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Tara Unknown. “Why Nice Guys Finish Last.” (21 May 2015) Youtube.

  Hey guys. A while back, someone said they wanted to hear about what I consider romantic and where I stand in terms of Romance. Usually, when I talk a big topic like this, something that I have a lot of Opinions on, I’ll think about it while I’m lying in bed and what I want to say. [Émy Guerrini.] Obviously, as I’ve said before a million times, it never comes out the way I wanted it to. It never comes out as succinctly or perfectly as I formulate it on my head. I’m working on that and I’m getting better at it for sure.
  While I was thinking about it, it came to my attention that a lot of what I want to talk about during talking about romancing me is it points to the reasons why nice guys finish last. It all of a sudden occurred to me that it’s quite annoying how often guys victimise these nice guys that finish last, and how often girls, especially hot girls, will fall for this guy who’s an asshole to her, but he’s a Bad boy and he’s damaged, yadi-yada. I don’t think that there’s any blame to be put on either side, because it makes sense why nice guys finish last. While saying that. I’m going to talk about the nice guys finish last Thing first and then I’m going to talk about what I find romantic. It seems to be that I’m going to title this Why Nice Guys Finish Last, and I don’t want the YouTube Nazis to take down my video because they think the title is misleading if I say romancing terror or something like that, which is fucking ridiculous. That happened recently again to another one of my videos. Someone took it down. It was called Just a Quickie and it was a really quick blog, and it got taken down. I can’t even appeal it. It’s the fucking stupidest shit in the World. Anyway, when People say nice guys finish last, these types of guys aren’t just nice. That’s not all that goes on with them. Every girl, every single girl, no matter what, wants a guy who is ultimately nice to them. It just so happens that these guys, the girls aren’t attracted to, their niceness has a bunch of side effects, like them being boring. Them not having enough Passion. Passion should be the forefront, especially in a new relationship. Guys that are just overall nice often don’t emote enough. When you’re that nice guy who gives respect to everyone and think everyone should be treated equally and diffuses situations like having mutual benefits and stuff. You take away all of the Power, and Passion, and Emotion that you should be showing to your girl. If a guy. I’m watching Californication now, and if you guys haven’t seen it, I’ll lay out this Thing for you.
  The main guy, David Duchovny, Molder, whatever, he’s got this girl, Love of his Life. They’re not together because he’s dysfunctional. He’s a manchild, or whatever. She is with this new guy who’s the epitome of the nice guy that should finish last. He’s just like a boring guy, with a boring Job, that has no Opinions, no real Emotions. He’s just like, “Yeah. I Love you,” yadi-yada. There’s no actual intensity to that. They’re at a party and some guy bumps into her, spills the drink on her, calls her a cunt, and won’t let us on this [assholeness]. Bill, the secondary guy, who’s the nice guy in this situation, comes up and he’s like, “Come on. Let’s settle this as adults,” blah-blah-blah, and tries to stop his wife from attacking him. He’s like, “Honey, you need to calm down. Let’s just walk away from this,” blah-blah-blah. Later, Mulder comes up when he hears about it and just punches the guy in the face and walks away. He got what he deserved. He won’t allow his woman to be treated that way. It’s unfortunate that men who have a lot of Passion or a lot of interesting Things about them are often damaged and do often turn out to be assholes, but not always. The same girls for nice guys. If guys are overall nice, that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be boring. These guys that are finishing last, they don’t emote enough. A girl wants to know that guy’s got her back over everyone else. She doesn’t want to feel like she’s just another one of the millions of People that he gives respect to without actually knowing them. The kind of guy.
