Sunday, July 26, 2015

Unknown. Lyric. EmmanuelleInSpace7.1994, The meaning of Love.

  Narrator: During the last moments of this century, a group of strange visitors arrived from another planet, and found one of the most sensual and beautiful of all earthlings, Imma-New-Elle. To take them on a journey, Around the world. To explore the mysteries of human Love and sexualdesire. Collecting data which would change their own worlds of very far away, and thus to embark on an adventure like no other. Imma-New-Elle.

  Emmanuelle~, Queen of the Galaxy.
  Emmanuelle~, come lay here with me.
  Emmanuelle~, your pleasure, I will be.

  Emmanuelle~, (Emmanuelle~) From the stars you came.
  Emmanuelle~, (Emmanuelle~) In my arms remain.
  Emmanuelle~, (Emmanuelle~) Oh, I can't let you go.

  Like the sweetest sound in rhapsody (Emmanuelle)
  To the very heights of ecstasy and pressure
  I love your body wrapped in mine (Emmanuelle)
  and taste your lips [unclear]
  Again, and again~~.

  Emmanuelle~, (Emmanuelle~) I can love all day
  Emmanuelle~, (Emmanuelle~) forever and always
  Emmanuelle~, (Emmanuelle~) let the music play on

  Enchanté, Emmanuelle.
  Queen of the Galaxy.
  [Some psseudofrench, malaproprism.]

  Emmanuelle~ (Emmanuelle~) Queen of the Galaxy.
  Emmanuelle~ (Emmanuelle~) Don't let go of me.
  Emmanuelle~ [Fade out.]

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