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Guest ofCharlieRose. List. PBS & Bloomberg. 17. From 31 Dec 1997 to 06 Jan 1997.

4041.       AIR DATE: 12/31/97 PROGRAM: PRESIDENTIAL TAPES / LBJ TAPES/ JFK TAPES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Stanley Kutler, Author, University of Wisconsin, “Abuse of Power: The New Nixon Tapes” [The Free Press] / ]//Michael Beschloss, Author, “Taking Charge” [Simon & Schuster] // Jeff Shesol, Author, “Mutual Contempt” [Norton] // Ernest May, Harvard University/Author, “The Kennedy Tapes: Inside the White House During the Cuban Missile Crisis” [Belknap & Harvard]/Philip Zelikow, Harvard University/Author, “The Kennedy Tapes: Inside the White House During the Cuban Missile Crisis” [Belknap & Harvard]/
4042.       AIR DATE: 12/30/97 PROGRAM: AMBROSE / GOODWIN / MCCOURT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Stephen Ambrose, Historian/Author, “Citizen Soldiers: The US Army from the Normandy Beaches to the Bulge to the Surrender of Germany” [Simon & Schuster], “American Heritage New History of World war II” [Viking] // Doris Kearns Goodwin2, Historian, “Wait Till Next Year: A Memoir” [Simon & Schuster] // Frank McCourt, Author, “Angela’s Ashes” [Scribner]
4043.       AIR DATE: 12/29/97 PROGRAM: LANE / GRIER & TANRANTINO / TODD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Nathan Lane, Actor, “Mousehunt” [Dreamworks Pictures] // Pam Grier, Actor, “Foxy Brown” [Orion Home Video], “Jackie Brown” [Miramax] / Quentin Tarantino, Filmmaker, “Jackie Brown” [Miramax] // Olivier Todd, Author, University of Wisconsin, “Abuse of Power: The New Nixon Tapes” [The Free Press]
4044.       AIR DATE: 12/26/97 PROGRAM: TARANTINO GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Quentin Tarantino, Filmmaker, “Jackie Brown” [Miramax Films]
4045.       AIR DATE: 12/25/97 PROGRAM: FRAZIER (from 08/15/97) / JUNGER (From 08/05/97) / KINCAID GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Charles Frazier*, Author, “Cold Mountain” [Grove Press] // Sebastian Junger, Author, “The Perfect Storm” [Norton] // Jamaica Kincaid1,2, Author, “My Brother” [Farrar Straus Giroux]
4046.       AIR DATE: 12/24/97 PROGRAM: STONE / MAMET (from 11/11/97) / SIMON (from 11/06/97) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Peter Stone, Author (plays: “1776”, Titanic”) // David Mamet, Author, “True and False: Heresy and Common Sense for the Actor” [Pantheon], “The Old Religion” [Free Press] // Neil Simon, Playwright, “Proposals”
4047.       AIR DATE: 12/23/97 PROGRAM: TIME’S MAN OF THE YEAR / HOLIDAY FILMS / FEINSTEIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Walter Isaacson, Managing Editor, Time Magazine[Clip of Andrew Grove from CR] // Janet Maslin2, The New York Times/David Denby, New York Magazine/Richard Corliss, Time Magazine/Quentin Tarantino, Filmmaker (clip montage of films) // John Feinstein, Sportswriter, book: “A March to Madness: The Views from the Floor of the Atlantic Coast Conference” [Little Brown]
4048.       AIR DATE: 12/22/97 PROGRAM: BRADLEY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ed Bradley1, Correspondent, “60 Minutes”/CBS News
4049.       AIR DATE: 12/19/97 PROGRAM: IRAQ / MICROSOFT SUIT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Butler, Executive Chairman, U.N. Special Commission on Iraq//Taha Yassin Ramadhan6*, Vice President, Iraq//Steven Ballmer, Executive Vice President, Microsoft
4050.       AIR DATE: 12/18/97 PROGRAM: CAMERON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: James Cameron, Filmmaker, Titanic [Paramount Pictures]
4051.       AIR DATE: 12/17/97 PROGRAM: YEAR IN FOREIGN POLICY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tom Friedman, The New York Times
4052.       AIR DATE: 12/16/97 PROGRAM: CLINTON SPEECH / IRAN / HILFIGER / LA RICHE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Berke, The New York Times//Kofi Annan1*, United Nations Secretary-General//Tommy Hilfiger3, Designer, book: “All American: A Style Book” [Universe Publishing]//William La Riche, Author, “Alexandria: The Sunken City” [Weidenfeld & Nicholson]
4053.       AIR DATE: 12/15/97 PROGRAM: MIDDLE EAST GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Fouad Ajami6, U.S. News & World Report/Richard Murphy, Council on Foreign Relations//Kamal Kharrazi6*, Foreign Minister, Iran//Amre Moussa6*, Foreign Minister, Egypt
4054.       AIR DATE: 12/12/97 PROGRAM: MILKEN [09/09/97] GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Milken, Founder & Chairman, CAP Cure [800-757-2873/]
4055.       AIR DATE: 12/11/97 PROGRAM: PENN [09/23/97] GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sean Penn, Actor/Filmmaker, The Game [Polygram Films], She’s So Lovely [Miramax Films], U-Turn [Tristar/Phoenix Pictures], Nick Cassevetes on Charlie Rose 9/11/97, Tim Robbins on Charlie Rose 2/8/96, Sean Penn on Charlie Rose 11/5/95
4056.       AIR DATE: 12/10/97 PROGRAM: EISNER [09/24/97] GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Eisner, Chairman & CEO, The Walt Disney Company Note: Shows 7233-7235 are replaced by repeats.
4057.       AIR DATE: 12/09/97 PROGRAM: LANGE [09/22/97] / ARMSTRONG [NEW] GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jessica Lange2, Actor, A Thousand Acres [Touchstone Pictures], The Postman Always Rings Twice [Warner Home Video], Tootsie [Columbia Home Video], Country [Touchstone Home Video], Blue Sky [Orion Home Video]//Gillian Armstrong2, Director, “Oscar & Lucinda” [Fox Searchlight Pictures]
4058.       AIR DATE: 12/08/97 PROGRAM: DOUGLAS [09/04/97] / DOUGLAS [09/17/97] GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Douglas, Actor, Fatal Attraction [Paramount Home Video], Wall Street [CBS/FOX Home Video], Romancing the Stone [CBS/FOX Home Video], Basic Instinct [Carolco Home Video], Disclosure [Warner Home Video], The American President [Columbia/Tristar Home Video], One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest [Republic Pictures Home Video]//Kirk Douglas, Actor/Author, “Climbing the Mountain” & “The Broken Mirror” [Simon & Schuster]
4059.       AIR DATE: 12/05/97 PROGRAM: DUANY & ZYBERK / WEITZ / CAMPBELL / SCAVULLO / PIOTROVSKY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Andres Duany, Architect/Elisabeth Plater-Zyberk, Architect//John Weitz, Author, “Hitler’s Banker: Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht” [Little, Brown & Co.]/ Founder, John Weitz Designs//David Campbell, Singer [Performance clips]//Francesco Scavullo3, Photographer/book, “Scavullo: Photographs 50 Years” [Harry N. Abrams], clip, Scavullo with Margeaux Hemmingway//Mikhail Piotrovsky, Director, State Hermitage Museum
4060.       AIR DATE: 12/04/97 PROGRAM: MIDDLE-EAST PEACE TALKS / “LION KING” / “THE BOXER” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dore Gold, Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations/Julie Taymor2, Director, “The Lion King” [Musical]//Daniel Day-Lewis, Actor, “The Boxer” [Universal Pictures], “My Left Foot” [Miramax Films/HBO Video]/Jim Sheridan, Filmmaker, “The Boxer” [Universal Pictures], “My Left Foot” [Miramax Films/HBO Video]
4061.       AIR DATE: 12/03/97 PROGRAM: GUMBEL / HEFNER / RUKEYSER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bryant Gumbel1, CBS News/ “Public Eye with Bryant Gumbel”/clips from “Today” [NBC News], “Public Eye with Bryant Gumbel” [CBS News]//Christie Hefner2, Chairman & CEO, Playboy Enterprises, Inc.//Louis Rukeyser, “Wall $treet Week with Louis Rukeyser”/ Author: “Louis Rukeyser’s Book of Lists” [Henry Holt & Co.]
