make a buck selling something like that!).
Therefore my interests are not truly charitable. I am looking to supplement my income and help you out at the same time. This book was translated into written form by a friend of mine from recordings I made (since I can’t write worth a damn), and further edited by him and me to make it actually “readable.”
I truly hope that you get exactly what you’re looking for from this book. Some of the lessons within it were hard learned, and you should count yourself lucky that you don’t have to experience them the way I did. But hopefully, by missing the bad parts, you’ll get to the good parts all that much quicker.
And now, on to what you paid for…

A Quick Warning About Strippers
Before we get into the bulk of this book, I want to make one thing abundantly clear…
Now, you may be wondering why I would say such a thing in a book that’s designed to teach you HOW to date strippers, right?
Well, I tell you this because you will have to deal with certain “realities” when dating women who sell fantasies for a living. And sometimes, those realities can be difficult to deal with if you’re not expecting to deal with them.
First of all, Strippers are women who create a sexual fantasy figure designed to get men to spend money on them. Initially, you will be attracted to this fantasy figure. The one with the perfect body, pretty face, immaculate hair, seductive curves, lusty stare, etc. This will be what gets you to WANT to date her in the first place.
But you must be aware that a fantasy is just that – not real! You must be prepared to deal with the actual woman you’re lusting after, and when it comes to Strippers, that woman may be more trouble than you’re used to.
What do I mean by “trouble?”
Well, first of all, know that most (I’d say the majority) of women who strip have experienced some form of sexual molestation or abuse in their lives. Sometimes it’s by their fathers, brothers, step-dads, neighbors, whatever. It doesn’t matter who did it, just that it happened. This is what usually drives them into becoming dancers in the first place.
Knowing this, you have to expect any stripper you get involved with to have certain “issues.” Be they issues with sex, intimacy, men, trust –whatever! Know that they WILL be there and you WILL have to deal with them at some point.
Be prepared to deal with kids. Most Strippers will have at least one kid, and if you don’t want to deal with a child, then be prepared to walk away from most Strippers. But in addition to dealing with the kids she already has, you must be prepared for the very real possibility that she may get pregnant from YOU – even if you use protection. I’m not saying all Strippers will do this, but getting pregnant is a good way to collect a steady payment from a man in the form of child support for a long time.
Another (and common) form of trouble comes in the form of “Crazy Ex-Boyfriends and Husbands.” Lots of Strippers have been married, and almost all of them have at least one guy they see on a regular basis who feels he’s entitled to her. Eventually, you will have to deal with one of these guys, and more likely than not, they will not be very savory people. Strip clubs lend themselves to all types of degenerates and some girls do not have the best sense when it comes to choosing guys who are healthy for them.
I’ve had to deal with an ex-boyfriend of a Stripper I was dating break into her apartment and wait for me and her to return with a loaded gun in his hand. A friend of mine who got involved with a particularly beautiful Stripper had more than one run-in with the Russian Mafia because she used to date one if it’s lieutenants. These can be scary things to deal with, and I recommend that if you find this to be the case with the girl you’re involved with, you dump her and move on. It’s simply not worth dealing with maniacs because of a woman.
The last, but certainly not least, bit of trouble you should be aware of is “lifestyle” issues. Strippers tend to work late hours, sleep all day, party a lot, drink too much, and have issues with drugs. There are exceptions to his, of course, but if you’re a 9-to-5 working stiff and don’t want to spend all your time partying or dealing with cocaine parties in your home on a nightly basis, you may want to think twice about getting involved with a Stripper. If that doesn’t bother you, then you might have a compatible lifestyle with the type of girl you’ve chosen to date.
Regardless, these are some of the realities you will have to face when going after women who choose to take their clothes off for money. I don’t tell you these things to scare you or discourage you from dating Strippers, because many of them can be a lot of fun and very great girlfriends. But I do want you to know what you’re getting into before you take that plunge. If you know the risks, you’ll be better prepared to deal with them.
And with that said, let’s get to how to date a stripper…

PART I: How To Pick Up Strippers

A Note About Your Appearance
I know there are probably some guys out there who think that because of their looks, they can’t get a “normal” woman. A great many of these guys resort to strip clubs in order to fulfill their need for female contact.
I used to see them all the time. They’re awkward around the girls, seemingly uncomfortable in their own skin. Maybe they’re a little short, or fat, or old, or their ears stick out too far. Whatever it is, they think they’re ugly (and most of them usually are).
The great thing about strip clubs is that you don’t need to be good looking to get the female attention you desire, as long as you have the money to pay for it. In that sense, it’s a great equalizer, and I believe it does serve a type of function for men in today’s society.
But that said, if you’re looking to date a Stripper, paying for their affections is a poor way to go about it.
The thing to remember about Strippers is that they are usually very sexually adventurous women. Sure, you got a few prudes who like to delude themselves that what they do isn’t really who they are, but for the most part, there are a lot of girls out there who are very open to all types of men.
A lot of Strippers I have known (and dated) in the past – women who by all accounts are drop-dead gorgeous by any standard – have had sex with some truly disgusting guys.
Seriously. I’m talking truly, truly disgusting here.
I’ve known a girl who’s banged smelly punk-rock guys who never showered and had rotting teeth. I’ve known a girl who’s jumped in the sack with a huge, fat, greasy man with horrid acne because he was funny and made her laugh. And my favorite is one girl who had sex with a wheelchair-bound midget who’s colostomy bag broke and spilled all over her during the act.
All these girls were smoking-hot and none of these guys paid for it! It was all done of the girl’s own free will.
So what does this mean for you?
It means the good news is that it doesn’t matter what you look like or how old you are. The odds are in your favor that there’s a Stripper out there willing to date you no matter what. In fact, I’d go so far as to say the more odd you look, the greater your chances of scoring with a dancer!
However, I do think you should take care of your appearance. Shower, smell nice (a little cologne never hurt anyone), comb your hair, wear deodorant, and dress well. This’ll put you at an advantage over the sweaty, greasy losers who wander into the club.
A little note about the dress code of clubs… though there is no official Strip Club dress code, be considerate about what you wear. Don’t wear shorts. They make you look like a geek. Wear long pants. Try not to wear jeans, because they’re a rough fabric, and should you end up getting a dance (which you shouldn’t, but if you do), it will scratch the girl up. The softer the fabric, the more the girl will enjoy it. I usually go for a nice pair of khakis when I go to a club. If I’m feeling really festive, corduroy pants are always a big hit.
Nice shirts are good too. A button up silk shirt can be a big hit, or a soft tee-shirt can work too. Just be aware of what a shirt is going to look like under the black lights. Seriously, every stain and smudge will come out. Lighter colors tend to glow, so those will help make you stand out more in the club.
Also, wash your face before you go to a strip club! A friend of mine once entered a club with acne medication on his face, and it glowed in the black light! He had all these unsightly blobs smeared on his face. Once I told him he quickly rushed to the bathroom to wash them off, but had I not been there, he might have gotten a few laughs from the girls.
So in short, look your best, and don’t sweat your level of physical attractiveness too much. Strippers aren’t like other women. They’re more sexually adventurous and open minded than most.

The #1 Rule When Dealing With Strippers
If you only learn one thing (and one thing only) from reading this book, I want it to be this…
That is rule number one.
Look at it as the “first commandment” of your own personal sexual religion.
“Thou Shalt Not Spendith Thy Hard-Earned Money!”
Now, you may think this is a “self evident” truth. But you’d be surprised. Tons of guys just feel like a vat of butter has spilled into their wallets when they enter a strip club, and before you know it, it’s 3 am and you’re wondering how you’re going to pay rent after you’ve emptied your bank account for some good-looking lady in clear heels.
But I’m not just imparting this idea on you because I want you to be cheap. There’s actually a really good reason behind why you should never spend money in clubs, which I’ll get to in a bit.
The first thing I want to talk about in this regard is the notion that you HAVE to spend money in strip clubs in order to get a girl in there.
I’ve talked to many strippers on this subject, and I’ll ask them “So if a guy finds you attractive, what should he do to try and get to know you better and maybe get a date?” And you know what the answer is?
99.9% of the time, these girls will answer: “Buy a dance with her and talk to her.”
This type of advice is so prevalent, that even OTHER guys who consider themselves “strip club experts” advise guys to buy a dance in order to get to know the girl you like, because they “talked to actual strippers and that’s what they said was the best way.”
Well, of course the girls are going to say that! They’re in the club to make money, so a unified stripper mantra of “buy a dance if you like us” is meant to get guys to spend money and help the girls who dance in the club make money.
But for those of us guys who actually WANT to date a stripper, this is probably the worst advice any of us could follow.
And in a way, this indirectly brings me to the SECOND most important rule you should be aware of when it comes to dating strippers…
They will lie to your face, they will make up even bigger lies to cover the fact they’re lying, and they won’t stop lying to you no matter what.
Now, just be aware I’m not saying this to bash the girls. They don’t lie all the time, especially if you get to know them outside the club. But when you walk into a strip club, you should go in expecting that not a single utterance of truthfulness will escape any of the girl’s lips.
And the idea of buying a dance to get to know the girl better is the biggest lie of all.
Now, let’s get to the reason behind why you should never spend money in a strip club.
Aside from the obvious, that strip clubs are expensive and you should save your hard earned money, there’s also the notion that once you spend a single red cent in any club, you are automatically branded as…


In this regard, you might as well have the letters “ATM” tattooed on your forehead and walk around shelling out greenbacks to every girl you see, because that’s exactly what you become when you’re viewed as a “customer.”
See, in a dancer’s eye, there are only two types of men who are in strip clubs…

Everyone Else.

What’s the difference? Simple.
Dancers won’t date/sleep with/party with/whatever with Customers. They will with Everyone Else.
Why is this? Well, for the moment, imagine that you’re a car salesman. You spend all day talking to people who want to buy a car, and you work your ass off to sell them those cars. But after that customer leaves the lot, do you want them to come back every time the car has a problem and complain to you? Do you want them to drive you around? Do you want them to come to your kid’s soccer game?
No. You sell them a car, and you move on. The customer is your paycheck. Your life is separate from that car dealership.
The same is true of Strippers. To them, dancing is a job. They clock in, make their money, and clock out. You, as a club patron, are no different than the people who want to buy a car. It’s basic supply and demand, and it doesn’t go beyond that.
Now, there are exceptions to every rule, but that’s basically how it plays out.
However, go back to imagining you’re a car salesmen again. Think of the people you work with. The other salesmen, the clerks, the mechanics, whatever. You see them all the time, you get to know them, you like some of them, you go out and socialize with them. You meet other people at bars and parties, and you incorporate them into your life, and if they need a car, you hook them up.
This is Everyone Else. To them, you’re who you really are, not just a car salesman. They don’t hang out with you because they want a car, they hang out with you because they like you, and that’s why you hang out with them.
The same is true for Strippers. They hang out with other dancers, doormen, bouncers, DJs, and people they meet outside the club. Why? You guessed it…
Because they’re not customers!
Most dancers like to put on a “persona” when they dance, and they leave that persona behind when they leave the club. People who get to know who that dancer really is and not the persona are the people she’s going to date and hang out with.
It is your goal to be one of those people!
So you want to do everything you can to go from being a simple “customer” to “everyone else.”
And the simple, best way to do that is to NOT SPEND MONEY ON THE GIRL!
Now, not spending money on strippers will not endear them to you right away. But there are ways around that. However, you must learn that spending money on strippers will not get you what you want (well, sometimes it will, but for a much greater sum than you may be willing to pay!).
Think of it as a game. The girl’s job is to get as much money from you as you can. Your job is to spend as little as possible. If you succeed, you will have opened the doors for you to stand out from the other walking ATM machines in the club and actually have a chance at seeing the girl you like outside the club.

Don’t Let Her Dance For You
This rule kind of goes in hand with the “No Spending Money” rule. Remember when I said there are two types of men in a strip club? Well, this relates directly to that.


And dancers don’t date customers.
I don’t care if it’s a $1 floor dance. If you give her money in exchange for her rubbing up against you or performing for you in some way, you are going to be seen as 100% customer. That means your job at getting to see her outside the club just got much harder.
A Stripper makes most of her money from lap dances, be they for $20 in the booths or $100 in the VIP room, that’s her bread and butter. No Stripper could ever live on the singles that get thrown at her while she’s up on stage. So if you get a dance with a girl and you’re paying for it, guess what? You’ve just become another walking ATM to her. $20 for a two minute dance. Not a bad payday, eh?
Now there is an exception to this rule.
The exception is if you get the dance for FREE.
If a girl is willing to dance for you without the money, then by all means, go for it! Sometimes the girls will WANT to dance for you because they like you or they’re attracted to you. So if they offer, by all means, do it! Sometimes, they may say that it’ll cost half price because they still got to give the club its split. If this is the case, go ahead and pay the $10 for the lap dance or whatever. But make it clear that’s all you’re going to pay and that you don’t usually do this. Some clubs do take a split of every booth dance the girls do, so this isn’t necessarily a lie, and even if the girl is lying, the fact she’s willing to do anything for a discount is making headway.
Another great way of doing a freebie is having a friend pay for your dances for you.
Me and a good buddy of mine used to do this regularly. Before going into a club, we’d agree that only one of us was going to buy dances for the night, so if it was my buddy’s turn, I’d give him a hundred or so dollars to spend on me for the night. Then in the club, I’d pick the girl I’d like, and he’d go approach her for me, saying something like “My friend really likes you, and I think he’d like a dance, but you got to go butter him up a bit.”
Then the girl would come over to me and sit and talk for a while. Eventually, she’d ask for a dance, and I’d reply “I really like you, but I don’t do that kind of thing.” Then my buddy would jump in on cue with one of my $20s and say “You don’t have a choice tonight, this one’s on me!”
And of course, I’d then be “unwillingly” dragged away by the girl into one of the booths for a dance, all thanks to my good friend’s “generosity.”
Now, that said, even free dances can be problematic because the girls can slip into “stripper mode” once that song clock starts ticking. When in “stripper mode,” it’s all business. The trick here is to further distinguish yourself from the average nudge even in the privacy of your dance booth.
The best way to do this is to get them to stop dancing.
As soon as they start up with “stripper mode,” interrupt it by saying “Stop!”
Usually, this’ll be met with a “deer-in-the-headlights” look from the girl. After all, what guy would tell her to stop dancing for them? Does this mean you don’t like her? Did she do something wrong? Have you changed your mind? What’s going on!!!!
All that will run through her mind after you put on the breaks, and most of all, it will snap her out of that dreaded “stripper mode.”
After that, smile at her and say “You know what, I don’t want you to dance for me. Just sit and talk to me for a while.”
Pretty much every Stripper is more than willing to sit and talk for a dance rather than exert herself by dancing any day of the week. They will all happily sit on your lap and chatter on about stuff for a few minutes. Use this time to talk to her, ask her about her personal life, share your own personal stories (but don’t brag, I’ll talk more about that later). Basically, try to get your foot in the door of “Everyone Else.” This little chat you have will make you stand out from the crowd.
And when the time is up, should she ask you if you want to do another, politely decline, but say “I had a great time talking with you. Come by and hang out if you’re bored.” Most of the time they won’t because they’ll be busy working the room. But sometimes they do, and even if they don’t, you’ve set yourself apart in their mind as someone who’s not the average “customer.”

