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Comment of {Tara Unknown. “Why Nice Guys Finish Last.” (21 May 2015) Youtube.}

‘Cause parasitic women take advantage of the nice guy’s (or girl’s) giving nature? Pretty much. It is what happens when you wear you’re heart on you’re sleeve. It’s like flies on shit or sharks on blood in the water. If you think it’s alright to take advantage of decent people then you are in fact a parasite. To all the good men out there, remember that you enable this kind of behavior and all the women out there that take whatever is given without any appreciation, you are scum.
women like her make nice guys turn into assholes and then women bitch about how mean the guy is damn humans like her make me sick
+rob zombie In our society women can be turned into villains, because of the actions of men and therefore cannot be blamed. When men become villains they’re rotten evil bastards to the core.
+Ó Slatraigh Pretty much :)
Niceness, and “wearing be you’re heart on you’re sleeve” is no excuse for the lack of intelligence and self worth it takes to seek out and stick with a woman who takes advantage of you, then to blame you’re lack of balls on them.
+rob zombie You give rob zombie a bad name. Devil’s rejects is the best movie evarrrr!!!! Tootie fuckin’ fruitie!!!
+Tara Babcock Vlogs! (2nd Channel) Intelligence has absolutley nothing to do with it, but SELF WORTH has everything to do with it. Most nice guy’s are lacking in self worth. It’s unfourtunate that the most valuable assest is ignored in present day society and I don’t care who you are, YOUR most valuable asset is YOU. That truth is universal. You can’t change any situation without power over yourself and most nice guy’s have not realized this power, because of this fucking parasitic, codependent shit hole that is america. I’m assuming you’re in ‘MERICA.. righ? Anyways you’re right about nice guy’s having no self worth.... and I can’t defend them for being foolish, but I can demonize the mother whore that is our nation for it’s failures to educate and it’s success in contamination. I want a waffle now. nom nom nom.
+Tara Babcock Vlogs! (2nd Channel) I totally agree with you because it would take a stupid/pussy whipped guy to stick around with a girl who would take advantage. Im not stupid enough to not know when someones trying to take advantage of me. I have too much pride to let that slide we either talk it out or I get the fuck out.
+Oscar Peralta If a girl takes advantage she’s every bit the parasite and scumbag as he is a pussy. Pride is for people who can’t admit they’re human and fallible. 
+Tara Babcock Vlogs! (2nd Channel) Niceness, and “wearing be you’re heart on you’re sleeve” is no excuse for the lack of intelligence and self worth it takes to seek out and stick with a woman who takes advantage of you, then to blame you’re lack of balls on them. ^---literally the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a long time. You don’t blame the victim for being taken advantage of, you blame the parasite female. You are scum and you revel in it. One day when you’re fake tit’s sag to you’re knees and you’re legs are all cottage cheese you’ll be like, “Oh, fuck, where are all the good men at?” Assuming you can’t con some desperate men to keep paying for you’re “augmentations”.
+Ó Slatraigh She gave an honest answer that makes a lot of sense from both a biological and psychological point of view. This is simply the reality of the situation. So develop a backbone, grow a pair of nuts, and slay tang.... or continue to be a Beta, I don’t give a shit either way. But, don’t hate on her because she told it the way it is and because you’re damaged. Learn from it, move forward, and conquer.
+hyroglyphx lol be a alpha beta omega. Are you a dog? I’m a human being. Grow a brain. Conquering is for people who are afraid of the world and feel the need to conform it to their delusions.
+Ó Slatraigh That you think humans are exempt from it proves you’re own delusions. The submissive/dominant duality exists, and you obviously are viewed as too meek for what most women are naturally drawn to. Stop trying to shame women for not gushing at you’re overly sensitive personality trait’s. These rants of yours are nothing more than you’re own insecurities manifesting themselves. So fix yourself before you castigate a woman who gave an honest response.
+hyroglyphx Not exempt. That’s not what I said. We have minds and we can either use them or continue to be animals who prey on the weak and try to legitimize our narcissistic behaviors with biology as a shield. It’s easy to blame it all on biology and say “that’s the way it is”. It takes someone with actual courage and willpower to move forward, not degenerate. If you want to be a degenerate, go for it.
+Ó Slatraigh She is Future Crazy Cat Lady in the making :D
+Tara Babcock Vlogs! (2nd Channel) I have a question,but will send you it in private,Tara
You call decent an entitled douchebag that thinks he deserves to get laid just on the virtue of being nice?? Really? You let you’re self be taken advantage of none of these nice guys are actually nice they just treat girls this way because they think it will get them laid then when they don’t get any they go crying and blame it on the girl when in reality they are the ones being complete sacks of shit.
+Leocomander I hate when people conflate things and it screws up the context.
Actually nice guys are nice because they are nice guys. It’s the ass kissers who pretend to “respect women” and agree with everything they say at all times. Want to know who the ass holes are go to a party and say “all men are ass holes” and it’s the ass holes who will stick around and agree with her to get laid.
+McMahonHater We call those supplicants and sycophants.
+Tara Babcock Vlogs! (2nd Channel) ikr, no woman wants an oversensitive punk. Especially when he can’t stand up on himself or anyone else.
+Tre’ Roney No guy wants a parasitic worm of a woman either. Do you?
+Ó Slatraigh true

I’m a nice guy...and I’m a virgin

If you think it’s unattractive for a guy to treat people with dignity and respect, you must have some serious jealousy issues. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, until they give you a reason not to. 
+Kickasscomedy94 respect is earned. People are not entitled to my respect, specially if I know nothing about them.
Respect should be earned. The level of respect given to a stranger should be just common courtesy and absolutely nothing more.
+Tara Babcock Vlogs! (2nd Channel) coming from a person that is a “nice guy” in this situation I beg to differ when you say that mainly because I give people my respect when they devote their time and energy to respecting me for what I do not looking down on it
+DFGaming what? no grammar errors, but the last part of you’re huge convoluted sentence made no sense. 
+Tara Babcock Vlogs! (2nd Channel) I think that is ridiculous. Hey stranger want to barrow $100?
+Kickasscomedy94 you have respect for the guy who raped you’re mother
+Kickasscomedy94 Big difference between giving strangers mutual respect and treating them like human beings vs getting pushed around and just rolling over. If someones an asshole to you or you’re girl put them in their place.
+Tara Babcock Vlogs! (2nd Channel) yeah they have to prove themselves those bastards, until they do just treat them like a dick cause that makes you so much more attractive.
+Zack Downs dude, stfu. Why don’t you pay attention instead of being a retard.
+Tara Babcock Vlogs! (2nd Channel) Then nobody is going to respect you. You’re a narcissist.
+Zack Downs That’s the problem. You gotta prove yourself to these people like they’re a queen and you’re a servant. Fuck that. Ha.

ugly guys finish last (and I know it well)

this is why I dont date dimes

And that’s why I started drinking alcohol 3 years ago🍺cheers.

So you`re primary job is stripper slash hooker and con dumbfuck desperate dweebs on here to watch you’re videos and make money? My comment just demoted to me not being a nice guy huh.

Californication huh? I dont call him by his name, just lol!

A lot what you said about nice guys is utter bullshit but some other stuff is true. If you want to be more clear and stop saying a bunch of BS about nice people title the video, “ Why guys who don’t show emotion or a lot of passion finish last” sincerely every guy in the world
You still wrong about nice guys thing because all the dumb bitches in the world say they want a nice guy but don’t actually date that guy and you’re probably one of those people too. FOH with that some guys show more emotion of he’s Ana asshole he’s an asshole nothing else should make you think otherwise

Id pull a gun on a guy for doing that to my girl, Im a nice dude but I have low tolerance for bs

Women don’t like nice guys because they’re only being nice to get girls in bed. Try being genuine.

Right on! You got the key idea, I think: a “nice guy” is not to be taken literally, it is an expression that describes a type of person who is a wimp, too cowardly to express his own opinions and desires and just goes along to get along. It is a survival tactic of a coward. Not very attractive. That type of guy can’t be counted on to be honest either. You tell it like it is. I like you’re spirit. ;-D

Dam this explains a lot.

Thats so retarded. Passion is definetaly there in most men. The problem is as usual the women. They dont understsnd that if you take a pornstar like Rocco SifredI in his best years and show no submission what so ever ( even ) he woukld feel rejected and show a minimum of passion. If you have ever watched Rocco porn he always start with a passionate seducing sessio followed by a submissive blowjob. If these women weren’t pros and did what most women do e.g demand more attention and no returned favour his dick would be reduced to a lipstick and a new whore would be given to him by his manager. This is an example of everyday life. Dominance is in most guys but passion-racism makes boring self destructive men out of real passionate material. I tell you this out of own experience. As a younger guy I was regarded as unpassionate and today as a great lover. Am I more experienced ?. Hell No I am. But women want to believe that lie. The real problem is that no woman want to take on the problem of “forming men”. In reality they dont need to form anything just bring it out for their own plesure.

Us nice guys don’t emote enough? I emote all the time! I be spamming all the Kappas on twitch
+bevan185 Kappa wtf it’s not working....
+cfjlkfsjf you’re doing it wrong, Kappa = Grey Face (no space)
+bevan185 Awesome picture lol.
+bevan185 twitch fags are the worst
+Dream you’re just jealous because you don’t know all the dank twitch memes
+Dream xD lel top kek
But doesn’t the fact that you consider yourself nice... mean you’re not actually nice?

all the upvoted comments are misinterpreting and distorting her statements. I guess that’s youtube though. try to offer education to those who need it, all they can do is lash out if it’s not supporting their pre-existing viewpoints.

I was against MGTOW until I heard this.
+Solid Snake me to
you found the light bro
+Solid Snake wat

Real Fuckin talk

I am a nice guy and I hate all the bitches .. go get you hearts broken .. aint no nice guy gonna pick up the pieces ..

sad thing kinda in the middle tbh

If you are a good guy who makes you’re money honest, then you have nothing to prove, and no woman is better or above you. If anybody says otherwise they are actually beneath you and you need to get them out of yiur life.

Californication... such a great show and excellent analogy.

Hey stop cursing for God 🙏🏻🙌🏻

This channel needs to be renamed to “Privileged Narrow Minded Shallow White Girl Criticizes People.”
+Red Pill Gaming - Shadow Raven she’ll be damaged in the future lol who wants to play hole in the wall

guys you heard it here 1st from the horses mouth don’t be NICE guy damn it

I’m a damaged nice guy who despises people in general and I finish last. None of this shit makes sense, I’d rather die alone then end up with a scumbag like her. Do porn nobody cares about you’re opinion
+The Lionhe@rt that wasn’t very nice. lol
Amen lol
But you don’t sound nice???
+Ralph Ryker I’m nice but never an ass kiss.