4062.       AIR DATE: 12/02/97 PROGRAM: THE JFK PRESIDENCY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Seymour Hersh, Author, “The Dark Side of Camelot” [Little, Brown & Co.]/clip from “Dangerous World: The Kennedy Years” [Lancer Prods/ABC News]//Arthur Schleisinger, Jr., Historian
4063.       AIR DATE: 12/01/97 PROGRAM: DOW 8000 & ASIAN MARKETS / GORDON / CROW GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jim Cramer, Cramer, Berkowitz & Co./ Gordon, Auto Racer [clip of Gordon winning the 1997 NASCAR Championship from ESPN/ Speedweek]//Sheryl Crow2, Singer/Songwriter/cd, “Sheryl Crow” [A&M Records]/performance with Tim Smith, Acoustic Guitar/Jeff Trott, Electric Guitar
4064.       AIR DATE: 11/28/97 PROGRAM: STATE OF AIDS RESEARCH / CAPLAN / LIFE OF JEAN-DOMINIQUE BAUBY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sandra Thurman2, Director, Office of National AIDS Policy/Dr. David Ho4, Director, Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center//Thomas Caplan, Author, “Grace and Favor” [St. Martin’s Press]//Jean-Jacques Beineix, Filmmaker, “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” [Cinemax Reel Life], clip of CR in Paris
4065.       AIR DATE: 11/27/97 PROGRAM: CHIPPERFIELD / ROBERT CAPA PHOTO RETROSPECTIVE / JACKSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Chipperfield, Architect//Richard Whelan, Biographer/book, “Robert Capa: A Biography” [University of Nebraska Press]/Michael Hoffman, Philadelphia Museum of Art/book, “Robert Capa/Photographs” [Aperture/Philadelphia Museum of Art]// Joe Jackson, Singer/Songwriter/Composer/cd, “Between Heaven & Hell” [Sony]/clip: “Sessions at West 54th” [PBS]
4066.       AIR DATE: 11/26/97 PROGRAM: MATTHIESSEN / DRESCHER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Peter Matthiessen, Author, “Lost Man’s River” [Random House]// Fran Drescher, Actor, “The Nanny” [Columbia/TriStar Television], “Saturday Night Fever” [Paramount Home Video], book “Enter Whining” [Random House]
4067.       AIR DATE: 11/25/97 PROGRAM: AMANPOUR GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Christiane Amanpour, CNN [Clips from CNN]
4068.       AIR DATE: 11/24/97 PROGRAM: NORTHERN IRELAND / DILLANE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: George Mitchell, Chairman, Northern Ireland Peace Talks/ Former U.S. Senate Majority Leader//Marjorie Mowlam, Secretary of State, Northern Ireland // Stephen Dillane, Actor, “Welcome to Sarajevo” [Miramax Films]
4069.       AIR DATE: 11/21/97 PROGRAM: GIDDENS / LADER / HOGE / WHAT’S HOT IN LONDON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Anthony Giddens, Director, London School of Economics//Philip Lader, U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom//Warren Hoge, London Bureau Chief, The New York Times//Nicholas Rettie, The Metropolitan Hotel/Gordon Ramsey, Restaurateur
4070.       AIR DATE: 11/20/97 PROGRAM: MAJOR GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Rt. Hon. John Major, Former Prime Minister, The United Kingdom [footage of Queen Elizabeth/Kenneth Clarke on CR 11/19/97]
4071.       AIR DATE: 11/19/97 PROGRAM: CLARKE / BRANSON / EYRE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Rt. Hon. Kenneth Clarke, Former Chancellor of the Exchequer// Richard branson, Chairman, Virgin Group, Ltd.//Sir Richard Eyre, Director, “The Invention of Love” [play]
4072.       AIR DATE: 11/18/97 PROGRAM: YOUNG / NEIL / BECKETT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Hugo Young, The Guardian//Andrew Neil, The Scotsman/The European//Sister Wendy Beckett, Author, “The Story of Painting” [Dorling Kindersley]
4073.       AIR DATE: 11/17/97 PROGRAM: IRAQ / McQUEEN / SOFTLEY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dr. Henry Kissinger, Former U.S. Secretary of State//Alexander McQueen, Designer/Clip of Spring/Summer 1998 Line//Iain Softley, Director, “The Wings of the Dove” [Miramax Films]
4074.       AIR DATE: 11/14/97 PROGRAM: IRAQ / GERE / SILLS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Christopher Meyer, British Ambassador to the United States// Leslie Gelb, president, Council on Foreign Relations//Richard Gere, Actor, “Red Corner” [MGM/UA]/ book, “Pilgrim: Photographs” [Bullfinch Press]//Douglas Sills, Singer/Actor/clip from the play “The Scarlet Pimpernel”
4075.       AIR DATE: 11/13/97 PROGRAM: IRAQ / DUNNE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tariq Aziz, Deputy Prime Minister, Iraq/clip of President Clinton// Dominick Dunne, Vanity Fair/Author, “Another City, Not My Own” [Crown]
4076.       AIR DATE: 11/12/97 PROGRAM: AMBROSE / TUNE / HENTOFF GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Stephen Ambrose, Historian/Author, “Citizen Soldiers: The US Army from the Normandy Beaches to the Bulge to the Surrender of Germany” [Simon & Schuster], “American Heritage New History of World war II” [Viking]//Tommy Tune, Dancer/Singer/ Author, “Footnotes: A Memoir” [Simon & Schuster]/clip of “Tommy Tune Tonite!”/CD “Slow Dancin’” [RCA/Victor]//Nat Hentoff, The Village Voice/Author: “Speaking Freely” [Knopf]
4077.       AIR DATE: 11/11/97 PROGRAM: MAMET / LUMET / KAHN / THE HERRERAS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Mamet, Author, “True and False: Heresy and Common Sense for the Actor” [Pantheon], “The Old Religion” [Free Press]//Sidney Lumet, “Critical Care” [Live Entertainment and Mediaworks]//Philippe Kahn, CEO, Starfish//Carolina Herrera, Founder & Head Designer, Carolina Herrera Ltd./ Carolina Adrianna Herrera, Carolina Herrera Ltd. [Clip of the fall ’97 Collection]
4078.       AIR DATE: 11/10/97 PROGRAM: HUDSON RIVERKEEPERS / FINERMAN / BRAGG GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Environmental Lawyer/Pace University/Author, “The Riverkeepers: Two Activists Fight to Reclaim Our Environment as a Basic Human Right” [Scribner]/John Cronin, Hudson Riverkeeper/Author, Author, “The Riverkeepers: Two Activists Fight to Reclaim Our Environment as a Basic Human Right” [Scribner]/clip: “The Last Rivermen” [Hudson Riverkeeper Fund]//Wendy Finerman, Producer, “Fairytale: A True Story” [Paramount Pictures]//Melvyn Bragg, Host, “The South Bank Show”/ Author, “The Sword and the Miracle” [Random House]
4079.       AIR DATE: 11/07/97 PROGRAM: HAASS ON IRAQ / PBS AT 30 / GANZ ART COLLECTION GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Haass, Brookings Institution // Ervin Duggan, President & CEO, PBS/David Grubin, Filmmaker/James Ledbetter, The Village Voice/book: “Made Possible By...: The Death of Public Broadcasting in the United States” [Verso]/clip of past PBS Logos // Kate Ganz, Daughter of Victor & Sally Ganz/Michael Fitzgerald, Chairman, Dept. of Fine Arts, Trinity College/Author/Carol Vogel, The New York Time/(Tour at Christie’s) John Richardson, Art Historian
4080.       AIR DATE: 11/06/97 PROGRAM: SIMON / CARTER / HENDERSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Neil Simon, Playwright, “Proposals” // Helena Bonham Carter, Actor, “Wings of the Dove” [Miramax Films] “A Room with a View” [Fox Home Video] // Joe Henderson, Jazz Saxophonist/CD: “Porgy & Bess” [Verve Records] (with guitarist John Scofield for performance)
4081.       AIR DATE: 11/05/97 PROGRAM: MEET THE PRESS 50th ANNIVERSARY / DYSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tim Russert, Host, “Meet the Press”/Washington Bureau Chief, NBC News/clip montage of Meet the Press [NBC News] // Esther Dyson, Chairman, EDventure Holdings/Author, “Release 2.0: A Design for Living in the Digital Age” [Broadway Books]/
4082.       AIR DATE: 11/04/97 PROGRAM: WILL / QUINN / AIELLO GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: George Will, The Washington Post/Newsweek/Author, “The Woven Figure” [Scribner] // Sally Quinn, Journalist/Author, “The Party: A Guide to Adventurous Entertaining” [Simon & Schuster] // Danny Aiello, Actor, “Dellaventura” [Snakepit Productions/ Rysher Entertainment]
4083.       AIR DATE: 11/03/97 PROGRAM: “LEWIS & CLARK” / FRANKLIN PART II GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ken Burns, Filmmaker, “Lewis & Clark” [Florentine Films/General Motors]/Dayton Duncan, Writer, “Lewis & Clark” [Florentine Films/General Motors]/books: “Out West” by Dayton Duncan [Penguin]/“Lewis & Clark:The Journey of the Corps of Discovery” [Knopf] // John Hope Franklin1, Chairman, Presidential Commission on Race Relations/Professor Emeritus, Duke University/book: “From Slavery to Freedom: A History of African Americans” [McGraw Hill]
4084.       AIR DATE: 10/31/97 PROGRAM: BRIT. NANNY TRIAL VERDICT / JIANG ZEMIN VISIT / FRANKLIN PART I GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Alan Dershowitz, Harvard University/Anne Reiniger, The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children/Children’s Advocate/Children’s Rights Attorney // James Sasser, U.S. Ambassador to China // John Hope Franklin1, Chairman, Presidential Commission on Race Relations/Professor Emeritus, Duke University/book: “From Slavery to Freedom: A History of African Americans” [McGraw Hill]
4085.       AIR DATE: 10/30/97 PROGRAM: JIANG ZEMIN IN THE U.S.A. / CHINESE DISSIDENTS / ANDERSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Nicholas Platt, Asia Society/James Lilley, Former U.S. Ambassador to China/Peter Beinart, The New Republic // Xiao Qiang, Director, Human Rights in China/ Liu Binyan, Publisher, China Focus/Chinese Journalist // Paul Thomas Anderson, Filmmaker, Boogie Nights [New Line Cinema]
4086.       AIR DATE: 10/29/97 PROGRAM: GOLDSMITH / RINGWALD / SIR GEORG SOLTI REMEMBERED GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Stephen Goldsmith, (R) Mayor, Indianapolis/book: “The Twenty-First Century City: Resurrecting Urban America” [Regnery Publishing] // Molly Ringwald, Actor, “How I Learned to Drive” [courtesy of CNN Showbiz Today] // Lady Valerie Solti, Widow of Sir Georg Solti [Clips of Solti conducting Chicago Symphony Orchestra (Great Performances/ PBS)/Solti on Charlie Rose 12/3/93]
4087.       AIR DATE: 10/28/97 PROGRAM: STOCK MARKET PLUNGE / LYNCH / KEILLOR GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Donald Marron, Chairman, PaineWebber/Jim Cramer, Cramer, Berkowitz & Co./ Kaufman, President, Henry Kaufman & Co./(Clip of President Clinton on the Economy) // Peter Lynch, Fidelity Management & Research/CD-ROM: “The Stock Shop with Peter Lynch” [Houghton Mifflin Interactive] // Garrison Keillor, Host, “A Prairie Home Companion” [NPR]/Author, “Wobegone Boy” [Viking Press]
4088.       AIR DATE: 10/27/97 PROGRAM: STOCK MARKET PLUNGE / GLOVER / EBAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Byron Wien, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter/Michael Metz, Oppenheimer & Co./Michael Bloomberg, Founder & CEO, Bloomberg LP/Mort Zuckerman, Editor-in-Chief, U.S. News & World Report // Danny Glover, Actor, Switchback [Paramount Pictures], Buffalo Soldiers [TNT Original Films] // Abba Eban, Former Foreign Minister, Israel/ Host, “On the Brink of Peace” [Thirteen/WNET]