Don’t Stay In The Club For Too Long
If you’re going out for the purpose of picking up a Stripper, do not stay in the strip club for extended periods of time.
I’ve had bouts of indulgence where I’ve gone out partying with my buddies in a city like Los Vegas (strip club capitol of the world), going to a strip club at 9 at night and not leaving until noon the next day. But that was a situation where we were looking to spend money and grope women we didn’t have to work for!
But if I want to go to a club to pick up a Stripper for a date, sex, whatever, I try to limit how long I actually stay inside the club.
Because a guy who stays in a strip club for too long becomes a LOSER CUSTOMER, that’s why!
Think about it. If a girl comes in to dance and constantly sees you sitting around for hours on end, she’s going to peg you as a club junkie, and by extension, a customer.
The trick is to go into the club, make contact with a few girls, chat them up, and then leave. I can do all I need to in about 30 minutes, but after paying a $20 cover or whatever, you may be tempted to stay longer. I say an hour and a half is the maximum amount of time you should spend in a club. An hour is ideal.
This means that while you’re in the club, you want to position yourself for “maximum meeting potential.”
So when you walk into a club and see the guys at the stage, and sitting in the chairs, and in the back booths, or whatever, laugh at them. Those are the sucker customers who are never going to get anywhere with the girls.
In every club, there will be a “high traffic” area where you’ll want to position yourself. This will usually be the bar area, if the club has a bar (which they usually will). If they don’t, look at the places where the girls tend to mill around. This can be the DJ booth, tables, or couches by the dressing room. Where ever it is, you’ll want to STAND there.
That’s right, don’t sit down. Stand. Guys who sit down anywhere other than at the bar are customer-potential. Make yourself different. Stand.
Standing also has the added benefit of helping you to quickly meet and chat with girls who are walking by. I don’t know why this is, it just is. Especially if you get in that coveted high-traffic spot. You’ll suddenly be meeting more girls than you know what to do with.
But standing also has the added benefit of creating a “buffer zone” between any girl you come in contact with. This is important because the next rule is…

No Touching The Girls
This is another hard and fast rule you can take with you to the bank:


Now, I know this is like putting a three-inch thick steak in front of a starving man and telling him not to eat. I mean, who wouldn’t want to reach out and touch these beautiful, sexy women anywhere they’ll let you, right? But bear with me here.
Ask yourself this: Who’s grubby, sweaty hands are pawning their bodies all night long?
If you answered “customers,” guess what? You got it!
Customers touch the girls. You do not want to be a customer. Therefore, do not touch them!
This means don’t shake their hand, don’t rub their shoulders, don’t put your arm around them, don’t caress their knee, don’t even let them sit on your lap.
Most Strippers abhor the fact that they have to let themselves be felt up by guys all night long. And even the girls who don’t mind it have to deal with overly-frisky morons who my try to grab their crotches or suck on their breasts.
If you want to stand out, control your urges to touch the Strippers. Most of them will notice the fact that you’re not all over them like most guys. Some will see it as a challenge, others may take it as an insult, but they will all NOTICE, and that’s the important thing.
By the same token, don’t fall for the girls who touch YOU.
See, touching is the Stripper’s secret weapon. The more a woman touches you, the more your brain goes “Whoa! What’s going on here? Sexy woman feeling me up! She must like me! Wheeeeeeeeee!”
Well put the breaks on that thought right now. It’s complete BS.
You have to look at each physical contact by a Stripper as a means of manipulating you into spending money on her. This is a bad thing, because she’s treating you like a customer. You cannot take her touching you as meaning she’s attracted to you. You wouldn’t believe how many Strippers I know who were rejected by guys who didn’t want a dance, then after a few minutes of sitting on their laps and rubbing their chests, they got them into the VIP room for a couple hundred dollars worth of dancing.
Just shrug off any touching by the dancers, and keep your hands to yourself.

Treat All Strippers The Same Way
I once read about how all casinos are designed to get you to stay inside so you’ll gamble more money. They make the exits hard to find and there are no clocks anywhere, and all that jazz. But the bottom line is, they rig everything so that you are at a disadvantage.
Strip clubs function in much the same way.
These clubs, by their very nature, are engineered to get your money away from you. And the girls are the main attraction (and main money sucker).
Because of this, inside the Strip Club, it’s the girls who have all the power. They’re the ones on stage, they’re the ones who call the shots, they’re the ones who create the fantasy. Inside the club, every girl is a 10 on the bachelor’s scale, even if they don’t look like it.
Understand, you can have a girl that’s fat and old who’s still stripping, and even though you might rate her a 3, in the club, her attitude is that of a 10.
So you must treat all the girls you meet in the club like you would an extremely beautiful woman.
What do I mean by this? Well, I’ll tell you what I don’t mean…
I DON’T mean you get down on your knees and worship her as a goddess. I DON’T mean you bend yourself to her will. I DON’T mean that you do whatever it is she says.
In fact, I’d say you need to do the exact opposite.
Ever hear the old saying “Treat a princess like a whore and a whore like a princess?” Well, in the club, all the girls act like princesses, so you got to treat them the exact opposite way they’re used to being treated.
This means, you don’t treat them as sex objects. In fact, you act like they’re not attractive at all. Tease them a bit. Strippers are not used to being teased. Poke fun at them. Act like YOU’RE the guy they should be fawning over, not the other way around. Joke with them. Let them know you don’t come cheap, and if they want your company, they’ll have to pay YOU.
Customers treat the girls the way they’re used to be treated. But the real players, the ones the girls always end up going for, are the guys who treat them as if they weren’t in the club at all, as if they were just any other girl they met on the street.
Remember that Strippers are nothing special. In fact, you get most of them in decent light and without make-up, they’re pretty regular looking girls, and deep down, that’s how they feel. When they’re in the club, they’re living out a fantasy as much as you are, one in which they are incredibly beautiful and desired by all.
If you wish to be successful at getting this girl to meet you outside the club, you are going to have to take that power away from them. Put them back in the real world where they’re just an average girl, and before you know it, they’re the ones trying to prove themselves to you!
Most Strippers are actually quite insecure about their looks. They obsess over every wrinkle, stretch mark, hair, boob, whatever! If you play on this insecurity about their looks, they will be looking to you for approval. The best way to do this is with backhanded complements.
I can remember a time where I got this one dancer to meet me outside the club. She was a petite blonde with small breasts, but a really cute face. When she came up to the bar I was standing at, she asked if I wanted a dance, and I said “Why should I get a dance with you?”
She responded with “Because I’m good. You’ll like it.”
I replied, “Well, you’re not really my type. But I do love your breasts.” (I said this knowing she was obviously self-conscious about how small they were)
She said “Really?”
“Yeah,” I said. “Most guys don’t like little boobs like yours, but I think they’re great.”
The look on her face was like a gasket had blown somewhere inside her head. She didn’t know how to respond to that! Was it an insult? It kind-of was, because I told her that most guys won’t like her because she has small boobs. But it was also a compliment, because I told her that I, personally, found them attractive.
After that, she didn’t look at me as a customer, she looked at me as a guy she had to prove herself to. She ended up meeting me at a local Denny’s after the club closed later on that night. When I asked her what made her decide to meet me, she said “You just seemed different. Every guy I meet in there is ready to propose marriage, but there was something real about you I liked.”
So use backhanded compliments to knock them off their high horse and back into reality. But don’t overdo it. If you give the girls too hard a time, they’ll get angry and move on to a guy who’ll feed their ego rather than thrash it.
At one point I got into a lot of trouble for really making fun of a dancer at a club in Denver. I was just good-naturedly ribbing her (or so I thought) when I went too far and struck a nerve. Before I knew it, this poor girl was screaming at me, calling me all sorts of unsavory names, and I was eventually asked to leave by management.
So you can go too far with this. Just look for how the girl starts responding to you. If she’s actually talking to you as a girl and not some beauty queen (you can usually visually notice a shift in the way she looks at you when the transition occurs), it’s time to stop making fun of her and throwing out the backhanded compliments and time just to be a cool guy.
After all, the object of the game is to seduce them, not destroy them.

Never Trust A Stripper’s Phone Number
This is a good rule to live by. Unless the girl you’re after actually leaves the club with you and goes back to your place that night, you’re not going to score with her. Sometimes guys will ask for a girl’s number in the strip club, and once they get it, they believe they’re on their way to getting a date.
Not so.
Not so by a loooooooong shot!
See, Strippers get asked for their numbers a bajillion times a night. It’s probably the #1 most asked question for a dancer there is. In fact, if a Stripper got a dollar for every time a guy asked them “What’s your number?” she could probably retire, Bill Gates style, within the year.
When I was driving around my two Stripper friends when I was younger, we used to laugh and joke about how many numbers and business cards guys gave them, and how many fake numbers the girls gave out.
Understand that if you’re seen as a customer, the girls will only give you numbers where they can’t be reached. Most Strippers have second cell phones or message services that they give out to customers to keep tabs on them or string them along. Others give out fake phone numbers. This is just a way of protecting themselves from ungodly amounts of unsolicited calls. It’s very rare that a girl will give out an actual legitimate number to someone she meets in a strip club if there’s not something in it for her.
So the first rule is to never ask a Stripper for her phone number. Either she won’t give it to you with an excuse like “We’re not supposed to give out our numbers,” or she’ll just give you a fake number.
The second rule is to never give the girl your number or business card. They won’t care. They’ll either lose it and throw it away. Should you do this, do not expect her to get in contact with you unless she thinks she can squeeze more money out of you, in which case you might hear from her again, but it won’t be a social call.
The third rule is that should a girl willingly give you her number without you soliciting it, chances are it’s a working number, but don’t count on it as a means to see her again. I’ve gotten Strippers to give me their numbers before without asking, and some were legitimate, but getting them to meet up with you can be hit or miss.
So going for a Stripper’s phone number is a waste of time. I’ve found e-mail addresses to be more reliable, since its easier for them to get new anonymous email accounts on yahoo and hotmail, and also more convenient for them than handling hundreds of phone calls a day from guys they don’t really remember from the night before. But even that is hit or miss. Usually the emails are just a means to let you know when they’re working at the club again in the hopes you’ll come to see them and spend money.
The best tactic is to try and get the girl to meet you outside the club after she gets off work. Pulling a Stripper from the club is almost a guarantee that something is going to happen with her. Even setting up a date to meet while you’re in the club is preferable to getting a number. Something like “This place is dead, you wanna meet me at the bar down the street for a drink in an hour?” is preferable to “What’s your number? Let’s go out.”

Don’t Brag or Complain
This is another good rule to abide by when you’re in a strip club. Most Strippers know that their job is to talk to guys, and its a job they do quite well.
And seeing as how they do their job well, they’re used to hearing all sorts of things from their customers.
The two biggest things the girls hear the most are: Bragging and Complaining.
Guys who go to strip clubs are usually looking to escape whatever is ailing them on the outside and blow off some steam or have some fun in fantasy land for a while. They want to feel important, like big shots. They want to impress the girls or dump their problems onto them.
Every time I go into a club I see guys throwing around money, bragging about how great their job is and what kind of car they drive. The girls are used to this. They’re used to guys lying to them about what they do, in order to impress them. They’re also used to hearing about how much money a guy makes, because he thinks that’s the way to get her to sleep with him.
If you brag to a Stripper, all you’re going to do is bore her. They’ve heard it all before, and they don’t care. The only thing they care about is how much money you’re going to spend IN THE CLUB. Your fancy car or yacht on the Caribbean is of no use to them. But that $20 in your pocket is.
By the same token, you’ll also bore a Stripper by complaining to her. If you start using her as a therapist and unloading about how crappy your job is, or how crummy your family is, or whatever it is that’s bugging you, you’re not doing anything to further your cause of getting a date with this dancer.
Most Strippers have trained themselves well in the art of “smiling and nodding.” They can act like they care and be understanding of your problems, but in the end, they simply don’t give a damn about you. They have their own problems to deal with.
All bragging or complaining to a Stripper will do is make you look like your average customer.
Just act cool and stay positive. Keep your problems to yourself and be a bit humble. This will make you stand out from most losers.

Don’t Stalk The Girls
Seriously. Don’t. It’s a bad idea.
If you find yourself uncontrollably attracted to a girl you’ve met in a strip club, leave that club and don’t come back. Move on with your life. Don’t look back.
Remember that the girls sell a fantasy. They are not what you think they are. You may think one of the girls likes you and is maybe even attracted to you. But she’s not. Her job is to make you BELIEVE she is. Remember rule number two? STRIPPERS LIE. Do not believe a word they say or a single touch they administer to you.
Even girls who’ll perform sexual acts on you in the club don’t necessarily like you. Know that if you start getting obsessed with a girl and become one of her “regulars” in the hopes she’ll be yours one day, you’ve definitely been in “strip club land” too long.
Sometimes the urge to indulge in the fantasy Strippers provide can be really tempting. But in the long run, it’s a losing proposition. Your bubble will eventually burst, and it will not work out in your favor. Either you’ll have a run in with the police, or friends of the dancer who don’t care too much about your safety. No matter what happens, though, you’ll never be welcomed back at that club.
When I was a Bouncer, I used to go out after the club had closed to check all the cars left in the parking lot to make sure there weren’t guys hiding in the back seats of the girl’s cars. There have been untold countless kidnappings and murders at strip clubs because some guy snuck into a girl’s car and caught her unawares as she was driving. That’s how serious most clubs take the girl’s safety (after all, what girl is going to want to work at a club that doesn’t protect them?).
Stalking is not only unhealthy to you, but it will ruin any chance you have at getting the girl you want! So you need to be sure that you…

Don’t go to the club every night of the week just to see one girl.
Don’t spend all your time in the club hoping to see her.
Don’t stare at the girl you like.
Don’t get jealous if she dances with other guys.
Don’t follow her around.
Don’t give lavish gifts or propose marriage (especially if your only interaction with her has been in the club!)
Do not pay for her expenses or bills.
Do not follow her home after the club closes.

