Monday, May 25, 2015

Guest ofCharlieRose. List. PBS & Bloomberg. 01. From 08 Jul 2013 to 01 Jan 2013.

Here is a part list of the guest on Charlie Rose on PBS. It is obvious that the show is a kike parade and a propaganda center for the masters of the universe and the Wall Street. I have crossed the artist, the filmmaker, the musician, and the actor, regardless of the political implication.
I have reached the state of nirvana. I’m fucking done with Hollywood.

1.      AIR DATE: 7/8/13 PROGRAM: Movies: “2 American Families” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bill Moyers, Journalist; Host, “Bill Moyers Journal”; Author.
2.      AIR DATE: 7/5/13 PROGRAM: Christian Louboutin // Sports: MLB Advanced Media GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Christian Louboutin, Founder and Designer, Christian Loubouti // Bob Bowman, CEO, MLB Advanced Media.
3.      AIR DATE: 7/4/13 PROGRAM: David McCullough (Compilation) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David McCullough, Author.
4.      AIR DATE: 7/3/13 PROGRAM: Foreign Affairs: Egypt Protests // Foreign Affairs: Brazil Protests GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Fouad Ajami, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution / Ed Husain, Council on Foreign Relations / David Ignatius, The Washington Post (Via Washington, DC) / David Kirkpatrick, The New York Times (Phoner via Cairo) / Naguib Sawiris, Chairman, Orascom Telecom (Phoner via Cairo) / Clarissa Ward, Foreign Correspondent, CBS News (Phoner via Cairo) // Larry Rohter, The New York Times; Author / Ruchir Sharma, Morgan Stanley; Author / Paulo Sotero, The Woodrow Wilson Int’l Center for Scholars (Via Washington, DC).
5.      AIR DATE: 7/2/13 PROGRAM: Foreign Affairs: Japan // Movies: “The Lone Ranger” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard McGregor, The Financial Times; Author (Via Washington, DC) / Kurt Campbell, Chairman and CEO of the Asia Group (Via Washington, DC) / Ian Bremmer, Eurasia Group / Martin Fackler, The New York Times // Johnny Depp, Actor.
6.      AIR DATE: 7/1/13 PROGRAM: Foreign Affairs: Egypt Protests // Current Affairs: Federal Reserve // Music: Mark Neikrug GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Naguib Sawiris, Chairman, Orascom Telecom; Founder, Al Masreyeen Al Ahrarr (Phoner via Cairo) / Steven Cook, Council on Foreign Relations (Via Seattle) // Mark Gertler, NYU / Jon Hilsenrath, The Wall Street Journal / Alan Blinder, Former Federal Reserve Vice Chairman, Princeton University (Via Princeton) // Mark Neikrug, Composer.
7.      AIR DATE: 6/28/13 PROGRAM: Art: 2013 Venice Biennale // Art: James Turrell GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Massimiliano Gioni, Director, 2013 Venice Biennale; Curator / Sarah Sze, Artist // James Turrell, Artist.
8.      AIR DATE: 6/27/13 PROGRAM: The Guardian // Current Affairs: 2045 Initiative GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Alan Rusbridger, The Guardian / Janine Gibson, The Guardian // Dmitry Itskov, Founder and Chair, 2045 Initiative / David Hanson, Robotics Designer and Researcher.
9.      AIR DATE: 6/26/13 PROGRAM: Politics: SCOTUS // Bill Hader // Books: "A Curious Discovery: An Entrepreneur's Story" GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jeffrey Toobin, CNN; The New Yorker (Via Washington, DC) / Adam Liptak, The New York Times // Bill Hader, Actor // John Hendricks, Founder and Chairman, Discovery Communications.
10.   AIR DATE: 6/25/13 PROGRAM: Current Affairs: The World’s Economy // Books: “TransAtlantic: A Novel” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Nouriel Roubini, Roubini Global Economics / Ian Bremmer, Eurasia Group // Colum McCann, Author.
11.   AIR DATE: 6/24/13 PROGRAM: Current Affairs: NSA Leaks: The Aftermath // Movies: “Dirty Wars” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John Miller, CBS News / Norah O’Donnell, CBS News / Philip Mudd; Fmr Deputy Director of National Security, FBI; Fmr Deputy Director, Counterterrorist Center, CIA (Via Memphis, Tennessee) / Spencer Ackerman, The Guardian (Via Washington, DC) // Jeremy Scahill, The Nation Magazine; Author / Richard Rowley, Director.
12.   AIR DATE: 6/21/13 PROGRAM: Movies: “Unfinished Song” // Movies: “The Attack” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Terence Stamp, Actor // Ziad Doueiri, Director.
13.   AIR DATE: 6/20/13 PROGRAM: Books: “The Metropolitan Revolution: How Cities and Metros Are Fixing Our Broken Politics and Fragile Economy” // Books: “A Country of Cities: A Manifesto for an Urban America” // Presidential Libraries GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jennifer Bradley, Author; Brookings Metropolitan PolicyPROGRAM / Bruce Katz, Author; Brookings Metropolitan PolicyPROGRAM // Vishaan Chakrabarti, Architect; Author // Margaret Russell, Editor in Chief, Architectural Digest / James Polshek, Founder, Polshek Partnership Architects / Robert A.M. Stern, Founder, Robert A.M. Stern Architects; Dean, Yale School of Architecture.
14.   AIR DATE: 6/19/13 PROGRAM: The Blackstone Group // Theatre: “Macbeth” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Stephen Schwarzman, Chairman and CEO, The Blackstone Group // Alan Cumming, Actor.
15.   AIR DATE: 6/18/13 PROGRAM: Books: “The Great Degeneration: How Institutions Decay and Economies Die” // Books: “The Unwinding – An Inner History of the New America” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Niall Ferguson, Harvard University; Author // George Packer, Author; The New Yorker.