Nice guys will not finish last if they must: (Be a man) We must be swift as a coursing river (Be a man) With all the force of a great typhoon (Be a man) With all the strength of a raging fire Mysterious as the darkside of the moon!!!!

dont like flowers? grrrr.... you r not romantic person................

And the search for bitch of the year is over.
+dan taylor why
+James Ram oh dear oh dear, you need help with that?

I supposed you’d rather you’re boyfriend punch the guy in the face when he insults you. Be a man show his dick size! We’ll his dick size won’t matter when the asshole who insulted you pulls out a knife.

Of course nice guys finish last. We make sure our lady comes first. Multiple times in fact.
+Masterdevil I see what you did there
well played
you just widened you’re mangina bro
+TheBurn3rBroz I dunno bro, being able to make you’re woman come is what makes you a man, bro.
+Masterdevil Well said. A lot of people fail to understand that for some reason...
true true true
+Masterdevil just got the joke bro 10/10
+TheBurn3rBroz I gotchu bro, only took you what, 6 months? bro ;)
+Masterdevil I had to walk on the beach during sunrise and reminisce at the joke lol

Nice guy finish last because women look down on them as being weak and needy. This is ironic considering these women will be weak and needy years later.
+DrewYettI so true, if women were judged by the same standards men are oh boy would that be fun to see.
Yeah kinda like this girl in the vid she just like black guys cuz she sounds like the biggest fucking whore FYI bitch

I already think humans are worthless pieces of shit, so if anyone spills a drink or whatever and is openly an asshole about it to anyone I happen to care about there better be someone there to stop me from bashing there fucking head into the cement until their brains spill out and their head turns into fucking pulp. I can’t stand belligerent pricks.

how about a nokia as a gift lol those things last for fucking evet

I just became a subscriber, love the videos btw they really interesting, any who I seen you like manga and stuff and I noticed some things you like, I watched an anime recently that I think might be up you’re ally, , might be nice to give it a go and see what you think. I know this is an old video but hope you see this comment :P

speaking of a man treating a woman how she should be treated Tara I would treat you like the whore you dress and talk like. that’s how you should be treated

just show us you’re tit’s, you little attention seeking whore. Stop pretending you can think and be articulate ;)
This is the reason why you get none.
if +Leocomander​ aka the usual mangina aka captain save a hoe thinks so ...XD 

Evolution didn’t create a system that rewards the placid. That nice guys finish last thing is actually a dummy spit from guys who have higher expectations than they should. “Nice guys finish last” yeah, depending on what you’re racing. If you’re a skateboard don’t get all pissy when you enter a formula 1 race and get lapped every 30 seconds. If you’re ugly, get rich because chances are you already have character. If you’re fat, lose weight. If you’re an asshole, don’t be. Look at Donald trump, he’s a fat ugly asshole and he gets pretty much anything he wants. If you ever feel like you’ll never find someone to love you, I want you to look at 1mm on a ruler. There are 7 billion people on the planet. 7 billion millimetres = 7000km. You have no excuses to not make friends and find someone. Stop complaining and get off you’re ass and improve you’re position. Shit, even hitler had friends.
+Proloco47chev Hitler dindu nuffin.
hahaha! at least he didn’t send the gas bill to the jews. That would be rude. 
+Proloco47chev Brutal :D

I meant not a nice guy or bad guy. not a nice or bad guy.

You’re describing arab guys.

ehh I’m way to nice... chicks do dig assholes.. I can’t ever turn into one
I was nice but recently I’ve just started being a twat.

The moment you realize that ted bundy, who raped, tortured, mutilated and killed women received 200 letters a day from women who claimed to love him.

I swear, the more that I learn about how women actually think and what they like, the more I realized that I was heavily lied to as a kid.
+KishagI Azuka Yup. We were lied to. The lies are to control males in general, for socio-economic purposes and ironically, reward the males that don’t want to be controlled, which is ironically what women want. They’ll go with the male you were taught to be after they’ve had 20 dicks and 3 abortions and their looks are fading...if you’re bank account is good. So much for ‘love.’

this woman basically needs a walking talking dick who when he comes home ravages her without permission

“Grab you’re bitch by the ass” -Tara Babcock xD
10:42 😂                            
+Stealth2668 But but but, society taught me that was sexual assault and I’ll go to jail and be anally raped if I even attempt to attempt to grab that booty.
Nah. Wouldn’t you like it if some chick grabbed you by the ass and made out with you? Yes? Well there you go! It’s perfectly acceptable!
+Stealth2668 Tell that to Jameis Winston :P

Most of us complain too much just because you’re nice that doesn’t mean we’re entitled grow some balls and go you’re own way if a female want you oh well if not so be it focus on. you

youre the reason why girls are stuck up and shallow

A guy will never know his girl great enough like you suggested unless they’ve been together for a while. Also, why did you call them “basic bitches”? The fuck? My god you’re all high and mighty

This is the 9th video I’ve seen of yours, and it’s the first that I totally disagree with. I’m a good person, but it’s not like I never get mad at anyone. I just don’t usually have drama with people, and if you ask me, I’m OK with that. As for having self-worth and being able to stand up for myself, my ability to do that often varies depending on who I’m dealing with. I see you’re point, but I disagree with you heavily.

BRUH was with you till you said you like dysfunctional relationships. I know women in my family in their 40s who are lonely and SCRAPING the bottom of the barrel with bums. Agree on being creative with gifts though...I respect you’re opinion though.

Thank you now I know what to do around girls


No more me nice guy lol

this was actually extrememly helpful

it depends if you are a slut girl. Most of the sluts love manly guys who don’t give a f... and always like sleeping around! pea ce

the ONE the 1 in 21-1 BROOOCK LEEESSSSNAR that’s all I got from this honestly opinion opinion heres mine nice guys finish last but in that phrase they still FINISHED. can’t say alot about people who don’t because I don’t know em
Haha no chill 😂😂😂

this offends me nice should finish first. Not all guys have they think another way

This girl has the mentality of a rebellious 17 year old. Give it a few years of these arsehole guys screwing her over and she will end up complaining she wants a nice guy.. Problem is, I don’t think she will get one as her attitude makes her a magnet for douche bags.

Well... My life is fucked lmao

All you describe is the difference between a guy who has passion and a guy who is a conformist. A nice or bad guy.

I’d like to think nice guys have a mind set most couldn’t understand. Nice guys don’t show how they feel all that much because they know what can happen and will happen if he speaks his mind.

So what isn’t plastic or silicone in you? Real girls over plastic fakes any day.
That’s her idea of beauty so don’t judge asshole
+EliteKing14 but she criticises other people like other girls, fat people she’s just a bitch face it just because she is you’re sad case of wank bank doesn’t mean other people can express opinions to me she is a pathetic lonely woman that picks on others because she’s so fucking stupid so has to hide herself behind plastic tit’s etc.
+EliteKing14 Exactly what fallenoak said. And plastic is not beautiful
+OverkillsGaming Beauty is a matter of preference :p Honestly I could not care less if plastic or not, as long as there is no low self-esteem fake-ass personality behind the fake-tit’s. (Basically the Betas of the girls.)
Lmao!! That’s so true! Almost everything about her is fake as hell. She isn’t even a good model. She sucks!
+EliteKing14 We will judge, cunt.
+ΔTheFallenOakΔ just like you are criticizing right now. quit bitching hypocrite
+Ó Slatraigh tough internet guy, haha pathetic
+EliteKing14 You too. C’mon, let us pixel box. puts up dukes Have at you, knave!
+EliteKing14 not really just expressing an opinion 
+OverkillsGaming that’s an opinion
+EliteKing14 No shit. What the fuck did you think it was?
+OverkillsGaming this bitch is fake af

Do nice guys finish last? Yeah, sometimes, and sometimes not. As long as a guy is not using “nice” as a synonym for weak, nice guys finish first quite often. How do I know? Because I am one, and I’ve had many lovely girlfriends, and now have a lovely wife. I am NOT a wimp (I’ll beat the shit out of you if you harass my wife!) but I don’t go looking for chances to look like James Dean or some such crap. Any girl that would like a guy because he likes to dominate others should be aware of who he will end up dominating, i.e., his girlfriend. Good luck, ladies!

I only find real beauty in black women. Most amazing bodies and beautiful in the world.

In old days, men were taught to be considerate, ladies first etc. Guess what, these men actually used to get the girls. Today, thanks to moronic feminism, women are taught that a considerate guy is an asshole and feminism teaches men that being considerate to women is sexism.
+JudasBenPesach Yup. Civilization is crumbling. All you can do is crumble with it to you’re advantage.

whats the difference between being needy and being possesive?

you’re morals dont make no fucking sense people like you should not be able to speak or have an opinion

women are emotional creatures you want to get a woman like this reach her on a emotional level

Nice guys finish last because they don’t take themselves out of the friend zone. Be a dick and argue with a woman just to see what make-up sex and or hate sex is like. Piss her off, challenge her by standing you’re ground and tell her you want to fuck her brains out her. Also I like how you keep calling David Duchovny “Molder”.
+Jonathan Vian “Grab you’re Bitch”! Awesome!
+Jonathan Vian & then be accused of rape, & they send you’re ass to jail
If you’re being accused of rape then you’re usually doing something rapey. Use common sense. 

morals make no sense? girls like assholes women like men

I would love to see this women trade places with me for a few years and see how well she could do in my circumstance.
+LegoSwordViedos The Sith’s would slice her quicker than Anakin’s flying.

Youre not accurate at all .Geesh

that was great

youre the reason why girls are stuck up and shallow

A lot of this advice makes you a nice guy who would finish last 
+xpallodoc Which advice would you say sticks out?
+PolakFury idk what you mean but she pretty much says she want’s to be priority number one in some guys life. That’s both bad for the guy and unattractive to women. In fact I would argue women are just hypergamous and you shouldn’t even worry about what they say they are attracted to. Hypergamy better explains why girls like bad boys than this passion BS. 
+xpallodoc Use nice guys and fuck bad dudes and then complain when the bad dudes are bad, so they get sympathy from the nice guys and everyone else when they’re mistreated or rejected. It’s pretty comical once you think about it.
+Ó Slatraigh Is there a way around this?
+PolakFury Let women know you’re not going to deal with their shit and find a good woman who isn’t a user, or get a fleshlight, or pick up a few hobbies and become a monk, or find an alien bride.
+Ó Slatraigh Fleshlight Alien Monk Bride sounds good.
+KishagI Azuka yup, count me in as well. a link maybe...?