Stalking is a bad idea, and its not a good thing for anyone involved. It will only lead to heartache and pain. There are other women in the world, don’t obsess over just one.

Become An Insider
Strippers live a very closed existence. They spend most of their time working in the club, so they tend to date guys who are somehow associated with the club itself.
When you walk into a strip club, know that every guy who works there is currently, or has at one time, slept with one of the dancers. The DJ is usually most notorious for this, because he has lots of contact with the girls every night.
In addition to the guys who work at the club, there are also the guys who are FRIENDS of the people who work in the club. Be they friends of the dancers, the doormen, the DJ, whoever it may be, if they have a connection, they have an “in” with the girls.
I can remember one night in Las Vegas, I went to an after-hours party where I ran into an older guy who must have been in his 50s. He looked like my dad, except he had his gray old-man hair spiked up into an extreme flat-top. It was a pretty bold hair-doo for a guy his age, so I walked up to him and told him how cool I thought his hair was. We got to talking and had a few drinks together. Before he left, he gave me his card and said “I like you. Give me a call sometime and I’ll hook you up.” Turns out the guy owns one of the largest strip club chains in the country! Since that day I just call him up when I’m traveling to a city that has one of his clubs in it, and he calls the management to expect me and treat me as one of his “personal friends.” I have to practically bat the girls away from me with a stick when I walk into the club, even though I’ve never been there before in my life!
Thus is the power of being an “insider.”
Now, we all can’t befriend the owners of the club chain, but there are ways to get the same effect.
To become a true insider takes time, like visiting the club something like once a week to become a regular. I can remember when I was first driving around those two Strippers after I got out of high school, we’d go to a certain club every Saturday for them to dance at. After about my 3rd time there, one of the bouncers came up and introduced himself because he noticed I was coming around a lot with some of the girls. After that, I got to know all the bouncers and eventually the DJ and management of the club. Then I became friends with all the girls who danced there and I never had to pay for a cover charge or a drink.
The best way to become an insider is slowly. Get to know the people who work at the club gradually. You don’t have to go there every night, but once a week can be good. Sit at the bar and chat up the bartender. This is always a good first target on your track to becoming an “insider.”
Bartenders at the club are usually the manager or girls who used to dance or are on their way to dancing at the club. To get to know them will get you in good quickly. Just buy a drink and sit and talk to them. Before long, you can claim to be their friend.
Bouncers and doormen will usually take a little bit of time to warm up to you. If they see you come around often and you don’t cause trouble, they’ll start to be more social with you. Talk to them about what they do outside the club. A lot of these guys are musicians or students, or they have a hobby they are passionate about. If you can get to know the DJ, that’s a great hook-up to have too. Talk to him between songs. After a song you like plays, go up to him and ask “What was that song you just played?” After he responds talk to him about whether he DJs outside the club at all.
In one night, you can learn enough about the people who work at a club to pass yourself off as an “insider” to any girl who dances there. After a few visits, you can actually BECOME and insider. And after you start dating a girl who dances at the club, your status as an insider will be solid.

What To Do To Get A Stripper Interested In You
In a previous chapter I talked about the two big things you should never do when talking to a Stripper – namely bragging or complaining to them. Know that introducing anything negative into a conversation with a Stripper you’re trying to seduce is a bad idea. People in general like positive things. So the real trick to getting a Stripper excited is to be positive and exciting.
By this, I don’t mean acting overly cool or being an ass hole. If you walk into a strip club and tell a dancer “This club sucks. Let’s go somewhere cool,” you’re not helping your cause. The club may suck, but that girl is WORKING there. She probably has friends there. It’s a part of her life. In a way, you’re insulting her by saying the club sucks.
In my opinion, there are four major things every guy can do to come off as a positive and exciting guy a Stripper would want to get to know better.

#1: Act Happy
This might seem like a no-brainer, but it isn’t. If you go into a strip club, you’ll usually see a bunch of guys sitting around looking either overly serious or overly depressed (or worse, bored). A guy who’s smiling and laughing is always more attractive to the girls than a guy who’s hunched over his drink watching the dancer on the stage. You want to convey that you’re in a great mood and having a good time. Smile a lot. Be upbeat. Crack jokes. Tell everyone how great your day has been, and act like meeting the girl you like is secondary to everything else that’s happened to you.

#2: Be Enthusiastic
A strip club is not a place to be subtle or shy. It’s a loud and obnoxious place full of stimulus of all kinds. If you want to compete with your environment, you’re going to have to be enthusiastic and outgoing.
Calling attention to yourself is a good thing. If you’re laughing and having a good time, that will infect those around you into having a good time too. You’ll become the center of attention and this will attract all the bored girls over to you, because suddenly you’re something interesting and worth checking out.

#3: Be Open-Minded
Many of the girls who dance in strip clubs have a wide variety of beliefs and lifestyles. If you are a really rigid or judgmental person, then you may run the risk of turning them off and sabotaging your chances of picking them up.
Always keep an open mind when talking with dancers. Don’t say “Oh, I hate that,” or “I think this is stupid,” because the very subject you’re condemning could be something she’s passionate about or believes strongly in.
Remember to be accepting and interested in things you don’t know about, and refrain from judgmental comments about religion, politics, sexuality, or anything like that.

#4: Be Adventurous
Note that I didn’t say “be sexual.” If you try to talk dirty to a girl in a club, you’re going to be pegged as a customer. The girls are inundated with sex the minute they step into the club. You want to remind them that there’s more to life than sex and you’re the pathway to that life.
Display qualities that show you’re spontaneous and fun. Tell her stories about places you’ve been and things you’ve done. Most Strippers lead pretty boring lives and can be intrigued by men who’ve experienced exciting stuff.
I’ll often ask a dancer I’m talking to “If you could take a vacation right now, where would you go?” No matter what she answers, I’ll tell her a story about the best vacation I ever took down to Bermuda, and how she has to go down there and experience some of the things I did.
In a way, this leads us into our final tactic…

#5: Have A Life Outside The Club
Remember that while you’re in the strip club, you’re in Stripper world. You’re playing an away game in the other team’s home field. This puts you at an inherent disadvantage. What you want to try to do is introduce your world into her world, and show how much better it is.
Know that the whole concept of Stripping is a form of entertainment. Strippers are performers, and they don’t see their lives as glamorous or exciting. They see the trouble they go through to look good, the cat-fights between rival girls backstage, the problems they may have with management, the creepy customers they have to put up with, any injuries that may be plaguing them, and the list goes on…
Doesn’t sound so glamorous anymore, does it?
So don’t talk about her world. Forget talking about the club or what’s going on with her in her life. Talk about exciting experiences you have, lessons you’ve learned, feats you’ve accomplished, vacations you’ve taken. And if your life is boring, make stuff up. It doesn’t matter, as long as you talk about your passions that are outside of club life.
A man who has his own life and could care less about the fantasy a strip club presents is always a guy who will be coveted among Strippers.

Become The “Striper Boyfriend”
By now you’re probably wondering “Gee, all this stuff you’re telling me is all fine and dandy, but when are you going to tell me HOW to seduce a stripper?”
Well, I can’t tell you this is exactly how to seduce a Stripper, because every girl is different, every situation is different, and every guy reading this book is different. So I don’t think I can lay out a step-by-step method on how to get a Stripper to go out with you.
All I CAN do is share with you what I know works.
Having worked in strip clubs and dated numerous exotic dancers, I do know that there is a specific TYPE of man that Strippers are generally attracted to. I call guys who meet these traits “Stripper Boyfriend Material.”
I’ve seen everyone from “rock and roll guy wannabes” to upright doctors and lawyers display these traits, and they never fail to work. In fact, I fell backwards into the stuff that works just by being associated with the dancers I drove around with when I was younger, and it was only after seeing the guys the dancers went for in the clubs I worked at that I was able to spot the similarities between what they were doing and what I did.
After I recognized these traits, I worked up a profile of a typical Stripper Boyfriend, and if you adopt these traits I’m going to share with you while in the club, you’ll be able to attract the girl you want and hopefully move things outside the club.
So here are the traits you need to know…

Trait #1: Be the Veteran
Understand that Strippers are a class of women, kind of like dock workers are a class of men. They all know what the job entails, they have their own lingo, and they know the high points and dangers of their chosen profession. Short of working at a Strip Club as well, there’s no way you can know what it’s like…
Unless you’ve dated a Stripper in the past.
I can remember back when Seinfeld used to be on TV, there was an episode where the character George got a picture of a model, and told all the women he met that he was dating that particular model in the picture. Soon, other models were coming onto him, because “one of their own” had decided he was good enough to date.
Well, things kind of work the same way with Strippers.
There’s a kind-of subliminal pre-approval process that goes on in a Stripper’s head when she finds out that you used to date another girl who stripped for a living. It’s almost as if you’ve been given the stamp of approval, because you won’t freak out about her job, you won’t act all jealous and crazy, and you know what life with a Stripper can be like.
In a way, you’re already “initiated” into the lifestyle she’s living, and that’s more attractive than some guy who’s just looking for a fantasy she can’t realistically provide in the long term.
The best way I know of to get a girl to look at you as a Veteran is to flat out tell her.
Mention that you had a girlfriend who was an Exotic Dancer (quick note, never refer to Strippers as “Strippers.” Always call them Exotic Dancers or Dancers. It’s much less demeaning and will set you apart from most guys). You also want to mention that your girlfriend was a long term relationship – not just a one night stand.
It’s important not to make a big deal of this, but mention it casually, as if it’s normal.

Trait #2: Know The Score
After you’ve established that you’re a Veteran, you have to back that up by showing you have knowledge of what being a Stripper is like.
You have to realize that besides dancing, a Stripper’s job is to talk to men. And the more they talk to guys, the more they begin to hear the same types of questions over and over again.
Questions like:

“What’s your name?”
“How long have you been dancing?”
“Do you’re parent’s know?”
“It must be so glamorous being an exotic dancer. You must be rich!”

The girls hear these types of questions all night long! They start to associate these types of questions with customers.
So when someone comes in and says “Wow, you must lead an exciting life,” you’re not showing you know what being a Stripper is about. Stripping is a job. It can be a boring job. It’s nowhere near being exciting. By saying something like this, you are showing your ignorance of her profession and displaying that you really are not a Veteran.
The best way to show you know the score is to not even ask these questions at all!

Trait #3: Be Dominant
By “being dominant,” I don’t mean you get to be berating or controlling. I mean you have to take charge of what you talk about with your girl.
Just like customers ask the girls the same thing over and over again, the girls will ask the customers the same things over and over again too. It’s an auto-pilot response they develop after they’ve been dancing for a while. When you hear questions like:

“Want a dance?”
“What’s your name?”
“Where you from?”
“What do you do?”

If she’s asking you these questions, she’s trying to treat you like any other customer. And should you actually answer and of these questions – BOOM! You’re right in that dreaded “customer” category and no longer “Stripper Boyfriend” material.
Here’s how you get around this:
You have to take control of the conversation. Because if you answer her questions and allow her to dictate what you talk about, you’re never going to show her that you’re Stripper Boyfriend material, you’re just going to be trapped into saying the same crap every other customer says.
So what do you do when she comes up to you and says “Would you like a dance?”
If you say “Yes,” you become a customer, and as a customer, you will not turn her into a girlfriend, because Strippers DO NOT DATE CUSTOMERS.
If you say “No,” you come off as being broke or stingy.
So what’s the answer to this?
Simple. You just change the subject. You start being dominant and you control the conversation with her.
Start talking about something, ANYTHING other than whether or not you want a dance.
Here’s a line I used one day just for kicks…

Stripper: “Want a dance?”
Me: “Oh my God, you look like you like cats. Do you like cats?” (note: almost all Strippers love cats)
Stripper: “Um, yeah.”
Me: “My cat Arnold died today. I’m so sad.”

Before I knew it, this cat loving Stripper was comforting me talking about a cat she lost a few years back and how sad it made her. Before you knew it, all thoughts of whether I wanted a dance were out the window.
Now, of course I didn’t have a cat, and it certainly didn’t die, but that didn’t matter. What mattered was I became dominant and got her to talk about what I wanted, not what she wanted.
If she asks you “What do you do?” tell her “I don’t want to talk about work. I wish I was an astronaut, then I could walk on the moon. You ever want to walk on the moon?” or something like that.
That’s the secret to being dominant. Every time they try to lead you down one of their paths to customer land, cut them off and have them walk your path into your world.

Trait #4: Be A Normal Guy, Not A Customer
This is an important trait. Everything I’ve been telling you so far has been about how to distinguish yourself from regular customers. Well, probably the best way to make it clear you aren’t one is to just come right out and say it.
When you’re talking to your girl, say something like “You know, it’s a good thing I’m not a customer, or I probably wouldn’t be able to talk to you like this. I just came here to see Bruno (or someone else who isn’t a dancer at the club).” Right there you’ve made it clear you’re not a customer because, well, you TOLD her you weren’t! This shouldn’t work, but it does. I don’t know why.
The clearer you can make it that you’re not just some dude waiting to be hustled, the easier it is to set yourself apart from the others and display yourself as “Stripper Boyfriend” material.