16.   AIR DATE: 6/17/13 PROGRAM: President Barack Obama GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: President Barack Obama.
17.   AIR DATE: 6/14/13 PROGRAM: Sports: John McEnroe // Sports: U.S. Open // Books: “Rumsfeld's Rules: Leadership Lessons in Business, Politics, War, and Life” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John McEnroe, John McEnroe Tennis Academy; Hall of Fame Tennis player // Jaime Diaz, Editor-in-chief, Golf World; Senior Writer, Golf Digest // Donald Rumsfeld, Former U.S. Secretary of Defense; Author.
18.   AIR DATE: 6/13/13 PROGRAM: Current Affairs: NSA Leaks // Sports: Graeme McDowell GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: James Bamford, Author; Journalist // Graeme McDowell, 2010 U.S. Open Golf Champion; Professional Golfer.
19.   AIR DATE: 6/12/13 PROGRAM: John Galliano GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John Galliano, Designer.
20.   AIR DATE: 6/11/13 PROGRAM: Current Affairs: NSA Leaks // Foreign Affairs: Turkey Unrests GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Philip Mudd; Fmr Deputy Director of National Security, FBI; Fmr Deputy Director, Counterterrorist Center, CIA (Via Memphis, Tennessee) / Barton Gellman, The Washington Post / John Miller, CBS News / Marc Rotenberg, President, Electronic Privacy Information Center (Via Washington, DC) // Henri J. Barkey, Lehigh University / Steven Cook, Council of Foreign Relations (Via Washington, DC) / Hugh Pope, International Crisis Group (Phoner via Istanbul).
21.   AIR DATE: 6/10/13 PROGRAM: Current Affairs: NSA Leaks // Politics: Obama and China // Jim Turley GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Alex Gibney, Filmmaker / Siobhan Gorman, The Wall Street Journal // Henry Paulson, Former Secretary of the Treasury; The Paulson Institute (Via Chicago) // Jim Turley Chairman & CEO, Ernst& Young.
22.   AIR DATE: 6/7/13 PROGRAM: FCC and the Internet // Evernote GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Julius Genachowski, Former Chair, Federal Communications Commission // Phil Libin, CEO, Evernote.
23.   AIR DATE: 6/6/13 PROGRAM: Politics: Xi Jinping U.S. Visit // Books: “Traps” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Noah Feldman, Harvard Law School; Author / James Fallows, The Atlantic; Author (Via Washington, DC) / Richard McGregor, The Financial Times; Author (Via Washington, DC) // Mackenzie Bezos, Author.
24.   AIR DATE: 6/5/13 PROGRAM: Politics: Obama’s Personnel Changes // Books: ““The Center Holds: Obama and his Enemies” // Theatre: “Trip to Bountiful” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Les Gelb, Center for Foreign Relations / David Ignatius, The Washington Post (Via Washington, DC) // Jonathan Alter, Author; Bloomberg View // Cuba Gooding, Jr., Actor.
25.   AIR DATE: 6/4/13 PROGRAM: Books: “Friend of the Court: On the Front Lines with the First Amendment” // Theatre: “Ghost Brothers of Darkland County” // Movies: “Much Ado About Nothing” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Floyd Abrams, Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP; Author // T Bone Burnett, Producer / Stephen King, Author / John Mellencamp, Musician // Joss Whedon, Director.
26.   AIR DATE: 6/3/13 PROGRAM: Foreign Affairs: Conflict in Syria // Rahm Emanuel GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Senator John McCain, (R) Arizona // Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago.
27.   AIR DATE: 5/31/13 PROGRAM: Foreign Affairs: Middle East Conflict // Tim McCarver GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic; Bloomberg View // Tim McCarver, Fox Sports; Former Major League Baseball Player.
28.   AIR DATE: 5/30/13 PROGRAM: Politics: The Volcker Alliance // Books: “Act of Congress: How America’s Essential Institution Works, and How it Doesn’t” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Paul Volcker, Former chairman, Federal Reserve; Chairman, Volcker Alliance // Robert Kaiser, The Washington Post; Author / Barney Frank, Fmr Congressman, (D) Massachusetts / Chris Dodd, Fmr Senator, (D) Connecticut.
29.   AIR DATE: 5/29/13 PROGRAM: Politico // Tumblr GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jim Vandehei, Executive Editor, Politico; Co-Founder, Politico / Mike Allen, Chief White House Correspondent, Politico // David Karp, CEO & Founder, Tumblr.
30.   AIR DATE: 5/28/13 PROGRAM: Current Affairs: Chinese Cyberspies // Books: “Finding Your Element: How to Discover Your Talents and Passions and Transform Your Life” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Martin, CBS News (Via Washington, DC) / David Sanger, The New York Times (Via Washington, DC) / Philip Mudd, Former Deputy Director, FBI; Former Deputy Director, CIA (Via Memphis, Tennessee) // Sir Ken Robinson, Author.
31.   AIR DATE: 5/27/13 PROGRAM: Theatre: “Lucky Guy” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jacob Bernstein, Journalist / Tom Hanks, Actor / Courtney B. Vance, Actor / George C. Wolfe, Director.
32.   AIR DATE: 5/24/13 PROGRAM: VICE // Bill Gates GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Shane Smith, Vice // Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
33.   AIR DATE: 5/23/13 PROGRAM: Politics: Obama’s Counter-Terror Speech // Veteran Job Corps GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Micah Zenko, Council on Foreign Relations / David Kilcullen, Former Advisor to Gen. Petraeus; Caerus Associates, LLC (Via Washington, DC) / David Ignatius, The Washington Post (Via Washington, DC) / Philip Mudd, Former Deputy Director, FBI; Former Deputy Director, CIA (Via Memphis, Tennessee) / Karen Greenberg, Fordham Law School (Via London) // Dylan Ratigan, Veteran Job Corps / Maj. Gen. Melvin Spiese, Veteran Job Corps (Via San Diego).