4089.       AIR DATE: 10/24/97 PROGRAM: HANSON / AUCHINCLOSS / “THE LONG WAY HOME” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Curtis Hanson, Director “LA Confidential” [Warner Bros.]//Louis Auchincloss, President, American Academy of Arts & Letters/Author, “The Atonement” [Houghton Mifflin]//Mark Jonathan Harris, Director/Writer, “The Long Way Home” [Moriah Films]/Rabbi Marvin Hier, Producer, “The Long Way Home” [Moriah Films]/Richard Trank, Producer, “The Long Way Home” [Moriah Films]
4090.       AIR DATE: 10/23/97 PROGRAM: DOW JONES / POSEY / RICE & JOSEFOWICZ GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Byron Wien, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter//Parker Posey, Actor “The House of Yes” [Miramax Films]//Anne Rice2, Author “Violin” [Knopf]/Leila Josefowicz, Violinist, CD: “Violin for Anne Rice” [Philips Music]
4091.       AIR DATE: 10/22/97 PROGRAM: JFK TAPES / GOULD / CARR GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ernest May, Harvard University/Author, “The Kennedy Tapes: Inside the White House During the Cuban Missile Crisis” [Belknap & Harvard]/Philip Zelikow, Harvard University/Author, “The Kennedy Tapes: Inside the White House During the Cuban Missile Crisis” [Belknap & Harvard]/]// Stephen Jay Gould, Harvard University/Author, “Questioning the Millennium” [Random House]// Caleb Carr, Author “The Angel of Darkness” [Random House]
4092.       AIR DATE: 10/21/97 PROGRAM: MICROSOFT ANTI-TRUST SUIT / TURNER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Kevin Arquit, Anti-Trust Attorney (Rogers & Wells)/Former Director, FTC Bureau of Competition/Neil Herman, Salomon Brothers/(clip of Janet Reno’s announcement)//Steven Ballmer, Executive V.P., Microsoft//Stansfield Turner, Former Director of Central Intelligence/Author, “Caging the Nuclear Genie” [Westview Press]
4093.       AIR DATE: 10/20/97 PROGRAM: STOCK MARKET CRASH 10th ANNIVERSARY / CIA 50th ANNIVERSARY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jim Cramer, Cramer, Berkowitz & Co./ William Webster, Former Director of Central Intelligence/Richard Helms, Former Director of Central Intelligence/R. James Woolsey, Former Director of Central Intelligence
4094.       AIR DATE: 10/17/97 PROGRAM: FROZEN EGGS / WORLD SERIES PREVIEW / SMITH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dr. Mark Sauer, Columbia Presbyterian/Dr. Zev Rosenwaks, Cornell Center for Reproductive Medicine & Infertility/Ruth Faden, Johns Hopkins University//George Vecsey, The New York Times/Keith Hernandez, Former Major League Baseball Player/Tim McCarver*, Fox Sports/Former Major League Baseball Player//Patti Smith, Singer/Songwriter, CD: “Peace and Noise” [Arista Records]
4095.       AIR DATE: 10/16/97 PROGRAM: FOREIGN AFFAIRS 75th ANNIVERSARY / BREASHEARS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jim Hoge, Editor, Foreign Affairs Magazine/Fareed Zakaria, Managing Editor, Foreign Affairs Magazine, book: “The American Encounter” [Basic Books]//David Breashears, Filmmaker/Mountaineer, book: “Everest: Mountain Without Mercy” [National Geographic Society], [clips: Climbers on the Everest, (MacGillivray Freeman Films)]
4096.       AIR DATE: 10/15/97 PROGRAM: LBJ TAPES / MONDAVI / ANNAUD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jeff Shesol, Author, “Mutual Contempt” [Norton]//R. Michael Mondavi, CEO, Robert Mondavi Winery//Jean-Jacques Annaud, Director, Seven Years in Tibet [Tristar Pictures], book: “Seven Years in Tibet” [New Market Press]
4097.       AIR DATE: 10/14/97 PROGRAM: WAHLBERG / “ICE STORM” / AUSTER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mark Wahlberg, Actor, Boogie Nights [New Line Cinema]//Ang Lee, Director, The Ice Storm [Fox Searchlight Pictures]/James Schamus, Screenwriter/Director/ Rick Moody, Author//Paul Auster, Filmmaker/Author, “Hand to Mouth: A Chronicle of Early Failure” [Holt]
4098.       AIR DATE: 10/13/97 PROGRAM: GOODWIN / LBJ TAPES / FORSTMANN / DENVER OBIT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Doris Kearns Goodwin, Historian, “Wait Till Next Year: A Memoir” [Simon & Schuster]//Michael Beschloss, Author, “Taking Charge” [Simon & Schuster]//Ted Forstmann, Forstmann, Little & Co.//Milton Okun*, Record Producer/Friend of John Denver, clip: Montage of John Denver music and stills (John Denver 1943-1997)
4099.       AIR DATE: 10/10/97 PROGRAM: DYLAN INFLUENCE / CUOMO & TALESE / GAROFALO GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Suzanne Vega, Singer/Songwriter/Daniel Lanois, Record Producer/Jon Pareles, The New York Times, clips: Montage of Dylan Music and Pictures [Columbia Pictures], Dylan on MTV’s Unplugged [MTV]//Mario Cuomo, Former New York Governor/Gay Talese, Author, clips: Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio[Home Box Office]//Janeane Garofalo, Actor, HBO Comedy Hour [Home Box Office], The Matchmaker [Gramercy Pictures], The Larry Sanders Show [Home Box Office]
4100.       AIR DATE: 10/9/97 PROGRAM: DEAN SMITH RETIREMENT / REINER & BROOKS / WANG GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Rick Pitino*, Boston Celtics/Mike Lupica*, New York Daily News, clips: Dean Smith on Charlie Rose 10/15/93, Dean Smith Press Conference//Carl Reiner, Comedian/Director/Mel Brooks, Comedian/Director, book: The 2000 Year Old Man in the Year 2000” [Harper Collins], CD: The 2000 Year Old Man in the Year 2000//Vera Wang, Designer, clip: Runway show from her 1998 collection
4101.       AIR DATE: 10/8/97 PROGRAM: McKINNEY COURTMARTIAL / KRZYZEWSKI / COLE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Charles Gittins, Defense Attorney//Mike Krzyzewski, Duke Basketball Coach, clip: Rick Pitino on Charlie Rose 4/22/97//Paula Cole, Singer/Songwriter/ Kevin Barry, Guitar/Jay Bellerose, Percussion, CD’s: This Fire & Harbinger [Warner Bros.], clip: Music Video [Warner Bros.]
4102.       AIR DATE: 10/7/97 PROGRAM: THOMPSON HEARINGS / BRANSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. Joseph Lieberman, (D) Connecticut//Matthew Rees, The Weekly Standard/Michael Weisskopf, Time Magazine//Richard Branson, Chairman, Virgin Group Ltd, clip: Richard Branson on 60 Minutes [60 Minutes/CBS News]
4103.       AIR DATE: 10/6/97 PROGRAM: SUPREME COURT / UPDIKE / THARP / WEGMAN & HIS DOG GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Nina Totenberg, National Public Radio/Contributor, ABC News// John Updike, Author, “Toward the End of Time” [Knopf]//Twyla Tharp, Choreographer, clips: Tharp! [Tharp!]//William Wegman, Photographer/Artist, book: “William Wegman:Puppies” [Hyperion], clips: William Wegman: Selected Works 1970-1978 [William Wegman], William Wegman’s Mother Goose [Sony Wonder Home Video/Children’s Television Workshop]
4104.       AIR DATE: 10/3/97 PROGRAM: PROMISE KEEPERS / BECKETT / VOIGT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Steve Chavis, National Spokesperson, Promise Keepers/Patricia Ireland, President, National Organization for Women//Ellis Cose, Newsweek/E.J. Dionne, Jr., The Washington Post//Sister Wendy Beckett, Author, “Sister Wendy’s Story of Painting” [Dorling Kindersley], clip: Sister Wendy’s Story of Painting [CBS/Fox Home Video/WGBH Television]//Deborah Voigt, Soprano, (clip: Pavarotti and Voigt performing [Lincoln Center])
4105.       AIR DATE: 10/2/97 PROGRAM: MOUSSA / LEIGH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Amre Moussa, Foreign Minister, Egypt//Jennifer Jason Leigh, Actor, Washington Square [Hollywood Pictures], A Thousand Acres [Touchstone Pictures], Rush [MGM/UA Home Video], Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle [New Line/Warner Home Video], Georgia [Miramax Home Video]
4106.       AIR DATE: 10/1/97 PROGRAM: BENNETT / BUCKLEY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: William Bennett, Co-Director, Empower America/Former Secretary of Education, book: “Our Sacred Honor” [Simon & Schuster], “The Children’s Book of Heros” [Simon & Schuster]//William F. Buckley, Jr., Editor-at-Large, National Review/Author, “Nearer My God” [Doubleday]
4107.       AIR DATE: 9/30/97 PROGRAM: STOCK MARKET WATCH / LICHTENSTEIN OBIT / ROBERTS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Byron Wien, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter/Jim Cramer, Cramer, Berkowitz & Co./ Gund, President, The Museum of Modern Art/Founder, The Studio School/Kirk Varnedoe, Chief Curator, Painting and Sculpture, MoMA, (Roy Lichtenstein, Artist, 1924 -1997)//Marcus Roberts, Pianist/Jason Marsalis, Drums/Roland Guerin, Bass
4108.       AIR DATE: 9/29/97 PROGRAM: KHARRAZI / “RIVERDANCE” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Kamal Kharrazi, Foreign Minister, Iran//Bill Whelan, Composer, “Riverdance”/Colin Dunne, Dancer/Choreographer/Eileen Martin, Dancer
4109.       AIR DATE: 9/26/97 PROGRAM: RAINES / MICHAELS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Howell Raines, The New York Times//Lorne Michaels, Executive Producer, “Saturday Night Live”, [clips: Saturday Night Live, NBC Enterprises, Inc.]
4110.       AIR DATE: 9/25/97 PROGRAM: STONE / GRAY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Oliver Stone, Filmmaker, U-Turn [Tristar/Phoenix Pictures], Sean Penn on Charlie Rose 9/23/97, book: “A Child’s Night Dream”//Spalding Gray, Actor/Author, “It’s a Slippery Slope” [Noonday], clip: It’s a Slippery Slope [excerpt from play]
4111.       AIR DATE: 9/24/97 PROGRAM: EISNER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Eisner, Chairman & CEO, The Walt Disney Company
4112.       AIR DATE: 9/23/97 [Remote Shoot in LA] PROGRAM: PENN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sean Penn, Actor/Filmmaker, The Game [Polygram Films], She’s So Lovely [Miramax Films], U-Turn [Tristar/Phoenix Pcitures], Nick Cassevetes on Charlie Rose 9/11/97, Tim Robbins on Charlie Rose 2/8/96, Sean Penn on Charlie Rose 11/5/95
4113.       AIR DATE: 9/22/97 PROGRAM: LANGE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jessica Lange, Actor, A Thousand Acres [Touchstone Pictures], The Postman Always Rings Twice [Warner Home Video], Tootsie [Columbia Home Video], Country [Touchstone Home Video], Music Box [Carolco Home Video], Blue Sky [Orion Home Video]
4114.       AIR DATE: 9/19/97 PROGRAM: SALTER / LL COOL J / DE BECKER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: James Salter, Author, “Burning the Days” [Random House]//LL Cool J, Rap Artist/Actor/Author, “I Make My Own Rules” [St. Martin’s Press], CD: “Phenomenon”//Gavin de Becker, Author, “The Gift of Fear” [Little, Brown]
4115.       AIR DATE: 9/18/97 PROGRAM: HUMAN RIGHTS IN CHINA / FLICK / BRILL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tong YiFormer Assistant to Wei Jingsheng//Jim Flick, Golf Pro//Steven Brill, Chairman & CEO, Brill Media Adventures, L.P.