The Numbers Game
When you go out with the express intent of picking up a Stripper, you have to realize that you’re undertaking a daunting task. Truth be told, you’d probably have an easier time meeting a girl in a regular bar and getting her to come home with you than you would pulling a Stripper from a club.
With this in mind, you have to realize that picking up Strippers is about one thing and one thing only…
When you enter a club, you can’t go in there looking to get a specific girl, because the odds just aren’t in your favor. The girls are there to work, for the most part, so thinking it’s possible to seduce the exact girl you want is a bit far-fetched.
You have to be open to picking up any girl who’s in that club, be they a dancer, a waitress, a customer – whatever. Your focus should be broad, not narrow.
I have a friend who’s a musician, and he looks like one. He’s got the long hair, tattoos that cover his arms and back, who dresses in all black all the time – typical heavy metal rocker guy. He loves to pick up Strippers, and when he and I go to a club, we go there with the express intention to get a girl and not spend money.
While I hang out by the bar and be social, talking to girls and whatnot, he’ll sit quietly in a chair somewhere and just wait for women to approach him, and he’ll keep waiting until he finds the one who responds to what he has to offer. He’ll wait all night if he has to. And though he’s not as consistent as I am with getting the girls, he will eventually find a girl who’ll like him.
He plays the numbers.
He waits until he finally finds a girl who’s into him, who responds to his look and his style, and when he does he’ll pursue her and try to get her outside the club.
You have to be the same way. You have to play the numbers and look for the girls who respond to you. They will be the ones you have a chance with.

Meeting Strippers Online
Believe it or not, sometimes it’s easier to meet Strippers in places other than clubs. I somewhat touch on this in the section where I explain about “After Club” hang outs. But there are many other places you can meet Strippers that won’t get you anywhere near a club.
The best place I’ve found to do this is on the internet.
Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Where the hell do you find Strippers on the internet?”
Well, finding them on the internet can be a bit of a task… if you don’t know where to look. The fact is, a great many Strippers are quite online savvy. There are two major reasons for this.
The first of which is for business. Strippers will often go online to look up clubs they want to dance at. There are also certain message boards they will frequent that deal either with actual stripper issues (such as a board where Strippers will exchange tips and tactics and reviews of clubs), and sites that deal with customers (such as message boards that people will write about them on. Some clubs have mailing lists devoted to them where every girl is critiqued and rated. Some girls find this helpful in improving their ability to make money). Strippers also use the internet to buy new clothes and sexy things to wear.
The second reason, and probably a bigger factor in the internet playing an important role in most Strippers’ lives than business, is for a social life.
Yes, that’s right. A social life.
Now, you may say to yourself “But the girls work in a strip club! Isn’t that their social life?”
Well, let me ask you this… is your social life confined to where you work? Or do you have friends you make outside of the workplace? Do you go to work on a Friday night to have fun? Or do you go someplace fun or chill to hang out with friends?
Remember that Stripping is a job (it can be a fun job, but it’s still work), and the girls usually work at prime socializing hours, like Friday and Saturday nights, Holidays, etc. And they work LATE, sometimes until 3 or 4 in the morning, which means they have to sleep all day long, waking up around 2 or 3 in the afternoon.
And after you factor in eating, showering, shopping, errands, cleaning, bill paying, playing with the kid, etc. where do you think they find the time to have fun and unwind?
The answer is -- they don’t!
A Stripper’s social life is pretty much confined to that of the club she works at. This is why the girls usually end up dating the bouncers or DJs who work at the club. They simply don’t get out enough to meet other guys.
However, with the advent of the internet, they no longer have to “get out” to meet people. They can just go online to do it!
I’ve seen Strippers who’ve had some of the biggest Instant Message Buddy Lists I’ve ever seen, and they’ll spend hours IMing people. They’ll text people on their cell phones (when they’re not turned off, that is) for hours as well. They’ll post on message boards too.
But the single, best place that Strippers go to socialize on the internet is…
That’s right, Currently the internet’s #1 online community. This is a free website that allows you to have your own web page where you can post info about yourself, along with pictures and a daily diary. Not only that, but you can go on other people’s pages and post stuff on their site, and add them to your “friends list.”
In short, it’s like networking with other people online.
The thing that makes stand out is that it’s geared towards a very diverse and young crowd. It revels in pop culture. Many of the Strippers I know have profiles on this site with hot and sexy pictures of themselves and friends lists that range into the hundreds. With this site, they’re notified about various parties and events their friends are having, and it helps give them an outlet to do something outside the walls of the strip club. Strippers also like to use MySpace for business purposes, adding regulars to their friends list so they can update them about where they’ll be appearing.
Often times, I’ve used the line “I like you, I’m going to add you to my MySpace friends list.” When the girls hear this, their eyes will light up and say “Oh my God! You’re on MySpace too? I love that site!” And then they’ll babble on about how much fun they have on it.
Admittedly, getting a Stripper’s email address is more reliable than getting their phone number. So offering to put her on your friend’s list is a great way to get her email. Not only that, but once you can see her profile, chances are she’s going to have a lot of hot stripper friends in her Friend’s List. After that, all you need to do is get yourself added to their Friend’s List, and before you know it, you have the ability to contact literally HUNDREDS of hot, sexy strippers!
You can also just search the site for people in your area. Usually, the girls with really sexy pictures or pictures of them in lingerie or dancing are Strippers (there are exceptions since some of the girls on the site can be pretty exhibitionist, but for the most part, you can’t go wrong with this tactic).
So don’t dismiss any avenue you have available to you. Sites like and AOL IM or Yahoo! Messenger are good ways to meet Strippers too, but I find them to be more random than a site like

PART II: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Strip Clubs (But Were Afraid To Ask)

How Strip Clubs Operate
If you’re going to be operating in strip clubs and going after Strippers, it’s important to know how things operate and what the girl’s job entails. Most guys are ignorant of what a career as a Stripper is really like. They think that these girls get naked and rake in the dough, but there’s more to it than that. The better you understand how strip clubs operate, the better you’ll be able to seduce the girl you want.
All clubs are different, with different rules depending on state law. But there are general similarities in all clubs.
Most Strippers are hired to work as “independent contractors” rather than as actual employees. This means that most Strippers are not paid a salary, therefore their income is totally dependent on dances and tips they get from customers. Strippers usually have to pay for the privilege of working at a club, which is usually known as a “house fee” or “stage fee.”
Most clubs require the dancers pay out 40 to 50 percent of their income for stage or couch rental (this means that everything they make on stage and with lap dances is divvied up between the club and the dancer). There’s usually also a “tip-out” to bouncers and DJs which can be around 10 or 20 percent of the girl’s overall earnings for the night.
Usually a shift quota is set and the Stripper must, at the bare minimum, turn over at least that amount before she leaves the club. If a dancer does not earn the quota for the night and wants to continue working at the strip club, she owes the club and must pay off that shift’s quota by adding it to the quota for the next shift she will work.
The clubs usually have other ways of making money independent of the girls. Most sell promotional items like shirts or hats, pornography, sex toys, etc. There’s also the cover charge to get into the club, along with sales of drinks and any fines they may have in place to be levied against the girls who break the club’s rules. Some clubs also get kickbacks from dancers who perform sex acts on customers while in the club.
Since the girls all work as independent contractors, none of them are entitled to file discrimination claims, receive workers’ compensation, or unemployment benefits. Club owners are free from tax obligations and liability. Owners of clubs pay no Social Security, no health insurance, and no sick pay for the dancers. Some club owners require Strippers to sign agreements indicating that they are working as independent contractors and some clubs require women to sign a waiver of their right to sue the club for any reason before they’re allowed to dance there.
Although strippers are independent contractors, they are actually treated more like employees of the club they dance at. Regardless of the agreements claiming independent contractor status, most clubs maintain a lot of control over the girls who dance there.
The club controls the schedule and hours, requires the girls to pay “rental fees” (like renting out the stage so they can dance on it, and renting out booths or couches so they can dance on them too), tip the support staff of the club, and even sets the price of table dances and private dances.
Some clubs have specific rules about costuming and even dictate the sequence of the stripping. For example, by the middle of the first song the woman must remove her top, she must be entirely nude by the end of the second song, and must perform a nude floorshow (all this regardless of whether customers are tipping her or not).
There are even clubs that regulate when women may use the bathroom and how many of them can be in the dressing room at one time. Some clubs don’t have seating available for the girls in the dressing room and enforce a strict no-smoking policy in that room. This is a way to keep the girls from slacking off in the dressing room and keep them out on the main floor with the customers (like, if a girl wants to sit down and rest, she must do so with a customer. If she wants a smoke, she must do on the main floor or in the smoking lounge/area so she’s in contact with the customers).
Every club enforces their rules through the use of fines. The type of fine differs from club to club, but to give you an example, girls can be fined $1 per minute for being late, as much as $100 for calling in sick, and other arbitrary amounts for giving attitude to management or the staff, talking on her phone without permission, etc.
The girls can also be fined for prostitution, fighting with a customer, being late on stage, leaving the main floor before the DJ calls her off, not cashing in one dollar bills, being sick, not cleaning the dressing room, and various other arbitrary things. Usually being late to the stage is the most typical fine that’s levied on the girls.
One of the initial appeals of working at a strip club is that the job is flexible, but this is far from the truth. Most of the time working at the club takes over your life. You tend to work long hours late at night, sometimes you have to deal with the fact that drugs and alcohol are all over the place, and for girls who work at different clubs, there’s the added stress of travel too. For someone who wants to function during “normal” work hours, this type of job can be quite problematic.
But on top of the physical stress involved in working at a strip club, there’s a great deal of mental and emotional stress too. There’s always drama and rivalries between girls. There can be dry periods where the girls make little money. The girls can suffer from verbal abuse from customers and employees at the club (as well as from other dancers). There is also a small amount of physical abuse girls suffer, be it from rough or aggressive customers or injuries that accrue from dancing on stage.
There’s also a great deal of sexual abuse that goes on in strip clubs as well. In fact, you could define a Stripper’s entire job as that of “sexual abusee,” even though the clubs are geared towards protecting the girls (usually), they are still oogled, fondled, groped, licked, kissed, and in some instances penetrated by various types of strange men. Needless to say, putting up with that type of stuff can take its toll psychologically. I know a lot of Strippers who have to get drunk before they even show up to the club just to make it through the night. This is also a reason many Strippers initially turn to drugs. The girls need something to help them disassociate themselves from the experience of dealing with working at the club.
There’s also the added pressure or temptation to perform prostitution while working at certain clubs. While there are a great many Strippers who draw the line at performing sex acts for money, there are a great many who are willing to take that leap. Lots of clubs frown on this type of behavior because it could shut them down, but other clubs tolerate (and in some instances encourage) it due to the extra money it brings in.
Most strip clubs tend to be divided up into certain areas. There’s the main floor (where the customers sit), the stage, the bar, the DJ booth, dressing room (sometimes the girl’s bathroom doubles for the dressing room), the lap dance areas, and in some cases the VIP room.

The Main Floor
This is where the girls circulate through the crowd, encouraging men to buy dances, drinking, and talking with the customers. In smaller clubs, the girls can use the main floor to hang out, order in food, or play pool (if there’s a table) during their shifts.
In higher scale clubs, the girls have to hustle drinks to feed the bar’s cash register. Some clubs mandate that the girls aren’t allowed to buy their own drinks, that they have to be sitting with customers, and can never turn down a drink, even when their drinks are full (this is because the bar is almost pure profit for the club). The main floor is where most of the hustling for dances takes place.

The Stage
Stages come in all styles and sizes. Some stages wouldn’t even be considered a “stage” by any standard, but it’s the place where the girls perform for the customers.
Stages will usually have a bumper on them where customers can sit down and watch the girl dance up close, as well as lay down tips. These buffers are usually padded in some way so the girls have the option of getting close to the customers to hustle more tips.
There’s usually a rotation for the dancers working in the club to go up on stage and perform their set. During a set, a dancer will strip, dance, walk around, show off her goodies, and if she’s really into it, perform acrobatics. Generally a girl will start her set fully clothed and over the course of a set of 2 or 3 songs she will remove her top and in nude clubs, her g-string. In some clubs, the girls will crawl or move around on the floor posing in sexual positions and spread their legs at the customers’ eye level.
During a floorshow, a dancer changes her movements from upright to positions on her knees and squatting in order to ‘flash’ tipping customers. (“Flashing” is when the Stripper pulling her g-string aside, revealing her naughty bits). Strippers will ordinarily only position themselves in front of customers who are tipping when they’re on stage. The guys who don’t tip are pretty much ignored.
The stage is also the area where live sex shows are performed. Live sex shows involve 2 or more girls engaging in simulated or actual sex on stage for the customer’s enjoyment. “Lesbian sex shows” can be an advertised feature for certain clubs and two girls partner up and split the profits from the show (with the club getting a nice cut, of course).

Private Dances & The VIP Room
Private dances are usually done in more secluded areas away from public view. This is usually where the girls are most open to do “extras,” such as hand jobs and blow jobs, among other things. But this is also the place where the girls can be most careful or businesslike, because men will usually proposition them for sex acts.
When the girls are in private dance situations with the customers, they are kept an eye on by small security cameras or the “Peeper,” who’s a bouncer or manager who’ll come by just to check and make sure everyone is abiding by the rules. But despite that, this is also a time where the girls are cut off from ready security, so they may feel more vulnerable.
There are a variety of private dances available in strip clubs. Table dancing is performed on a low coffee table or on a small portable platform near the customer’s seat. Couch dancing for a customer entails the dancer standing over him on the couch. Lap dancing requires the woman to straddle the man’s lap and grind against him. A variation involves the woman dancing between his legs while he slides down in his chair so that the dancer’s thighs are rubbing his crotch as she moves. Bed dancing is offered in a private room and requires the dancer to lay on top of the customer and simulate sex. Shower dancing is offered in some clubs and allows a customer to get into a shower stall with a dancer and massage their bodies with soap and water. Wall dancing is where a man is placed with his back to a wall and the Stripper rubs up against him.
Private dances can range anywhere from $15 per song to $300 for a half an hour VIP excursion.
The VIP room is usually an actual “room” that is more private than the normal booths. They can contain couches, a bed, a stereo, it’s own bar, and a variety of other things that make it seem fancy. The VIP room is designed to be more private and comfortable than the rest of the club, and it’s also the place that the most prostitution usually occurs. Different clubs have different policies concerning VIP rooms. Some clubs split the cost of the VIP room with the dancer, some take all the money from a VIP session and girls have to rely on tips made while in the room to pay for their time.
Strippers make most of their money with private dances.