I have quite a few disagreements here. First off, someone who treats people with dignity and respect should not finish last. That right there takes more courage and stones than to just get angry and disrespect someone right away. It is easier to get angry, pass blame onto others, and so forth. Especially in a moment where someone is going to start a fight, it takes more of a backbone to defuse the situation. A person who can control themselves in a respectful manner is worth the praise. Examples of people who are like this: A lot of major martial artists (Dan Henderson, Mayhem Miller, Chuck Lidell), GhandI Martin Luther King Jr., Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan. So forth. Do they have differing opinions yes. Do they know their self worth, I think most of them yes. But they are still humble. Respectful to everyone, defusing in situations. Until they cannot be. These are the Nice/Good guys you are talking down. Also in a relationship, sometimes a backbone will not help the man get out of the relationship. Love is a mysterious thing, and so is infatuation. The men who don’t show emotion and are lifeless, are more representative of a damaged bad guy. Respectful people smile, greet you with a handshake, give hugs, etc. The description you are giving is that of a damaged man, and someone who can only be kind is probably damaged too. Fitting into the category of mysterious or damaged that women “like” supposedly. “Why is he like that? Why is he always nice?” It is the mindset of the woman, that leads them to douchebags. Because they think that is a better alternative. It doesn’t usually have to do anything worth personality from what I have noticed a lot of the time. It comes down to the woman wanting someone just as smug as they are, or security. By this can come many different things. A larger guy, stocky, built, or even a rounded gentleman. It also comes in the form of money. Seeing it engrained in movies even. Women should marry a “Doctor, Lawyer, etc.” Not because of who they are, if they make them happy. But because of their money and social status. That is not how a relationship or life should work. It should be about how two people feel about each other, figuring out together how to make it work, and last. Well that is enough of my spiel. Kind of went on for a while. Lol, oops! But everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I cannot change that except by offering my point of view as well. Anyway Tara have a great day! :D
+The Pale Death I agree. That’s what I believed for a long time. You explained it well.
+Ryu Hayabusa Thank you Ryu. I appreciate that. I hope you got that Cursed Arm ordeal sorted out.
+The Pale Death Got it taken care of already.

I laughed at the dead flowers part. I sent my ex dead flowers. We always sent each other pictures of dead animals though.

Lol I referred to Hank as mulder as well for a while.

“The mysterious, damaged, asshole type will end up getting the girl because he’s entertaining” Ergo, this is how girls end up in a Ted Bundy type situation.

I actually got a lot out of this. Thanks for the message. 

Intersting.... SHe’s the typical MGTOW female. She’ll end up alone in life by 40, she’ll understand her disfunctionality. She sounds like she is being used by guys but has yet to realize it, she’s the MGTOW girl that all men know about and use.
+Mark M Nah, she’ll be marrying a rich guy when she starts hitting the wall. (Which will be soon) While she’s young and hot she’ll play with the bad boys cuz it’s ‘emotional’ like a stupid soap opera. That’ll stop when young, good looking males don’t want to fuck her anymore, then it’s off to get the average looking guy with the above average bank account. She’ll likely cheat on him. She isn’t being used, she is definitely the user. Seen this many, many times in my day.
+Nem33 I think my take is a little more realistic. She’ll meet a guy, slightly above average bank as you stated, but you have to understand, her looks and vagina will depreciate as she gets older while a man’s value goes up. After a while her pussy power declines, but when she withholds it, the man or in this case men will cheat on her as she keeps getting older. When she’s young in he 20’s guys have basically fawned over her for about 15 years. But when the wall comes - and she does look like a chic who will hit the wall hard - she get desperate and get married and the above will take place. We may not have the exact details right, but we are thinking the same thing except I believe she will be the one getting used. Right now she is doing the using but eventually she’ll lose her goods and as mentioned depreciate.
What if someone doesn’t want to hit someone because they are a pacifist? Are pacifists who don’t want to hurt someone, not attractive?
Punch you’re way to pussy

Why is nice guys in last place is also because we expose racism and women don’t want to date us.

and if you still date him dats cool just maby we can be cool if you still do


way too much makeup hun wtf .
Women always cake their faces with make up, welcome to reality.

...PC means personal computer...cause I said so....
+Mk Injustice Ooo when! 
+0179³ AlexLion agreed
+Ó Slatraigh On the “ooo when” thing or “Pc means personal computer” thing?
+0179³ AlexLion Both. Macs are also PCs.
+Ó Slatraigh I can’t agree with you on that....
+0179³ AlexLion It is a personal computer. The difference is the operating system.
+Ó Slatraigh And that makes all the difference to me
+0179³ AlexLion I’m speaking literally. Everyone thinks that Macs are some wonder computer beyond pc, but the way they’re built, the components are really no different. You can dual boot a mac os on a “pc” with windows or linux. Why people pay so much for macs is beyond my comprehension.

Well that’s the last time I need to hear that I am killing myself

Tara I’ve noticed that you explain things in a good unbiased smart/intelligent way. Are you in any way an introvert or an extrovert? just asking cus I find you interesting


they want badboys that are goodboys does noone see the contradiction trust me a real bad boys wont spend money on you’re sorry asses just there to fuck tbh

in 3 years when you become an old used up whore, not even boring nice guys will want you
+2Much4TheseBitches preach
+2Much4TheseBitches What exactly is she doing that makes her a whore?
+2Much4TheseBitches Yeah keep telling yourself that.
+Daniel Pridemore She said men who are boring and nice dont deserve to get laid. She rather be a slut for men who overly macho thugs that will fuck and dump her like a bitch. Stop being whiteknights, she won’t give you guys any pussy so relax. Wait 3 years when her sexual market value goes to shit and her pussy looks like day old leftover lasagna
+2Much4TheseBitches Someone got offended.
+2Much4TheseBitches “overly macho thugs” lol somebody got cut from the football team freshman year
+HandUpManUp So what if he did? You are probably still in high school thinking sports will get you somewhere. They wont buddy. 
+2Much4TheseBitches You’re complete missing the point. Would you date a girl who is extremely boring, no personality, and uninteresting? And if you say yes, you’re fucking lying. Even if she was cute, looks only go so far. You would eventually give up on her and leave.
+Dat Sik At least I’d still fuck a boring girl, not put her in the friendzone and only talk to her when I need favors.
I would fuck a boring girl too. Not the point though, this video was more about finishing last in relationships. Not booty calls.
+Dat Sik Who the hell cares about relationships? Plus you need to fuck first before it turns into anything. Nice guys dont even get to do that most the time.
+2Much4TheseBitches I can see why you don’t get laid bro. 
+Dat Sik You’re obviously a simp, keep you’re fat ugly smelly hos you get
+2Much4TheseBitches Hahahahahaha says the desperate motherfucker
+Dat Sik Says the thirsty simp who thinks he can whiteknight his way into some internet pussy
“Whiteknight his way into some internet pussy” hahahahaha 
+2Much4TheseBitches I agree 100% she seems to think she’s superior to 90% of us because she has fake boobs and make up gtfo here the only guys who are good looking and interested in her are guys who will use her .she will wake up one day .
+2Much4TheseBitches that’s not very nice.. looks like you’re getting laid..
+Daniel Pridemore Selling you’re pussy makes you a whore

I hold the door then I smack you’re bum.
then you go to court =3
you nerds ever had gf?
no sir

That is why women love murders, and go off with serial killers. Because they are exciting. Another example are the old drug whores who were getting paid to have sex with Bill Cosby. Those hags used their bodies to get ahead and now they are old they want to cash in on someone who already paid those liars.

PS4 all day!.. good choice in gaming!

I don’t take pride in being nice. I do what needs to be done. But if I had a lady, it’d be me and her against the world...

You are one typical whore...

So she likes assholes that disrespect and other shit. It’s 100% proven that she’s a slut. 
I agree
+Gerson Zavala Nah, I can verify because I grew out of being a nice guy, it’s pretty much all women who feel this way... Once you’re willing to be a bit of a jerk, everything in life improves.
+WhiteTakumI Oh god, that’s actually true isn’t it? Funk. It’s so much easier to show politeness and a basic level of respect to everybody.
+Gerson Zavala Yeah okay. What’s the definition for slut again?
+KishagI Azuka you’re mom

you’re definitely not the kind of girl I’d want a relationship with
Yeh I agree. Why would you want an asshole. There are nice guys with personality and I personally like guys who respect me and why would you want someone just to slam the door in you’re face. But I do agree about the whole gift thing tho. Flowers and jewelry and stuff are generic and you can buy that stuff for anyone, but to each there own

Tara has some serious balls because she’s keeping it 100% real and not just telling you guys what you want to hear about yourself. This is why I love this channel so much.
+Carlemone And boobs...let’s be real here.
+cfjlkfsjf Thse certainly don’t hurt
“Grab you’re bitch by the ass” -Tara Babcock xD
10:42 😂
+Stealth2668 But but but, society taught me that was sexual assault and I’ll go to jail and be anally raped if I even attempt to attempt to grab that booty.
Nah. Wouldn’t you like it if some chick grabbed you by the ass and made out with you? Yes? Well there you go! It’s perfectly acceptable!
+Stealth2668 Tell that to Jameis Winston :P

I think this usually applies to younger women (teens and early 20s). When they get older (like around 30 or so), they become more sensible and start to appreciate nice guys, hence the phrase. Also, not all nice guys are wimps.
+Allie-RX Which advice would you say sticks out?
+Allie-RX kind of, yeah, but who even wants a woman who feels this way? Being a jerk/bitch is bad enough. Being attracted to someone who treats other with disrespect: That kind of validation is even more unattractive.
+Allie-RX Those women become more sensible in their 30s and 40s, because men their age have realized they don’t have time to deal with the antics of twenty-something little girls. People let those females get away with being irresponsible and disrespectful. At some point it’s not cute or funny anymore and they soon find their market value has gone down significantly. It’s amusing.
+Allie-RX “Sensible”, no. What happens is they become less attractive and start valuing money completely for her future rather than worrying about young ‘bad boys’ which she can no longer obtain. She’ll go for the average guy (with money) that she can control with her looks. Despite them fading, she will stay ‘the pretty one’ giving her power over him. They ‘appreciate’ the nice, average looking guy’s loyalty and bank account.
And it’s not due to maturity as women seem to be vain as they care about their own looks their own lives as they dread old age. It’s due to vanity.
+Gigerian that’s exactly what happens then they find a nice guy simp that’s wants to get married