34.   AIR DATE: 5/22/13 PROGRAM: Books: “Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success" // Delta Airlines GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Phil Jackson, Author; 11-Time NBA Champion Coach // Richard Anderson, CEO, Delta Airlines.
35.   AIR DATE: 5/21/13 PROGRAM: Current Affairs: Oklahoma City Tornado // Audra McDonald GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Andrew Revkin, Pace University / Brian Walsh, TIME Magazine / Peter Baker, The New York Times (Via Washington, DC) / R. David Paulison, Former Administrator, FEMA (Via Davie, Florida) // Audra McDonald, Singer/Actress.
36.   AIR DATE: 5/20/13 PROGRAM: Foreign Affairs: Syria’s Civil War // Current Affairs: The U.S. & China GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ben Wedeman, CNN / Farnaz Fassihi, WSJ // Tung Chee Hwa, Former Chief Executive, Hong Kong; Chairman, China-U.S. Exchange Foundation / Michael Spence, Nobel Laureate; NYU Stern School of Business.
37.   AIR DATE: 5/17/13 PROGRAM: Politics: White House Scandal // Books: “Inferno” // Movies: “Before Midnight” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Al Hunt, Bloomberg News (Via Washington, DC) / Karen Tumulty, The Wsahington Post (Via Washington, DC) / Jessia Yellin, CNN (Via Washington, DC) // Dan Brown, Author // Julie Delpy, Actor; Screenwriter / Ethan Hawke, Actor; Screenwriter / Richard Linklater, Director; Screenwriter.
39.   AIR DATE: 5/15/13 PROGRAM: Theatre: “Matilda: The Musical” // Books: “The Outsider: A Memoir” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tim Minchin, Composer / Dennis Kelly, Book Writer / Bertie Carvel, Actor / Matthew Warchus, Director // Jimmy Connors, Hall of Fame Tennis Player; 5-Time U.S. Open Champion / Author.
40.   AIR DATE: 5/14/13 PROGRAM: Books: “To Repair the World: Paul Farmer Speaks to the Next Generation” // Books: “Impossible Odds: The Kidnapping of Jessica Buchanan and Her Dramatic Rescue by SEAL Team Six” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Paul Farmer, Author; Harvard University; Co-Founder, Partners in Health // Jessica Buchanan, Author / Erik Landemalm, Author.
41.   AIR DATE: 5/13/13 PROGRAM: Books: “Fighting for Common Ground: How We Can Fix the Stalemate in Congress” // America’s National Defense GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Olympia Snowe, Former Senator, R-Maine; Author // Jeh Johnson Fmr Defense Department General Counsel.
42.   AIR DATE: 5/10/13 PROGRAM: George W. Bush // Books: “The Savage Way: Successfully Navigating the Waves of Business and Life” // Books: “Why Knot: How to Tie More than Sixty Ingenious, Useful, Beautiful, Lifesaving and Secure Knots!” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: George W. Bush, Former President of the United States // Frank Savage CEO, Savage Holdings LLC; Author // Philippe Petit, High-Wire Artist; Author.
43.   AIR DATE: 5/9/13 PROGRAM: Theatre: “The Nance” // “Spring” Restaurant GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Nathan Lane, Actor // Daniel Rose, Chef/Restaurateur.
44.   AIR DATE: 5/8/13 PROGRAM: Theatre: “The Nance” // “Spring” Restaurant GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Nathan Lane, Actor // Daniel Rose, Chef/Restaurateur.
45.   AIR DATE: 5/7/13 PROGRAM: Politics: Obama’s Foreign Relations // Theatre: “Ring Cycle” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tennessee; Senate Foreign Relations Committee // Fabio Luisi, Principal Conductor, Metropolitan Opera / Deborah Voigt, Opera Singer / Jay Hunter Morris, Opera Singer.
46.   AIR DATE: 5/6/13 PROGRAM: Foreign Affairs: Syrian Chemical Weapons // Foreign Affairs: Syrian Chemical Weapons Cnt’d // Books: “Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dexter Filkins, The New Yorker / Gary Samore, Harvard Kennedy School; Fmr Wmd Adviser To President Obama // John Mccain, Senator, R-Arizona // Adam Grant, Wharton, University Of Pennsylvania.
47.   AIR DATE: 5/3/13 PROGRAM: Harrison Ford // Shahid Khan GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Harrison Ford, Actor // Shahid Khan, Owner, Jacksonville Jaguars; Owner and CEO, Flex-N-Gate.
48.   AIR DATE: 5/2/13 PROGRAM: Foreign Affairs: China // Article: The Hunt for Steve Cohen // Movies: “André Gregory: Before and After Dinner” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Barboza, The New York Times // Bethany McLean, Vanity Fair / Bryan Burrough, Vanity Fair // André Gregory, Theater Director; Artist / Cindy Kleine, Director.
49.   AIR DATE: 5/1/13 PROGRAM: Financial Times’s 125th Anniversary // Books: “The Power of Negative Thinking: An Unconventional Approach to Achieving Positive Results” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Lionel Barber, Editor, Financial Times / Gillian Tett, Assistant Editor, Financial Times / Martin Dickson, U.S. Managing Editor, Financial Times // Bobby Knight, Former College Basketball Coach; Author.
