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PentagonPapers. BeaconPress. 1972. vol.5. 20. Glossary.

1.      AA Air America; also antiaircraft
2.      AAA Antiaircraft artillery
3.      ABM Antiballistic Missile
4.      ABN Airborne
5.      ACA Asian Communist affairs
6.      ACR Armored cavalry regiment
7.      ADP Automatic data processing
8.      AFB Air Force Base
9.      AFC Armed Forces Council
10.   AID Agency for International Development
11.   AIROPS Air operations
12.   AM Airmobile
13.   AMA American Medical Association
14.   AMB Ambassador
15.   ANG Air National Guard
16.   ANZUS Australia, New Zealand, United States
17.   APB Self-propelled barracks ship
18.   ARC Administrative and Research Committee (Viet Minh)
19.   ARC LIGHT B-52 bombing program
20.   ARL Landing craft repair ship
21.   ARVN Army of the Republic of (South) Vietnam
22.   ASA (U.S.) Army Security Agency
23.   ASAP As soon as possible
24.   ASD Assistant Secretary of Defense
25.   ASW Antisubmarine warfare

1.      BAR Browning automatic rifle
2.      BARREL ROLL Code name for U.S. bombing operations against Laotian infiltration routes and facilities
3.      BDE Brigade
4.      Black radio: In psychological warfare, broadcasts by one side that are disguised as broadcasts for the other
5.      "Blowtorch": Nickname given Robert Komer during summer of 1966 for applying great pressure to both the Mission and Washington agencies
6.      BLT Battalion landing team
7.      BN Battalion
8.      BOB Bureau of the Budget
9.      Bonze: Buddhist monk
10.   BPP Border Patrol Police
11.   B-52 U.S. heavy bomber
12.   B-57 U.S. medium bomber

1.      CAP Combat air patrol; also prefix used to designate White House cablegrams sent through CIA channel; also Country Assistance Program, of AID
2.      CAPs Combined action platoons
3.      CAS Covert action branch, Saigon office of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Term also applied to CIA in Laos
4.      CAT Civil Air Transport, airline based on Taiwan
5.      CBU-24 Type of cluster bomb
6.      CCAF Communist Chinese Air Force
7.      CDC Combat Development Command
8.      CDIG Civilian Irregular Defense Groups
9.      CEF French Expeditionary Corps
10.   CFD Conference final declaration (Geneva Conference, 1954)
11.   CG Civil Guard
12.   CHICOM Chinese Communist
13.   CHINAT Chinese Nationalist
14.   CHMAAG Chief, Military Assistance Advisory Group
15.   CI Counterinsurgency
16.   CI Course Counterinsurgency course
17.   CIA Central Intelligence Agency
18.   CIAP Inter-American Committee for the Alliance for Progress
19.   CIDG Civilian Irregular Defense Groups
20.   CINCPAC Commander in Chief, Pacific
21.   CINCPACAF Commander in Chief, Pacific Air Force
22.   CINCPACFLT Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet
23.   CINCRVNAF Commander in Chief, Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces
24.   CINCSTRIKE Commander in Chief, Strike Command
25.   CIO Central Intelligence Organization (South Vietnam)
26.   CIP Counterinsurgency Plan; also Commodity Import Program
27.   CJCS Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
28.   CMD Capital Military District
29.   CNO VNN Chief of Naval Operations, Vietnamese Navy
30.   COMUS U.S. Commander
31.   COMUSMACV Commander, U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
32.   CONARC Continental Army Command
33.   CONUS Continental United States
34.   COPROR Committee on Province Rehabilitation
35.   CORDS Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support
36.   I Corps Military region, comprising the five northern provinces of South Vietnam
37.   II Corps Military region in South Vietnam, comprising the Central Highlands and Central Coastal area
38.   III Corps Military region in South Vietnam, comprising the provinces surrounding Saigon
39.   IV Corps Military region, comprising southern Vietnam
40.   COS Chief of station, CIA country team
41.   COSVN Council of senior U.S. officials in South Vietnam, including ambassador. Commander of American forces, CIA chief, and others
42.   Country team Council of senior U.S. officials in South Vietnam, including ambassador, commander of American forces, CIA chief, and others
43.   CPR Chinese People's Republic
44.   CPSVN Comprehensive Plan for South Vietnam
45.   CSS Combat Service Support
46.   CTZ Corps tactical zone
47.   CVA Aircraft carrier
48.   CY Calendar Year
49.   C-123 U.S. transport aircraft