4116.       AIR DATE: 9/17/97 PROGRAM: ESREY / DOUGLAS / COOPER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: William Esrey, Chairman & CEO, Sprint Corp.//Kirk Douglas, Actor/Author, “Climbing the Mountain” & “The Broken Mirror”[Simon & Schuster], [clip: Michael Douglas on Charlie Rose, 9/4/97]// Arthur Cooper, Editor-in-Chief, GQ
4117.       AIR DATE: 9/16/97 PROGRAM: GORE PANEL / FALL TV PANEL / ZUKERMAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ed Rollins, Political Strategist/Joe Klein, The New Yorker/Roy Neel, Former Chief of Staff for Al Gore//Steven Reddicliffe, Editor-in-Chief, TV Guide/Ken Tucker, Entertainment Weekly/Rick Marin, Newsweek, clip: [Montage of fall TV shows]//Eugenia Zukerman, “CBS Sunday This Morning” /Flutist, CD: “Aria” & “Incantations”, book: “Coping with Prednisone” [St. Martin’s Press], clip: CBS Sunday Morning
4118.       AIR DATE: 9/15/97 PROGRAM: WELD DECISION / WOMEN IN SPORTS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. Arlen Specter (R) Pennsylvania//William Kristol, The Weekly Standard/Howard Fineman, Newsweek//Lucy Danziger, Editor-in-Chief, Conde Nast Sports for Women/Sally Jenkins, Conde Nast Sports for Women/Nadia Comaneci, Gymnast/Gold Medalist, 1976 Olympic Gymnastics Team/Julie Foudy, Gold Medalist, 1996 Olympic Soccer Team/Conde Nast Sports for Women
4119.       AIR DATE: 9/12/97 PROGRAM: BATTLEGROUND BERLIN / AEROSMITH / GEN. Q GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Murphy, Former Chief, CIA’s Berlin Base/Sergei Kondrashev, Former Chief, KGB’s German Department, book: “Battleground Berlin” [Yale]//Steven Tyler, Aerosmith/Singer/Songwriter/Joe Perry, Aerosmith/Guitarist, book: “Walk This Way: The Autobiography of Aerosmith”[Avon Books], CD: “Nine Lives”, clip: Aerosmith Music Video [Columbia Records]//Steve Howard, (D) Vermont State Representative/ Anthony Rapp, Actor/Charlotte Abbott, Editor, Avon Books/Judy Wieder, Editor-in-Chief, The Advocate
4120.       AIR DATE: 9/11/97 PROGRAM: JONBENET RAMSEY PANEL / CASSAVETES / PALIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ann Louise Bardach, Vanity Fair/Gregg McCrary, Retired Special Agent, FBI/Threat Assessment Group//John Cassavetes, Actor/Filmmaker, She’s So Lovely [Miramax], Face/Off [Paramount Pictures]//Michael Palin, Actor/Comedian/Host, “Full Circle”, clips: Full Circle [BBC/PBS]
4121.       AIR DATE: 9/10/97 PROGRAM: ISRAELI PEACE TALKS / NELSON & FRIEDMAN / BYRNE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dore Gold, Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations//Willie Nelson, Singer/Songwriter/Kinky Friedman, Author, “Road Kill” [Simon & Schuster], clip: Willie Nelson performing at FarmAid ’96 [TNN/CBS]//David Byrne, Musician/Composer, cd: Feelings”, clip: Miss America Music Video [Warner Bros. Records]
4122.       AIR DATE: 9/9/97 PROGRAM: MILKEN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Milken, Founder & Chairman, CAP Cure
4123.       AIR DATE: 9/8/97 PROGRAM: MOTHER TERESA OBIT / BOOKS MADE INTO FILMS / SCHULTZ GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Eileen Egan, Author/Former Project Supervisor, Catholic Relief Services/Contributing Editor, “The Catholic Worker”/Dr. George Lombardi, Infectious Disease Specialist/Father Michael Mannion, Catholic University of America//Dan Wakefield, Author, “Going All the Way” [Indiana]/Kurt Vonnegut, “Timequake” [Putnam]/Bruce Jay Friedman, Author, [clip: Going All the Way, Gramercy Pictures], Mother Night [Fine Line Features] //Howard Schultz, Chairman & CEO, Starbucks, book: “Put Your Heart Into It” [Hyperion]
4124.       AIR DATE: 9/5/97 PROGRAM: MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY & THE HEART AT THE DISNEY INSTITUTE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Eisner, President & CEO, The Walt Disney Company/Dr. Fredric Pashkow, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation/Dr. William Castelli, Framingham Cardiovascular Institute/Dr. Dean Ornish, Preventive Medicine Research Institute, Dr. Antonia Demas, Tufts University
4125.       AIR DATE: 9/4/97 PROGRAM: DOUGLAS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Douglas, Actor, The Game [Polygram Films], Fatal Attraction [Paramount Home Video], Wall Street [CBS/FOX Home Video], Romancing the Stone [CBS/FOX Home Video], Basic Instinct [Carolco Home Video], Disclosure [Warner Home Video], The American President [Columbia/Tristar Home Video], One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest [Republic Pictures Home Video], Kirk Douglas on Charlie Rose 6/27/94
4126.       AIR DATE: 9/3/97 PROGRAM: PRINCESS DIANA REMEMBERED / DUTTON / SHERMER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Warren Hoge, London Bureau Chief, The New York Times//Charles S. Dutton, Actor/Director, First Time Fellon [HBO Films]//Michael Shermer, Skeptic Magazine/Author, “Why People Believe Weird Things” [Viking]
4127.       AIR DATE: 9/2/97 PROGRAM: PRINCESS DIANA OBIT. / U.S. OPEN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Floyd Abrams, First Amendment Laywer/Ann Moore, President, People Magazine/Michael Elliot, Newsweek/David Halberstam, Vanity Fair/Neal Travis*, New York Post, [Princess Diana (1961-1997)]//Eugene Scott, Tennis Week Magazine/Pancho Segura, Former Tennis Player/Coach /Bud Collins, The Boston Globe
4128.       AIR DATE: 04/09/97 REPEATED DATE: 9/1/97 PROGRAM: IMUS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Don Imus, Host, “Imus in the Morning”, clip: Imus in the Morning [MSNBC], book: “Two Guys, Four Corners” [Villard]
4129.       AIR DATE: 03/07/97 REPEATED DATE: 8/29/97 PROGRAM: WILLS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Garry Wills, Northwestern University/Author, “John Wayne’s America: The Politics of Celebrity” [Simon & Schuster], Stagecoach [Warner Home Video], Red River [Warner Home Video], (John Wayne Film Clip Montage courtesy of Warner Home Video)
4130.       AIR DATE: 11/21/97 REPEATED DATE: 8/28/97 PROGRAM: ALLEN / ROSEANNE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tim Allen, Actor, “Home Improvement”/Author, “I’m Not Really Here” [Hyperion]// Roseanne, Actor, “Roseanne”
4131.       AIR DATE: 02/03/97 REPEATED DATE: 8/27/97 [Remixed Show, Orig. Air 2/3/97] PROGRAM: RYDER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Winona Ryder, Actor, The Crucible [Twentieth Century Fox], The Age of Innocence [Columbia/Tristar Home Video], Little Women [Columbia/Tristar Home Video]
4132.       AIR DATE: 11/15/97 REPEATED DATE: 8/26/97 PROGRAM: EASTWOOD & SCHICKEL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Clint Eastwood, Actor/Director, Magnum Force [Malpaso Productions /Warner Home Video] The Unforgiven [Malpaso Productions/Warner Home Video] The Bridges of Madison County [Malpaso Productions]/Richard Schickel, Time Magazine/ Biographer, book: “Clint Eastwood: A Biography” [Knopf]
4133.       AIR DATE: 1/22/97 REPEATED DATE: 8/25/97 PROGRAM: NEESON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Liam Neeson, Actor, Michael Collins [Warner Bros.], Schindler’s List [MCA/Universal Home Video]
4134.       AIR DATE: 06/20/97 REPEATED DATE: 8/22/97 PROGRAM: FORSTMANN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ted Forstmann, Forstmann Little & Co. [clip: Tom Brokaw profile of Forstmann, NBC]
4135.       AIR DATE: 05/20/97 REPEATED DATE: 8/21/97 PROGRAM: WYNN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Steve Wynn, President & CEO, Mirage Resorts, Inc. [clip: Golden Nugget TV Commercial]
4136.       AIR DATE: 8/20/97 [Remote Shoot in NC] PROGRAM: SANFORD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Terry Sanford, (D) Former U.S. Senator, North Carolina/(D) Former Governor, North Carolina/Former President, Duke University
4137.       AIR DATE: 8/19/97 REPEATED DATE: 06/23/97 PROGRAM: POWELL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gen. Colin Powell, Former Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, book: “My American Journey” [Random House]
4138.       AIR DATE: 8/18/97 REPEATED DATE: 02/05/97 PROGRAM: GRAHAM GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Katharine Graham, Publisher, The Washington Post, book: “Katharine Graham:Personal History” [Knopf], [Clip: Ben Bradlee on Charlie Rose, 9/25/95]
4139.       AIR DATE: 8/15/97 [Remote Shoot in N.C.] PROGRAM: FRAZIER / DOROTHY DANDRIDGE PANEL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Charles Frazier, Author, “Cold Mountain” [Grove Press]//Donald Bogle, Author, “Dorothy Dandridge: A Biography” [Knopf]/Cicely Tyson, Actor/Ruby Dee, Actor, [clip: Carmen Jones, Fox Home Video]
4140.       AIR DATE: 8/14/97 PROGRAM: INDIA’S 50th ANNIVERSARY OF INDEPENDENCE / U.S. OPEN / LABUTE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Salman Rushdie, Author, “Mirrorwork” [Knopf]/Arundhati Roy, Author, “The God of Small Things”[Random House]/Barbara Crossette, The New York Times//Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe, Arthur Ashe Foundation/Photographer/Harry Marmion, President, The United States Tennis Association//Neil Labute, Director, In the Company of Men [Sony Pictures Classics]