50.   AIR DATE: 4/30/13 PROGRAM: Politics: Pres. Obama’s Press Conference // Sports: The NBA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Al Hunt, Bloomberg News; Bloomberg View (Via Washington DC) / Jonathan Karl ABC News (Via Washington DC) / Chuck Todd, NBC News (Via Washington DC) / Jessica Yellin, CNN (Via Washington DC) // David Stern, Commissioner, NBA / Adam Silver, Deputy Commissioner, NBA.
51.   AIR DATE: 4/29/13 PROGRAM: Books: “Foreign Policy Begins at Home: The Case for Putting America’s House in Order” // Foreign Affairs: Turkey GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Haass, Council on Foreign Relations; Author // Ali Babacan, Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey.
52.   AIR DATE: 4/26/13 PROGRAM: Books: “The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business” // Books: “China’s Superbank: Debt, Oil and Influence – How China Development Bank is Rewriting the Rules of Finance” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google; Co-Author / Jared Cohen, Director, Google Ideas // Michael Forsythe, Bloomberg News / Henry Sanderson, Bloomberg News.
53.   AIR DATE: 4/25/13 PROGRAM: Foreign Affairs: Chemical Weapons in Syria // Online Education GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mike Rogers, Chairman, Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence // Tom Friedman, The New York Times / Amy Gutmann, President, The University of Pennsylvania / Anant Agarwal President, Edx; Massachusetts Institute of Technology / Joel Klein, CEO, Amplify / Former New York City Schools Chancellor.
54.   AIR DATE: 4/24/13 PROGRAM: Magnus Carlsen // Paramount Pictures GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Magnus Carlsen, Chess Grandmaster // Brad Grey, Chairman and CEO, Paramount Pictures.
55.   AIR DATE: 4/23/13 PROGRAM: Current Affairs: Boston Marathon Bombing // Michael Strahan GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Philip Mudd, Fmr. Deputy Director, FBI National Security // Michael Strahan, Co-host, "Live with Kelly and Michael"; Former NFL Super Bowl Champion.
56.   AIR DATE: 4/22/13 PROGRAM: Current Affairs: Boston Marathon Bombing // Books: “Jacob's Folly: A Novel” // Yale University Pt. 2 GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Remnick; Editor, The New Yorker // Rebecca Miller, Author // Richard C. Levin, President, Yale University.
57.   AIR DATE: 4/19/13 PROGRAM: Current Affairs: Boston Marathon Bombing // All Things Digital // Yale University Pt. 1 GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John Miller, CBS // Walter Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal / Kara Swisher, The Wall Street Journal // Richard C. Levin, President, Yale University.
58.   AIR DATE: 4/18/13 PROGRAM: Current Affairs: West Texas Explosion // Current Affairs: Boston Marathon Bombing // Indian Economy GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jason Allen, Reporter, CBS Dallas-Fort Worth // John Miller, CBS // P Chidambaram, Minister of Finance, India.
59.   AIR DATE: 4/17/13 PROGRAM: Current Affairs: Boston Marathon Bombing // Domestic Terrorism // Theatre: “Orphans” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jonathan Elias, Anchor, WBZ-TV in Boston // Ray Kelly, New York City Police Commissioner // Ben Foster, Actor / Tom Sturridge, Actor / Alec Baldwin, Actor.
60.   AIR DATE: 4/16/13 PROGRAM: Current Affairs: Boston Marathon Bombing // Current Affairs: Boston Marathon Bombing Cont’d // Theatre: “Julius Ceasar” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts (via Boston) // Mike Barnicle, Morning joe (via Boston) / Kevin Cullen, The Boston Globe (via Boston) / John Miller, CBS // Gregory Doran, Artistic Director, Royal Shakespeare Company.
61.   AIR DATE: 4/15/13 PROGRAM: Foreign Affairs: North Korea // Foreign Affairs: Venezuelan Elections GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michele Flournoy, Fmr. Undersecretary of Defense for Policy (Via Washington DC) // Jorge Castañeda, Former Foreign Minister, Mexico; New York University / Greg Grandin, New York University / Nikolas Kozloff, Journalist.
62.   AIR DATE: 4/12/13 PROGRAM: Foreign Affairs: North Korea // Jack Nicklaus Part 2 // Art: “L’Amour Fou” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Sanger, The New York Times (Via Washington DC) // Jack Nicklaus, Hall of Fame Golfer // Gavin Turk, Artist.
63.   AIR DATE: 4/11/13 PROGRAM: Current Affairs: Gun Control // Art: “Inventing Abstraction: 1910-1925” // Theatre: “Belleville” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jonathan Karl, ABC News // Leah Dickerman, The Museum of Modern Art // Amy Herzog, Playwright.
64.   AIR DATE: 4/10/13 PROGRAM: Jack Nicklaus Part 1 GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jack Nicklaus, Hall of Fame Golfer.
65.   AIR DATE: 4/9/13 PROGRAM: Books: “The Way of the Knife—The CIA, A Secret Army, and a War at the Ends of the Earth” // The Future of Media GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mark Mazzetti, Author; The New York Times // David Carr, The New York Times.
66.   AIR DATE: 4/8/13 PROGRAM: Remembering Margaret Thatcher // Remembering Roger Ebert GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Henry Kissinger, Former U.S. Secretary Of State / Tina Brown, Editor-in-Chief of Newsweek and The Daily Beast / Harry Evans, Fmr Editor, The Times, Editor at Large, Reuters, Martin Amis, Author // Werner Herzog, Filmmaker; Director (Via Stanford, CA) / A.O. Scott, The New York Times / Dana Stevens, Slate Magazine. Amanda Foreman Historian, Biographer
67.   AIR DATE: 4/5/13 PROGRAM: Women in the World Summit // Books: “The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America” // Books: “The Soundtrack of My Life” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Zainab Salbi, Founder, Women for Women International / Shoma Chaudhury, Managing Editor, Tehelka / Tina Brown, Editor-in-chief, The Daily Beast and Newsweek// David Stockman, Author; Fmr. Director, U.S. Office of Management and Budget // Clive Davis, CCO, Sony Music Entertainment; Author.
