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Taplin. Letter. ToScorsese. 14 Jun 1972.

14 June 1972,

Martin Scorsese
1850 N. Whitley
Hollywood, Cal.

Dear Martin,
This will serve as a letter of agreement between Taplin Productions, Inc. (Producer) and Martin Scorsese (Director and Writer). It is our intention to produce a feature film of an original screenplay, Mean Streets, written by Martin Scorsese in collaboration with Mardik Martin and Ethan Edwards. It is understood that a sum of $6600 will be paid for the rights for the screenplay and that this sum will be divided among the various authors in proportions which they will decide. It is further understood that Martin Scorsese will receive 3% of the producers net profits as principal author of the screenplay.
It is also understood that Martin Scorsese shall be the director of the film and that the credit “A Film by Martin Scorsese[,”] shall appear after the title, on the screen and in all advertising and promotion. For his service as director, Martin Scorsese will be paid $8,000 against 5% of the producers[’s] net profits. It is further understood that the director will be paid union scale for a chief editor for three months of editing time upon completion of principal photography.
The budget for the film is $300,000 and our proposed date for the start of photography is March 1, 1973. It is understood that there will be a preproduction period of six weeks prior to the start of shooting. Upon consent to these terms the director will sign both copies and return one to our office. Formal contracts will be drawn immediately thereafter.

Sincerely Yours,
Jonathan T. Taplin
Taplin Productions, Inc.

Martin Scorsese

*As further agreed, this credit should read, “A Martin Scorsese Film.” Writing credit on separate card should read: “Story by Martin Scorsese, Screenplay by Martin Scorsese, Mardik Martin, Ethan Edwards” (or whatever name Jay Cocks would like).
Directing credit should appear: “Directed by Martin Scorsese.”

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