1.      DASD Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense
2.      DCM Deputy Chief of Mission
3.      DCPG Defense Command Planning Group
4.      DDR&E Director of Defense Research and Engineering
5.      Deptel (State) Department telegram
6.      DeSoto patrols U.S. destroyer patrols in Tonkin Gulf
7.      DIA Defense Intelligence Agency
8.      DMZ Demilitarized Zone
9.      Doc Document
10.   DOD Department of Defense
11.   DPM Draft presidential memo
12.   DRV Democratic Republic of (North) Vietnam
13.   DTA Divisional tactical area
14.   DTZ Misprint for CTZ
15.   DULTE Cable identifier, from Geneva to State Department

1.      E and E Escape and evasion
2.      EA Bureau of East Asian Affairs in the State Department
3.      ECA Economic Cooperation Administration
4.      ECM Electronic countermeasures
5.      EDC European Defense Community
6.      Embtel: U.S. embassy telegram
7.      EPTEL Apparently a typographical error for Deptel or Septel
8.      ERP European Recovery Plan
9.      EXDIS Exclusive (high level) distribution

1.      FAF French Air Force
2.      FAL Forces Armees Laotiennes (Lao Armed Forces)
3.      FAR Forces Armees Royales (Royal Armed Forces of Laos)
4.      FARMGATE Clandestine U.S. Air
5.      Force strike unit in Vietnam (1964)
6.      FE and FEA Bureau of Far Eastern Affairs in the State Department
7.      FEC French Expeditionary Corps
8.      FFORCEV Headquarters Field Force, Vietnam
9.      FLAMING DART Code name for reprisal actions for attacks on U.S. installations
10.   FLASH message Urgent telegram
11.   FOA Foreign Operations Administration
12.   FW Free World
13.   FWMA Free World Military Assistance
14.   FWMAF Free World Military Assistance Forces
15.   FY Fiscal year
16.   FYI For your information
17.   F-105 U.S. fighter-bomber

1.      GAM Groupes Administratifs Mobiles
2.      GNP Gross national product
3.      GOP U.S. Republican Party
4.      GRC Government of the Republic of China (Nationalist China)
5.      GVN Government of (South) Vietnam
6.      G-3 U.S. Army General Staff branch handling plans and operations

1.      Hardnose: Code name for a CIA operation in the Laos corridor
2.      HES Hamlet Evaluation System
3.      HNC High National Council of SVN
4.      Hop Tac plan operation planned to clear and hold Saigon and its surroundings, 1964
5.      HQ Headquarters
6.      HSAS Headquarters Support Activity Saigon

1.      lAP Immediate Action Program
2.      IBP International Balance of Payments
3.      ICA International Cooperation Administration
4.      ICC International Control Commission for Vietnam, Laos
5.      ICEX InteUigence Coordination and Exploitation
6.      ICP Indochinese Communist Party
7.      IDA Institute for Defense Analyses
8.      IG Inspector General
9.      IMCSH Interministerial Committee for Strategic Hamlets
10.   IMF International Monetary Fund
11.   INR Bureau of Intelligence and Research in the Department of State and CIA
12.   in ref. in reference to
13.   ISA International Security Agency; also Office of International Security Affairs in the Department of Defense
14.   ISI Initial support increment
15.   IVRC Interzone V Regional Committee

1.      JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
2.      JCSM Joint Chiefs of Staff Memorandum
3.      JFK John Fitzgerald Kennedy, U.S. President
4.      JGS Vietnamese Joint General Staff
5.      JOC Joint US-GVN Operations Center | Joint Chiefs Joint Chiefs of Staff
6.      Joint Staff: Staff organization for the Joint Chiefs of Staff
7.      JTD Joint Table of Distribution
8.      Jungle Jim: Aerial commando operations
9.      JUSPAC Joint United States Public Affairs Office, Saigon
10.   J-2 Intelligence Branch, U.S. Army
11.   J-3 Operations Branch, U.S. Army

1.      KANZUS Korean, Australian, New Zealand, and United States
2.      KIA Killed in action
3.      KMT Kuomintang

1.      LANTFLT Atlantic Fleet
2.      Lao Dong: Communist party of North Vietnam
3.      LBJ Lyndon Baines Johnson, U.S. President
4.      Liberation Front: National Liberation Front
5.      LIMDIS Limited distribution
6.      LOC Lines of communication (roads, bridges, rails)
7.      LST Tank Landing Ship
8.      LTC Lt. Colonel

