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Moralcowardice and conformity. Example. KellyReichardt. Transcript. Excerpt. NightMoves2013. EugeneHernandez. Film Society Lincoln Center, Amphitheater. 30 May 2013.

1.       So that part of the process for this particular film, how much time is that?
2.       I scouted over a year. I mean, off and on, I went through threescouts. It’s a lot of scout. We scouted a couple of dozen dams that were all over theState. And when we finally found the dam, which was a really great producing feat, and I would like to say that about all these films. Really the producers, they are able to make these films happen, and figure out how they can happen, and where we can all live and how we all can live. They’re so unsung, but NeilKopp and AnishSavjani, they’re, it’s amazing that these films get made with little we have to go on, so.
3.       You worked them more than once.
4.       We’ve done on thelastfourfilms together.
5.       So tell us about the NeilKopp and AnishSavjani. You’ve worked with them before, so they know how to work with you and what you’re trying to accomplish, but in the case of this particular film, you’re just laying out for them, Okay, you’re going to find the dam, and we’re going to need.
6.       Neil actually. The slightest door was open a little bit to onedam, and he sort of creative relationship with the guy in charge of the dam over the course of a year, and, [] you know, built enough trust with him that we were allowed to go there. And they got really into it. They were, you know, they were like, You were going to blow up this dam, how you’d really do it is, you know, you put the boat this [way]. Wow, you guys have really thought about this, which is interesting. You spend a lot of time at the dam, I guess you think about how to blow it up, but. Some of the scouting took place in boats in this film, and the actual place we shot was reservoir, which [] used to be a forest. Now it’s a place for people [who] ski and fish, and the guy who was took me out on the water for the first time, he told me he grew up there. He said, Yeah, this was all forest with hunting, I spent my whole life hunting in this forest. We’re like on a boat. And he’s like, Then, you know, they built the dam, and you know, it became a reservoir. And I was like, Wow, you must, Aren’t you supposed to be so mad about that. He was like, No, I really like fishing. Fishing’s good. And he’s just like, Wow, he just accepted that where he grew up is now under water, and sort of changed his sport. It’s interesting. You know, you arrive at a place, all sort of like, Look what they’ve done to this place I’ve never been to before. And the guy who grew up there is like, I like fishing. Laughter ofReichardt. So you know, you meet a lot of interesting people, I [suppose]. Yeah.

  Here is the summary of the plot.

  Set against the ravishing, threatened natural beauty of Oregon, the film tracks step by relentless step as quiet organic farmer Josh (Jesse Eisenberg, The Social Network), high-society dropout Dena (Dakota Fanning, War of the Worlds, the Twilight saga), and adrenaline-driven ex-Marine Harmon (Peter Sarsgaard, Blue Jasmine) prepare, carry out, and then experience the shocking fallout of what they hoped would be an attention-grabbing act of sabotage. Feeling they have been pushed to the limit by disregard for the local ecosystem, the trio is about to see their own personal limits tested. American landscapes and narratives of the road are themes that run throughout director Kelly Reichardt’s films (River of Grass, Old Joy, Wendy and Lucy, Meek’s Cutoff), and now she brings her distinctive voice to the thriller genre.

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