  First of all, I have a huge problem with these kinds of guys and it’s the biggest turnoff to me in the World with guys like these. When someone just prides himself on being a nice Person, so much so that they give respect to every single Person they meet even if it’s not warranted. They have no ill will toward anyone. It’s so fake to always be so PC, politically correct, if you guys don’t know what that means, and to be so nice, because everyone has Opinions that not everyone in the World will agree with. Everyone gets Angry. Everyone gets sad. Everyone gets hurt. Everyone has People that they care about. These People who pride themselves in being so nice end up losing that amount of Emotion. They can’t not keep their hands off of a girl. Girls want Passion. They want a guy that can’t keep their hands off of them. A guy that shows them how much they Love them in very unique ways, and a guy that’s interesting and mysterious. If he’s damaged, that makes him more mysterious. That’s why girls fall into this trap of going with the asshole over the nice guy, because the nice guy has absolutely no substance, and the mean guy at least has something interesting about him, something that’s Passionate about him. For me, what I find romantic is all of those dysfunctional Relationships. All of the Romeo and Juliet, Bonnie and Clyde Relationships, where they Love each other more than anything. So much so that there is no Life without them. That’s what I find very romantic. I don’t find flowers, candy, all that shit romantic. I fucking hate. First of all, I hate flowers. Flowers, candy, that type of shit, if you send that to a girl, that’s. You could send that to anyone. You could send it to a girl, reroute it to another girl. Split that shit off. Dozens of roses, half to one girl, half to another. It’s like such an empty generic Thing to do. I just don’t like it at all. First of all, my mom [disagrees] with me on this, because she has a garden and she loves flowers and stuff. I don’t want anyone to send me dead flowers. Cut off, freshly cut flower that I just put in a vase and then it withers and dies like a Relationship should. That’s so stupid to me. If you want to buy me something like a flower, buy me a pot with flowers in it that’s still surviving that I can plant it in my garden as an homage to our Love. Don’t send me something that’s dying. That’s a terrible fucking reference to how our Love should be, like it’s a dying rose. Then I have to throw it away, and I feel Bad, and it’s awful. Chocolates, that’s so generic as well. If you don’t know your girl enough to send her something that is unique and something that’s tailored to her Personality, then that’s the type of guy that I’m not interested in. Teddy bears work for me specifically because I collect teddy bears. I don’t want just a random teddy bear. I want something that reminds you of me, or something that I don’t have, like a collection. I have those big googly-eyed TY teddy bears, and I collect all of the owls and the birds. If you send me something like that, because you know that I’m collecting them. That is a personalised gift. If you would buy me a game that I’ve been wanting for a long time, or a Personalized PS4 controller or something, that makes a Good gift. That shows that you actually listen and give a shit about the girl. Yeah, there are some girls that are basic bitches that you’re dating that do want that Thing. I don’t want shoes and purses either. That’s not my Thing. A lot of girls might want that. I don’t know. To me, that just seems such a generic Thing to do. I don’t really like the Twilight-type Romances, or the regular type Romance comedies, like those.
  I don’t like a guy that opens the door for you and treats you like a lady. That kind of Thing is not my Thing. I like the Passionate crazy Love where you can’t keep your hands off of them, kind of possessive, because the Person means the World to you and they don’t really know how to show that. Very manly stuff. It’s really Sexy and it’s a turn on when a man doesn’t really know how to show his Emotions, because it’s the first time that you’ve ever made him feel that way or whatever, where he’s ever felt that way about a girl. I like being a guy’s first in many different Things, because that is romantic. It’s like you are special. Every girl in their own way wants to feel special, or needed, or wanted. These nice guys that are finishing last, they just let a girl go. Every girl is the one that got away, because they’re too nice to colleague, and they’re too nice to pour their hearts out, or too nice to just grab a girl, like she’s yours and be that romantic that is interesting to women. The kind of like quiet guys, nice to everyone who will never stick up for her, who just tries to do the right Thing is not someone that’s going to get a girl’s attention. Therefore, she’s not going to get the girl. Some romantic, crazy, intense asshole guy is going to end up getting her over you, because at least he has the mysterious entertaining Personality. I hate People who have no Personality because they’re trying to stick to some dumb-fuck Morals that don’t make any sense in the real World, and they’re not holding you higher than everyone else. If you’re going to date someone and spend the rest of your Life with someone, you fucking better as well. You better be high up on the priority list. If you’re just another Person, then that’s like. That just doesn’t sit well with me. All of the fucked up Relationships, all of the forbidden Relationships, that type of stuff is attractive to me. When a guy doesn’t really know how to show his Emotions, but he’s doing his best so he doesn’t. Kind of carnal, Sexual, or masculine way. That’s really hot to me and it’s really romantic to me. Not being able to live without each other. Feeling like there’s no Life without each other, because sharing experiences with each other is what makes Life worth living, is something that I really Love and enjoy.