1.      MAAG Military Assistance Advisory Group
2.      MAB Marine Amphibious Brigade
3.      MAC Military Assistance Command
4.      MACCORDS Military Assistance Command,
5.      Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support
6.      MACV Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
7.      MAF Marine Amphibious Force
8.      MALTS Mobile Advisory Logistics Teams
9.      MAP Military Assistance Program
10.   Marigold Code name for peace talk feelers put out by North Vietnam through Poles, November 1966
11.   Marops: Maritime operations
12.   MATs Mobile Advisory Teams
13.   MAYFLOWER Code name for bombing pause
14.   MDAP Mutual Defense Assistance Program
15.   MDP Movement for the Defense of Peace
16.   MEB Marine Expeditionary Brigade
17.   MEDCAP Medical Civil Action Program
18.   MEF Marine Expeditionary Force
19.   MIA Missing in action
20.   MIG Soviet fighter aircraft (Mikoyan Gurevich)
21.   MOD Minister of Defense
22.   MORD Ministry of Revolutionary Development
23.   MRC Military Revolutionary Committee (or Council); Ministry of Rural Construction
24.   MRF Mobile Riverine Force
25.   MR5 Highland Area

1.      NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
2.      NCO Noncommissioned officer
3.      NFLSV National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam
4.      NIE National Intelligence Estimates
5.      NLF National Liberation Front (of South Vietnam)
6.      NMCB Navy mobile construction battalion
7.      NMCC National Military Command and Control (System)
8.      NNSC Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission
9.      NODIS No distribution (beyond addressee)
10.   NRC Nambo Regional Committee
11.   NRM National Revolutionary Movement
12.   (Phong Trao Cacli Mang Quae Gia)
13.   NSA National Security Agency
14.   NSAM National Security Action Memorandum
15.   NSC National Security Council
16.   NVA North Vietnamese Army
17.   NVN Democratic People's Republic of (North) Vietnam

1.      O&M Operations and Management
2.      OASD Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense
3.      OB (Enemy) Order of Battle; also Operation Brotherhood
4.      OCB Operations Control Board, Operations Coordinating Board
5.      OCO Office of Civil Operations (pacification)
6.      OEEC Organization for European Economic Cooperation
7.      Opcon Operations Control
8.      Oplan Operations plan
9.      Ops Operations
10.   OSA Office of the Secretary of the Army
11.   OSD Office of the Secretary of Defense
12.   OSS Office of Strategic Services

1.      PACFLT Pacific Fleet
2.      PACOM Pacific Command
3.      PAD Public Administration Division
4.      Para Paragraph
5.      PARU Police Aerial Resupply Unit
6.      PAT Political Action Team
7.      PAVN People's Army of (North) Vietnam
8.      PB Planning Board
9.      PBR River patrol boat
10.   PCF French Communist Party
11.   PDI Plaine des Jarres, Laos
12.   PDM See DPM
13.   Peiping Peking
14.   PEO Program Evaluation Office
15.   PF Popular Forces
16.   PFF Police Field Force
17.   PI Philippine Islands
18.   PL Pathet Lao
19.   PNG Provisional National Government
20.   POC Peace Observation Committee of the UN
21.   POL Petroleum, oil, lubricants
22.   POLAD Political adviser, usually State
23.   Department representative, assigned to a military commander
24.   PriMin Prime Minister
25.   PROVN Study Study of the Priorities Task Force in Saigon
26.   PRP People's Revolutionary Party, Communist element in the NLF
27.   PRV People's Republic of Vietnam
28.   Psyops Psychological operations
29.   PTF Fast patrol boat
30.   P-2V U.S. patrol aircraft

1.      QTE Quote

1.      RAND Rand Corporation (research organization)
2.      RAS River assault squadron
3.      RCT Regimental Combat Team
4.      RD Revolutionary Development; also Rural Development
5.      R&D Research and Development
6.      RECCE Reconnaissance
7.      Reclama Protest against a cut in budget or program
8.      REF Reference, meaning "the document referred to"
9.      Reftel In reference to your telegram, or telegram referred to
10.   RF Regional Forces
11.   RFK Robert F. Kennedy
12.   RF/PF Regional Forces/Popular Forces
13.   RLAF Royal Laotian Air Force
14.   RLG Royal Laotian Government
15.   RLT Regimental Landing Team
16.   ROK Republic of (South) Korea
17.   ROLLING THUNDER Code name for sustained bombing operations against North Vietnam
18.   Rpt Repeat
19.   RSM Robert S. McNamara
20.   RSSZ Rungsat Special Zone
22.   RTA Royal Thai Army
23.   RT-28 Name of U.S. aircraft
24.   RVN Republic of (South) Vietnam
25.   RVNAF Republic of (South) Vietnam Air or Armed Forces
26.   RVNF Republic of (South) Vietnam forces