4141.       AIR DATE: 8/13/97 PROGRAM: LYNN / ZELNICK / MAYLE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Loretta Lynn, Singer/Songwriter, [clips: Loretta Lynn Performing, Hallway Entertainment/ABC Video]//Strauss Zelnick, President & CEO, BMG Entertainment North America//Peter Mayle, Author, “Chasing Cezanne” [Knopf]
4142.       AIR DATE: 8/12/97 PROGRAM: MICHAELS / “SUNDAY” PANEL / PAUL MONETTE PANEL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Al Michaels, ABC Sports, [clip: Tyson-Holyfield fight, ABC Sports]//Jonathan Nossiter, Co-Screenwriter/Director, Sunday [Cinepix Film Properties]/Lisa Harrow, Actor, Sunday/James Lasdun, Co-Screenwriter, Sunday//Monte Bramer, Writer / Director, Paul Monette: The Brink of Summer’s End [Cinemax Reel Life]/Lesli Klainberg, Producer, Paul Monette: The Brink of Summer’s End
4143.       AIR DATE: 8/11/97 PROGRAM: HOLBROOKE / SORVINO & DEL TORO / WINDSOR AUCTION GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Holbrooke, Former Secretary of State/Bosnia Peace Negotiator//Mira Sorvino, Actor, Mimic [Dimension Films]/Guillermo del Toro, Director, Mimic//David Redden, Executive, V.P., Sotheby’s/Calvin Tomkins, The New Yorker [clips: The Windsor’s: A Royal Family, WGBH]
4144.       AIR DATE: 8/8/97 PROGRAM: G.O.P. & FOREIGN POLICY / LEGUIZAMO / PERLMAN & WILLIAMS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: William Kristol, Editor, The Weekly Standard/ABC News/Fareed Zakaria, Managing Editor, Foreign Affairs Magazine/Newsweek/Richard Haass, Brookings Institution, book: “The Reluctant Sheriff:The United States after the Cold War” [Council on Foreign Relations Book]//John Leguizamo, Actor, Spawn [New Line Cinema]//Itzhak Perlman, Violinst/John Williams, Composer, CD: “Cinema Serenade”, clips: [Montage of Movies featuring music from CD], Evening at Pops [PBS/WGBH]
4145.       AIR DATE: 8/7/97 PROGRAM: “COP LAND” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sylvester Stallone, Actor, Cop Land [Miramax Films]/Ray Liotta, Actor, Cop Land/ James Mangold, Filmmaker, Cop Land
4146.       AIR DATE: 8/6/97 PROGRAM: CLINTON PRESS CONFERENCE / JESSE HELMS PANEL / JONG GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jonathan Alter, Newsweek/NBC News/Richard Cohen, The Washington Post/Nancy Gibbs, Time Magazine//Dick Morris, Political Strategist/Fred Barnes, The Weekly Standard/ Richard Berke, The New York Times//Erica Jong, Author, “Inventing Memory” [Harper Collins]
4147.       AIR DATE: 8/5/97 PROGRAM: DOMESTIC TERRORISM / JUNGER / INTERNET TECHNOLOGY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Brian Jenkins, Deputy Chairman, Kroll Associates//Sebastian Junger, Author, “The Perfect Storm” [Norton]//Vint Cerf, MCI Communications
4148.       AIR DATE: 8/4/97 PROGRAM: TOBACCO / LEIGH / BURROUGHS OBIT. GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bennett Lebow, Chairman & CEO, Brooke Group, Ltd./Director, Liggett Group, Inc.//Mike Leigh, Director, Career Girls [October Films]//Morgan Entrekin, Publisher, Grove Press/Robert Wilson*, Artist/Director, William Burroughs, Author (1914-1997)
4149.       AIR DATE: 8/1/97 PROGRAM: LIEBERMAN / WHITE HOUSE FELLOWSHIP / SQUIRREL NUT ZIPPERS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. Joseph Lieberman, (D) Connecticut/Governmental Affairs Committee//Tom Johnson, President, CNN/White House Fellow, 1965-1966/Michael Armacost, President, Brookings Institution/White House Fellow, 1969-1970/Brenda Berkman, White House Fellow, 1996-1997/Stephanie Ferguson, White House Fellow, 1996-1997//Katharine Whalen, Squirrel Nut Zippers/Ken Mosher, Squirrel Nut Zippers/Tom Maxwell, Squirrel Nut Zippers/Chris Phillips, Squirrel Nut Zippers [clips: Music Videos, Mammoth Records]
4150.       AIR DATE: 7/31/97 PROGRAM: VOLCKER / BALLARD / BLACK GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Paul Volcker, Former Chairman, United States Federal Reserve Bank/Chairman, Independent Committee of Eminent Persons//Dr. Robert Ballard, Institute for Exploration [clip: Bloomberg Package]//Cathleen Black, President, Hearst Magazines
4151.       AIR DATE: 7/30/97 PROGRAM: ISRAELI BOMBING / POL POT PANEL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dore Gold, Ambassador-Designate of Israel to the U.N./Dr. Nasser Al-Kidwa, Palestinian Observer to the U.N./Judith Miller, The New York Times//Dith Pran, The New York Times/Sydney Schanberg, Vanity Fair/Richard Solomon, Former Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs/President, United States Institute of Peace
4152.       AIR DATE: 7/29/97 PROGRAM: CARDENAS / “SEX IN AMERICA” / FINK GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas, Mayor-Elect, Mexico City/Party of the Democratic Revolution//John Heidenry, Author, “What Wild Ecstasy: The Rise and Fall of the Sexual Revolution” [Simon & Schuster]/Daphne Merkin, The New Yorker, book: “Dreaming of Hitler:Passions & Provocations”[Crown]/Lewis Lapham, Harper’s Magazine/Rufus Griscom, Nerve Magazine/ Fink, Photographer, book: “Boxing” [Powerhouse Books]
4153.       AIR DATE: 7/28/97 PROGRAM: BROWN / “THE NEW BLACK POWER” / “LIBERAL RACISM” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mayor Willie Brown, (D) San Francisco//Fred Terrell, CEO, Provender Captial Group, LLC/Roy Johnson, Editor-At-Large, Fortune Magazine/Kim Green, Senior Vice President, AON Risk Services, Inc.//Jim Sleeper, Author, “Liberal Racism” [Viking]/Derrick Bell, New York University School of Law/Author, “Gospel Choirs: Psalms of Survival in an Alien Land Called Home” [Basic Books]
4154.       AIR DATE: 7/25/97 PROGRAM: LANG / WOLF GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: k.d. lang, Singer, clips: Montage of lang’s Work [Warner Bros. Records], An Evening at Pops [Warner Bros.Records], CD - “Drag” [Warner Bros.]//Naomi Wolf, Author, “Promiscuities: The Secret Struggle for Womanhood” [Random House]
4155.       AIR DATE: 7/24/97 PROGRAM: CUNANAN SUICIDE / JACKSON / BRENNAN OBIT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jeffrey Toobin, The New Yorker/Evan Thomas, Newsweek//Samuel L. Jackson, Actor, 187 [Warner Bros.]//Richard Cotton, Executive V.P. and General Counsel, NBC/Former Law Clerk for Justice Brennan/E. Joshua Rosenkranz, Executive Director, Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law/Former Law Clerk for Justice Brennan/Editor, “Reason and Passion”/Nina Totenberg, National Public Radio/Contributor, ABC News, William J. Brennan, Supreme Court Justice (1906-1997) clip:A Justice For All [WNET]
4156.       AIR DATE: 7/23/97 PROGRAM: DELLINGER / KRAUZE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Walter Dellinger, Acting Solicitor General//Enrique Krauze, Author, “Mexico: A Biography of Power” [Harper Collins]
4157.       AIR DATE: 7/22/97 PROGRAM: SECRETARIES OF STATE / FORD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Henry Kissinger, Former Secretary of State/Lawrence Eagleburger, Former Secretary of State//Harrison Ford, Actor, Air Force One [Columbia Pictures]
4158.       AIR DATE: 7/21/97 PROGRAM: DOW 8000 / SILLS & HUANG / FORD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jim Cramer, Cramer, Berkowitz & Co./ Beverly Sills, Chairman, Lincoln Center/Ying Huang, Soprano [clips: The Marriage of Figaro (Lincoln Center) Madame Butterfly (Sony Classical)//Richard Ford, Author, “Men With Women” [Knopf]
4159.       AIR DATE: 7/18/97 PROGRAM: “THE YEAR THE DREAM DIED- 1968” / DRUYAN / BALAKIAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Halberstam, Author/Vanity Fair/Jules Witcover, Author, “The Year the Dream Died - Revisiting 1968 in America” [Warner Books]/David Broder, The Washington Post ,clip: Making Sense of the Sixties [WETA]//Ann Druyan Co-Producer, Contact [Warner Bros.]/Author, book: “Billions and Billions” by Carl Sagan [Random House], [clip: Carl Sagan on Charlie Rose January 5, 1995]//Peter Balakian, Colgate University/Author, “Black Dog of Fate, A Memoir” [Basic Books]
4160.       AIR DATE: 7/17/97 PROGRAM: TWA FLIGHT 800 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY / ANNAN / PAXON RESIGNATION / LIMAN OBIT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Don Phillips, The Washington Post/Mike Miller, Aviation Daily//Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary-General//Jay Carney, Time//David Broder, The Washington Post//Arthur Liman, Attorney (1932-1997)
4161.       AIR DATE: 7/16/97 PROGRAM: VERSACE MURDER / TOBACCO SETTLEMENTS / ABLOW GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Elaine Shannon, Time//Chief Richard Barreto*, Miami Beach Police Department//Dr. David Kessler, Dean, Yale University School of Medicine/Former FDA Commissioner/Richard Scruggs, Attorney/Tobacco Settlement Negotiator/Hubert Humphrey III, Minnesota Attorney General//Keith Ablow, Forensic Psychiatrist, Author, “Denial” [Pantheon]
4162.       AIR DATE: 7/15/97 PROGRAM: VERSACE OBIT / SILVER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: [Excerpts from Charlie Rose interview with Gianni Versace 3/28/94], [clip: Excerpt of Miami Police News Conference]//Liz Tilberis, Editor-in-Chief, Harper’s Bazaar/William Norwich, The New York Observer/Julian Schnabel*, Artist/Director/Cathy Horyn**, Vanity Fair/1Gianni Versace, Fashion Designer (1946-1997)//Joel Silver, Producer, Conspiracy Theory [Warner Bros.]