Why shouldn’t a man who actually shows respect and uses his manners towards others be a step ahead of others. I don’t understand why a woman would be attracted to a man who disrespects her or others. That’s just my opinion. 
+Bensaw11 You’re a little bitch
That’s not what she meant. She meant that everyone gets to be treated nicely but pretty much don’t shine their shoes. Respect everyone but don’t act like they’re your best friend you have known a long time
+Ricky Exactly what a shitwolf like you would say
+hardrockfreak1337 do yourself a favor and fuck off
sfuuuuuuck yooooouuuuuu riiicky!!!!!
+Ricky face it mate he’s confused so he commented for help not a sad little asshole like you to just tell him to fuck off show respect you pitiful excuse of an abortion :)
+The Samsquamch holy fucking shit 
+ΔTheFallenOakΔ I’m not saying I’m not smarts enough to read all of that, I’m just too fucking stoned so fuck off
+Bensaw11 ‘Cause women like her aren’t good women. They’re users. They see someone who is giving as a meal ticket and nothing more. Someone to use, abuse and drop, like the men they so crave to control (the bad boys). It’s like being bullied and bullying other people to feel better about being bullied.
It also depends on the girl... Like she can be completely out of his league or a bitch or whatever...nice guys should go for girls who want them and are as nice as them, not behind the so called “hot ones” at least then they will be appreciated. The other reason can be that there are many guys who fake to be nice as in they expect something in return when they are nice to you! they are even worse than the bad guys!
Nope tried. The ugly ones take residents on a pedestal as well. Ugly or hot no girl is ignorant of how horny guys are whether they’re nice or mean.

Man I wish you wouldve gone with me too high school.Not for sex or anything but ive loved this girl for five years (since the day I met her) and she goes goes thro7gh the phases every like half a year where she hates me and wants me dead or either loves me sometimes it happens in a snap sometimes it happens slowly,I wish you would be there so you could give me advice on girls and pretty much be the fairy god mother of pussy.
She is either a thot or bipolar

I’m gonna have to disagree with you on this one, Tara. A man who doesn’t think uses brute force to get what he wants. A pushover who always has their woman’s back isn’t someone I would trust, simply because he has no values and virtues in which to stand on. He’s constantly being told what to do, because he thinks that’s the ‘macho’ thing to do. A man who sets his own rules is more of a man than the ideal man described in this video, because at least he knows where he stands. I also think this topic varies in context and, contrary to popular belief, men do exhibit a range of emotions like women, and not every man acts or feels the same way in different situations.
+Mark P should also add that some men can be both the caring, respectful and still be the 1 that stands for what is right. after all there is a saying “you should watch the quiet 1nse” as for respect some is granted allot is earned but can easily be removed. morals dictate what we do along with manners strength of character dictates how long we put up with crap that people put out and there’s allot of that lol. there’s a big difference in fighting foe what you believe in and want to protect and just being a complete asshole.
+Mark P Agreed. Women use the fact that their men will back them up even when they’re being disrespectful, dishonest, abusive, violent, irrational and it reinforces the fact that women are not held to the same social responsibility as men are. These men are enablers and the women they enable are parasites and narcissists, because society doesn’t keep their bad behavior in check and because of their own personal choices in taking liberties.
+Ó Slatraigh It’s the decadence stage of the empire cycle; when destructive behavior is upheld as moral and even enshrined in law, the empire is in definite decay. I fear it may be irreversible at this point.
+tookedeamon Just like a narcissist who grasps firmly to his or her delusions of grandeur, or past triumphs.

Fuck this, there is no such thing as love or soul mates; you’re hormones come down later on and the passion will all ways fade no matter what. Guys should not have to feel like they won the lottery if a so called pretty girl finally shows you attention, fuck it; own it man if that’s who you are don’t change yourself for anyone, or you will be miserable down the road. As for the TV references TV has skewed everyone’s perspectives on what relationships are “supposed” to be, they are written to these impossible unattainable standards.
Dude... Bummer
+drknight48 TV offers the same advice that you just gave. “Don’t change yourself for anyone,” they say, but it’s nonsense. You must commit to shepherding your relationship as a team. This whole, “don’t change yourself for anyone” tripe is a derivative of the soulmate myth. Don’t pretend you change yourself though; that will only make you unhappy in the end.

Well that best thing about nice people they’re natural peace makers. You can’t hate someone for not wanting to fight. I’m a nice guy I show respect to everyone and ya I hate some people and will fight others but I have friends who are pacifist and won’t fight or talk trash and that’s them. There are girls who maybe just as or maybe less as pretty as Tara who love these boys and that’s not my opinion it’s 100% true 
Thank you

It’s all about confidence. Nice guys have non and assholes have it in abundance.
+Skudermasker89 I guess the simplest x-y graph would be degrees of Confidence against degrees of Etiquette. However, we’d have to define the delineating factors of “nice” to determine how etiquette can be measured. That would be ambiguous from culture to culture. From opinion, the asshole would be high on the confidence scale and low on the etiquette scale. However, any man that scores the utmost on both scales, would be a rarity and probably prone to narcissism sooner or later.

What does finish last mean? I’m not american
+JewTube It means if a girl can date 50 assholes and 1 nice guy she’ll date the 50 assholes first and might not even date the nice guy ever. not true in real life but that is what it means
+Joshua Villavicencio All right, thanks

With me I am nice but every time I have tried to get close to a girl to hangout with them or get to know them away from school they act like they never had any interest in me and go out of their way to avoid me. Idk why, even this one college girl I liked would not let me get close after I gave her a card for her birthday and it made her so happy, we had a good texting conversation one day and the next she never messaged back, and made all her friends swarm around her to order me away from her, even her mom came to the school and ordered me to stay away from her. Then after that one day her mom put her in the guidance area and she said to me “I’m moving her to a new campus so you cannot see her”. I have no clue what I did wrong, can anybody help me
Unless our like a creeper, the girls at you’re school are weird

Yup assholes do finish first. When I treat my bitch like a stray dog, I make sure I cum as fast as possible; there’s no need to care about the bitch’s feelings. And then leave the house as quickly as possible to make her feel like dirt.
Females are confusing
Rule #1, never take love advice from a female. She’ll confuse you

I wonder how you look with no make up and other things.
She’s probably fugly
Yeah that’s what I though to
She posted a vid without it and you guys are correct

how old are you Tara cause you speack da truth I feel da same way you do I am 20 but I probally fit ure wants in who you like and I d like 2 get to know u

Anyone who complains about finishing last is the type of person to make excuses for not changing. If they really want something they need to get up and go for it. They think the end all be all of getting all the pussy is to be a jerk to everyone. Everybody is different and everybody likes different things. You can’t be everybody’s type end of story.
Tell the same thing to women when they’re in their 40s and if they want a nice guy then they have to work hard to prove themselves why
+DrewYettI uh wat

Dayummmmm She Ugly af, guys who Gap to her are the so called Behind the Closet Nice Guys who get no girls and Fap all day to this Fugly Pastyass Slut. 😎
+MazzyStaar someone is sad because their ugly C:
+MazzyStaar you are so butthurt LOL
+MazzyStaar Bad day?
+AozoraOrigamI I used to be butthurt like you. But then I decided to take it in the pussy instead.....
Troll, lol”😎
Being a douche wont get you inside her pussy so stop trying rofl
Lol at all the people who thought I was being serious haha, Looks like many people are butthurt enough to comment about their wonderful jerking material. Get out the basement pussies...Lmfao😂😎
+4EverGamer X you got the idea unlike the butthurt basement bitches on here. Lmfao😂😎
+Azim VaskovskI awwwwww😭😭😭😂😂😂😎😎😎
+AozoraOrigamI 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😜😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🙊😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😘😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😭😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😂😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎💩😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Lol😎
+Nico Langley ikr, pfft, 😎
+MazzyStaar shades inside!!!!! LIKE A FAGGOT!!!!!!!!
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+MazzyStaar what??!?!!!!! Once I.....looked at a I’m super strait k? .....unlike you’re teeth!!!!! Oh the insults!!!! Burn bruh!!!!!!
+jim gordon OhhhhMyGaaaaaaad!!!! How Dare You!!!!! ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😜😘😋😎

4:09 oh wait wait wait hold on she want’s to feel special? Like she means more to him then anyone else? So like a guy who is sick of being just a friend and is nothing more then another person to all the women in his life. That’s some hypocritical BS right there.

Nice guys finish last because we don’t quick after 4 strokes.
Best comment ive seen

2:30 that is the reason humanity has been bathed in rivers of blood from the earliest moments of our history. So sorry I believe things can be worked out through diplomacy and logic and that everyone can move forward if we have enough understanding, because conflict is HOT!

+Tara Babcock Vlogs! (2nd Channel) I think you forgot something very important in this video or maybe I missed it, but a lot of “nice” guys are only nice because it is a woman they are interested in and when the woman doesn’t throw their pussy at them, they feel cheated. They believe that being the nice guy with no faults entitles them to the woman they are after. I know this because I felt this way before. I liked a girl, decided to be nice and do things for her, and then couldn’t understand why she wasn’t attracted to me beyond regular friendship. I live to better myself, so I decided to take a look at myself rather than blame others. I realized that I was being “fake”. My niceness wasn’t genuine. If she wasn’t a woman, I wouldn’t have done any of the things I did. That being said, I am always courteous. I treat people the way I want to be treated. No less, no more. I willl never be a passionate guy but that is fine with me. Most women like passion and drama, I can accept that. I don’t need most women, just one. If a girl I’m with likes that I punched someone in the face, I’m obviously with the wrong woman. In the “real” world you can go to jail for that and have you’re entire life ruined. Also, being a black male mostly attracted to white and hispanic females I can’t just go around grabbing women, hoping they are interested in me and start kissing them. I always have to think to myself, are they open to dating interracially. The whole thing bothers me so much sometimes that I don’t even bother. On dating sites, females literally put “no black men.” A passionate black male is called “aggressive.”

