Saturday, November 12, 2016

Macdonald, Norman. (17 Oct 2016) Ora TV, Larry King Now. Comparing one’s Fault and Failure to famous or successful men, Example. Lower intelligence, Example.

1.       King: What brought you down, Gambling?
2.       Macdonald: Some have said it’s the ruin of me, Larry.
3.       King: The ruin?
4.       Macdonald: I don’t.
5.       King: What did you gamble on?
6.       Macdonald: I gambled on Sports. I will tell you this: you should never bet football because the ball ain’t round. I keep telling People this. The ball hits and then it does all kinds of crazy Things, and you don’t know. You want to bet on a Game with a round ball. Anyways, I quit. I don’t know why I’m even saying this. I did go broke twice, and I must say that it was a very cleansing feeling, in a way.
7.       King: Cleansing?
8.       Macdonald: Yeah.
9.       King: When you went broke, you had to make Money again-
10.   Macdonald: Yeah.
11.   King: Because you had to go broke twice.
12.   Macdonald: Yeah, that’s true.
13.   King: Why did you go back to Gambling after you’d made Money, knowing that you weren’t broke? That’s Insanity. [An example of a scumbag chastising another scumbag. Howard Stern. Bill Maher.]
14.   Macdonald: On a grander scale, though, how does Donald Trump lose $900 million? It’s because he has the guts to make the Gamble? Now, most People, I think, if they got to $3 billion or $4 billion or whatever Mr. Trump is worth, would just sit on it. He’s willing to throw the dice.
15.   King: Also take it off his Income Tax, and not pay Income Tax when he makes Money.
16.   Macdonald: Yes, but that’s illegal.

17.   King: Oblivious1 tweets, “I would love hearing anything about Norm’s amazing Gambling run in Atlantic City.”
18.   Macdonald: Oh yes, that’s what happened. A friend of mine who is very smart said I’d be very lucky with Gambling. I’ve never won. It was a very profound thing, because if you never Win, you don’t get hooked, but I had a big Win. I was a casual gambler, go and bet $25 on Blackjack. I hit a craps table, went on a gigantic run, won 6 figures, and ever since then, you can’t go back. If you Win that much Money, you can’t go back to $25 bets.
19.   King: Over $100,000?
20.   Macdonald: Yep. Just over, just a little. [Wrong.]
21.   King: Did you get a little nervous walking out with the case.
22.   Macdonald: I was afraid. I didn’t know you were allowed to Win that much. At the craps table, I kept putting the chips in my pocket because this guy was rolling for, I don’t know the Game. I put Money down, and then ... I only had $100, I just put it down, and then I won. The guy said, “You want to press it?” I didn’t want to stupid, I go, “What do you think?” The guy pressed it, he pressed every bet, and anyways, all of a sudden they were just handing me huge amounts of Money. Yeah, I got scared, I started pocketing it. Then I remember at the end, I go, “Man, I must’ve won $15,000.” The guy goes, “You won a hell of a lot more than that, fella.” It was Atlantic City, they don’t escort you to your Car or anything like that.
23.   King: Oh, in Vegas they do.
24.   Macdonald: Yeah. You just drive into hell. When you get out of that Casino. Every sign says, “We’ll buy your Gold from your teeth.” It was horrible.

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