Types Of Strip Clubs
Now that you know how strip clubs operate, you should know the different types of clubs that are out there. Different types of clubs attract different types of girls and have different sets of rules and standards.
I have been to countless different clubs in many different states, yet it seems to me that strip clubs, wherever they may be, tend to fall into one of three different types. By being able to recognize which of the three types applies to a new club you are checking out, you’ll at least have some guidelines as to what you can expect when you go there.

Type #1: The “Show” Club
Show clubs are the easiest type to identify, since they usually have a very well kept building, and a parking lot full of new cars which you will notice before you even go inside the club.
Show clubs appeal to upscale customers by providing them with something they can’t see anywhere else – live, unbelievably beautiful and sexy girls!
In show clubs the emphasis is on show, so girls with top-notch physical appearance and dancing skills will be the most prevalent. Show clubs cater to businessmen entertaining their business clients, vacationers, white collar guys traveling on business etc. who are expecting to see something that will truly impress them.
To provide this, the show clubs usually only hire dancers with an exceptional or unusual physical appearance (9s and 10s on the bachelor scale), and they also may bring in feature entertainers like porn stars.
“Show” Club Characteristics - Since they cater to professional and upscale customers, show clubs usually have very strict rules. They usually will not tolerate contact of any kind between their dancers and customers, since they do not want to risk any problems with the local police which might result in negative publicity for their club.
Dancers caught performing “extras” are usually immediately fired and blackballed, since the owners need the club’s image to be squeaky clean. After all, if you were a local businessman would you risk your face on the front page of your local newspaper as a result of being in a strip club during a bust?
Show clubs depend on the exceptional or unusual appearance of their dancers as the main attraction for upscale customers, so show clubs usually will not tolerate a dancer who lets her appearance slide either from weight gain, long nights, or bad habits. A show club dancer who drops from a 9 to an 8 will be talked to by club management, and a dancer who drops to a 7 will usually be let go.
Show clubs also usually have high cover charges, high stage fees and high tip-outs, but they also have high earning potential for dancers (which means if you’re expecting to go to a show club, you better be making more that $24K a year).
Because show clubs represent a large business investment on the part of the owners, they are usually managed professionally by business professionals. As a result, they expect professional conduct from their dancers such as showing up on time, showing up straight, working the room with energy and a smile, etc. Show clubs also usually have excellent security, both for the customers and for the dancers.
Since show clubs are the only type of club where it is possible for dancers to earn major bucks in a relatively clean, professional environment, show club owners usually have many more dancers applying to work there than they have openings. This means that show club managers can (and will) be very selective in the dancers they do hire! This also means that in many cases the dancers can be catty and cutthroat, since 9s and 10s often do not get along well with each other and since heavy money is at stake.

Type #2: The “Neighborhood” Club
Neighborhood clubs are exactly that, smaller clubs which are usually located away from the main business district.
Neighborhood clubs appeal to neighborhood customers by providing them something which is comfortable and affordable. In neighborhood clubs the emphasis is on socializing, so the girls usually aren’t big hustlers.
Neighborhood clubs cater to ‘regular guys’ out with the boys for the evening, college students, blue collar guys traveling on business etc. who are expecting a little personal attention from the dancers, but who are also expecting to leave the club with some of their paycheck still left in their wallet.
As a result, neighborhood clubs usually wind up hiring dancers who are 8s and 7s (on the bachelor scale), although 9s and 10s will be treated like Gold in neighborhood clubs.
Neighborhood clubs are also the best venue you can have to find a decent girl to date in the world of Strippers. The girls in these clubs tend to work there regularly, and have a more relaxed attitude towards their customers. This is my personal favorite type of club. In fact, the first club I got work at as a doorman was a neighborhood club.
“Neighborhood” Club Characteristics - Since they cater to “regular guys,” neighborhood clubs are usually fairly easygoing. The atmosphere and acceptable behavior in a neighborhood club are about the same as at a neighborhood bar, and most (but not all) neighborhood clubs are topless only (or bikini) and serve alcohol.
Neighborhood clubs cater to customers who do not have a lot of money to spend, so the cover charge (and drink price) is low, the tip-out is low, and there probably won’t be a stage fee for the girls at all.
Often the club is owned by a ‘regular guy’ as well, who may even live in the same neighborhood. This means that neighborhood clubs also do not want trouble with the local police or the “neighbors,” but they usually are not super-strict about enforcing “no contact” rules but are concerned nonetheless.
Security is usually pretty lax as well. Because neighborhood clubs are usually locally owned, management may not be all that professional, but it is usually well intentioned. As a result, neighborhood clubs are usually very easygoing about the girls showing up on time, working the room steadily, etc. This gives you greater leeway in getting girls to hang out longer and maybe even leave the club with you.
The reason these types of neighborhood clubs are so easygoing is that they pretty much have to be, since neighborhood clubs offer the lowest earning potential for dancers. This usually means that even though it can be very comfortable to work in neighborhood clubs, and that some decent money can be earned after a dancer builds up a group of regular neighborhood customers who like her, most dancers will keep looking for better paying opportunities in other clubs.
This also means that the dancers in neighborhood clubs usually get along with each other well, since the “primadona factor” usually does not come into play and there isn’t all that much money to be had from the customers to be worth risking bad blood with the other dancers.

Type #3: The “Sleazy” Club
Sleazy clubs are more difficult to identify since on the surface they may appear just like a show club or a neighborhood club.
The obvious difference is that sleazy clubs appeal to customers who are expecting more than a “no touch” dance whether the dancer is a vision from heaven or not.
Sleazy clubs are usually (but not always) nude clubs. Because sleazy clubs cater to the up close and personal customers, sensuality is the most important characteristic for the girls who work there, although physical appearance is also somewhat of an issue.
Sleazy clubs need to keep their customers happy so they usually hire dancers based on their “performance” during a private dance audition (as in, if the girl’s willing to give the manager a blow-job, she’s hired). Dancers ranging anywhere from 5s to 10s can be found in sleazy clubs, as incredible amounts of money can be made by dancers willing to keep the customers totally “happy.”
“Sleazy” Club Characteristics - The ‘bread and butter’ of sleazy clubs is the VIP room, champagne room, or whatever they choose to call the club’s private area.
Many show clubs and neighborhood clubs also have private dance areas, but in a sleazy club this is usually an area not within view of the main room.
Obviously the customers these clubs cater to expect privacy with their favorite dancer. Since sleazy clubs by their very nature are not all that concerned with the letter of the law, management is usually professional but not necessarily fair.
Management will always take care of their dancers though, especially the 9s and 10s. Security is also usually strong also, and it’s not unusual to see bouncers with brass knuckles or collapsible metal clubs on their person. But in sleazy clubs, security is primarily there to protect the club and club owner, not to keep an eye on the dancers!
Obviously there is tremendous earning potential for girls in sleazy clubs, so cover charges, stage fees and tip-outs can be relatively high. Usually, the bouncers and sometimes even management will get kickbacks from the girls who perform illicit sexual favors in the back rooms.
Girls who are more willing than most to keep the customers “happy” will do extremely well in sleazy clubs. Girls who are less willing than most will usually not be pressured, but their earnings will be disappointing. Also, in sleazy clubs, be prepared for just about anything to happen in the dressing room, private area, or even the main club area. This includes fights and police busts.
Sleazy clubs are fun if you’re looking for quick sexual gratification and are willing to pay for it. However, I do not recommend them if you’re looking to date one of the girls. I say this because typically, the girls in these types of clubs are more self destructive, messed in the head, and prone to disease than the girls in the other types of clubs. That doesn’t mean they’re ALL bad women, but just be extra cautious when dealing with a sleazy club.

When To Go To A Strip Club
Now that we’ve covered what type of clubs there are, that’s only half the information you’ll need to prepare you for picking up a Stripper. The other half of the information is WHEN to go to the club.
The prime days to pick up dancers in clubs are not the weekends. Weekends are the time the girls make the bulk of their money. I’m not saying its impossible to get a girl from a club on the weekend, but it sure is more difficult. Its kind-of like if I were to walk into your workplace on Monday around lunch time and ask you to take the rest of the week off and hang out with me. Is that impossible? No. But it would take some convincing, am I right?
So weekends are bad times to pick up Strippers. The best times to do it are during off-hours and weekdays.
Whenever I walk into a club and I see it’s slow, I smile, because I know it’s going to be much more fun than a club that’s crowded. When a club is crowded, the girls are busy hustling and making money, as they should be. When a club is dead, they’ve almost accepted the night is gonna be a bust and they’re open to doing stuff to break the boredom. (It’s also easier to convince them to leave early and go have some fun).
So weekdays are good times to go, but be aware of any special events that may be occurring in the club and avoid those too if possible. A lot of clubs know the weekdays are slow, so they throw special events to try and attract customers, like “half price dance night” or “Oil Wrestling Contest” or “Amateur Night.”
The effectiveness of these special events can be hit-or-miss. But if you see a lot of promotion for a particular event, then do yourself a favor and find another club to go to on that night. And if the local radio station is involved, forget it! The club will be so jam-packed with people you’re going to be wasting your time trying to pick up a dancer that night.
Some clubs are open during the day, which can also be a good time to go, depending on what part of the country you’re in. Just be aware that most of the girls who work at clubs during the day (the “day shift,” as I like to call them) are not all exactly visions of beauty. This is a time where older dancers come in, and girls with families that can’t stay out late at night, or girls who are trying to get back into the good graces of management after some bad behavior and are being punished by working during the day. But this can also be a time where new dancers are “broken in” before they start dancing on the prime nights (I know a few clubs in Las Vegas that do this). Also, occasionally you’ll get girls who come in during the day just because they love their job and feel more at home in the club.
So knowing all this, figure out the best times to pick up dancers in your favorite clubs by seeing when the club is slowest. And as I said before, picking up girls on weekends is possible, but more difficult, so if you want to have your “pick of the litter,” be prepared to throw down and put in the work during those prime hours on the weekends.

Go To Clubs Alone
There’s always the question “Should I go to a strip club alone or should I go with friends?”
Here’s my answer to that…

If you want to go to pick up a Stripper, go alone.
If you want to go to have fun, go with friends.

When I go to a strip club to pick-up, I don’t spend very long in the club. I just stay long enough to maybe get a number or pull a girl. When you go with friends, there’s an added pressure to stay longer than you should if you really want to pull girls.
Now, sometimes having friends with you can help you out with a pick-up. If your friends are fun and you guys are the life of the party, that can help. But if your buddies are running around acting like loser customers, being associated with them can impede your chances of getting a girl.
If you’re going to a strip club to pick up a girl and you want to go with friends, have a few “wingmen” who enjoy strip clubs too who know what they’re doing and can support your efforts to get a girl.
It’s also important to have an “exit strategy” when you’re out to pick up girls at a club. If you do succeed and should find a girl who wants to go home with you, the last thing you want to have to deal with is the fact you drove to the club with a big group of friends. In the end, I’d say it’s always preferable to go it alone if you want to try and pull a girl from the club.

Topless Or Nude, That Is The Question
Okay, so now that you know the types of clubs and when to go, you still have one more decision to make: Topless Bar, or Nude Club?
This is actually a more important decision than you might know.
See, there’s a different type of girl who works at a Topless Bar than the type of girl who works at a Nude Club. In fact, it’s rather funny because both types of girls look down upon the other type.
Girls who work in Topless Bars think that girls who work in Nude Clubs are more like whores. There’s a certain snootiness there. Girls who work in Nude Clubs think the girls in Topless Bars are stupid because they can make more dancing in the nude.
However, these two attitudes don’t affect you directly. But other attitudes associated with them do.
Let me explain.
Girls who dance at Nude Clubs do so for the money. They know they can make more money by taking off all their clothes, so usually you’ll find lots of hustlers at these types of clubs. But girls at Nude Clubs are harder to pick up because they’re more closely guarded. Most Nude Clubs in this country don’t serve alcohol, so the girl’s don’t have to deal with drunk customers (unless the club is BYOB), so there’s that. But anytime a girl is exposing herself as completely as they have to in Nude Clubs, she’s going to feel a little vulnerable and try to compensate for this through disassociation with the men she’s dancing for (ie: The customer mentality is more prevalent in all Nude Clubs).
When it comes to Topless Bars, however, it’s more of a social atmosphere. The girl’s in Topless Bars never get completely naked, so there’s a bigger comfort factor there. Plus, the added bonus of a bar that serves alcohol makes it more of a fun, party place where dancers and customers can unwind, maybe even shoot some pool.
Because of this, I’ve found that Topless Bars are far superior to full Nude Clubs when it comes to picking up Strippers.
So if you have the choice between a Topless Bar and a Nude Club, know that your odds of pulling a girl from the Topless Bar is greater. Also, if a club allows girls who are 18 and up (some have a minimum age of 21), that’s another bonus, since younger girls can be easier to pull because they’re not as experienced or hardened as some of the other dancers are.
Which brings us to our next chapter…

18 And Over
Here’s a tip for all you guys who are looking to pick up a Stripper that most guys don’t know about. If you really want to improve your chances of picking up a dancer, go to a club that allows girls who are “18 and over.”
Why is this?
Because girls who are inexperienced at stripping are much easier to pick up than hardened veterans.
A girl who’s been stripping for a while knows the ropes. Chances are she’s fallen for every trick in the book and has learned to protect herself from most guys’ tactics and focus on making money while in the club.
Girls who are just starting out, however, are still learning and are more open to guys who are trying to pick them up.
In the words of one of my good friends “The younger, the dumber.”
Now, that’s a crass way of putting it. I’d say “The younger, the more open they are to new experiences.” I’ve dated a few dancers who were really young (like 18 and 19) before, and I’ve even coached a few of the younger girls to look out for some of the pitfalls of the business. But you can’t argue with the fact that the greener the girl, the easier she is to pick up.
Just be careful dealing with the younger girls. You don’t want them to have bad experiences with you, you want them to have good experiences just like every girl you date, right? So treat them with respect and patience. A lot of them aren’t very good lovers OR strippers, but again, that’s because they’re inexperienced.
You should also be careful because it’s not unheard of for underage girls, like 16 or 17 years old, to try and sneak into clubs by pretending to be 18 with a fake ID or something like that. If you hook up with one of these girls, you could be in real trouble should anyone find out!
Most girls who are new to stripping are very insecure about themselves. They are insecure about how they look, about how they’ll be received, about their skills as a Stripper, and about how much money they make. Many new girls are nervous about asking for money when they first start off and shy about revealing their body. They want their customers to like them and don’t quite know the distinction between the fact that it’s a job and not a social experience. They’re still looking for validation that they’re pretty and men will find them attractive.
You can use all this to your advantage when picking them up.
Be fun and positive and nice to the younger girls, but be sure not to act like a dumb customer as well. Follow the advice I laid out in section one of this book.