Nice guys just need to get guns. Guns = fear = power = respect = status And girls love status.

ah, you’re one of those people who shrug off genuine people. I understand a lot more about you now... something about sex addicts is always the same.
this is SO relevant it hurts my sould

nice guys don’t actually finish last. Most bad boys will just use Tara for sex and sooner or later she will fall in love with one of them and they won’t want the same and when she grows up and realises this she will be chasing the nice guys .she seems to have a very big ego but wait a few years and sooner or later she won’t be able to get enough of nice guys :).the bad boys will use her as a cum rag till she wakes up .
Lol this bitch is a hoe but got some titties but only reason I’d fk her
+Zeb ra well the thing is she’s just doing what most girls with insecuritys do .most the guys who she is probably into which she has already stated muscly arent into her or most likely use her for a screw then leave her .so she has this superiority complex like she better than 99% of the guys on here but in actual fact it’s just her being a stuck up mole .but seems like she thinks she’s a supermodel or something .

<(^)3 it’s a cock
No it’s a penguin <(“)

Females are confusing
Nah you just don’t understand
+Newpriester InSD that’s why they are confusing
sRule #1, never take love advice from a female.She’ll confuse you

I recommend being a gentleman.

That’s true shit right there. 🔥🔥👊

Get her into bed,go down to her sugarhole...then skip it and ram you’re tongue in her dirt star for like an hour while you thumbblast her with one hand and rub her nub with the other ,she won’t think you’re a nice guy anymore

So you like & collect bears? If I knew where to send it I would get you a bad taste bear. I think you’d find one of them awesome and hilarious.

I love you’re honesty 

So you don’t like a guy who opens the door for you don’t like gentlemans??? wtf
+Harry Leyton Rewatch the video fucking fucking deaf.

See you are talking about the nice guys that are almost socially inept.  I was usually dumped because I was “Too Intense”  lots of passion and attention. Women say they want the nice guy that shows passion and emotion but is still a guy.  When they get it, they run.

I’m nice. I have unmeasurable amounts of passion and dedication. Oh, man, do I show my affection. I have a story, too. That’s always a good thing to have.
I find that most guys who say “nice guys finish last” aren’t nice guys. Have you ever watched one of those MGTOW videos? Filled with guys spouting that line while also saying women are trashy sluts who don’t deserve them
+Shinisou Because they’ve, for so long, been told that men are no good and that men don’t deserve women. It’s a reaction.
+Ó Slatraigh True, but it’s a childish reaction. Seriously.... idiots who respond to other peoples emotions are fools. Do what you want to do and fuck everyone else. :)
+Itchy Booger exactly, it’s just childish. MGTOW demonise women the same way that feminists demonise men. It’s stupid and assumes that an entire gender is responsible for you’re shortcomings rather than taking a look at yourself.

“why nice guys finish last” as somebody who used to have that mentality I can answer that: because they don’t do anything most of the time and even when they do something that “douchebag” does it better or does more things. example: nice guy is a good listener. “douchebag” is a good listener AND can play the guitar
+TheTomray94 I like David Wong also ;)
+MelancholicThug yeah that article is fucking great

I open the door, let them walk through then slap their ass
+DARKEXPL0DER I do the same but instead of slapping their ass, I pull down their panties and rape their tight ass hole
+bevan185 is wrong with you
+bevan185 xD Hahahaha!
After watching this whole thing all I have to say is guys this girl and girls like her are ones you use for sex and sex only. That’s what god made them for and that’s all they’re good for.

You shouldn’t be looking for a nice guy. You should be looking for a good man. Being good doesn’t necessarily mean being nice all the time. Essentially a man who works, has a penis, treats every one with a certain amount of respect and curtsy but is no push over.

how is it “fake” to have a mutual respect for someone you’ve just met? are you saying I should want to kill the guy who just walked out of Wendy’s just because he is alive? that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard Also, a lot of nice guys care about their girl more than you may know.

I dont really agree with Tara saying “people who treat people with respect and dignity before they even warrant respect”. Thats kinda fucked

You have a fake relationship then cause a “nice guy” is a guy who shows love and romance and passion like ffs some ppl shouldnt make vids

Understand it. But how does a Long time Relation ship works? 

Love that you watch Californication, such an underrated and often maligned show in my opinion. I don’t think dial tones like Bill’s character in that show really exist in real life, human morality isn’t black and white, people are neither inherently good or bad. At least people like that really aren’t all sunshine and daffodils under the surface, people who are artificially nice are just as bad as people who artificially mean or rude, neither is really reflective of who they really are but the facade they put on for others.

I think you’re missing what the nice guys finish last thing is about. It’s not about people who are overall nice to everyone because almost no one is like that, it’s more so the whole douche bag guys who play women tend to get more women than nice guys who genuinely wants what’s best for a girl do. 

I really appreciate you’re honesty.

Nice guys do finish last Usually on the face, sometimes on the butt or tit’s depends on what they’re working with. Always remember lads lady’s first and she’ll love you forever.

u belong in twilight

I went to school and started being a dick and I got kicked in the balls by a girl so.......


fuck me you’re a whingey expect-a-lot type of cunt

Say what you will about boob-lady, but she’s more honest than all of you cheesedicks combined. basically took the words from my mouth! I AGREE 100%! Yes! Finally a girl who understands!

I can’t imagine her ever having a successful relationship when she’s so demanding. These self centered, horrible girls never seem to end up happy Also she wants an asshole that’s going to think deeply about what gift to get her? That’s funny

It’s all fun and games until the asshole guy hit’s the girl

Nice guy won’t go to jail for assault. Asshole fuy and girl that tried to attack guy will though.

Do you mind if I fap while I watch you’re videos??? :)

I’ll admit im a nice guy and any girl who’s ever been with me could say the same. They’ll also tell you that im a dick at times. Im a Cancer so I tend to have strong emotions regardless if im sad or if im mad. I agree when she says that guys who are nice 24/7 are boring. I feel that guys who are like that are somewhat insecure and scared to show there true emotions, but I could be wrong since I kind of have a short temper, espically when people act childish or immature but that dosent mean I dont ike to fool around and fun. Yes ill treat my girl like queen and show her passion and love weather it’s in bed or cuddling watching TV but I dont think it’s bad thing for a guy to have a little spark or some type of assholeness to them as long as it’s not effecting the relationship in a negative manner. All in all im 90% a nice, sweet caring, loving, and straight down to earth guy. Its not that nice guys finish last, because im a nice guy (mostly) and I have NO PROBLEM getting women. Its nice guys that lack a personality and passion that finish last. I mean it only makes sense for a female to get bored of a dude who is soft/nice the entire time. Picture a relationship were the guy always tries to defuse a verbal argument even if it’s not his fault, fuck that ill tell her straight up whatever she’s doing wrong & in serious way...shit I yell at her if I have to but once I get my pont across ill go up to her, hold her and kiss her and show her that no argument could end the relationship, assuming the subject wasnt that serious. 

Stupid Bitch.

I feel like the problem with nice guy’s has mostly to do with miscommunication and women not being aware enough to see/know how the nice guy really is. Female intuition is highly overrated and quite frankly a myth, but that’s not a bad thing, it’s good to be able to fool people, especially women. A nice guy is kind of like a bitch girl who expects someone to read his thoughts or someone who lives from an unrealistic set of expectations, both of himself and of women.

Girls who say nice guys finish last are the ones who really finish last.. The nice guy will find a nice girl while the other girl is getting fucked over again and again by assholes...

Nice conversation, per usual, miss Tara. I’m a nice person, and do not consider myself a “nice guy.” I think if I consider myself that, it would be too easy to use it as an excuse as to why I am not in a relationship and not work to change the situation. Others have called me “nice guy.” I’ve been raised to be polite to women, and I’m not planning on changing that. But when I’m with her, while I respect her, I’m with her. I’ll smack her ass in public and gladly grab her for a kiss. If someone goes after her, I stop it. I understand people have every right to have whatever friends they choose. But if I’m involved with you, our relationship is just that: ours. It’s unique. All relationships are of course unique, but I don’t want anyone able to pigeon-hole me into the same slot as others in you’re life. From what I can tell, the only reason my friends consider me a “nice guy who finished last” is because I have difficulty sorting through my feelings and being able to communicate with them. This is similar to what you said. I can’t figure out how to articulate to a girl that I’m interested soon enough, because I’m socially awkward and rather shy. I’m getting better at both, thankfully. Great vlog, keep up the awesomeness my dear!

I think all people are passionate. Just as “nice guys” don’t exist, people who come off as anti-emotional just usually don’t express that, and if you don’t see that, it’s just as tragic. People don’t get laid because they’re not nice, they get laid because they come as attractive to the other person.

This is so true 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

So glad you made this, might have to change the way I am, because my friend is the ‘Typical Asshole’ and im the ‘Nice Guy’ ffs XD

Thanks for the advise.

Awful vídeo, disliked.

Jenna marbles wanna be

Allow me to translate. She is simply saying that some guys become white knights so that people will like them. Nobody should live that way. Girls tend to like men that aren’t afraid to be themselves no matter what. You can be a “nice” guy. Just be spontaneous and say what’s on you’re mind. 
well done

Okay, I personally hate the ‘bad boy’ stereotype, because it’s been poorly done who knows how many times, and thinks and women/men (Depending on the readers preference) deserve respect, but speaking as a person who has been broken up with over Hetalia, and has seen my past girlfriend make out with one of my best friends before she ever made out with me, I can say that being a pushover is just as bad. Be an antihero, be a snarky asshole, but be chivalrous, there’s gotta be a balance. Yin Yang boyfriend. The white knight who doesn’t clean his suit of armor. 

So what you mean is boring wimps finish last?

Nice guys finish last because we are too busy making you finish first.

+Tara Babcock Well, I don´t like some people because they gave me a reason to don´t like them and I don´t show respect to them... but to everyone else I have a basic respect... Of course my friends and family do earn more respect as a stranger... But I never understood why girls need danger in a relationship... Why don´t just have a save relationship with a nice and lovely guy, in which you don´t need be afraid of that he is cheating or something... My best (female) friend is a magnet for asshole-types every single BF of her was a disappointment....And I never had a GF before, I haven´t even kissed yet... Is it fair that assholes or “bad boys” get the girl?

No one finishes last, that’s a stupid saying. People have different time periods of love and if she doesn’t match that time period then move on. You’ll either be happily married young and miserable married old or miserable single young and happily married old. Life isn’t perfect, get over it.

in egypt. nice guys finish first. if you’re nice you get all the girls

HI Tara! I was wondering: what if the guy is both a gentleman & treats you as a lady but also possessive & wants to fuck you hard?