68.   AIR DATE: 4/4/13 PROGRAM: Books: “From Beirut to Jerusalem” // Books: “Brokers of Deceit: How the US Has Undermined Peace in the Middle East” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tom Friedman, Author; The New York Times // Rashid Khalidi, Columbia University.
69.   AIR DATE: 4/3/13 PROGRAM: Foreign Affairs: North Korea // Remembering Mike McAlary. GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: George Mitchell, Frm U.S. Special Envoy for Middle East Peace; Frm Senate Majority Leader // Jim Dwyer, New York Times / Eddie Hayes, Lawyer / Joanna Molloy, New York Daily News.
70.   AIR DATE: 4/2/13 PROGRAM: Foreign Affairs: North Korea // Theatre: “Lucky Guy” // Art: Marina Abramovic GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Christopher Hill, Former U.S. Ambassador to South Korea (Via Denver, Colorado) / Mark Landler, The New York Times (Via Washington DC) // Ben Brantley, The New York Times // Marina Abramovic, Performance Artist.
71.   AIR DATE: 4/1/13 PROGRAM: Current Affairs: Same Sex Marriage GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Boies, Chairman, Boies, Schiller & Flexner.
72.   AIR DATE: 3/29/13 PROGRAM: Current Affairs: Drone Warfare // Foreign Affairs: Afghanistan GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Boyle, LaSalle University / Scott Shane, The New York Times (Via Washington DC) / Rosa Brooks, Georgetown University (Via Washington DC) / Peter W. Singer, Brookings Institution (Via Washington DC) // Graham Bowley, The New York Times / Leslie H. Gelb, Council on Foreign Relations / Dexter Filkins, The New Yorker.
73.   AIR DATE: 3/28/13 PROGRAM: Carl Levin // Technology: Summly GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Carl Levin, Senator, Michigan (D) // Nick D’Aloisio, Entrepreneur.
74.   AIR DATE: 3/27/13 PROGRAM: Current Affairs: US Airways Merger // Foreign Affairs: Libya // Sports: NCAA Sweet 16 GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Douglas Parker, CEO, US Airways // Bernard-Henri Lévy, Author // Jay Bilas, ESPN.
75.   AIR DATE: 3/26/13 PROGRAM: Bank of America GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Brian Moynihan, CEO, Bank of America.
76.   AIR DATE: 3/25/13 PROGRAM: Current Affairs: Same Sex Marriage // Movies: “Gimme the Loot” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Andrew Sullivan, Editor, “The Dish” / Jeffrey Toobin, The New Yorker; CNN (Via Washington DC) / Akhil Reed Amar, Yale Law School; Author (Via New Haven, CT) // Adam Leon, Director.
77.   AIR DATE: 3/22/13 PROGRAM: Books: “Endgame: The Inside Story of the Struggle for Iraq, from George W. Bush to Barack Obama” // Iraq: 10 Years After GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Gordon, The New York Times; Author // Michael Gordon, The New York Times; Author / Dexter Filkins, The New Yorker / Fouad Ajami, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution / John Burns, The New York Times (Via Cambridge, UK).
78.   AIR DATE: 3/21/13 PROGRAM: Politics: Obama’s Jerusalem Speech // Technology: Big Data GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Itamar Rabinovich, President, Israel Institute / Martin Indyk, Brookings Institution // Jeff Hammerbacher, Chief Scientist, Cloudera.
79.   AIR DATE: 3/20/13 PROGRAM: Foreign Affairs: Syria // Foreign Affairs: Syria Cnt’d // Current Affairs: The Federal Reserve GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mike Rogers, Congressman, (R-Michigan); Chairman, House Intelligence Committee // Joshua Landis, The University Of Oklahoma (Via Oklahoma) / Richard Haas, Council On Foreign Relations (Via Washington DC) // Alan Blinder, Princeton University / David Leonhardt, The New York Times.
80.   AIR DATE: 3/19/13 PROGRAM: Foreign Affairs: Cyprus Debt Crisis // Cyber Warfare // Politics: The Future of the GOP GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Andrew Ross Sorkin, The New York Times / Francesco Guerrera, The Wall Street Journal / Simon Johnson, Professor Mit Sloan School Of Management; Sr. Fellow, Peterson Institute of International Economics (Via Washington DC) // David Sanger, The New York Times (Via Washington DC) // Mark Halperin, Time / Al Hunt, Bloomberg News; Bloomberg View (Via Washington DC).
81.   AIR DATE: 3/18/13 PROGRAM: Politics: Obama’s Mideast Trip // Books: “The AIG Story" GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Aaron David Miller, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars / Stephen Cook, Council on Foreign Relations // Hank Greenberg, Former Chairman and CEO, AIG; Author.
82.   AIR DATE: 3/15/13 PROGRAM: Current Affairs: Pope Francis I // Politics: Obama’s Economic Report // Samsung Galaxy S4 GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Monsignor Lorenzo Albacete, Theologian; Author / Frank Bruni, The New York Times / Daniel Wakin, The New York Times (Via Rome) // Alan Krueger, Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers // Walt Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal (Via Washington DC).
83.   AIR DATE: 3/14/13 PROGRAM: Cardinal Timothy Dolan // Whitey Bulger // Books: “Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood & the Prison of Belief” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Cardinal Timothy Dolan // Kevin Cullen, Author / Shelley Murphy, Author / John Miller, Senior Correspondent, CBS News // Lawrence Wright, Author.