1.      SA Systems Analysis Office in the Department of Defense
2.      SA-2 Russian surface-to-air missile
3.      SAC Strategic Air Command
4.      SACSA Special Assistant to the ICS for Counterinsurgency and Special (covert) Activities
5.      SAM Surface-to-air missile
6.      SAME Senior Advisors Monthly Report
7.      SAR Search and rescue
8.      S-day (Bombing) strike day
9.      SDC Self Defense Corps
10.   SEA Southeast Asia
11.   SEAAPC Southeast Asia Aid Policy Committee
12.   SEACABIN "Study of the Political-Military Implications in Southeast Asia of the Cessation of Aerial Bombardment and the Initiation of Negotiations," Joint Staff and ISA Study
13.   SEACOOR Southeast Asia Coordinating Committee
14.   SEACORD Coordinating mechanism of U.S. ambassadors and military commanders in Southeast Asia
15.   SEA DRAGON Naval surface operations against North Vietnam
16.   SEATO Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
17.   SecArmy Secretary of the Army
18.   SecDef Secretary of Defense
19.   SECTO Cable identifier, to Secretary of State from overseas post
20.   Septel Separate telegram
21.   S-hour (Bombing) strike hour
22.   SIAT Single Integrated Attack Team
23.   Sitrep Situation Report
24.   SMM Saigon Mihtary Mission
25.   SNIE Special National Intelligence Estimate
26.   Soldiers of Geneva Untrained members of Viet Minh units regrouped to DRV after Geneva Accords
27.   SpeCat Top Secret Special Category (of reports, messages, etc.)
28.   SQD Squadron
29.   SSI Sustaining support increment
30.   State U.S. State Department
31.   STC Security Training Center
32.   STRAF Strategic Army Force
33.   SUSREPS Senior U.S. representatives
34.   SVN South Vietnam
35.   SVNese South Vietnamese

1.      TACS Tactical Air Control System
2.      TAOR Tactical area of responsibility
3.      TCS Tactical Control System
4.      TDY Temporary duty
5.      TEDUL Cable identifier. State Department to Geneva
6.      TERM Temporary Equipment Recovery Mission
7.      Tet Lunar new year; also 1968 offensive during Tet
8.      TF Task force
9.      TFS Tactical Fighter Squadron
10.   Theater CINC A resources allocation committee chaired by the AID Mission
11.   Director, and a MACV advisory structure partially under the Ambassador and partially separate
12.   34A 1964 operations plan covering covert actions against North Vietnam
13.   TO&E Table of organization and equipment (for a military unit)
14.   TOSEC Cable identifier, from State Department to overseas post
15.   Triangle Code name for an allied operation not otherwise identified in the documents
16.   TRIM Training Relations and Instruction Mission
17.   TRS Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
18.   T-28 Name of U.S. fighter-bomber (provided for use of Southeast Asian governments)

1.      UD Unilateral declaration (Geneva Conference, 1954)
2.      UE Unit equipment allowance
3.      UH-1 U.S. helicopter
4.      UK United Kingdom
5.      UN United Nations
6.      UNO United Nations Organization
7.      UNQTE Unquote
8.      URTEL Your telegram
9.      USAF United States Air Force
10.   USARAL United States Army, Alaska
11.   USAREUR United States Army, Europe
12.   USARPAC United States Army, Pacific
13.   USASGV United States Army Support Group, Vietnam
14.   USCINCPAC See CINCPAC use United States Government
15.   USIA United States Information Agency
16.   USIB United States Intelligence Board
17.   USIS United States Information Service
18.   USOM United States Operations Mission (U.S. economic aid apparatus in Saigon)
19.   USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
20.   UW Unconventional warfare

1.      VATSUA Vietnamese Augmentation to U.S. Army
2.      VC Viet Cong
3.      VM Viet Minh
4.      VN Vietnam
5.      VNA Vietnamese National Army (old term)
6.      VNAF (South) Vietnamese Air Force or Armed Forces
7.      VNese Vietnamese
8.      VNQDD Pre-independence, nationalistic
9.      Vietnamese political party (Vietnam Quoc Dan Dong)
10.   VNSF (South) Vietnamese Special Forces
11.   VOA Voice of America

1.      WALLEYE Guided bomb
2.      WESTPAC Western Pacific Command Westy: Nickname for General William C. Westmoreland
3.      White radio In psychological warfare, broadcasts admitted by the side transmitting them
4.      WIA Wounded in action
5.      W/T Walkie-talkie

1.      YAK-28 Soviet aircraft
2.      Yankee Team Phase of the Indochina bombing operation
3.      YT See Yankee Team

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