Find The “After Club” Hang Out
One good way to further endear yourself to Strippers is to find the “After Club” hang out. I discovered this little gem in my days as a bouncer at a strip club.
Invariably, once 3:30 am rolled around and the club was closing, the girls would be ready to leave. This means they’re all dressed in their street clothes and heading to their car.
Now, some of the girls are tired after a long night of bumping and grinding, or maybe they have families, whatever the case may be, and they usually go straight home. But almost always there would be other girls who weren’t quite ready to go back to their place quite yet.
The reasons for this are many. They might be wound up and not ready to go to sleep. They might still be turned on or high and looking for something to do. Or they might simply be hungry.
Whatever the reason, there will always be girls who won’t go home after the club closes. There will usually be an “After Club” hang out place the girls always go to, whether to get drinks, food, drugs, or any other thing they crave.
Depending on the location you’re in, this can be different. In most parts of the country, the typical “After Club” hang out is some form of 24-hour restaurant, like Denny’s (the universal After Club gathering place). If you know of a Denny’s or other 24-hour diner in the vicinity of the strip club you’ve gone to, chances are pretty good you’ll see some of the Strippers there after the club closes, usually around 4 am.
In other places, like Las Vegas, where you have 24-hour everything, you have more choices. If there is a casino or a bar close by one of the clubs, chances are you’ll see a lot of Strippers migrate there after work. Sometimes there are “after-after-hours” clubs that most people don’t know about that Strippers go to. With one dancer I used to date when I was in Las Vegas, she took me to a dumpy little bar way off the Las Vegas strip that looked like an abandoned building which turned out it was an after-hours drug den which also happened to serve booze, and lots of Strippers would go there after work to either score drugs, get drunk, or maybe even solicit a few guys for some extra money if the night was slow.
Needless to say, if you find out where these “After Hours” hang outs are, you can further ingratiate yourself out of the “customer” frame and into the “insider” frame. More girls will get to know you and get comfortable with you, and that will always help you out when it comes to dating them.
So the first part of this tactic is finding out where the hang out place is. One of the best ways to do that is to ask.
Just ask one of the dancers or the bouncers or whoever “Hey, is there a place around here that serves food 24 hours?” Whatever the answer is, it’s a good bet that place will be where the girls go after the club closes, especially if it’s a dancer who tells you the name of the place.
If you’re in a bigger city, like Las Vegas, it can be trickier to find out what kind of “After Club” place is the best. Food places are always a good bet, but it’s usually the closest casino to the club that wins out. Still, a good question to ask in this case is “Hey, where’s a good place to party other than this club?”
If you don’t find out on the first try, be patient. Eventually, you’ll discover where the “After Club” place is. Just be persistent in asking around, and eventually, you’ll find out. I would strongly recommend that you not resort to following the girls in your car after the club closes to try and find out where this place is. Not only can you not be sure if the girl is actually going there, but should you be caught (even if your intentions are innocent), you’ll be branded a “stalker” and before you know it, all your hard work is washed down the drain. If even one girl tells the club she saw you following her, you’ll be persona non-grata for a very long time.
When you do find the “After Club” hang out, it’s time to actually interact with the girls. If it’s at a diner, invite them to sit and eat with you. Be like “Hey, you’re the girls from the club! You guys wanna join me?” Be fun and playful. Act like it’s a coincidence you just happened to end up there too. Try to get them to sit with you, or to join their party, even if they’re with other guys.
(A quick note here: Sometimes girls will go to these After Club places with their boyfriends or husbands who pick them up from work. Only approach the girls if they’re in a group of other girls just so you don’t run into any boyfriend trouble)
If you run into the girls someplace other than a restaurant, just approach them like you would any other girl in a bar. Have fun with them. Be playful.
“After Club” hang outs are where you really get to work your way into the girl’s inner circle, because seeing you outside the club in a social way sets you apart from the average customer. And if you’ve followed rule #1 and haven’t spent any money on them, you’re in even better shape!

Working In Strip Clubs To Pick Up Dancers
Bar none, the best method I’ve found to pick up Strippers has to be either working at a strip club, or being close friends with someone who works at a strip club.
Remember how I’ve spent most of this book telling you that if you want to date a Stripper, you don’t want to be seen as a customer? Well, when you work a strip club or you’re friends with someone who works there, that INSTANTLY separates you from the customers. You have a reason to be there other than being a lonely, horny loser who likes to oogle the dancers. You’ve got a job to do.
I’ve also talked about how women who strip at clubs have very little social life outside the club. When you work at the club along side the dancers, you become part of the small social life they DO have. This gives you many opportunities that the average chump going into a club doesn’t have, and makes picking them up much easier.
That being said, working at a strip club is not exactly the most desirable profession one could want.
Sure, it can be fun and exciting at first. But it soon turns into a job. You show up at the club early and have to help clean it up. You have to deal with all the problems the girls bring with them to the club and all the petty drama there is. You have to handle rude and sometimes violent customers. You have to deal with drugs and prostitution, and sometimes the authorities. You have to put up with crooked management sometimes. You have to break up fights, either between the dancers or the customers. You have to work late into the night and suffer from a great deal of the social shortcomings most of the dancers do. You also don’t make very much money unless you’re working at a really large and popular club.
But in exchange for all that, you get laid.
So you have to weigh the pros and cons of working at a strip club and decide if that’s something you really want to do. Strip clubs are one of the few workplaces where you don’t have to worry about “sexual harassment” or any other crap like that. But what you have to deal with sometimes can be much worse.
There are different types of jobs you can get at strip clubs. There are jobs in management, in being a bouncer or a doorman, or in being a DJ.
Getting a job as a manager in a strip club can be tough if you don’t have experience. Also, depending on the club, you have to deal with various degrees of unsavory elements, like bad employees, crazy dancers, drug dealers, organized crime, the authorities, and all sorts of other headaches. That being said, management definitely gets the most out of the girl in terms of sexual escapades, because every girl is looking to get favors from the boss.
Being a bouncer or a doorman is not a very rewarding job either. Though you don’t have the same kind of burdens management does, you still have to deal with a lot of the same problems. The pay isn’t all that great either. Sure, you can make a living doing it, but depending on the club, it might not be a very good one. You get tipped out by each dancer who works at the club, so if you get a job in a big club in Las Vegas, it’s possible to make some good money, especially if you help hook-up customers and accept tips from them. If you’re going to college or just out of high school, this might be a good job to start out with and do part time. Just be sure you know how to defend yourself and that you can take a punch, because at some point you will have to get rough with someone (that is part of your job, after all).
Being a DJ in a strip club is probably the best way for an average guy to get involved in the scene. It takes very little skill to perform the duties of a DJ in a strip club. The schedule is really flexible, and the perks can be amazing, because EVERYONE wants to be the DJ’s friend. Since the DJ sets the tone of the club, a lot of dancers like to befriend the DJ to make sure he doesn’t mess them up by playing the wrong type of music or not helping to sell them to the audience. You also meet a lot of customers who are big businessmen around town, and can make a lot of hook-ups for special treatment at their businesses.
And the thing about being a DJ is that it doesn’t require any prior experience. You just show up and say “I’m a DJ!” and BOOM, there you are. And since all the strip clubs have their own equipment, you don’t have to spend any money buying DJ gear. Occasionally you might want to have a laptop with a couple thousand MP3s on it that you can plug into the system at the strip club and run your own selections, but for the most part this isn’t necessary.
I could go into more detail on how to be a strip club DJ, but there’s already an excellent book on the subject by a guy named Bill Hibbler called “I’d Kill For That Job: How To Make $500 Every Day As A Gentleman’s Club DJ.” In it, he details pretty much all you need to know to get a job as a DJ at a club. You can check out his website by clicking here.

PART III: Tricks Of The Trade: Stripper Secrets

Beware The Hustle
No, I’m not talking about that dance from the 70s (although, you should probably beware that too! ). When I say The Hustle, Im talking about all those subtle, manipulative little tricks Strippers do to separate you from your money.
This is called “Hustling.”
A Stripper who really knows how to hustle can make thousands of dollars a night. In fact, there are even seminars and courses dancers can take to learn how to hustle better and make more money.
So in strip club parlance, a girl’s ability to hustle is her ability at selling what she has to offer to a customer.
Whenever you walk into a strip club, expect to be hustled by at least one girl while you’re there.
Hustling can happen on many different levels with varying degrees of success. But should you fall for a well planned hustle, not only will you be spending money and breaking rule number one, you’ll also be pegged as one of those “chump customers” you’re trying so hard to disassociate yourself from. And believe me, nothing tells a girl you’re an “insider” more than when you call her on all her little hustling tricks!
So here’s how it works…
At most clubs, the dancers walk around and ask the customers if they’d like a private dance (or lap dance depending on the club). Some clubs just have stage dancing. Often there is a private area that you can go for a dance. Since at most clubs treat the girls as independent contractors, they won’t get fired if they don’t work hard and no one will say anything if they decide to hang out at the bar and talk all night. However, a girl who does this doesn’t make any money.
The smart girls treat dancing like a job, not a social experience. They’re there for one reason and one reason only – to get paid. The career Strippers know they have a shelf-life of only a couple years and really bust their humps to make their nightly “money goals” which they will usually smartly pack away in a savings account somewhere.
These are the girls you have to watch out for – the ones who look at it as strictly a business, because they will be looking to get your money and nothing else (at least, maybe, not initially).
So don’t take a girl who’s trying to hustle you as an insult, since almost every girl in a strip club will be trying to do it. After all, their mentality is “if you didn’t want to spend any money, why did you bother coming to the club in the first place?”
If you know anything about sales, then the Hustle will be nothing new to you. Hustling is basically any trick that gets you to spend money on a girl, and it can take many forms. Usually, an experienced hustler will follow this 3-step pattern…
The Beginning is walking up, introducing herself, and starting to gain rapport with you... essentially making you comfortable with her being around and talking to you. Girls who just walk up and say “Want a dance” are usually inexperienced hustlers who rely on their looks rather than their selling skills to make their money.
The Middle is the dancer getting you to open up and start talking so they can get you into a “buying mode.” Little things like asking you questions that get you to open up so there’s a connection made, and getting you into a “yes chain” (a tactic that gets you to say the word “yes” frequently). This is a selling tactic where it’s believed that small commitments lead to big commitments. Here’s an example:

Stripper: “Care for a dance?”
Customer: “No thanks.”

As opposed to…

Stripper: “Hi! Can I sit down with you?”
Customer: “Yeah, sure.”
Stripper: “You having a good time tonight?”
Customer: “Yeah, I love this place.”
Stripper: “That’s great. I saw you when I was up on stage. Did you like my dancing?”
Customer: “Oh yeah, it was hot.”
Stripper: “I’m glad you liked it. I’m even better in the back room you know?”
Customer: “Oh really?”
Stripper: “Um-hmmmm. Would you like me to show you?”
Customer: “Okay!”