84.   AIR DATE: 3/13/13 PROGRAM: Current Affairs: Pope Francis I GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Frank Bruni (Guest Host) / Joseph M. Mcshane, S.J., President, Fordham University / Walter Modrys, S.J., Former Pastor, Church of St. Ignatius Loyola / John J. Degioia, President, Georgetown University / Jon Meacham, Random House; Author (Via Nashville).
85.   AIR DATE: 3/12/13 PROGRAM: Foreign Affairs: Italy // Books: “Toughness: Developing True Strength On and Off the Court” // Art: “Matisse: In Search of True Painting” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Romano Prodi, Former Prime Minister of Italy // Jay Bilas Author; ESPN college basketball analyst // Rebecca Rabinow, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
86.   AIR DATE: 3/11/13 PROGRAM: Current Affairs: The Global Economy GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jeremy Grantham, Chief Market Strategist, GMO; Co-founder, GMO.
87.   AIR DATE: 3/8/13 PROGRAM: Brain Series II: Episode 13: Public Policy Implications of the New Science of Mind GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Walter Mischel, Columbia University / Alan Alda, Actor / Daniel Kahneman, Princeton University; Nobel Laureate / Michael Shadlen, Columbia University; Howard Hughes Medical Investigator / Eric Kandel, Columbia University; Nobel Laureate; Howard Hughes Medical Investigator.
88.   AIR DATE: 3/7/13 PROGRAM: ExxonMobil GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Rex Tillerson, CEO, ExxonMobil; Chairman, ExxonMobil.
89.   AIR DATE: 3/6/13 PROGRAM: “The World In 2013 --- What Washington Must Do Now: An Eight-Point Plan to Restore American Competitiveness” // Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Porter, Professor, Harvard University // Reynold Levy, President, Lincoln Center.
90.   AIR DATE: 3/5/13 PROGRAM: Books: “Out of Order: Stories from the History of the Supreme Court” // Books: “Islam and the Arab Awakening” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sandra Day O’connor, Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice; Author // Tariq Ramadan, Author; Professor of Islamic Studies, Oxford University.
91.   AIR DATE: 3/4/13 PROGRAM: Scarborough vs. Krugman GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Paul Krugman, Author, Nobel Laureate / Joe Scarborough, Host, Morning Joe.
92.   AIR DATE: 3/1/13 PROGRAM: Grand Central: 100 Years Grand // Marron Institute GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Peter Stangl, Former President, Metro-North Railroad; Former Chairman, Metropolitan Transit Authority / Kenneth Jackson, Columbia University; Former President, New York Historical Society / Sam Roberts, Author; The New York Times / James Sanders, Architect; Author // Donald B. Marron, Chairman, Lightyear Capital; Chairman, Marron Institute Advisory Board / Richard Revesz, Dean, NYU School of Law; Director, Marron Institute / Mitchell Moss, NYU Wagner School of Public Service / Paul Romer, NYU Stern School of Business.
93.   AIR DATE: 2/28/13 PROGRAM: Global Polio Eradication Initiative GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Bloomberg, New York City Mayor; Founder of Bloomberg L.P. / Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
94.   AIR DATE: 2/27/13 PROGRAM: Sports: Carmelo Anthony // Books: “The King Years: Historic Moments in the Civil Rights Movement” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Carmelo Anthony, New York Knicks // Taylor Branch, Author.
95.   AIR DATE: 2/26/13 PROGRAM: Politics: Obama's Sequester // Books: “The One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Lawrence Summers, Former Treasury Secretary; Harvard University // Salman Khan, Founder, Khan Academy.
96.   AIR DATE: 2/25/13 PROGRAM: Politics: Obama's Sequester // Movies: “Makers: Women Who Make America” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Steven Rattner, Former Counselor to the Treasury Secretary; Financier // Gloria Steinem, Author; Activist / Amy Richards, Author; Activist.
97.   AIR DATE: 2/22/13 PROGRAM: Academy Awards Special GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Academy Awards Special: Excerpts from Bradley Cooper, Hugh Jackman, Denzel Washington, Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathway, Naomi Watts, Ang Lee, David O'Russell, Benh Zeitlin, Kathryn Bigelow, Tom Hooper, Dror Moreh, Robert De Niro, Christoph Waltz, Tony Kushner, Mark Boal and Quentin Tarantino.
98.   AIR DATE: 2/21/13 PROGRAM: Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills are Killing Us // Books: “Intelligent Governance for the 21st Century—A Middle Way between West and East” // Books: “Dogfight: The 2012 Presidential Campaign in Verse” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Steven Brill, Journalist // Nicolas Berggruen, Author; Nicolas Berggruen Institute // Calvin Trillin, Author; The New Yorker.
99.   AIR DATE: 2/20/13 PROGRAM: Books: “Prague Winter: A Personal Story of Remembrance and War, 1937-1948” // Turtle Conservation // Books: “Outside Looking In: Adventures of an Observer” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Madeleine Albright, Former Secretary Of State; Author // Eric Goode, Turtle Conservancy; Behler Chelonian Center // Garry Wills, Author.
100.          AIR DATE: 2/19/13 PROGRAM: Foreign Affairs: Syria // Current Affairs: Chinese Hacking // Chinese Hacking Cont’d GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Gordon, The New York Times // David Sanger, The New York Times // Dune Lawrence, Bloomberg News / Michael Riley, Bloomberg News (via Washington D.C.).
101.          AIR DATE: 2/18/13 PROGRAM: Public Eduction in the United States // Carolina Herrera’s Fall 2013 Show // Books: “The Parties versus the People: How to Turn Republicans and Democrats into Americans” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michelle Rhee, Founder and CEO, Studentsfirst; Former Chancellor, D.C. Public Schools // Carolina Herrera, Company Founder & Designer / Tom Hodge, Composer / Javier Peral, DJ & Music Producer // Mickey Edwards, Author.