4163.       AIR DATE: 7/14/97 PROGRAM: “4 LITTLE GIRLS” / MGM AT CARNEGIE HALL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Spike Lee, Filmmaker, 4 Little Girls [HBO Pictures]/Howell Raines, The New York Times//Cyd Charisse, Actor/Dancer/Ann Miller, Actor/Dancer/Skitch Henderson, Conductor/Band Leader/Van Johnson, Actor/Dancer, clip: [MGM musical montage, Turner Movie Classics/Warner Home Video]
4164.       AIR DATE: 7/11/97 PROGRAM: HAASS / MASUR / FONTANA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Haass, Brookings Institution, book: “The Reluctant Sheriff, The United States After the Cold War” [Council on Foreign Relations Book]//Kurt Masur, Music Director, New York Philharmonic, [clip: Masur Conducting the Philharmonic, New York Philharmonic]//Tom Fontana, Executive Producer, “Oz”, [clip: Oz, HBO Productions]
4165.       AIR DATE: 7/10/97 PROGRAM: BRADLEY / MONTAGNIER / GORDON-REED GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bill Bradley, CBS News/(D) Former U.S. Senator, New Jersey//Luc Montagnier, Director, Department of Virology, Pasteur Institute/Director, Salick Center, Queens College//Annette Gordon-Reed, Author, “Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings-An American Controversy” [University Press of Virginia] clip: Ken Burns’ Thomas Jefferson [General Motors]
4166.       AIR DATE: 7/9/97 PROGRAM: MISSION TO MARS PANEL / FUTURE OF MIKE TYSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Neil de Grasse Tyson, Director, Hayden Planetarium/ Astrophysicist/Richard Berendzen, American University/Astronomer, [clip: Mars footage]//David Remnick, The New Yorker/Jose Torres, Former Light Heavyweight Champion/Bob Jackson, Boxing Trainer, clip: [Tyson-Holyfield fight, Showtime Networks]
4167.       AIR DATE: 7/8/97 PROGRAM: GEPHARDT / “THE ART OF WRITING” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Rep. Richard Gephardt, House Minority Leader/(D) Missouri//Brian Lamb, CEO, C-SPAN/Host, “Booknotes”, book: “Booknotes:America’s Finest Authors on Reading, Writing and the Power of Ideas” [Random House]/David Halberstam, Author/Vanity Fair/Pete Hamill, Author/Editor-in-Chief, New York Daily News/Stanley Crouch, New York Daily News
4168.       AIR DATE: 7/7/97 PROGRAM: KURALT OBIT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: (Excerpts from Charlie Rose Interviews with Charles Kuralt, 11/13/92 and 11/24/95)//Morley Safer, “60 Minutes”/Wallace Kuralt, Younger Brother of Charles Kuralt/William Friday, President, William R. Kenan Jr. Fund/Former President, UNC, Chapel Hill/Charles Kuralt, CBS News (1934-1997)
4169.       AIR DATE: 7/4/97 PROGRAM: THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE / DISAPPEARNCE OF AMERICAN JEWS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Pauline Maier, Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Author, “American Scripture” [Knopf]//Craig Horowitz, New York Magazine/Rabbi Ishmar Schorsch, Chancellor, Jewish Theological Seminary/Elliott Abrams, President, Ethics and Public Policy Center/Author, “Faith or Fear: How Jews Can Survive in a Christian America” [Free Press] /Alan Dershowitz*, Harvard Law School/ Author,“The Vanishing American Jew”[Little, Brown]
4170.       AIR DATE: 7/3/97 PROGRAM: SUPREME COURT DECISIONS / SCHMIDT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Linda Greenhouse, The New York Times//Eric Schmidt, Chairman & CEO, Novell
4171.       AIR DATE: 7/2/97 PROGRAM: SUMMER FILMS WITH MITCHUM & STEWART OBITS / LEWIS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Janet Maslin, The New York Times/Richard Corliss, Time Magazine/David Denby, New York Magazine/Peter Bogdanovich*, Filmmaker, clips: Summer Movie Montage, The Night of the Hunter [Warner Home Video], Vertigo [MCA/Universal], Robert Mitchum, Actor (1917-1997) & James Stewart, Actor (1908-1997)// Michael Lewis, Author,“Trail Fever” [Knopf]
4172.       AIR DATE: 7/1/97 PROGRAM: TALBOTT/ BON JOVI / KERRY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Strobe Talbott, Deputy Secretary of State//Jon Bon Jovi, Singer/ Songwriter, CD: “Destination Anywhere” [Mercury Records], clip: Destination Anywhere [Mercury Records]//Sen. John Kerry, (D) Massachusetts, book: “The New War: The Web of Crime that Threatens America’s Security” [Simon & Schuster]
4173.       AIR DATE: 6/30/97 PROGRAM: RATHER ON HONG KONG / TYSON-HOLYFIELD FIGHT / “TIME: BACKBONE OF AMERICA” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dan Rather, CBS News, [clip: Rather package on Hong Kong ,CBS News]//Jim Gray, Showtime Boxing Reporter, clips: Tyson/Holyfield Fight [Showtime Networks], Tyson apology//Walter Isaacson, Managing Editor, Time Magazine/Diana Walker, White House Photographer/Time Magazine/Nancy Gibbs, Time Magazine/Michael Duffy, Time Magazine
4174.       AIR DATE: 6/27/97 PROGRAM: SAFDIE / STEVENS / WALKER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Moshe Safdie, Architect, book: “The City After the Automobile” [Basic Books]//Stuart Stevens, Political Consultant/Author, “Feeding Frenzy” [Atlantic Monthly Press]//Alice Walker, Author, “Anything We Love Can Be Saved” [Random House]
4175.       AIR DATE: 6/26/97 PROGRAM: THE SUPREME COURT & THE CONSTITUTION / BROCK / “OUR AMERICA” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Nina Totenberg, National Public Radio/Contributor, ABC News// David Brock, The American Spectator/Author/Journalist//LeAlan Jones, Author, “Our America:Life and Death on the South Side of Chicago” [Scribner]/Lloyd Newman, Author, “Our America:Life and Death on the South Side of Chicago”/David Isay, National Public Radio, [clip: Jones and Newman on “60 Minutes”, courtesy: “60 Minutes/CBS News”]
4176.       AIR DATE: 6/25/97 PROGRAM: SUMMER BOOKS PANEL / TIMBERLAKE / DROSNIN / “BIBLE CODE” REBUTTAL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Calvin Trillin, Author/Time Magazine/Fran Lebowitz, Author/ Sybil Steinberg, Senior Editor, Publisher’s Weekly//Bob Timberlake, Chairman, Bob Timberlake Inc./ Artist//Michael Drosnin, Author, “The Bible Code” [Simon & Schuster]//Shaul Magid, Jewish Theological Seminary/Benjamin Wittes, Legal Times
4177.       AIR DATE: 6/24/97 PROGRAM: ELLISON / FORBES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Lawrence Ellison, Founder & CEO, Oracle Corporation//Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Magazine/President & CEO, Forbes, Inc.
4178.       AIR DATE: 6/23/97 [Remote shoot in Virginia] PROGRAM: POWELL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gen. Colin Powell, Former Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, book: “My American Journey” [Random House]
4179.       AIR DATE: 6/20/97 PROGRAM: FORSTMANN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ted Forstmann, Forstmann Little & Co. [clip: Tom Brokaw profile of Forstmann, NBC]
4180.       AIR DATE: 6/19/97 PROGRAM: JENRETTE / “HOW I LEARNED TO DRIVE” / DE BONT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Jenrette, Co-Founder, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette/ Author, “The Contrarian Manager” [McGraw Hill]//Paula Vogel, Playwright, “How I Learned to Drive”/David Morse, Actor,“How I Learned to Drive”//Jan de Bont, Director, Speed 2 [Twentieth Century Fox] Twister [Warner Home Video]
4181.       AIR DATE: 6/18/97 PROGRAM: CYNICISM OF JOURNALISTS & POLITICIANS/SCHLESINGER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Dean, Annenberg School for Communication, Author, “Spiral of Cynicism” [Oxford]/Andrew Lack, President, NBC News/E.J. Dionne, Brookings Institution/The Washington Post//Arthur M. Schlesinger, Writer/Historian
4182.       AIR DATE: 6/17/97 PROGRAM: WATERGATE 25TH ANNIVERSARY / REINER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John W. Dean III, Counsel to President Nixon//Carl Bernstein, Author/ Journalist//Rob Reiner, Director/Founder, “I Am Your Child” [1-888-447-3400]
4183.       AIR DATE: 6/16/97 PROGRAM: RACE INITIATIVE PANEL / GRODIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Chris Edley, Jr., Consultant to President Clinton/Harvard Law School/Hugh Price, President, National Urban League/Laura Ingraham, Contributor, MSNBC/Contributor, CBS News/Roger Wilkins, Author/George Mason University// Charles Grodin, Talk Show Host, clips: Beethoven [MCA/Universal Home Video], Rosemary’s Baby [Paramount Home Video]
4184.       AIR DATE: 6/13/97 PROGRAM: THOMPSON / ROSSELLINI GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Hunter S. Thompson, Journalist/Author, “The Proud Highway” [Villard]//Isabella Rossellini, Actor/Author, “Some of Me” [Random House], Blue Velvet [Warner Home Video]
4185.       AIR DATE: 6/12/97 PROGRAM: HUNDT / PATRIC / BRUCKHEIMER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Reed Hundt, Chairman, Federal Communications Commission/Jason Patric, Actor, Speed 2 [Twentieth Century Fox]//Jerry Bruckheimer, Producer, Con Air [Touchstone Pictures]
4186.       AIR DATE: 6/11/97 [Taped in Paris] PROGRAM: BESSON / PICASSO GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Luc Besson, Filmmaker, The Fifth Element [Columbia Pictures]// Claude Picasso, Son of Pablo Picasso/Photographer
4187.       AIR DATE: 6/10/97 [Taped in Paris] PROGRAM: GOPNIK / LEVY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker//Bernard-Henri Levy, Philosopher/ Essayist
4188.       AIR DATE: 6/9/97 [Taped in Paris] PROGRAM: COHEN / LABRO / VINOCUR GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Roger Cohen, The New York Times//Philippe Labro, Journalist/ Author//John Vinocur, International Herald Tribune
4189.       AIR DATE: 6/6/97 PROGRAM: “CHICAGO” / McTEER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ann Reinking, Actor, Chicago/Joel Grey, Actor, Chicago/James Naughton, Actor, Chicago/Walter Bobbie, Director, Chicago// Janet McTeer, Actor, A Doll’s House [Belasco Theatre]
4190.       AIR DATE: 6/5/97 PROGRAM: RIPKEN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Cal Ripken, Baltimore Orioles
4191.       AIR DATE: 6/4/97 PROGRAM: APPLE / IGNATIUS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: R.W. Apple Jr., The New York Times//David Ignatius, The Washington Post/Author, “A Firing Offense” [Random House]
4192.       AIR DATE: 6/3/97 PROGRAM: BENNETT / McCAIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Robert Bennett, Attorney for President Clinton//John McCain, (R) Arizona/Chairman, Senate Commerce Committee
4193.       AIR DATE: 6/2/97 PROGRAM: McVEIGH VERDICT / McCOURT / COLVIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dan Rather, CBS News//Patrick Cole, Time Magazine//Frank McCourt, Author, “Angela’s Ashes” [Scribner]//Shawn Colvin, Singer/Songwriter
4194.       AIR DATE: 5/30/97 PROGRAM: RICHARDS / BOUTROS-GHALI / FELICIANO GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Richards, Actor, “Seinfeld” [West/Shapiro Prods./Castle Rock Entertainment/NBC] Trial and Error [New Line Cinema] //Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Former Secretary-General, United Nations/Author, “Egypt’s Road to Jerusalem” [Random House]//Hector Feliciano, Editor-in-Chief, World Media Network/Author, “The Lost Museum” [Basic Books]
4195.       AIR DATE: 5/29/97 PROGRAM: JUST / NASHER AT THE GUGGENHEIM GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ward Just, Author, “Echo House” [Houghton Mifflin]//Raymond Nasher*, Chairman, The Nasher Company
4196.       AIR DATE: 5/28/97 PROGRAM: McVEIGH TRIAL / AULETTA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Patrick Cole, Time Magazine/Rick Serrano, Los Angeles Times//Ken Auletta, The New Yorker/Author, “The Highwaymen: Warriors of the Information Superhighway” [Random House]
4197.       AIR DATE: 5/27/97 PROGRAM: PAULA JONES DECISION / CLANCY & FRANKS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Prof. Akhil Amar, Yale Law School/Jonathan Alter, Newsweek/ Michael Isikoff, Newsweek//Tom Clancy, Author, “Into the Storm: A Study in Command” [Putnam]/Gen. Fred Franks, U.S. Army (Ret.)