See the difference? The first was a “Yes/No” question. Either the customer wanted a dance or not. In the second one, the Hustler started off with an innocent question she was sure she’d get a yes to (after all, no guy minds if a girl sits with him in the club). Then she gets him to keep saying “yes” to her questions, until he’s so used to it she knows he’s properly “buttered up” for her close, which is to get a dance with him.
Which brings us to the last part of any successful hustle: The Close. How a girl closes the deal is how she makes the sale. There are countless different ways to do this and yet ultimately, it just comes down to her selling that dance or that trip to the VIP room.
You can always spot a Hustler because she’s a very busy girl. She’ll always be the one walking around the room talking to customers. She’ll be going in and out of the back room, doing dances and VIP trips with guy after guy. If she’s sitting, it’s with a customer she’s buttering up. If she’s not with a customer, she’s usually scanning the room, sizing up her potential targets, or walking around looking for a guy who’s open to making contact with her.
A good hustler will also notice which guys are spending money and which ones aren’t, and she’ll usually ignore the ones who aren’t spending money (she looks at this like a business, remember?). However, she will never come off “business-like.” The best hustlers are the ones you don’t know are hustling you.
Bad hustlers can be spotted easily. Either they don’t make it believable that they’re really interested in you, or they have weak closes. If a girl is sitting and talking to you and suddenly asks “So, you want a dance?” that’s a sure sign she’s a mediocre hustler.
If a girl comes up and starts massaging you in some way, like rubbing your shoulders, know that despite how good it feels, you’re being hustled. If you start hearing questions like “That feels good, doesn’t it?” know that you’re being baited with a “yes chain.” And always remember my rule about “never trusting when a Stripper touches you.”
Some Hustlers will use guilt to try to bait you into falling for their sell. I used to know this one Stripper who was quite pretty and innocent looking. She wasn’t a great hustler, but she had this one trick that almost always worked on guys. When she would walk up to a guy and ask him for a dance, if he refused, she’d suddenly look sad and rejected, like he’d hurt her, and start to sulk away. Usually, the guy would see this and feel bad, and if he didn’t stop her right there and invite her to sit with him, he’d find her later and apologize.
Other, more experienced Hustlers will say things like “I’ve been sitting with you all this time and you still don’t want a dance! Don’t you like me?” after you refuse their close. Invariably, the customer will enter her “yes chain” of “I do like you! I think you’re beautiful!” And then the girl will say something like “Then why were you leading me on thinking you’d get a dance from me? If I don’t pay my rent soon I’m going to get evicted!” (notice how they make it seem like you’re at fault and you were leading THEM on?)
This is, of course, complete BS, but it effectively guilts the guy into giving in and buying a dance.
DO NOT FALL FOR THE GUILT TRIP! Women in general are masters of the guilt trip, and hustlers even more-so. But just remember its their last-ditch attempt at getting you into that back room where they make their real money.
Picking up Strippers who are in the club to hustle can be quite difficult, so I usually dismiss these types of women as good targets to try and date (though usually these women will be the most faithful and trustworthy because they are able to disassociate between their private life and their job). It can be done, but it takes time and perseverance.
However, should you go to a club just looking to blow some cash and have a good time, a good hustler can be a lot of fun because she’ll make you feel good and give you a good dance. But always be on your guard. There’s a fine line between a girl who knows how to hustle and a girl who is looking to rip you off.
I’ve been to clubs where girls have upped the price of their lap dances. If a lap dance is $20, they charge $30 so they can make a $20 profit on the 1 ½ minute dance instead of just $10 (remember they usually have to give the club half). Always know the club’s prices before you go in (ask the doorman what the club usually charges for dances). If a girl over-quotes you a price, do NOT get a dance from her, even if you call her on her crap. She may say something like “We get to set our own prices,” which isn’t necessarily a lie, but know that if she tries to rip you off once, she will try to rip you off again.
Beware the multi-dance hustle. If you take a girl in the back for a dance, make it clear how many dances you want before going to the booth. Some girls will start dancing for you and go one or two songs over, and then tell you “Okay, that’s $100.” Suddenly, your one or two dances become four because she just “assumed you wanted more since you didn’t tell her to stop.” If you make it clear up front how many dances you wanted, you have a defense against her rip-off tactic. If not, then you’re going to have to pay up unless you want to deal with management.
Make it clear what your policy on tipping is right up front. I don’t like to tip, unless the girl REALLY goes above and beyond the call of duty, then I’ll pony up an extra $20. But I’ll tell the girls I get dances with that I don’t tip, and if that’s a problem, we should go in the back. If you are willing to tip, be sure you tell her that you only tip after the dance is done based on how well you feel she did. Some Strippers will try to get their tip up front, which is a crafty hustle because it puts pressure on you to give them extra money once you’re already in their “domain.” If a girl pulls this with you, make it clear you don’t tip until the end, and only if you feel she gave a good dance. Some rip-off dancers will get their tip then just go through the motions until the song is over because you have to pay for the dance no matter what. But if she has to work for her tip, then she’s going to perform better for you (and if she doesn’t, tell her you found her dance unsatisfactory and un-tipworthy). She may get pissed off at this, but hey, better that than throwing away your money.
Be really careful about VIP rooms. They’re almost always a rip off. You pay a whole lot of money for very little in return. Always negotiate what you want before you go into a VIP room, and be sure you know how much money you’re going to have to spend before hand.
I can remember I was at a club in Las Vegas one night where I fell for a rather good hustle that took me into the back VIP room. Little did I know that the VIP room had a two-drink requirement per person, which included the dancer, so on top of the $300 room charge, I had to spend $80 ($20 a drink) at the bar, plus a $100 tip for the girl that was “required” up front. Before I knew it, the club was presenting me with a $480 bill, $180 of which I was not aware of nor willing to pay for (the dancer neglected to mention the hidden costs to me).
That is an example of a rip-off hustle. Personally, I’ve come to believe all forms of dances and drink buys in strip clubs are rip-offs, since you get very little for your money (most clubs cut the songs after a minute and a half or two minutes so they can squeeze as much money out of you as they can. Be sure to time the songs in a club so you know how long each dance you pay for really is! Tricks like “two for one” may be two songs clocked at a minute each, and a regular dance is already two minutes long, so you’re really not getting a free dance at all). Therefore, I call your attention back to rule #1.
If you really want to protect yourself from hustlers, read up on sales techniques. There are lots of good books on the subject of sales which many dancers read to get better at making money. If you were to check them out, you’ll know all the tricks and how to protect yourself.

Stripper Names
I hesitate to give this subject its own chapter, but I guess it’s important enough to talk about so it has to go somewhere.
All Strippers have different identities. They have their “real selves,” and their “performer selves,” and lots of girls form performer identities to help them do what they have to in order to make money stripping.
Hence the “stripper name” was born.
Every stripper I’ve ever know has had a stage name she goes by. Names like “Honey,” “Meadow,” “Martini,” “Goldie,” and any other cute girlie name you can think of. More recently, girls have been adopting common names for their aliases, such as “Vanessa,” or “Bethany,” or various other normal sounding names in an attempt to keep people from asking what their real name is in the club (the psychology being that this IS her real name).
The first real step to getting your foot in the door with a Stripper is to discover her real name. This can be easy or hard, depending on the girl. Lost of Strippers don’t feel comfortable telling a guy in the club her real name because of security issues. Others don’t think a guy knowing their real first name is a big deal. It all depends on the girl.
By knowing the girl’s real name, you now have a tool to use in order to start relating to her as who she really is, and not as her performer persona. Whenever I find out a girl’s real name, I’ll always start calling her that, because it helps take me out of the “common customer” frame.
The way I find out a girl’s name is with a little joke. After I ask her name, she’ll give me her stage name. Then I’ll say “Is that your Christian name?” This’ll usually get a laugh. If the girl doesn’t get it, I’ll say “You mean your parents actually named you (insert her stage name here)?” After that I can usually squeeze their real name out of them, though some girls will still give you a fake name.
I had one girl tell me her middle name. I later found out her real name was “Margaret,” so I started calling her “Marge” as punishment. After that, she started saying “You’re the only one who can get away with calling me Marge.” Not long after that, I was dating her.
So do what you can to find out what their real name is. It will only help you connect with who she really is as opposed to the “shield” she puts up around her when she’s in the club.

Strippers And Religion
This might be hard for a lot of guys to believe, but many Strippers are actually quite religious.
Now, I know this seems like BS. How can a woman who partakes in the “sex industry,” who sells her body (and sometimes sexual favors) to men, actually be religious?
Well, I’m not saying all the girls are religious, but most of them do have a strong set of beliefs and values which they live by.
This is why they’re not walking the streets looking for johns. They really do have a set of values that helps them live their lives, and they find religion or come from a heavy religious background, and these religions help them to shape their beliefs and values.
Most Strippers partake in counter-culture type religions, such as Wicca or Satanism (not to say the two are synonymous, I actually think Wicca is quite an interesting and positive religion). Others can be really hard core into Christianity or some other religion that would frown on stripping, but they seem to be able to justify the fact that what they do is separate from what they believe in. Though there are some girls who strip as a way to rebel against an oppressive religious upbringing, but that doesn’t mean they still don’t believe in what they’re rebelling against.
Almost all Strippers are spiritual or believe in metaphysical stuff in some fashion. They believe in “higher powers” and “ghosts” and “spirits” and “energy.”
Because the girls usually have strong religious beliefs, religion can be a good thing to connect with them on. I once hooked up with a Playboy model who was stripping at a club I was working at because I commented on the pentagram necklace she was wearing and started talking about Wicca (I had dated a girl who was Wiccan before so I knew a thing or two about the religion). She lit up when I commented on it and we got into a deep conversation about her beliefs. This was probably the primary reason she ended up going home with me that night, because I was one of the few guys who really seemed to “understand” her.
A lot of Strippers have a very open mind towards different beliefs and can become really interested when you talk about different religions. My favorite one to talk about is Mormonism. When I lived in Los Vegas, I actually found out a great deal about Mormonism and all of its interesting secret ceremonies and beliefs. Girls find it an intriguing subject.
So knowing this, you can always fall back on what a Stripper’s beliefs are as a way to make yourself stand out from the average customer.

Never Believe A Stripper Is Single
I don’t care what you hear or what she tells you. Strippers are never, ever, ever, ever, EVER single!
Every Stripper you meet will have either a husband, boyfriend, sex-buddy, or multiple boyfriends.
She will never be single.
So no matter what, you will have to deal with competition from another man.
In the cases where the girl has a sex-buddy or multiple boyfriends, this means that she’s still open to seeing you socially. But when you get the husband or boyfriend in the mix, things become harder.
Usually, the husband or boyfriend will know the rules of their girl’s game. They will stay out of the club and trust her enough to behave herself with other men when she’s out of his site. Typically, the girls will be fiercely loyal to their significant other and do their best not to stray from them. And if they ARE willing to stray, know that you’ll be dealing with a jealous and possibly violent man who’ll come looking for you should he find out (and they usually do).
It is rare that you’ll find a Stripper who just divorced her husband or broke up with her boyfriend, but it does happen. This is also preferable, but timing is just the luck of the draw.
Know that many of the girls you meet will lie to you if you ask them if they have a husband or boyfriend. This is because if you think the Stripper is single, you will spend more money on her. So never believe a Stripper’s answer to the question “Do you have a boyfriend?” or “Are you married?” because it’s sure to be a lie. In fact, don’t even bother asking.
I can remember I once knew a dancer who was married with two kids. She was up on stage one night and getting a lot of attention from one guy in particular who was being quite generous with his money. When he asked her “Do you have a boyfriend?” she unthinkingly said “I’m married.” But then, having caught herself, she quickly backpedaled and said “But it’s nothing serious!” However, the damage was done, and the man’s tips soon dried up to find their way to another, more “available” girl.
A lot of Strippers claim they’re single even in their personal lives. Indeed, some of these women are so bitter about men because they have to deal with all types of degenerates due to their job, that they don’t want to get involved with a guy. They sit around and lament about how “single” they are and how there aren’t any good men around.
Don’t believe this either. The girls are deluding themselves. Most of them have guys in the wings they are having sex with but don’t really care for (and in some instances don’t even like!). Others maybe have lesbian relationships or female lovers that they fool around with, even if they really are looking for a guy.
And some Strippers are so bitter and angry about men, that they’re NEVER available, even if they are single. They’re just too emotionally closed off to ever be in a decent relationship with anyone.
It’s best just to go in knowing you’re going to be dealing with a girl who has other men (or women) in her life, and prepare yourself for it. It will save you a lot of time and heartache in the long run.

Girl On Girl Action: Strippers and Bisexuality
I’m not going to say that ALL strippers are bisexual. But I will go so far as to say that a great deal of them are!
I’d venture to say that 2 out of every 3 girls who strip for a living are into sex with other girls. Some are just into sex, some are more into relationships with other women, and a few are hard core lesbians. This is typically a by-product of the sexual molestation most girls who become Strippers endured, and it’s also a by-product of the job.
I used to date a Stripper who’d get incredibly turned on when she worked because she was around so many other sexy women. This often led to many, many threesomes for myself, and I’m sure lots of girl-on-girl hanky-panky behind my back.
But this is a reality. Many girls you get involved with who dance in strip clubs will have sex with other women. And those who aren’t bisexual will usually also perform lesbian acts for the stage in the club, simply because they can make a lot of money doing it. (Things like kissing other girls and pretending to eat them out are always a big hit at strip clubs)
The fact that most Strippers are bisexual can be both a blessing and a curse.
It’s a blessing in the sense that it opens up the realms of sexual adventurism for you. It allows you to have threesomes (and sometimes even foursomes) with sexy women. In fact, a bisexual girlfriend can help you pick-up other girls quite easily!
The curse is that she’s not going to be faithful to you. If she doesn’t fool around with guys, she will with girls. This may not seem like a big deal, but I’ve been the victim of a girl coming along and stealing my girlfriend before, and let me tell you, nothing makes you feel more angry or confused than having your girl leave you for another woman! It is not fun.
Not that you should ever expect a Stripper to be completely faithful to you. It comes with the territory that she’s going to stray every once and a while, and better it’s with a woman than with another guy. But it’s a factor you’ll have to take into account. I’ve seen even the best, most devoted woman stray from their man after dancing in a club for a while, and there’s little you can do when your competition is another woman.
So if that’s okay with you, and you really do want to experience those viagra-fueled nights of two or more girls, then you’re going to love dating a Stripper!

Threesome Tactics With Strippers
Okay, so now that you know most Strippers are bisexual, what’re you going to do about it?
C’mon, who we kidding? What red-blooded heterosexual man wouldn’t at least THINK about doing that?
Well, the first thing you should be aware of is that you can’t have your cake and eat it too. What I mean by that is, you can’t go to a strip club expecting to get a threesome unless you’re already dating a girl or another dancer. So if you’re looking for the threeway, be sure you’ve already got at least one girl you’re sleeping with. This is an important factor in getting a threesome.
Another thing you have to accept is that it’s up to the girl as to whether or not she wants to have sex with another woman. I’ve dated Strippers in the past who did not want to have sex with women, so I never pressured them to. The girls who want to have threesomes with you will eventually warm up to the idea if you’re patient. In fact, they may even suggest it!
So if you want to get two girls in bed at once, gentle persistence is the key. Never come out and say “Hey, want to have a threesome?” Just imply your willingness to do so, plant the seed, talk about her attraction to other women, and wait and see if she’s up for it.
Why is this?
Because in the end, it’s going to be her job to recruit the OTHER girl for the threeway. And you want her to feel comfortable that she can do so safely and that you’re not going to stray from her emotionally.
Bisexual Strippers never have a hard time getting another girl to go to bed with them. There are women who go to strip clubs looking to pick up girls, and there are (of course) other dancers who are open to it. In fact, women have a much easier time pulling Strippers from clubs simply because most Strippers resent and mistrust men.
So if your girl is a Stripper, once you two settle on the idea to bringing another girl into the mix, let her do the recruiting. Most likely she’ll find a girl who’s willing the next time she goes to work, or she may already have a friend who is into it.
If you’re not dating a Stripper, but are dating a girl who’s open to being with another woman and wants to have a threesome, the best way I’ve found to make this happen is to take her to the strip club! The better looking she is, the more girls will easily flock to her.
When I take a girl into a strip club, I’ll sit with her for a while and let her get comfortable with the surroundings. Then I’ll take her up to the stage and start throwing down dollars in front of her and have the dancers come up to her. After a little while of girls rubbing their breasts in her face and physically seducing her, your girl should be nice and turned on and having a good time, and the dancers who are into women will notice this (especially if they were up on stage dancing for her).
Eventually, when we pull back from the stage, dancers will approach us and I’ll start buying lap dances for the girl I’m with. Its important to wait and let the Strippers approach you, because those are the ones who’ll be into women to begin with. Once they go in the back, its then your girl’s job to “feel out” the dancer and see if she’s game to go home with the two of you.
This isn’t a fool-proof method to get the threesome, because sometimes you just can’t find a compatible girl in the club for whatever reason. If that’s the case, just try another club. Remember that your job is to be the leader and guide things to make sure they happen, while leaving the seduction to your partner.