102.          AIR DATE: 2/15/13 PROGRAM: Mike Moritz // Box GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mike Moritz, Chairman of Sequoia Capital // Aaron Levie, CEO, Box.
103.          AIR DATE: 2/14/13 PROGRAM: Movies: “Lincoln” // Movies: “Django Unchained GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tony Kushner, Screenwriter // Christoph Waltz, Actor.
104.          AIR DATE: 2/13/13 PROGRAM: Dick Cheney GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dick Cheney, Former Vice President.
105.          AIR DATE: 2/12/13 PROGRAM: State of the Union - LIVE // Current Affairs: US Economy GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mark Halperin, Time / Doris Kearns Goodwin, Historian / Walter Isaacson, Author; CEO Aspen Institute / John Heilemann, New York Magazine; MSNBC // David Leonhardt, New York Times Washington Bureau Chief; Author / Glenn Hubbard, Dean, Columbia Business School; Former Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers / Roger Altman, Chairman, Evercore Partners; Former Deputy Treasury Secretary (via Boston).
106.          AIR DATE: 2/11/13 PROGRAM: Movies: “Overdraft” // Current Affairs: Global Economics GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jay Fishman, Chairman and CEO, Travelers // Adam Posen, President, Peterson Institute.
107.          AIR DATE: 2/8/13 PROGRAM: Books: “America’s Unwritten Constitution: The Precedents and Principles We Live By” // The Theater for a New Audience GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Akhil Reed Amar, Yale Law School, Author // Julie Taymor, Director.
108.          AIR DATE: 2/7/13 PROGRAM: Movies: Beasts of the Southern Wild” // Allen Pizzey GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Benh Zeitlin, Director // Allen Pizzey, CBS News.
109.          AIR DATE: 2/6/13 PROGRAM: Books: “My Beloved World” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice of The Supreme Court; Author.
110.          AIR DATE: 2/5/13 PROGRAM: Books: “After the Music Stopped” // eBay GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Alan Binder, Author // John Donahoe, President & CEO, eBay.
111.          AIR DATE: 2/4/13 PROGRAM: Tom Donilon GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tom Donilon, National Security Advisor.
112.          AIR DATE: 2/1/13 PROGRAM: Conversations from New Orleans // NFL Super Bowl XLVII GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: James Carville, Democratic Strategist; Co-Chair, Super Bowl Host Committee / Mary Matalin, Republican Strategist; Co-Chair, Super Bowl Host Committee / Mitch Landrieu, Mayor of New Orleans / Julia Reed, Author // Jim Nantz, CBS Sports / Robert Kraft, Owner, New England Patriots; The Kraft Group.
113.          AIR DATE: 1/31/13 PROGRAM: Books: “The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Al Gore
114.          AIR DATE: 1/30/13 PROGRAM: Philanthropy; Microsoft; Technology GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bill Gates, Co-Chair, The Gates Foundation; Philanthropist.
115.          AIR DATE: 1/29/13 PROGRAM: Movies: “Silver Linings Playbook” // Books: “Tenth of December: Stories” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bradley Cooper, Actor // George Saunders, Author.
116.          AIR DATE: 1/28/13 PROGRAM: Sports: NFL Super Bowl XLVII // Theatre: “The Suit” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Peter King, Sports Illustrated // Peter Brook, Director.
117.          AIR DATE: 1/25/13 PROGRAM: Movies: “Quartet” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dustin Hoffman, Director; Actor.
118.          AIR DATE: 1/24/13 PROGRAM: Foreign Affairs: Syria // Foreign Affairs: Jordanian Elections GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Clarissa Ward, Foreign Correspondent, CBS News // Prince Zeid bin Ra'ad, Jordan’s Ambassador to the United Nations.
119.          AIR DATE: 1/23/13 PROGRAM: Current Affairs: Hillary Clinton Benghazi Testimony // Foreign Affairs: Israeli Elections GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Ignatius, The Washington Post (via Washington DC) / Michael Gordon, The New York Times (via New York City) // David Remnick; Editor, The New Yorker / Mort Zuckerman, Editor-In-Chief, U.S. News & World Report / Dennis Ross, Former U.S. Envoy to The Middle East; Washington Institute For Near East Policy (via Washington DC).
120.          AIR DATE: 1/22/13 PROGRAM: James Taylor // Presidential Historians Panel Pt. 2 GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: James Taylor, Singer-Songwriter // Robert Caro, Historian; Author / Doris Kearns Goodwin, Historian; Author (via Boston)/ Robert Caro, Historian; Author / Michael Beschloss, Historian / John Meacham, Random House; Author (via Nashville / Bob Woodward, The Washington Post; Author (via Washington DC).
121.          AIR DATE: 1/21/13 PROGRAM: Politics: Presidential Inauguration // Presidential Historians Panel Pt. 1 GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mark Halperin, Time / Al Hunt, Bloomberg View; Bloomberg News (via Washington DC) / Jodi Kantor, The New York Times; Author (via Washington DC) / John Dickerson, CBS News; Slate (via Washington DC) // Robert Caro, Historian; Author / Doris Kearns Goodwin, Historian; Author (via Boston)/ Robert Caro, Historian; Author / Michael Beschloss, Historian / John Meacham, Random House; Author (via Nashville / Bob Woodward, The Washington Post; Author (via Washington DC).
122.          AIR DATE: 1/18/13 PROGRAM: Television: “Piers Morgan Tonight” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Piers Morgan, Host, “Piers Morgan Tonight”.
