Thursday, October 13, 2016

Major Slack. “Fallout 4 Survival Mode Walkthrough Pt 8 - Battling Bugs for Blood Packs & Busting into Fort Hagen” (25 May 2016) “Fallout 4 Survival Mode Walkthrough Part 12 - Gunfight at Fort Strong” (30 May 2016) Youtube. Excerpts.

  Hey, thanks for joining me again. Let’s play some Survival-plus. This is where I play Fallout 4 on the Survival Difficulty with all the following extra Rules of Engagement. And we are upon the Stunted Yao Guai. Took Dogmeat in the action right way. As usual, with Yao Guai, I try to take the high ground somewhere. He manages to claw me a good one, though. See, there we go. Crippled me up. So this is serious now. Because I know Dogmeat’s not going to last long. I have to dance around this car. And I’ve given up on the Combar Rifle now. I realised that. This auto pipe-Rifle, wow, does it ever perform. Check this out. Takes out Yao Guai like a hot knife going through butter. Just hot-keyed some Nuka Cherries.
  Grab the Meat.
  Briefly considering taking that Elevator up there to see if I can take out some high-level Gunners or whatever, probably gunners, to see if I can get there, but quickly decided against it. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. And I finally decided to take a Rad-Away as risky as this is, because this will give you suppressed Immunity, which means you have increased Chance of getting a Disease, which means, that’s just wonderful, you know? That red bar on my HP bar is getting too big.
  There we go, so begins. The Attack of the bloodbugs. We’re going to be seeing lots of this in the next 15 minutes or so as we get into Great Mass Blood Clinic, which is just south of Fort Hagen.
 Okay, Dogmeat is close to zeroing in on Fort Hagen. He often gets stuck there. Fortunately, he didn’t get stuck long. How many of you out there are attempting to follow along through this walkthrough? Post a comment, let me know. I’m very curious, or let’s say modified version of Rules of Engagement of Survival-plus. Post a comment. I know there’s one of out there, trying to follow along, exactly the way I’m playing it. Ha, ha, ha. Let me rephrase that. How many of you out there are insane enough to play Survival-plus? Actually, it’s a lot of Fun, it’s a lot of Fun. It really teaches you a lot about the Game. As I mentioned before, it really teaches you the Value of what you previously considered as total crap in the way of Weapons and Armors.

  Okay, this is exactly where I want to be. Let me put on my Combat-gear again. Army Helmet, Kellogg’s Outfit. Sniper Rifle on. Take a little look-see, Great. That’s great, that’s Beautiful. Looks like he’s engaged in Super Mutant Butcher, that would be fantastic. All right, let’s go back and save the Game. There’s a little hut back here. Right, boom, there.
  Okay, back to commentary. Can’t tell you how ridiculously fit about this is. Now we need to secure Fort Strong, our object is about half a dozen Super Mutants roaming around in the Area where the Behemoth once was. And one of them is probably a Super Mutant Butcher or Legendary. Now, I have two plans here. Plan A and a Contingency plan. Plan A is to go over, just before the Bridge, take a pot-shot at one of the Super Mutants with my Sniper Rifle and get them all to rush across the Bridge. And once they take the bait, put on my Hazmat Suit, dive into the Water, and swim under the Water all the way past them beyond the Canon Platform, which is right in front of the Fort Strong, and wait for them to return, and usually they return nicely grouped together, and then pop out the Mininuke and wipe out as many of them as possible in one shot.
  That’s Plan A. Plan B is, If they all come across the Bridge, I may take the Mininuke and shoot them with the Mininuke right away, right there, as they’re nicely grouped together. It’s kind of a Judgement Call. Clearing throat of Major Slack.  I’m only going to down a couple of Mines here, just as a Safety-measure. This will make sure that, if one Super Mutant starts coming across the Bridge alone, he doesn’t screw up the plan, because usually one comes, and then the rest come as a Group. Sometimes that happens. So, let’s see how this plays out. That’s best laid plans of Mice and Men. He gets blown by the Mine. Let’s assess the situation. They’re all nicely grouped togher, so out comes the Fatman. Let’s take a chance. Got at least two there, so I’m committed now. Now I have to do the Recon with my Laser Rifle. Out go a couple of frag-Grenade. It took about a dozen tries to develop this Strategy. I got my ass kicked, I mean, totally kicked. If you’re playing along, this is another point in the Game where the Game just really turns up the Heat. It lets you clearly know you’re supposed to enter this Area leveled-up, okay? Ha, ha. And I’m not leveled up. I have no Perks, no MODs, I have nothing.

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