High Mileage: Getting More Bang For Your Buck
Okay, so by now you should be absolutely sure that the purpose of this book is to make sure you don’t spend money in strip clubs. But let’s face it, sometimes you just want to have a good time and ease the weight of your wallet for a night. Nothing wrong with that!
In my opinion, if you’re going to spend money in a strip club, you had best get as much out of that money as you can while you’re there.
This means getting some type of sexual gratification for it.
Now, before I get too heavy into this subject, I’d just like to make it clear that I think there are better ways to go about getting your rocks off than going to a strip club. I mean, it is a pretty shady thing to go into a back room with a girl you just met to exchange money for some type of sex act (and if she’s doing it with you, she’s doing it with lots of other guys too!). I also do not condone prostitution, so if it’s illegal in your state, do the right thing and refrain from participating in it.
That said, my first advice is: if you want to pay for sex, hire an escort, not a Stripper.
But if you’re in a strip club and feel the urge to get some moist relief, there are ways you can go about doing this.
The term “Mileage” refers to how far a Stripper is willing to go in regards to your pleasure. Typically, girls who do air dances for you while you sit on your hands are considered low mileage, because they really aren’t willing to do anything with you. A girl who will allow you to touch her while she dances for you is considered medium mileage. A girl who will not only let you touch her, but also kiss, suck, or penetrate her is considered high mileage. And a girl who will perform sex acts like hand jobs or blow jobs is super-high mileage.
For the purposes of this chapter, I’m assuming you don’t care about the “low” and “middle” range, since that’s easy enough to get. So I will focus on telling you how to get the high mileage girls.
The first and most important thing you must remember when looking for a high mileage experience is that what you get entirely depends on the type of girl you choose. So it is important to look for certain traits in a typical “high mileage” dancer.
First of all, often the hottest girls are the ones most willing to shell out the miles. Strange, but true. Sure, you got average looking ones who’ll do it, but strangely enough, the better looking the girl, the more likely it is she’s going to give you what you want.
Now, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. There are lots of hot Strippers out there who wouldn’t consider going past medium mileage. But the better looking girls can actually make a LOT more money by performing “extras” in the back, in addition to the dances they do.
The next factor to look for is whether or not the girl likes what she’s doing. If the girl is really dancing a lot and is into it, if she’s smiling and laughing and walking around talking to customers a lot, chances are she’s open to doing high mileage dances. A Stripper who loves being a Stripper is a girl who is very open sexually. It might be a turn on for them, or they may just be motivated to make more money, but chances are they will be willing to go the distance.
Another factor to take into consideration is the reputation of the club you’re in. The sleazier the club, the more likely the girls are open to high mileage interactions. By contrast, the upscale Gentlemen’s Clubs have very little high mileage happening. So know that before you proceed.
Whatever you do, don’t ever come out and ask a Stripper “So, what can I get for $100?” or “Do you ever do anything extra in the back?” This will make the girl feel dirty and cheap, and may keep her from doing what you want. Or, she might mistake you for an undercover cop and leave you be. Either way, you’ve blown your shot.
The trick is to imply that you want more than just a dance, and let her make the offer. You can do this by expressing interest in her, being polite, making them feel safe and comfortable. The more at ease you can make a dancer feel, the more open she’ll be to giving you more mileage.
Play with the girl you want. Be fun. If she’s into it and playful back, she’s a good candidate for high mileage. If she isn’t responsive, cut your losses and move on.
If you think you have a good candidate, take her for a “test drive” with a $20 lap dance to see what she’s willing to do. If things look good, you’ll want to go for the VIP room, since this is where most of the sex acts will take place.
A little bit of negotiating will be necessary before this, as in what she’s willing to do and what she isn’t and how much she wants. Don’t try to talk her down in price, since she’s already doing something illegal (in most states). Pay her what she wants, as long as it’s within reason for what you want.
The reason I say this is because in order to perform any extras for you, the girl will usually have to kick-back a certain amount of money to the club. Usually, girls who do extras in the back have deals with the Bouncers and the Peeper who keeps an eye on things where they’ll let her slide in exchange for some of the money she makes off the deal. This could be anywhere from a set price to a percentage of her take. In some clubs, management even gets a cut! So by the time all is said and done, she may not be getting all that much money.
That is why you should always tip the girl who treats you well. Give her a little extra cash for the extra effort.
Another good way for tracking down the High Mileage girls is to approach a bouncer or doorman, tip him some money ($20 is usually a good amount), then ask him if he’d recommend a dancer. If the bouncer is in on the kick-back, he’ll take you to the girl he’s partnered with and you’re sure to get what you want. (However, be wary about doing this in big clubs that are crowded. The Bouncer may take your money and disappear without recommending any women)

Using Drugs To Pick-Up Dancers
The topic of drugs and strip clubs almost go hand-in-hand, so I’d feel remiss if I were not to address it.
There are a lot of guys out there who think that enticing Strippers with drugs will help them to pull the girls from the clubs. I wish I could say this wasn’t true, but it is. Of course, this depends on the type of girl, but it can work.
I, however, do not recommend this approach.
I will admit I tried using this approach in the past, which is why I can recommend not doing it. When you tempt a woman with drugs, you’re going to get a drug addict.
Plain and simple.
You’re never going to know if the woman is with you because she likes you or because she likes the drugs, and not only that, but girls who are heavy drug users also tend to be prone to more sexually transmitted diseases, so you’re putting yourself at risk. And most of all, you’re contributing to the destruction of another human being through substance abuse, which I personally don’t find cool.
The drug of choice for Strippers is cocaine. I learned this when I tried to tempt a Stripper I was attracted to into coming back to my place after the club by telling her I has some weed. She indignantly looked at me, ruffled her nose in disgust, and said “Ew, I don’t smoke pot.” Feeling like an idiot and like I was about to get lectured on why I shouldn’t be doing drugs, the girl suddenly pipes up “I only do cocaine.”
At first I thought she was joking, but she wasn’t. Many Strippers I know do cocaine. It’s the “party drug” that is most prevalent in clubs. There’s also a great deal of ecstasy that works its way through clubs, and pot is pretty common too. To a certain degree, there are some dancers who are involved with heroine too, though it’s not usually done in the club.
When I was working at strip clubs, I’d often see drug dealers who would come in and hang out, offering to hook the girls up in exchange for coming home with them. A lot of these drug dealers would eventually recruit the girls and pimp them out outside the club. I never had much respect for these guys, and after witnessing the “pimp out” more than once, my opinion of them dropped even further.
You also have to take into account police involvement when dealing with drugs. Too often, there are undercover cops who hang out in strip clubs to try and observe illegal activity. They have also been known to stake out the parking lots of strip clubs as well and follow suspected offenders to their home in order to make a bust.
Drugs are just too much trouble to really consider using them as a method of pick-up. They will get you the type of girl who will cause you trouble in the long run, and possibly attract attention from unsavory elements in society or the authorities. At the very least, it may get you banned from the club.
So always be sure to follow that old 80’s mantra and “Just Say NO” to drugs.

Making “Arrangements” With Strippers
During my time in strip clubs, I’ve seen every trick in the book a guy can use to get one of the girls to sleep with him. And probably the most common tactic is what I like to call the “Arrangement.”
This is basically where some customer offers to pay the Stripper for sex whenever she needs money. Does it look like you’re going to be short on rent this month? Give me a call! I’ll pay your rent in exchange for a romp in the sack. Can’t quite make your car payment? No problem, I’ll take care of it for a little extra lovin’. Feel like getting away for a while? Don’t sweat it, I can take you down to my beach house for a romantic weekend.
Blah, blah, blah.
The only thing I like about customers who try to make “arrangements” with the dancers is their honesty. They just lay it out for the girl. “Money for sex.”
The thing I never understood is this… if you’re willing to pay for it, why go to a strip club? Why not get a hooker or an escort? It’s much more cut and dry and less headaches (and work) than going to a strip club to try and find a girl who’d be willing to do that.
I guess most guys don’t know where else to go to find girls who’ll have sex with them for money, and the strip club is the best they can do. In places that aren’t big cities, it can be hard to find “working girls,” so Strippers are the next best thing.
Personally, I’d never attempt to make arrangements with any Stripper. It’s not a positive way to create a relationship. You may see it as a simple business transaction, but the girl will not have any real respect for you, and this could lead to theft or extortion. Not only that, but you’re also tempting Strippers to become whores when you offer them arrangements, and that shows them that you do not make a distinction between the two professions – not good for your image.
Its common knowledge that most Strippers are not wise with their money. I once dated a Stripper who would make around $500 a night and the next day she’d spend it all on shoes or clothes. She was seriously making over three grand a week and was always broke. This is not only why most Strippers keep dancing, but why a lot of them are tempted by these arrangements that customers offer them.
But do yourself a favor and refrain from making arrangements with Strippers. It may cost you more in the long run, either in terms of finances or health (or both).

Being In A Relationship With A Stripper
Eventually you may find a girl in a club where things just seem to click and before you know it, you’re seeing her regularly and staying over at her place, driving her to work, picking her up from work, going out to eat, and suddenly – BOOM! You’re a Stripper Boyfriend.
I’ve had this happen to me numerous times. It can be a wonderful and rewarding experience. But it can also be nightmarish and hellish, depending on the type of girl you get involved in. More than that, though, your own mental state can play a big part in the happiness of your relationship.
It’s easy to say you want to date a Stripper in the fantasy world of the strip club. In the club she’s a beautiful goddess who imbues sexuality. But once you enter into a relationship, that fantasy goes away. You get to deal with the real woman behind that construct. You get to see her come home tired and worn out. You see her in the morning under the harsh light of day without her make-up or glitter. You get to see her best and worst qualities, and have to deal with the problems and complications she has in her life.
But most of all, you have to deal with the job.
A lot of guys think they can handle their girlfriend being a Stripper. In fact, you’d be surprised how many guys actually talk their girlfriends into BECOMING a Stripper. But it’s actually very rare that a guy can handle their girlfriend dancing in strip clubs for an extended period of time.
When you get involved with a Stripper, you need to go into the relationship knowing you’re not going to get her to quit Stripping. If she wants to quit, that’s one thing, but it has to be HER decision, and you shouldn’t pressure her if she doesn’t want to stop. Too many guys think they can “save” the girl from that life by whisking her away from it. They think that once they’re a part of her life, she’s going to turn over a new leaf.
Not gonna happen.
You can’t save someone who doesn’t feel they need to be saved, and you can’t change who someone is. If you date a Stripper, that’s who you’re going to be dating – a woman who sells sexual fantasy to other men.
Most guys I’ve known who dated Strippers were cool with the job for the first few weeks. But then jealousy can set in. You can never be sure what they are doing at the club, and it’s easy to imagine her being unfaithful. All your insecurities start to bubble up, and before you know it, you resent what she does (even if that’s how you met her!).
When I used to work at Strip Clubs, I’d have to see the girl I was dating walk around and flirt with guys. Sometimes it was too much for me, because she wouldn’t even look my way for the length of her shift. I worked at the club myself and even I started to resent her job! But I learned to get over that because I knew how the game was played and strip clubs were a part of my life. Like the girls, I learned to detach myself from what goes on in the club, and after that I was fine.
But most guys don’t know how to do this. I had to learn how because I was working at a club. Other guys don’t have that luxury. Most clubs have a policy that prevents boyfriends of the dancers to enter the club as a measure to prevent any embarrassing or violent scenes. I usually recommend that guys who date Strippers never think of setting foot inside the club(s) she works in. It’s important you detach yourself from that lifestyle as much as possible and be the place she comes to in order to escape the life of the club.
You must also be prepared to deal with issues of substance abuse, sexual abuse, and bisexuality. These are common issues that arise in a relationship with a dancer, so be prepared for them. If you don’t feel up to it, don’t get involved with a dancer!
Probably the hardest thing to deal with in relationships with Strippers is the notion of them not being faithful to you. Indeed, most girls who dance do have a tendency to stray from the guy they’re dating. This usually doesn’t happen with customers, but more with guys who actually work at the club they dance at. I’ve had more than one girl leave me for a bouncer or a DJ at the club they worked at (this was after I left the life of being a Bouncer and a DJ myself, of course).
And of course, there’s the issue of your girl fooling around with other girls, which can be much more prevalent than you might think because few Strippers look at that as “cheating,” especially if their boyfriend is involved in threesomes. But make no mistake, it IS cheating. Many Strippers have both long term boyfriends AND girlfriends that they keep at the same time. It’s a weird relationship, and it takes a certain kind of guy to handle that. And trust me, the first time you have a girlfriend who leaves you for another woman, that hurts almost more than if she were to have run off with another guy.
So don’t delude yourself if you want to date a Stripper. Go into it with your eyes wide and be prepared to deal with the consequences of dating such women. As I said before, you can have many great experiences with great girls, but you can also have terrible ones. Just know what you’re getting into.

Afterward & Disclaimer
So there you have it, over a decade’s worth of Stripper knowledge, all in one book. I hope you learned a lot and will enjoy great success in whatever endeavor you undertake.
The writings and tactics I’ve laid out in this book is designed to inform and provide strategies regarding the goal of dating a woman who works at a strip club. However, no method is fool-proof, and each individual’s experiences and success may vary.
All Strippers are individuals, and because of that, every situation is different. That means that these strategies may or may not work exactly as you intend them to. I have based the information in this book solely on my own experience over the course of my lifetime, and I firmly believe that what I’ve presented in this book is accurate and works. However, neither I, the author, nor publisher will assume responsibility for any errors or omissions.
I also specifically disclaim any liability resulting from the use or application of the information contained in this book. This book is for entertainment purposes only and is intended for persons 18 years of age or older. Note also that I (the author) and publisher do not endorse, encourage, or accept any liability for any use of coercion; sexual assault or other criminal acts carried out by a reader of this publication. It is my strongest belief that the only acceptable form of sexual activity occurs between two consenting adults. I do not encourage or condone prostitution or drug use.
Furthermore, I strongly advocate the principles of “safe sex” to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. I highly recommend using protection, such as condoms, when engaging in any sexual activity.
So in conclusion, be civil, and be safe. Use your knowledge wisely and for the benefit of everyone you know, including yourself. I hope you strive for a successful and happy life, and find the woman you’re looking for to share that with.
Good luck, and God bless.

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