In other words, women are the feckless spectators of passion?

l call it bullshit

This girl’s got issues. She doesn’t want a man to open doors for her? So open his own door & let it hit you in the face behind him. Shell change her views when she’s an older single mom.

Im the type of nice guy that has patience but can still fuck you up. I just chose not to.

so Tara wants a pussy whipped bitch... k

women go for the assholes and macho types because they show a sense of dominance. most of the time it’s his excuse to cover up his own insecurities though because he cant be honest with himself..

4:40 evreybody huuuurts

I think “Wet Noodle” might be a more accurate descriptor than “Nice Guy” for the phenomenon being discussed in this video. No one with any degree of self-respect or self-esteem can genuinely respect a spineless Wet Noodle type.

damn now I have to sleep with a million girls to find my soul mate.. ohh wait! I dont exist in any girls eyes .. :-( that sux

oh so that’s what that’s means. I thought that meant they made sure the girl came first and then they finished. that makes sense know.

well fuck me, im never gonna put a woman above me and treat her like she’s everything in the world. but that’s because im realistic, no woman is the most important thing in the world. YOU ARE NOT THAT IMPORTANT! idk if it’s me but you are basically saying that you are attracted to a guy who makes you priority number 1. I fucking hope you find it because that’s the most retarded shit I ever heard in my life. I can’t imagine doing something like that. bonnie and clyde were retards who died in a hill of gunfire. keep that in mind.

Too many men project the qualities they wish to find in a woman, making themselves feminine, making a woman who is craving masculinity not attracted. Real woman don’t want to be in a relationship with feminine man essentially a woman with a penis. They want and crave masculinity, constant deferring, ettiquite, formalities, and manners is really empty from a masculine point of view, when you think about it it essentially makes you devoid of personal expression and desire, which is the central theme here in her retort of nice guys. Passion/expression, and a take charge attitude is what makes women go weak in the knees, especially when it’s focused on them, because by nature women’s greatest emotions comes from being appreciated and desired by men, “bad boys” tap into this naturally because most of their actions are expressions of desire, unfiltered by manners etc.. also women like to be taken not asked. If you’re unsure how to take or proceed with that statement, then you’re probably not going to be understanding why you keep finishing last. But, there is hope, you just have to learn to let go and express you’re true self, not a filtered, feminized, uninspiring pc version of you’re own false assumptions.


Tara, what if somebody buys you mystery seeds instead of flowers? Like splanting the seed of you’re love and you have the suspense whether it will come up roses or cactus

Holy shit, she’s speaking the whole truth.

Life isn’t always about finishing the race. It’s about participating and helping other people.nice guys might finish last but at least they finish. Be greatful for the life you have because various others don’t have the freedom to act how they want.

Nice guys finish last because a lot of women have daddy issues....daddy wasn t there and in other words treated her like shit by rejecting and not giving af about that is what she ultimately ends up attracted to.

At this point the civilization will end up like sub-saharan Africa.

Bro everyone deserves respect! I didn’t get that part if you meet a stranger you don’t just stay screw you! Just don’t get that

I like Tara and enjoy her videos but in this video she just sounds like a young woman being well...a young woman. The passionate, out of control hormone fights and jealousy is something you grow passed. 

So we got kicked out of heaven cos EVE GOT BORED!! Fuck!!

I fucking hate the bad guys because they always steal my girl it pisses me of because I know I can treat them better

I have never heard more bullshit in 15 minutes in my life.

Some semi-nice guys retire from the race altogether.Too much bullshit.

Funny how I come away feeling like a doushe for respecting others and being the gentleman my parents taught me to be. Just because I am kind to everyone I meet doesn’t mean that I cant “emote” with my girlfriend. I guess it boils down to maturity, as hot as those dysfunctional relationships are they arent the kind the you want to grow a family in. You want a partner that will help set examples for you’re children and that wont leave you once the sex gets old and the bodies start to decay.

Media ruins relationships. Women always watch movies/TV and wish all guys could be “that guy”. Guys watch porno and think all girls should act like hoes. The truth is that we always get slightly disappointed when our significant others don’t live up to our grand fantasy. You know you fucked up when you wake up next to a person and the first thing you think about is strangling them! That’s when you know you gotta call it quit’s!

“Have a nice vagina,,” using that regularly now. I hope you don’t mind. 

I do not usual watch these videos but this was a interesting one. I am a typical nice guy, treat people with respect, try to be peaceful, etc. I do it from being taught and developing my own set of morals. I kinda agree though though with the reason we finish last. We are too polite, try to stay as a loyal friend, and most of the time not proactive in that manner. I just have some thoughts I want to share. I have trouble expressing my feelings and thoughts verbally or physically unless I trust or am comfortable with the person. I find it easier to fall back into polite and typical nice guy routine. I may be wrong but I think a bunch of us nice guys have similar problem. We get uncomfortable, we can’t express ourselves well so we go into the nice guy routine. This routine is easy for us do but it is a bit boring. By the time we nice guys get comfortable or have trust in a person to start expressing ourselves better it has been quite awhile. If it is with a person we are interested in we are most likely in the dreaded place known as the ‘friend zone’. The dreaded ‘friend zone’ is practically impossible to get out of and the person we are interested in probably is involved with someone else. As a typical nice guy we do not express interest and try to be supportive further placing us in that friend zone we dislike. These are just my thoughts on the topic. My idea on the solution for us nice guys is to try together better on expressing ourselves and be highly proactive. But then again these are my thoughts on the topic. I appreciate some feedback on these thoughts and wonder if you other nice guys agree or disagree. 


Very informative

Delays, women owe you nothing. M.O.B.

She does a pretty good job of explaining how there’s a difference between treating you’re girl right and being the “nice guy” at the end of the video. Which is a huge difference! 

Damn Real talk 

Lol, I agree 100%. I actually have learned this recently just from looking back on myself and see what I am now. It’s just that women want to see the man characteristics or trait’s or whatever more so than being always treated like a gem. Not saying you should like throw em or something violent but like show why you got some cajones. Lol 

I’m pretty sure that Tara’s way of thinking comes from her xperience being an attractive women that drags everybody’s attention, she must have a ton of experiences about people being nice to her just to get in her pants (coff... coff ... Wesley) and that drive her to think that only people that isn’t nice to her and treat her bad wants something else from her that sex , that’s a very very very sick way of thinking.  In the other hand I’m a nice guy I treat people like I willl like be treated  , I always finish my girlfriend first just because I want she enjoys the sex as much as I do, that is an great ego boost for me.

I always thought “nice guys finish last” meant that nice guys lasted longer in bed

I agree with you that “nice guys” that are just push-over yes-men should finish last. but showing respect to women and being polite does not mean that a guy is a pansy nice guy. There’s a difference.

Makes a lot of sense. A lot to think about as a guy. 

and you’re flabby tit’s arent even worth a wank

Well she is a slut100%

I just figured it out lol She wants a guy that works at a gas station, treats her like shit and only see her in a sexual way, she can have that as long as she know the supposedly “boring losers/nice guys” are the people who have a great paying job! Enjoy you’re ghetto apartment lol

Not being nice to people is being “Manly” apparently 😂 not offended by anything Tara said just confused by her logic

I think the problem of nice guys is that girls say they want a nice guy cuz they had enough of baddies but then choose those scumbags that treat them poorly over nice guys and cry to the nice guys how bad they are getting treated and so on...

And that’s the bottom line, because stone cold said so !!

God damn what you said made a lot of sense good shit Tara 

It’s simple. Alpha fucks, beta bucks.

Boobs ( • )( • )

Do you have Snapchat? 

Le tips le fedora to m’lady, would m’lady like to admire m’fedora tricks. 

You have a good vagina also!


LOL... Tara --> You really hit the nail on the head around 11 min. Guys --> Watch “Corey Wayne” on youtube. Then you will understand.

Great video Tara, couldn’t have said it better. Nice guys finish last is BULLSHIT, I’m a “Nice guy” and I wouldn’t “Finish last.” But I would hope to finish last. ;) I have one piece of advice. “Nice guys” grow a pair, you can still be nice about it(And you should), but start taking what you want.

I understand that you girl should be your number 1 in most cases, but why should that stop you from treating everyone else with the same amount of respect and niceness as you treat her? There are so many more ways to show you’re girl that you love her, I don’t see how being nice to everyone else makes you less interesting.

Que te está pasando? Muestra más tus pechos :’(

3:05 “The supreme art of war is to subdue you’re enemy without fighting” Sun Tzu

Watching this I was reminded of a joke I heard, it goes like this. A newlywed daughter complains to her mother that her husband doesn’t love her. When the mother asks her why does she believe that. The daughter replies that he doesn’t hit her.

You have to keep the flame alive in a relationship, never works with a yes,oke,sure girl/guy... I don’t think it has to do with being nice or not. For example I had a gf who was to nice and somehow you become a terrible person just to hear a no fu! But you never get it... I also think it has to do with how much you dealt with in life it rubs away the mask of fake and you become more straightforward and have more conflicts 2 bad you like californication cant stand watching this lill bitch cheating on his wife for 1000 times while it’s suppose to be his love of his life and being a lill kid to his daughter worst example of a man ever, just want to punch Hank :o

I thought “nice guys finish last” means letting you’re girl cum first.

lmfao look at all the guys getting all salty cause’ of another persons opinion.

Omg, does it mean, I am not a nice guy cause I have a girlfriend? :p

Life is not black and white, guys. And never take advice about dating from a woman. Ask Mystery, for starters.

a lot of what you said is very true ^^ and I’m a “nice” guy btw :p

That jay guy sure is lucky

Honestly? If I got laid every time I’ve had girls cry to me and need a hug to get over how their exploitive boyfriend turns out to - to everyone’s huge surprise - not actually care about her in any way. But instead is feeding his ego, and exploiting the fact that the girl is a needy little selfish princess with daddy-issues. Who happily let herself be placed in that role because it’s simple and safe. Exactly because it’s /not/ challenging, because it’s predictable, and because it’s completely set in stone how the guy is going to treat them, every day, and it needs no maintenance of any kind. If I got laid every time I met a girl like that, I couldn’t live with myself. Ok? But to sum up what matters - I didn’t fuck with a large amount of pretty dolls! So that means I’m a really nice and boring guy! Thanks for putting things in perspective for me, Tara.

