Saturday, November 8, 2014

FrankMiller. Propaganda. 23 Sep 2011.

My new comic book (or “graphic novel”, I suppose it should be called, because it’s square bound) is naked propaganda.
“Propaganda” has, over time, become a pejorative term. This is curious, since most of our MSM is precisely that: propaganda. One need only read the front page of the sacred New York Times, that Gray, Senile Old Lady, let alone explore the serpentine chasm that is its editorial page, to read news so slanted as to be beyond recognition of the facts on the ground.
So when I say that my new book, HOLY TERROR, is propaganda, I mean so in all the ways that the virtuous works of Thomas Paine practiced it, through to the ways that the current, shameless MSNBC practice it. I employ propaganda in HOLY TERROR as such. Without apology.
Let’s keep in mind that, back in the forties, Superman punched out Adolf Hitler. Or that the O’Neil/Adams Green Lantern/Green Arrow series in the seventies was a left-wing screed that climaxed with Jesus strung up on the head of a jumbo jet. Subtle stuff, all of it.
Come on. Propaganda is rampant. News objectivity is a twentieth-century myth. We only complain about propaganda when we don’t agree with it.
3000 of my neighbors were murdered. My country was, utterly unprovoked, savagely attacked. I wish all those responsible for the Atrocity of 9/11 to burn in hell.
I’m too old to serve my country in any other way. Otherwise, I’d gladly be pulling the trigger myself.


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