4198.       AIR DATE: 4/25/97 REPEATED DATE: 5/26/97 PROGRAM: BLOOMBERG GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Bloomberg, Founder & CEO, Bloomberg, L.P., [clip: Bloomberg News]
4199.       AIR DATE: 5/23/97 PROGRAM: DISCHARGE OF LT. KELLY FLINN / PITTMAN / BLAINE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Rep. Carolyn Maloney, (D) New York/David Martin, Pentagon Correspondent, CBS News/Gregory Vistica, Newsweek//Robert Pittman, President & CEO, America Online Networks//David Blaine, Magician, clip: David Blaine: Street Magic [ABC Television]
4200.       AIR DATE: 5/22/97 PROGRAM: HUGHES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Robert Hughes, Art Critic, Time Magazine/Host, “American Visions”/Author, “American Visions: The Epic History of Art in America” [Knopf], clip: American Visions [BBC/Time, Inc./WNET]
4201.       AIR DATE: 5/21/97 PROGRAM: NULAND / DUNNE / PRICE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dr. Sherwin B. Nuland, Yale University School of Medicine/Author, “The Wisdom of the Body” [Knopf]//Griffin Dunne, Actor/Director/Producer, Addicted to Love [Warner Bros.]//Reynolds Price, Author, “The Collected Poems” [Scribner], clip: Norman Mailer on Charlie Rose, 4/22/97
4202.       AIR DATE: 5/20/97 PROGRAM: WYNN [Taped at KLVX, Las Vegas] GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Steve Wynn, President & CEO, Mirage Resorts, Inc. [clip: Golden Nugget TV Commercial]
4203.       AIR DATE: 5/19/97 PROGRAM: GEHRY / “LOVE! VALOUR! COMPASSION!” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Frank Gehry, Architect, clip: Guggenheim Bilbao [Guggenheim Museum], Model of Guggenheim Bilbao [No courtesy]//Terrence McNally, Playwright, Love! Valour! Compassion! [Fine Line Features]/Joe Mantello, Director, Love! Valour! Compassion! [Fine Line Features]
4204.       AIR DATE: 5/16/97 PROGRAM: FUJIMORI / LEE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Alberto Fujimori, President, Peru, clip: The Storming of the Japanese Embassy in Peru//Spike Lee, Filmmaker, book: “Best Seat in the House” [Crown], clip: Spike on the Side Line of the Knicks/Bulls Game [NBA Entertainment]
4205.       AIR DATE: 5/15/97 PROGRAM: ZAIRE / BERKOW / GOLDBERG GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dr. Bob Arnot, U.S. Committee for Refugees/Journalist/Author// Salih Booker, Council on Foreign Relations/Marcus Mabry, Johannesburg Bureau Chief, Newsweek, clip: Dr. Bob Arnot in Zaire [Austin Hearst]//Ira Berkow, Senior Writer, The New York Times/Author, “To the Hoop” [Basic Books]//Danny Goldberg, President & CEO, Mercury Records
4206.       AIR DATE: 5/14/97 PROGRAM: LUMET & GARCIA / TEMPLETON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sidney Lumet, Director, Night Falls on Manhattan [Paramount Pictures]/Andy Garcia, Actor, Night Falls on Manhattan//Sir John Templeton, Founder, The Templeton Funds/Global Investor, book: “Worldwide Laws of Life“ [Templeton Foundation Press]
4207.       AIR DATE: 5/13/97 PROGRAM: TISSUE ENGINEERING / ROGERS / SOKOLOWSKI / FRENCH [Taped at WQED, Pittsburgh] GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dr. William Futrell, Chief of Plastic Surgery, University of Pittsburgh/Dr. Peter Johnson, Founder & Director, Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative// Fred Rogers, “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”//Thomas Sokolowski, Director, Andy Warhol Museum//Albert French, Author, “Patches of Fire“
4208.       AIR DATE: 5/12/97 PROGRAM: REED / AIELLO / MEHTA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ralph Reed, Executive Director, Christian Coalition/Political Strategist//Danny Aiello, Actor, “Mario Puzo’s The Last Don” [CBS]//Gita Mehta, Author, “Snakes and Ladders” [Doubleday]
4209.       AIR DATE: 5/9/97 PROGRAM: RICHARDSON / SCHULZ GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bill Richardson, United States Ambassador to the United Nations// Charles M. Schulz, Cartoonist, Author, “Around the World in 45 Years” [Andrews and McMeel] [clip: He’s Your Dog, Charlie Brown [United Features Syndications/Mendelson Film Productions]
4210.       AIR DATE: 5/8/97 PROGRAM: KEMPTON OBIT PANEL / WEIL / GROSS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jeff Greenfield, ABC News/David Remnick, The New Yorker, William F. Buckley, Jr., Editor-at-Large, National Review/Friend of Murray Kempton, Jimmy Breslin, Columnist, Newsday/Author//Dr. Andrew Weil, Alternative Medicine Expert, Author, “8 Weeks to Optimum Health” [Knopf]//Bill Gross, Founder & Chairman, Idealab!/Internet Venture Capitalist
4211.       AIR DATE: 5/7/97 PROGRAM: HAMILL / WOODS / POLLAN / KEMPTON OBIT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Pete Hamill, Editor-in-Chief, New York Daily News/Author, “Snow in August” [Little,Brown]//Earl Woods, Father of Tiger Woods, book: “Training a Tiger” [Harper Collins], clip: [Masters Footage, ESPN/CBS SPORTS]//Michael Pollan, Former Executive Editor, Harper’s Magazine, Author, “A Place of My Own: The Education of an Amateur Builder” [Random House]//Murray Kempton,Columnist/Author (1917-1997), clip: Murray Kempton on Charlie Rose, 5/2/94
4212.       AIR DATE: 5/6/97 PROGRAM: “60 MINUTES” PANEL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Don Hewitt, Executive Producer, “60 Minutes”/Mike Wallace, Correspondent, “60 Minutes”/Steve Kroft, Correspondent, “60 Minutes”/Ken Auletta, The New Yorker [“60 Minutes” clips courtesy of CBS News]
4213.       AIR DATE: 5/5/97 PROGRAM: BUDGET DEAL / FOX GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Rahm Emanuel, Senior Advisor to the President/Gene Sperling, Director, National Economic Council//Sen. Pete Domenici, (R) New Mexico/Chairman, Senate Budget Committee//Michael J. Fox, Actor, “Spin City” [Dreamworks Television/Ubu Productions], Casualties of War [Columbia Home Video]
4214.       AIR DATE: 5/2/97 PROGRAM: ANNAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary-General
4215.       AIR DATE: 5/1/97 PROGRAM: 1960’S BIOGRAPHY PANEL / ROSENBLATT / HOROWITZ GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Rick Hertzberg, The New Yorker/Barbara Ehrenreich, Time Magazine/Author/P.J. O’Rourke, Political Commentator, Author, “Age and Guile - Beat Youth, Innocence, and a Bad Haircut” [Atlantic Monthly Press]//Roger Rosenblatt, Contributing Editor, Time Magazine/Contributing Editor, The New Republic/Author, “Coming Apart” [Little, Brown] //David Horowitz, President, Center for the Study of Popular Culture/Editor, Heterodoxy, book:“Radical Son” [Free Press]
4216.       AIR DATE: 4/30/97 PROGRAM: BRITISH PRIME MINISTER ELECTIONS / McTEER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Joe Klein, The New Yorker/Harold Evans, President & Publisher, Random House/Quentin Letts, The Times of London/Christopher Hitchens, Vanity Fair//Janet McTeer, Actor, A Doll’s House [Belasco Theatre]
4217.       AIR DATE: 4/29/97 PROGRAM: FIFTH ANNIVERSARY OF L.A. RIOTS / DREW / BODANOVICH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ellis Cose, Newsweek, Author, “Color Blind: Seeing Beyond Race in a Race-Obsessed World” [Harper Collins]/Sam Fulwood, Los Angeles Times//Elizabeth Drew, Journalist/Author, “Whatever It Takes” [Viking Press] //Peter Bogdanovich, Director/ Author, “Who the Devil Made It” [ ] clip: Montage of Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, Quentin Tarantino on Charlie Rose, Stranger in Town [Warner Home Video], Bringing Up Baby [Warner Home Video], Little Women [Warner Home Video], 12 Angry Men [Warner Home Video]
4218.       AIR DATE: 4/28/97 PROGRAM: K. HARRISON / BIOGRAPHERS’ PANEL / KUDROW GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Kathryn Harrison, Author, “The Kiss” [Random House]//R.F. Foster, Author, “W.B. Yeats: A Life, Volume 1: The Apprentice Mage” [Oxford]/James I. Robertson, Jr., Author, “Stonewall Jackson: The Man, The Soldier, The Legend” [Maximillian USA]/Sam Tanenhaus, Author, “Whitaker Chambers: A Biography” [Random House]//Lisa Kudrow, Actor, Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion [Touchstone Pictures], Friends [Warner Bros. Television]
4219.       AIR DATE: 4/25/97 PROGRAM: BLOOMBERG GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Bloomberg, Founder & CEO, Bloomberg, L.P., [clip: Bloomberg News]
4220.       AIR DATE: 4/24/97 PROGRAM: TOBACCO SUIT / HUXTABLE / REITMAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Blumenthal, Attorney General, Connecticut//Ada Louise Huxtable, Architecture Critic, The Wall Street Journal/Author, “The Unreal America - Architecture and Illusion” [The New Press]//Ivan Reitman, Director/Producer, Father’s Day [Warner Bros.], Private Parts [Paramount Pictures/Rysher Entertainment], Space Jam [Warner Bros.]
4221.       AIR DATE: 4/23/97 PROGRAM: PERU HOSTAGES RELEASED / MARRON / RIVERS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ricardo Luna, Ambassador of Peru to the United States//Donald Marron, Chairman & CEO, PaineWebber Group//Joan Rivers, Comedienne/Author, “Bouncing Back” [Harper Collins], clip: Joan Rivers at the Oscars [E! Entertainment Television]
4222.       AIR DATE: 4/22/97 PROGRAM: PITINO / MAILER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Rick Pitino, Head Coach, University of Kentucky Basketball Team, [Kentucky Wildcats]/book: “Success is a Choice: Ten Steps to Overachieving”[Broadway]// Norman Mailer, Author, “The Gospel According to the Son” [Random House]
4223.       AIR DATE: 4/21/97 7076 PROGRAM: CHEMICAL WEAPONS TREATY / REICH / GROSS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Samuel Berger, National Security Advisor//Robert Reich, Former U.S. Secretary of Labor, book: “Locked in the Cabinet” [Knopf]//Terry Gross, National Public Radio/Host, “Fresh Air”
4224.       AIR DATE: 4/18/97 PROGRAM: EZRAHI / MAAS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Yaron Ezrahi, Israel Democracy Institute, book: “Rubber Bullets” [Farrar Straus Giroux]//Peter Maas, Author, “Underboss: Sammy ‘The Bull’ Gravano’s Story of Life in the Mafia” [Harper Collins]
4225.       AIR DATE: 4/17/97 PROGRAM: KASSEBAUM BAKER / WASSERSTEIN / LUNDEN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Nancy Kassebaum Baker, (R) Former U.S. Senator, Kansas/ Education & Awareness Project for Campaign Finance Reform//Wendy Wasserstein, Playwright, An American Daughter// Joan Lunden, Co-Host, Good Morning America, Author, “Healthy Living” [Crown], clip: Joan Lunden on Good Morning America [Good Morning America/ABC]
4226.       AIR DATE: 4/16/97 PROGRAM: DEVELOPMENT OF THE INFANT’S BRAIN PANEL / TIME MAGAZINE’S 25 MOST INFLUENTIAL AMERICANS / “WAITING FOR LEFTY” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mary Hatten, Ph.D, Developmental Neurobiologist/The Rockefeller University/ Rebecca Shahmoon Shanok, M.S.W., Ph.D/Psychotherapist/Dr. Stephen Hyman, Director, National Institute of Mental Health/Dr. Stanley Greenspan, George Washington University Medical School / Child Psychiatrist, book: “The Growth of the Mind”// Walter Isaacson, Managing Editor, Time Magazine// Joanne Woodward, Director/ Actor/ Marisa Tomei, Actor/ Greg Naughton, Actor/Co-Founder, The Blue Light Theater Company
4227.       AIR DATE: 4/15/97 PROGRAM: JACKIE ROBINSON 50TH ANNIVERSARY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Rachel Robinson, Widow of Jackie Robinson/Founder, Jackie Robinson Foundation /Author, book: Jackie Robinson: An Intimate Portrait” [Abrams]//Spike Lee, Filmmaker/Mike Lupica, New York Daily News, clips: Ken Burns’ Baseball [Florentine Films/Baseball Film Project, Inc.]