123.          AIR DATE: 1/17/13 PROGRAM: Foreign Affairs: Mali & Algeria Conflict // Foreign Affairs: Mali & Algeria Conflict Cnt’d // Books: “The Dude and the Zen Master” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Margaret Brennan, CBS News (via Washington DC) // Max Boot, Council on Foreign Relations; Author (via Washington DC) / J. Peter Pham, Atlantic Council (via Washington DC) / Jennifer Cooke, Center for Strategic & International Studies (via Washington DC) // Jeff Bridges, Author; Actor / Bernie Glassman, Author.
124.          AIR DATE: 1/16/13 PROGRAM: Current Affairs: Gun Control // Future of Technology GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Scherer, Time (via Washington DC) / Joe Scarborough, Host, “Morning Joe” (via Washington DC) // Roger McNamee, Co-Founder, Elevation Partners.
125.          AIR DATE: 1/15/13 PROGRAM: Current Affairs: Lance Armstrong // Current Affairs: Lance Armstrong Cnt’d // 2013 Political Risks Report GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Epstein, Senior Writer, Sports Illustrated / Daniel Coyle, Author (via Cleveland) / Juliet Macur, The New York Times (via Washington DC) // Sally Jenkins, The Washington Post (via Washington DC) // Ian Bremmer, Eurasia Group.
126.          AIR DATE: 1/14/13 PROGRAM: Politcs: Obama Press Conference // Hina Rabbani Khar GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Major Garrett, CBS News (via Washington DC) / Al Hunt, Bloomberg News (via Washington DC) // Hina Rabbani Khar, Foreign Minister of Pakistan.
127.          AIR DATE: 1/11/13 PROGRAM: Television: “Girls” // 85th Academy Awards Nominations GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Lena Dunham, Creator, “Girls” // David Denby, The New Yorker / Annette Insdorf, Columbia University / A.O. Scott, The New York Times / Dana Stevens, Slate Magazine.
128.          AIR DATE: 1/10/13 PROGRAM: David Axelrod GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Axelrod, Former White House Senior Adviser; Director, the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics.
129.          AIR DATE: 1/9/13 PROGRAM: Current Affairs: Military Torture // Ken Taylor GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John Miller, CBS News; Former FBI Official / Peter Bergen, CNN; Author (via Washington DC) / Mark Bowden, The Atlantic; Vanity Fair; Author (via Delaware) // Ken Taylor, Former Canadian Ambassador to Iran.
130.          AIR DATE: 1/8/13 PROGRAM: Books: “My Share of the Task” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gen. Stanley McChrystal, U.S. Army, Retired; Author.
131.          AIR DATE: 1/7/13 PROGRAM: Politics: Fiscal Cliff // Politics: National Security Nominations GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Austan Goolsbee, Univ. of Chicago Booth School of Business; Former Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors / David Leonhardt, The New York Times // Mark Halperin, Time / David Sanger, The New York Times (via Washington DC).
132.          AIR DATE: 1/4/13 PROGRAM: David Letterman // Led Zeppelin GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Letterman // Robert Plant / Jimmy Page / John Paul Jones.
133.          AIR DATE: 1/3/13 PROGRAM: Twitter // Movies: “Not Fade Away” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Evan Williams, // David Chase, Director; Creator, “The Sopranos”.
134.          AIR DATE: 1/2/13 PROGRAM: Mobile Technology // Radiolab GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Paul Jacobs, Chairman and CEO, Qualcomm // Jad Abumrad, Co-Host, "Radiolab"; Creator, "Radiolab" / Robert Krulwich, Co-Host, "Radiolab".
135.          AIR DATE: 1/1/13 PROGRAM: A Remembrance of People Who Died in 2012 GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. Arlen Specter, (R) Pennsylvania [3/27/2008] / Maurice Sendak, Author/Artist [12/21/1993] / Dudley Clendinen, Author [6/22/1999] / Adam “MCA” Yauch, Rapper [8/28/2007] / Ben Gazzara, Actor [5/19/1998] / Stephen Covey, Founder & Chairman, Covey Leadership Center [1/15/1996] / Marvin Traub, CEO and President of Bloomingdale's [12/22/1993] / Steve Sabol, NFL Films [2/1/2008] / Gitta Sereny, Journalist/ Author, [10/12/1995] / Andrew Sarris, Film Critic [10/12/1995] / Marvin Hamlisch, Composer/Conductor [10/22/1992] / Barton Biggs, Traxis Partners [3/15/2011] / Mary Duke Semens, Chairman Emeritus, Board of Trustees, The Duke Endowment; Vice Chairman Emerita, The Mary Duke Biddle Foundation [7/3/2008] / Carlos Fuentes, Author [11/24/2000] / Gore Vidal, Author [4/10/1998] / Robert Hughes, Author [11/21/2006] / Mike Wallace, CBS News [11/21/2006] / Dave Brubeck, Jazz Pianist/Composer [11/11/1994] / Andy Griffith, Actor [10/14/1993] / LeRoy Neiman, Sports Artist / Richard Threlkeld [1/17/1992] / James Burke, Chairman, Partnership for a Drug Free America [10/21/1992] / Andrew Breitbart [7/20/2010] / George McGovern, Author [2/1/2001] / Bingham Ray, October Films [5/24/1996] / William Friday, Former President, UNC Chapel Hill [7/7/1997] / Tony Scott, Filmmaker [4/23/2004] / George Stoney, Documentary Filmmaker [6/26/1995] / John Keegan, Author [11/4/2003] / Martine Franck, Photographer [4/15/2010] / Yitzhak Shamir [11/24/1993] / Joe Paterno, Coach, Pennsylvania State University, [2/20/2006] / Anthony Shadid, The New York Times [2/17/2012] / Nora Ephron, Author; Director [12/3/2010].

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