I like you Tara, good shit...

Everything you said was fucking awesome until you started talking about you’re boyfriend. 

I doupt there is any video that she hasnt shown her

Romance and feelings should be shown throughout the relationship, not just at certain times. Tara speaks the truth! Gifts and surprises should be tailored to the person, not generic

Nice guys seems too safe & boring to most chicks. The bad boy seems more confident & such, with some assholiness & douchebaggerry mixed in. That allows them to get away with being jerks cuz they know the girls will still love them. More often than not, the one’s you’re not interested in much are usually the ones who’d care for you more. Basket full of apples & they run back to the rotten one.

lmao these casual nice guys should get a reality check. Dumb fucks tryna act nice and admire grills to the fullest. Grills aint about that, they want a real fucking man with a goal/passion in life. Lmao how can dumb niggas be so fucking stupid

So you like assholes?

That’s not true that’s a lie and why the hell Tara is telling us about her relationship we don’t give a shit about that know what im going to leave her channel she just got in my nevers good luck with you’re 12 inch boyfriends and been rough with you im out this girl is horrible

So you want the husband to beat up every man who insults his wife, until the day he gets so badly beating he’s a vegetable in wheelchair. And even then he won’t be able to protect her, then after she sees this, she ends up leaving him for the next guy to defend her until the same thing happens again. Cause that is what will happen. (Subject Change). I’m both nice and an asshole from time to time, I’ll compliment a girl no problem, and say all nice things to her and treat her with respect she deserves but then again, I could be just doing that to get into her pusssay lol.

Buy Tara, you have not settled at all and everything you just said has a double standard.

Some of us who were born earlier than you were that way before we got “civilized” in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Ah well, you’re too young for me anyway...

+Tara Babcock Vlogs! (2nd Channel) +Tara Babcock +Tara Babcock Games! what about being nice, but only getting mad when someone hurts you? I don’t like to annoy you I want to be nice to people and respect people. but if someone hurts you what makes you think I wont fight with him? what makes you think that I don’t get pissed if im nice and I don’t fight. some people are nice and protect at the same time.

I think you will absolutely love the story of The Last Of Us

Honestly don’t have to worry about nice guys ,especially the ones who watch you’re videos, we are all wild animals. And we gon’ have dem titties.

I guess my parents raised me so well that I didn’t realized how much of a dick I should be. my bad.

lmfao you some new sort of trash sex addict, you’re only in it for the dick aren’t you? that’s why you’re always in slutty positions in every video, I imagine

Damn...since the age of respecting people is out the window and frowned upon in relationships, seems like it’s time to go MGTOW. Just give them what they want; treat em; like crap since they are not worth you’re time compared to the time you should be giving YOURSELF, only buy them for pleasure and be rid of em. Nice guys have more important things to deal with than trying to get rid of their loneliness by chasing women, like getting an education and finding out what they themselves want out of life other than a quick pussy. Then, once you are rich enough to burn money and women “suddenly” take interest to you, deny them like they did to you so many times in the past.

I’m a nice guy to people in general but if there’s a girl I’m with I won’t be afraid to show my aggression towards someone who disrespects her, plus I won’t be a complete sucker who always shows his emotions, I am also spontaneous, I can’t be the only one who is like this?

Nipples at 17:34

Well, I do have to pause the video to finish....So....

The thing is you need to realize what works for you. Not what is comfortable. If the way you treat people gets you where you want to be, great. When you are able to question the productivity of you’re interaction with people that is also great. There are all types of girls. You need to have the assertiveness to find the right one and the kindness to keep her, if that’s a goal you are trying to reach.

I’ve been through the nice guy phase and guilty of the White Knight mindset when I was young. I had a girl who I liked play me like book and refuse to believe it. The crazy thing was that we never dated and she mind fucked me. Took me a while to get over it from being rejected and being used. In some way I’m glad I went through that hell. Now I’m more confident where I don’t have be the nice guy 24/7.

I’ve got Asperger’s syndrome. Like, I totally get everything that you sayin. Passion and emotion make the relationship, not banal and shallow clice gestures. But how do you get over the hurdle of never being able to say the right things, or do the right things, ever? I emote either too much or too little, and it’s almost impossible for me to know what to do at the right time. When you’re lack of tact is misinterpreted and misunderstood, when you’re gestures are always too much or not enough, what do you do? I hate either seeming like I’m not interested, or so interested it’s creepy, or just plain hurtful and insensitive. Because I don’t think I am. But it’s happened often enough that it isn’t just me projecting. What do?

Thank you for this

Hahaha basic bitches xD lol

Nice guys finish last is an illusion anyway. These fedora wearing assholes who call themselves nice are usually backstabbers who only pretend, girls see through the act. Same with bad boys, most of them arent disrespectful at all towards the girl, these guys are just more confident, and try to show how much you mean to them. There are abusive relationships even without “bad boys”, so stop with saying they’re the guys who treat girls like shit when you do, too. My ex keeps saying I left him for a bad boy but in reality they just didn’t act like I was their gf in the first place. Like Tara said, nice guys are usually not passionate enough and without passion the girl doesn’t feel special to you. Wouldn’t you want to feel like you’re the only man to them, too? 

Aw shit. I’m too boring.... time to bust out the tank top and start punchin bitches in the face! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

this dumb plastic slut thinks she aint basic

The “Nice Guy” seems to be a lot like the “Knight in shining armor.” (A Knight with only shining armor is a knight who has never seen battle) The Nice Guy is, more often than not, one who has never been hurt emotionally. I used to be that Nice Guy, unhurt and unbroken with no issues, and was like that through a few failed relationships, and eventually it just started to weigh on me, all the heart break (In simpler terms, my armor started to look battle worn). I still do like to treat everyone the same (nice if I just met you, like a friend if I’ve known you for a while, and with hate if you give me reason to), and try to defuse situations but some times you do just have to punch someone in the face. There’s no harm in having nice armor, but keep in mind that armor’s purpose is to take a beating.

You are so right. Thank you for this video. I willl learn and work harder to show my passion.

I am not a “nice guy” I am just that weird guy.

What I did for a gift on my first date with this one girl was I found out what her favorite type of ice cream was and I got her a tub of it’she absolutely loved it and thought it was really sweet of me. If you’re gonna get them a gift I agree with Tara...don’t be generic. Get them something that makes them know you were thinking of them and listen to what they are saying.

I feel like you explained this better than other people who try, thank you :)

7:48 here that autistic viewers you’re in luck, you’re just her type :3

When I read the video’s title, I thought something COMPLETELY different than what you meant...

Wait a sec, how does a “nice guy” like that even get a girl in the first place?!

So if I’m the nice guy and I am not like the “bad boy” how do I change how do I become more like the “bad boy”

Thanks. I learned a lot from this topic. Is there a middle ground for the nice guy? Keep up the good work, love you’re videos.

y addicting r you so mlady? lol <3 sorry for the grammar #kappa

Ok I’ll give you a christmas tree, so our love will last even in the ;) What I learn over the years is that woman want a man. I’m not sure what kind of man so I’ll be the man I want to be and see how it would work. By the way if you want me to make you my #1 priority you better make me you’re #1 priority or the relationship won’t work.

HI Tara. I know exactly what you meant in this video. But what if you know a guy like me that’s the “guy a girl deserves” who’s nice and shows some passion and character from them but never knows how to express it + never got a girlfriend. How would you respond to something like this?

As an ex-nice guy I want to share my experience because it contradicts you’re stance. I was a nice guy. And I was never boring, I would do spontaneous things, “romantic” things, sometimes just quiet days in, games and movies, even tabletop rpgs. I have opinions and will debate honestly. I would stand up for them without hesitation. I couldn’t keep a woman longer than a month or two. Things went like that for years. Eventually I got tired of it. I got angry and bitter. I became very egotistical. I became basically sadistic. I would fight in the blink of an eye for any reason at all. All I cared about was myself. If there wasn’t something in it for me I would ignore you entirely. I became very aggressive and looked down on everyone unless you did something I approved of. I have been married for nearly a decade now, and my wife brings home other women for us to spend time with. I am a complete bastard, and my life has never been better. I was the kindest, most caring and supportive guy ever (even being told that in some cases) and I was never more alone. The only thing I changed was my kindness. Well and the woman, obviously.

First clue: “His girl”. Who today says that about their girlfriend? Is this the 1950s?You like being objectified. So having someone own you like an object I guess is cool with you. That’s great. Some women today don’t like that. Really they don’t. Some women would liked how the nice guy handled the situation because he stood by her and helped defend herself without having to punch someone. (didn’t see the show so not sure how it really played out). Obviously you are pointing out that some would love to see the fight. Great girlfriend, words versus blood letting, guess she really cares for me. What’s a potential arrest or broken bone or a gun shot wound to making sure her ego is intact, now that is love. Nice guys don’t end up with women like you because you don’t like nice guys. You want violence and friction in you’re life. Which is fine. Some people would prefer not to have to prove themselves all the time, especially thru confrontation. Probably would be nice that she cared enough for me that she wouldn’t want me hurt, just a thought. Frankly nice guys who fall for women like you are in for a life of pain. They probably missed some ‘nice girl’ in their travels because their groin did a bit too much thinking. It happens.  By the way, you may be shocked, but some women love flowers. It actually means a lot to them when you give them. I know crazy huh? I agree the focus should be to make sure it is what she likes; a particular flower or would she prefer bungee jumping? Your right doesn’t always have to flowers. And it is important not to be too boring. Spontaneity is important. It does show you care, because you are paying attention to her. Whatever she is into as long as you show it was bought with thought will work. By the way, that works in the other direction too. I do admire you’re honesty. You have outlined why nice guys don’t want to be with girls like you. Its a warning. Listen to her. You would be way out of you’re comfort zone and in the long run probably be miserable. If she wants to go to parties where there are people calling women the C word and fights are the norm...if that sounds like fun...then you maybe her type is perfect...but for the some of us...nope.

Well, Tara is still in her mid 20s. We’ll have her answer this question again in 10 years when she goes through the dickhead rotary of guys a few more times. I knew many women in their 20s that spoke like this about nice guys, but now that they’re in their 30s & 40s they opine about how wrong they were about the “nice guys.” Nice guys have TONS of passion, but most choose not to show it in an aggressive manner.

I usually like you’re videos, but you pretty told me to act like the guys that treated me like crap growing up. If that’s what all women want, then I guess I’ll just have to get used to being alone, because no thanks.

