Monday, October 10, 2016

Eichenwald, Kurt. On {Eichenwald, Kurt. “Dear Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, I Am Not Sidney Blumenthal” (10 Oct 2016) Newsweek.} Twitter.

Russian gov manipulates email to @johnpodesta. Publishes disinformation. Takes it down. Trump recites false info.
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Finished showing the links between Russian disinformation op & Trump, so now Im gonna go watch Manchurian Candidate.
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I like my Russian propaganda the old-fashioned way - uttered by Moscow, not by the GOP nominee for President
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The Trump tapes are horrible. But that Trump obtained Russian disinformation and recited it as fact is terrifying.
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Russia govnt falsified an email. Then Trump recited the falsified email at a rally. Only those two knew it. How?
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So basically Trump and Sputnik had the same set of incorrect facts. Only them. Only Trump and a Russian propaganda outlet. Let it sink in
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The Putin/Trump connection. One manufactures disinformation, w/in hours, the second is reading it at campaign rally.
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When Trump read Russian govnt disinformation about HRC at rally, the crowd yelled “lock her up!” How ironic.
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Follow trail: Russia manipulates email, publishes on govnt media. No one else reports it. Trump reads it at rally.
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Russian govt put out propaganda w/ bogus email. It ends up in Trumps hands hours later, where he reads it to crowd.
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How did Russian disinformation intended to upend election get into the hands of Donald Trump?
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Disinformation from Russian govnt ONLY appeared on govnt controled news. Trump recited as fact. Where did he get it?
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What is the relationship between Trump campaign and Putin that led Trump to recite Russian disinformation at rally?
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Trump has to answer: How did he come to be reciting bogus info put out by Russian government at his campaign rally?
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A candidate for President just recited false info from a Russian disinformation op as fact. How did Trump get it?
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How did Donald Trump come to be reciting false info that ONLY appeared with Russian gov news agency as fact?
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Donald Trump pushed false story from a Russian disinformation campaign to voters at a rally.
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This morning, Russian govt news engaged in disinformation op. This afternoon, Trump recited same false info at rally
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I have written some really disturbing stories about Donald Trump. The one that is minutes away is even leaving my mouth agape.
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Vladimir Putin left a trail in his latest disinformation campaign. A very, very disturbing one. Details soon.
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Really, really disturbing update coming soon on this story.
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Jesus. I hear Trump just cited the bogus email where Russia attributed my words to HRC confidante. Anyone hear him say that? odd.
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Word’s out. According to Putin, *I* am the October surprise. Thanks, Vlad!
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Norman Ornstein Retweeted Peter Whinn
The report of his first briefing, with unhinged Michael Flynn going out of control, was itself deeply disturbing. This is worse
Norman Ornstein added,
Peter Whinn @petergene
I am shocked the Intelligence community didn’t foresee that @realDonaldTrump is going to willfully and flagrantly lie about briefing info …
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BTW, Mr. Putin: Did u really believe u could quote me, say it was Sid Blumenthal, & think no one would notice? Putz.
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Russian govnt: Ur screw up with my piece proves ur engaged in cyberwar to upend US election. America will fight back
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I hope @johnpodesta enjoyed article I wrote that Russia pulled out of his email and pretended came from HRC friend.
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Im flattered Putin reads my articles. Itd be nice, though, if u didnt use them by lying in hopes of electing Trump.
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This pulls aside the lying misrepresentations of Russian govnt working with wikileaks. They cannot be believed.
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The bogus Russian govnt article putting my words in HRC confidante’s mouth was rapidly picked up around the world.
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There is no better proof that @wikileaks is part of a Russian operation than Putin putting my words in others mouth.
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Why is Russian news agency working SO HARD 2 help Trump by putting my words in someone else’s mouth? Demand answers.
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Folks: Wikileaks is compromised. Russia knew exactly where to look to take my words & put them in HRC friend’s mouth
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By quoting 2 sentences out of my 10,000 word piece, then attributing to Clinton friend, Putin tried to help Trump.
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As soon as Russian news agency realized I knew they took my words & put in HRC ally’s mouth, they removed story.
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My words, supposedly out of @johnpodesta emails, are NOT Oct surprise. Russian govnt in its effort 2 help trump lied
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If Russia takes @johnpodesta email, says its from Clinton friend, and then quotes me, they are messing w/ election.
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Anyone who doubts wikileaks is working w/ Putin: read how my words falsely became those of a Clinton confidante.
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Russian govt news agency called words of a Clinton confidant “the October surprise.” They were my words. Putin lied.
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By releasing an email with my words -- and pretending they came from Clinton advisor - Putin has shown his hand.
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In @Newsweek: As part of campaign against HRC, Russian govnt put words from one of my articles in HRC friends mouth.
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Coming up in a few minutes: My new story in @Newsweek on why Vladimir Putin is an idiot who slipped and let his campaign against HRC show.
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If u only count the states that Clinton has more than an 80% chance of winning (per Nate Silver), she exceeds electoral votes needed to win.
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Kurt Eichenwald Retweeted Donald J. Trump
Sigh. They couldn’t hear the post-debate discussion. She was telling them what was said. Ppl there said there was no fix. Stop whining.

Kurt Eichenwald added,
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
Wow, @CNN got caught fixing their “focus group” in order to make Crooked Hillary look better. Really pathetic and totally dishonest!
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Vladimir Putin is an idiot. I’ll explain soon.
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