  Of course, I’m almost the standard typical girl in this situation, except for I have a little bit more of a darker side obviously, more Sexual oriented, more masculine oriented side. I can’t stand guys that are super feminine and super. I don’t like needy, I like possessive, because needy is more of. I see it as womanly. Obviously, these are just my Opinions. Once again, People are going to get all bent out of shape and say that I’m profiling or whatever the fuck you guys can cock out of your heads to try to twist my words and make me seem like a hypocrite or whatever. These are just what turns me on. It’s visceral. I can’t help it. It’s just how I work, and being honest about that is the first step to not being one of the nice guys. Not being like, “Oh yeah, everyone’s Beautiful. Everyone’s Perfect. Everyone’s Good. We should be nice to everyone. Do you want to have Dinner tonight? Maybe watch a movie? How is your day today honey?” na-na-na-na-na. Fuck no! Grab your bitch by the ass. Make out with her. Tell her there’s no one else in the World but her and fucking make her feel like a woman and not like you’re her woman friend and she’s the man in your relationship. That is why nice guys finish last. It’s not the niceness that’s wrong with you. Niceness to your girl is Good. Loyalty to your girl is Good. You still have to have substance and be interesting in that Passion. Passion; number one, most important Thing. Learn to fucking express it guys, because if you feel like you’re one of the nice guys who have finished last so many times, it’s because you didn’t fucking speak your Mind. You didn’t show your character, and you didn’t show your bitch how much you fucking love her. That is bottom line. Yeah, you look into it anyway that you want. That’s pretty much where Romance stands with me.
  I’m not a very romantic Person in the first place in the way that most People are like the candies, flowers, petals on the bed. I hate romantic Dinners out, wearing the dresses. A place where you’d have to go wear a suit. That’s not my Thing. It’s more about the need for each other. I like all of that Californication stuff where there’s a girl in someone’s Life that means more to him than anyone in the World. It will always be her that he chooses, and he’ll always protect her. Of course, other women are attractive, you don’t deny that. Sex is Fun, but no matter how much Sex you have with someone else, there will always be that one Person that is the one. That is so beautiful to me. I Love that shit. Yeah, hopefully that makes sense. Hopefully that helps you guys out. A girl who doesn’t want that type of nice guy is not a gold-digging stupid Whore. She just wants some kind of assurance that her man is more than just a fucking, sitting parrot of everything that should be a Good man. That’s just not. Have something interesting about you, some character. It sucks that insecure women will get stuck with guys that treat them like shit, because they were drawn in to that mysteriousness. A smart woman and a woman who knows her worth will leave once that negativity sets in and go find someone who’s mysterious, interesting, charismatic, loyal, and super passionate about them, but also treats them well and treats them like they should treated. Yeah, I’ve gotten out of Relationships like that and I felt the Bonnie and Clyde way, and I still feel the Bonnie and Clyde way and there’s. I wholeheartedly believe that there is someone out there for you that’s your soul mate where the Chemistry never dies. Every single guy I have ever had Sex with, or ever been in a relationship with, got boring pretty quickly. I lost that honeymoon phase. Jay, I haven’t. He’s interesting every day. Sex is great every day. It just keeps getting better. I keep liking him more and more. That’s why he’s the Person that I live with, and that’s why he’s the Person that sticks around and fucks me day to day, because he keeps my attention. No one else has ever done that, and that’s what’s amazing. I wholeheartedly believe that the honeymoon phase does not have to die. You do not have to result to some weird kinky shit to try to revitalize your marriage. You just haven’t found your fucking soul mate. That’s basically that. If you’ve watched Californication, it’s pretty much like that.
  All right guys. Have a Good vagina. I’m going to take a pic. There. I had to look sad, because the title is going to be Why Nice Guys Finish Last. [Émy Guerrini. Samantha Adams.] I’m going to go unbox some shit. I’ve been really sick, so that’s why I sound fucking weird, but the show must go on, so I’m going to go play some Witcher 3, and then I’m going to stream some League of Legends after that and halle-fucking-lujah, right? All right. Bye guys. Thanks for listening.

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