So very kindly, sweetly, and meekly disagree. Caveman when the fun begins and egalitarian friend when things are serious is who I am. Now I do take strong exception to the idea that it can be construed as fake either way. Whether I am always “nice” enough to stimulate ALL of her sub fantasies and dig deep for fetishes she did not even know she had, or whether I am always “dom” enough to demand civilized equality when the heat is down, either way it is irrelevant; I am who I need to be, and in this case it also coincides with who I want to be. Hunting for fakeness in people is pretty insecure behavior as well, human beings are walking balls of contradictions and hypocrisies, some are more intelligent than others in attempting to reconcile said contradictions which is cool as well. I like people, even those that hate me with a fiery passion or trolling assholes, but then again I am always in control of the situation (another nice vs dom scenario).

well Tara, it seems I’m the type of person that you don’t like, lol. I do tend to be “that nice guy” that tells his friends to be responsible and logical, rather than taking reckless and often illegal alternatives. I do this not because I care for everyone in a situation, but because I worry for friends being in trouble. I am respectful to everyone I meet, regardless if my personal feelings. I do this because I expect the same in return, not because I care about other’s feelings. and I am boring and lack passion. in fact, I am the scientific definition of a sociopath...I don’t feel empathy. I always wondered how emotions felt to people who were able to feel the full variety of them. it’s a good thing I’m Asexual then, cause I’d be screwed for finding a significant other.

you basically want a hothead who doesn’t think twice to punch a person in the face who gives you the tiniest slight. you want a loudmouth troublemaker to defend you’re honor. you mistake entitlement and aggression as “passion” and affection. you characterize the nice guy as the brainwashed feminist sucker that’s basically an empty shell personality-wise incapable of being emotional. yeah I rather be a mature nice guy than inevitably get myself in jail for some pussy.

Hey Tara how would you describe your perfect first date?

and here I thought it was the thought that counts, ty for keeping me informed Tara

if I was you’re girlfreind I will have sex with you every day

I’ll get you a hydrangea then!! :P

You have a vast misunderstanding of the term “nice guy” lol

as a man with little passion I will say that it’s not fake or do to me trying to adhere to some kind of morals it’s that I just don’t experience much emotion and I do have opinions just not very emotional ones. so I get how I can come across someone as boring unless you like conversations that are deep but not emotional. but I am lucky that I don’t fell a strong need to be with people so I don’t really care that I don’t get the girl.

The only nice guys who finish last are the ones who only have “being nice” to offer.

I like the detail of you’re thoughts and opinions. Never overly generic and open to too much interpretation. Not to mention how you emphasize that it’s you’re own opinion. Good shit!

Passion is boring. I’m a nice guy and I like being more then some primal idiot with thinks with his dick. It’s good to stop violence and speak up for yourself rather then just be submissive. I don’t let people walk over me but at the same time I don’t believe more violence will do anything but lead wasted energy.

I miss you’re boobs ):

Because we last longer in bed :-) 

11:00 damn........

It’s never ever about being nice, it’s about getting the right kind of attention, it’s simple. Being a good person on the other hand is a good into it’self, the world needs good deeds otherwise it devolves into insane irrestrict assholeness, but never fool yourself into believing that good deeds are rewarded, they aren’t, and that is all there is to it. If you want something in this world you have to go and get it, in life nobody ever gets what they deserve, you get what you get or what you can take. One does good deeds to make the world better, and nothing else can ever come from it other than that. Realizing that those two things belong in two completely different spheres is necessary, they don’t necessarily need go against each other but they are two different things.

She speaks words of wisdom #BeautifullAndSmart

It’s pretty interesting to hear some honest thoughts from a woman that aren’t filtered through ideology. Knowing women’s needs is extremely helpful. Growing up I received bullshit feminist information about how men should behave towards women so I became a nice guy. But really, my niceguyness was an attempt to get what I want by pandering to chicks.

Let’s me say something I have no fuckin idea how to talk to girls my age ‘20’, I’m extremely comfortable around older women though; I’ve always find them to be very interesting to talk to and just nice to be around, more so than most. I would consider myself to be a ‘sarcastic asshole’ not a nice guy, like a joking asshole; once some gets to know me and we reach some sought of common ground where I can joke with them, it’s superb. I’d describe myself as more of an introvert to a point, like sometimes I just want to explode with enthousaism but self-doubt gets in the way and just not being comfortable enough to be ‘me’. I wouldn’t say it’s entirely my problem I can’t really connect or talk to girls my age because we don’t share any interests. I mean I work with this girl and she is in her late 20’s and we share the same space and you practically taste the awkwardness and insecurity when near her. Like I ask her a couple questions and she basically respond with crappy answers and with zero info, and I’m just like “Alright then, I tried.”. I don’t know what it means to be a nice guy, I’d imagine a lot of it is an act. My two cents. One other thing, am I the only person who’s noticed how girls have started to develop impossibly high standards for guys, when they themselves are pretty much as interesting as wet paint.

So basically you like being treated like shit? 

Yep, definitely.

they cant keep his hands off her doesn’t work, they just call you a horn dog or a pervert or they just think you want her for her body.

So a girl is a basic bitch if she likes nice guys? 

Cause good guys are boring.

It feels like the more you post, the more stupid you are [Émy GuerrinI Samantha Adams.]

What about the actual nice guys? I for am one, I am friends with just about everyone, just not the assholes. I don’t think I am boring. Yes, I have problems, I have overcome a few of them, such as depression. I would beat the shit out of a guy if he calls my girlfriend a cunt, just putting that out there.

I hear her but Damn when she talk about the real world of being nice it’s fucking funny... lol.

“The honeymoon faze does not have to die”. When I heard you say that I could not help but remember a time when I thought the same thing. However in my experience, I got really lucky and it was replaced with love. I agree with you that women like you, need a man to act like a man and, in a respectful way, clam her and fight for his women. Unfortunately, most women are not like you and, in my experience, their expectations are way too damn unrealistic. I would love to know your opinion on something I had just watched about this same subject Yea it’s kind of long but still would love to know your thoughts.

dam Tara you’ve had me on the ropes before...but this is the first time I’ve actually been genuinely pissed at you’re videos applauds decent wake up call or

I have noticed that these “nice guys” often gets friendzoned because they are never straight forward with their feelings to the girl. They basically trick the girl into being friends and like 6 months later when the chick thinks they are BFFs the nice guy drops the love bomb and the girl feels cheated. sad part is I have seen it happend several times with the same person lol

I think fucking in public is pretty hot

understand you’re theory Tara my own idea was That girls think just because they get a bad boy, they’ll be so special that they’ll be the only ones to make him treat her nice. :)

hrm... interesting.

You know, I onced stood up for a women to some jerk and was crucified by her and criticised. Trust me, allot of women are moronic in this age forget that whole nice guys vs jerks bullshit. Its bullshit! Allot of women are moronic like this individual, isn’t any wonder that there are allot of decent guys finding it hard to find a girl to care about, when so many of them are like this moronic individual!

Tara why do you not show cleavage that much anymore?

Nice= in ice
New age hooker told me that once. Feel free to use it, sounds exactly like what you’re saying.

sub cancel... you are even more boring here... I wouldnt even be bothered to send you a prick pic...

Withers and dies, like a relationship should? Well yeah, you arent wrong, humans arent predisposed to be together forever, you come together, share an experience for as long as it’s useful to you both, and then leave, hopefully better for the experience.

This is pretty subjective, I think a lot of the time in this video, you’re saying “Girl’s like” when really it’s Tara likes...not all guys are 100% nice, not all guys are 100% bad ass. We’re all in the grey area, everyone has buttons that get pushed to become passionate or to fight for what they want. This video is kinda addressing a moot point, unless you’re suggesting nice guys cum which case that’s a nice guy.

Does that mean, you prefer assholes over guys that actually respect you? That’s a tad bit fucked up

Bitches aint shit

Fake ass tit’s 

It’s sad that this needs to be said or explained, still.


haha we know what type of gifts you want, we all saw you unbox that ps4 a few vids ago :D Anyway “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in you’re life.” -- Winston Churchill ‘nice guys’ who like and respect everybody are the opposite of this quote, first quote that sprang to mind watching this

If you ask me women who like assholes are the ones who finish last, yeah you have a man but is it worth it if he treats you like shit?

Nice guys finish 1st not last people the asshole guy is just a girl phase of growing up that’s all there is and sorry to say to Tara but gezzz she has issues so in other words if I am you’re boyfriend you don’t want respect? That’s weird 

Honey...You need help! And you all wonder why society is so fucked in the head both from the left and right. From the sick misogynists to the the hypocrite feminists. To the libertards to the pretensions libertarians. To the pervert men to the nagging women. But no one is more sick then the people like you Tara! Pretentious Fucks who give an impression to all this wanna be bad boys who would shit their pants in A REAL FIGHT in the real world! You wanna be treated like a whore..Find then be a stupid slut but for all you hypocrite fans who love to bash ANITA SARKEESIAN... Well at least Anita can defend her views and has reason, this cunt only tries to be politically incorrect to sound cool and bad ass. There is nobody more pretentious then a cunt who in her videos says don’t judge me but judges other people. you talk about sexual acceptance but you bash other’s peoples views. I don’t like Anita but at least she has consistency and knows how to back her arguments. All you dumb bloggers need to stop trying to be politically incorrect for the sake of being politically incorrect! You are not George Carlin, Richard Pryor, or Bill Hicks! Instead you all sound like Carlos Mencia...JUST DO PORN ALREADY TARA!

I Present To Everyone........... White Girl’s 😎

White girls now are just useful for Sex haha Don’t be a nice guy Rape em’ Lool. They would love that. Then if they don’t say, “Is That Enough Passion”. P’S (Jk) 😎😂😎😂😎

If you want to see why nice guys finish last check out my channel. It boils down to hypergamy. 

This women is a moron! You know society has become moronic when Hollywood fiction is put on a pedestal as real life. My god, is she a moron! nice guys always finish first :).

Wait you fuck when you’re sick?

You make it seem as if nice guys are all pussies 

And that’s the bottom line cuz Tara Babcock said so!!!

Give this girl a doctorate. She can do it all, model, play card games, play video games, teach you sex end, and give you insight from the female perspective. Plus it doesn’t hurt that she has big fit’s and a nice ass. 👍👍👍

Challenge is the name of the game.

Because nice guys are creepy sometimes and “manly” guys aren’t necessarily assholes

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