Monday, October 31, 2016

Pigozzi, Jean; Stahl, Jerry. "My Friends Call Me Johnny: Jerry Stahl" (08 Oct 2014) Esquire Network.

  My friends call me Johnny.

1.       Pigozzi: So I’m one of those obsessed by groupies because I think that airplane-pilots have groupies. Writers have groupies.
2.       Stahl: Why is it that you get the kind of groupies who want to talk during Sex.
3.       Pigozzi: That’s a Nightmare.
4.       Stahl: Well, it’s easy for me.
5.       Pigozzi: Really? Do you have stalkers?
6.       Stahl: I’ve had a stalker. Funny you should say that. Yes.
7.       Pigozzi: Really?
8.       Stahl: Yes, I’ve had some stalkers in my day, yeah. It’s very strange. I mean, clearly. You have a stalker?
9.       Pigozzi: Yeah.
10.   Stahl: No wonder you’re nervous. What Country?
11.   Pigozzi: Russia.
12.   Stahl: You have a Russian stalker?
13.   Pigozzi: Yeah. A woman.
14.   Stahl: Are they in Russia?
15.   Pigozzi: I hope so.
16.   Stahl: Wow.
17.   Pigozzi: I asked my Russian friend, though.
18.   Stahl: It’s funny because before you came there was this woman named Zvetlana.
19.   Pigozzi: Zvetlana.
20.   Stahl: Who knocked on the door and said.
21.   Pigozzi: Could be her.
22.   Stahl: Yeah.
23.   Pigozzi: It could be her.
24.   Stahl: How did she become obsessed with you aside from Good Looks, Money, and Connexions?
25.   Pigozzi: I met her at the Cannes Film Festival.
26.   Stahl: Of course you did.
27.   Pigozzi: And she had very Beautiful arms. [Nomi Prins. Émy Guerrini. Lauren Whitehead. Alexandra Daddario. Alice Eve. Najla Saïd. Rania Khalek. Keeley Hazell.]

28.   Stahl: Oh~. You.
29.   Pigozzi: And I succumbed.
30.   Stahl: You succumbed to her loving arms.
31.   Pigozzi: And then she's become completely, completely crazy.

  I tell you, it was one moment I would have loved to forget in my Career.
32.   Stahl: We all have a few of those. If you only have one moment, you’re a lucky man. [Accurate.]
33.   Pigozzi: There’s a few more than one.
34.   Stahl: I have years I’d like to block out.
35.   Pigozzi: Really?
36.   Stahl: Oh my god, are you kidding me?
37.   Pigozzi: Really?
38.   Stahl: Sure. Happily I can’t remember them, so it sort of happened anyway.

  My friends call me Johnny. Wednesday at 10 on the new Esquire Network.

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