4228.       AIR DATE: 4/14/97 PROGRAM: TIGER WOODS WINS THE MASTERS / McHARG / KREMENTZ / LUPICA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bryant Gumbel, CBS News/John Feinstein, Author, clip: Tiger Woods at the Masters [ESPN/CBS Sports]//Ian McHarg, Landscape Architect, book: “A Quest For Life: An Autobiography” [Wiley], “Design With Nature” [Wiley]//Jill Krementz, Photographer, book: “The Writer’s Desk” [Random House]//Mike Lupica, New York Daily News
4229.       AIR DATE: 04/11/97 PROGRAM: DEMOCRACY / TUCKER / CUSACK / UHRY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Sandel, Harvard University//Tanya Tucker, Country Singer /Author, “Nickel Dreams” [Hyperion], clip: Little Things [Capitol Records Nashville]//John Cusack, Actor/Screenwriter, Grosse Pointe Blank [Hollywood/Caravan Pictures]//Alfred Uhry, Playwright, The Last Night of Ballyhoo/Driving Miss Daisy [Warner Home Video]
4230.       AIR DATE: 04/10/97 PROGRAM: RILEY / “PRINCIPAL FOR A DAY”/ JACKSON & ROSEN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Riley, Secretary of Education//Fernando Ferrer, Bronx Borough President/Meredith Brokaw, Author/Deborah Wright, President & CEO, Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone Development Corporation/Kenneth Cole, Fashion Designer/Ivan Seidenberg, Chairman & CEO, Nynex//Phil Jackson, Chicago Bulls Head Coach/Charley Rosen, Author, “The House of Moses All-Stars” [Seven Stories]
4231.       AIR DATE: 04/09/97 PROGRAM: IMUS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Don Imus, Host, “Imus in the Morning”/book: “Four Corners, Two Guys”
4232.       AIR DATE: 04/08/97 PROGRAM: HIP HOP PANEL / WILSON / GARMENT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Stanley Crouch, New York Daily News/Author/Armond White, Author/Keith Clinkscales, CEO, Vibe Magazine//A.N. Wilson, Evening Standard/Author, “Paul:The Mind of An Apostle” [Norton]//Leonard Garment, Former Counsel to President Nixon, book: “Crazy Rhythm” [Times Books]
4233.       AIR DATE: 04/07/97 PROGRAM: MERIDOR / BELGRADE OPPOSITION / CHECKETTS / GINSBERG OBIT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dan Meridor, Finance Minister, Israel//Vuk Draskovic, President, Serbian Renewal Movement/Vesna Pesic, President, Civic Alliance of Serbia//Dave Checketts, President & CEO, Madison Square Garden//Allen Ginsberg Obit (1926-1997)
4234.       AIR DATE: 4/4/97 PROGRAM: SULLIVAN / BUCKLEY / RENSE / STEWART GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Andrew Sullivan, Senior Editor, The New Republic/Author, “Same- Sex Marriage: Pro & Con: [Vintage]//Christopher Buckley, Editor, Forbes FYI/Author, “Wry Martinis” [Random House]//Paige Rense, Editor-in-Chief, Architectual Digest, book: Manor House” [Doubleday]//Jon Stewart, Comedian
4235.       AIR DATE: 4/3/97 PROGRAM: BRANTLEY / CAST OF “STANLEY” / REYNOLDS / FOOTE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ben Brantley, Chief Drama Critic, The New York Times//Antony Sher, Actor, Stanley/Anna Chancellor, Actor, Stanley/Selina Cadell, Stanley/Deborah Finlay, Actor, Stanley//Jonathan Reynolds, Playwright, Stonewall Jackson’s House//Horton Foote, Playwright, The Young Man From Atlanta
4236.       AIR DATE: 4/2/97 PROGRAM: KELLY / LaPAGLIA / SEABROOK / RAMPAL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Thomas Kelly, Sandhog/Author, “Payback” [Knopf]//Anthony LaPaglia, Actor, Murder One [Steven Bochco Productions], Commandments [Gramery Pictures], The Garden of Redemption [Showtime Networks]//John Seabrook, The New Yorker/Author, “Deeper: My Two Year Odyssey Into Cyberspace” [Simon & Schuster]//Jean-Pierre Rampal, Flutist, CD: Romantic Music for Two Flutes and Piano”
4237.       AIR DATE: 4/1/97 PROGRAM: ECONOMY / RABIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Metz, Chief Investment Strategist, Oppenheimer & Co./ John Lipsky, Chief Economist, Chase Manhattan Bank//Leah Rabin, Widow of Israeli Leader Yitzhak Rabin, book: “Rabin:Our Life, His Legacy” [Putnam], (clip: Charlie Rose, 4/17/96)
4238.       AIR DATE: 3/31/97 PROGRAM: McVEIGH TRIAL BEGINS / REMNICK GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Patrick Cole, Time Magazine//Lynne Stewart, Criminal Defense Attorney/Attorney for Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman//David Remnick, The New Yorker/Author, “Resurrection:The Struggle for a New Russia” [Random House]
4239.       AIR DATE: 3/28/97 PROGRAM: STERN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Howard Stern, Radio Personality, Howard Stern on E! [E! Entertainment], Private Parts [Paramount Pictures/Rysher Entertainment]
4240.       AIR DATE: 3/27/97 PROGRAM: “SEARCHING FOR EVERADO” / WALLACE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jennifer Harbury, Human Rights Activist/Author, “Searching for Everado” [Warner Books]/Sen. Robert Torricelli, (D) New Jersey//David Foster Wallace, Author, “A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again” [Little, Brown]
4241.       AIR DATE: 3/26/97 PROGRAM: ECONOMY / PYTKA / KENT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Henry Kaufman, President, Henry Kaufman & Co., Inc./Economist/ John Lipsky, Chief Economist, Chase Manhattan Bank/Lawrence Summers, Deputy Treasury Secretary//Joe Pytka, Director, Free As a Bird (Beatle’s video) [Apple Records], Commercial Montage [TV Commercial], Space Jam [Warner Bros.]//Allegra Kent, Dancer, book: “Once a Dancer” [St. Martins Press] clip: Dancing for Mr. B [Seahorse Films]
4242.       AIR DATE: 3/25/97 PROGRAM: CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM / FORD / DALY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. John McCain, (R) Arizona/Chairman, Senate Commerce Committee/Sen. Russell Feingold, (D) Wisconsin//Harrison Ford, Actor, The Devil’s Own [Columbia Pictures]//Chuck Daly, Basketball Analyst, Turner Sports/Former NBA Coach, Detroit Pistons - 1989, 1990
4243.       AIR DATE: 3/24/97 PROGRAM: MIDDLE EAST / SHARANSKY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Judith Miller, The New York Times/Fouad Ajami, U.S. News & World Report/Johns Hopkins University//Natan Sharansky, Minister of Industry & Trade, Israel /Party Chairman, Yisrael Ba-Aliya
4244.       AIR DATE: 11/25/96 REPEATED DATE: 3/21/97 PROGRAM: GATES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bill Gates, Chairman & CEO, Microsoft Corporation, book: “The Road Ahead” [Penguin]
4245.       AIR DATE: 11/18/96 REPEATED DATE: 3/20/97 PROGRAM: BRONFMAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Chairman, Seagram Company Ltd./President, World Jewish Congress
4246.       AIR DATE: 12/30/96 REPEATED DATE: 3/19/97 PROGRAM: GOLDBERG GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Whoopi Goldberg, Actor, Ghosts of Mississippi [Castlerock Entertainment]
4247.       AIR DATE: 12/27/96 REPEATED DATE: 3/18/97 PROGRAM: CRONKITE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Walter Cronkite, Former Senior Correspondent, CBS News “Cronkite Remembers”, [The Discovery Channel] book: “A Reporter’s Life” [Knopf]
4248.       AIR DATE: 12/26/96 REPEATED DATE: 3/17/97 PROGRAM: CRICHTON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Crichton, Author, “Air Frame” [Knopf]
4249.       AIR DATE: 3/14/97 [Remixed Show] PROGRAM: THORNTON / RUSH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Billy Bob Thornton, Actor/Filmmaker, Sling Blade[Miramax Films]//Geoffrey Rush, Actor, Shine [Fineline Features]
4250.       AIR DATE: 3/13/97 PROGRAM: MUBARAK [NEW] / BINOCHE [REPEATED SEGMENT] GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Hosni Mubarak, President, The Arab Republic of Egypt//Juliette Binoche, Actor, The English Patient [Miramax] [Repeated Segment]
4251.       AIR DATE: 3/12/97 [Remixed Show] PROGRAM: HICKS / “SECRETS AND LIES” / WOODS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Scott Hicks, Fimmaker, Shine [Fineline Features]//Mike Leigh, Director, Secrets and Lies[October Films]/Brenda Blethyn, Actor, Secrets and Lies/Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Actor, Secrets and Lies/book: “The World According to Mike Leigh” by Michael Coveney [Harper Collins] /// James Woods, Actor
4252.       AIR DATE: 3/11/97 [Remixed Show] PROGRAM: THE ENGLISH PATIENT / FORMAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Ondaatje, Author, “The English Patient” [Vintage]/ Anthony Minghella, Director, The English Patient [Miramax Films]//Milos Forman, Director, The People vs. Larry Flynt [Columbia Pictures]
4253.       AIR DATE: 3/10/97 7 [Remixed Show] PROGRAM: THOMAS / COEN BROS. & McDORMAND GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Kristin Scott Thomas, Actor, The English Patient [Miramax Films] //Joel Coen, Filmmaker, Fargo/Ethan Coen, Filmmaker, Fargo/Frances McDormand, Actor, Fargo [Gramercy Pictures]
4254.       AIR DATE: 3/7/97 PROGRAM: WILLS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Garry Wills, Northwestern University/Author, “John Wayne’s America: The Politics of Celebrity” [Simon & Schuster], Stagecoach [Warner Home Video], Red River [Warner Home Video], (John Wayne Film Clip Montage courtesy of Warner Home Video)
4255.       AIR DATE: 3/6/97 PROGRAM: CHAMBERS / BACALL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John Chambers, President & CEO, Cisco Systems Inc.//Lauren Bacall, Actor, To Have and Have Not [Warner Home Video], The Big Sleep [Warner Home Video], Home Video from Bacall on Bogart [Warner Home Video], A Designing Woman [Warner Home Video], (1 clip from 10/7/94 Charlie Rose show and 2 clips from 1/19/96 Charlie Rose show)
4256.       AIR DATE: 3/5/97 PROGRAM: MOUSSA / PULLMAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Amre Moussa, Foreign Minister, Egypt//Bill Pullman, Actor, Lost Highway [October Films], Last Seduction, [October Films], Independence Day [Fox Home Video]
4257.       AIR DATE: 3/4/97 PROGRAM: JENKINS / DUNNE / LYTHGOE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Roy Jenkins, Chancellor, Oxford University/Member, House of Lords/Author, “Gladstone” [Random House]//John Gregory Dunne, Author/Screenwriter, “Monster: Living Off the Big Screen” (clip: Up Close and Personal [Touchstone Home Video]// Clive Lythgoe, Pianist
4258.       AIR DATE: 3/3/97 PROGRAM: McVEIGH TRIAL / JEWEL / “THREE SISTERS” PANEL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Floyd Abrams, First Amendment Lawyer/Columbia Graduate School of Journalism/Arthur Lewis, Criminal Defense Attorney/Attorney for Lemrick Nelson, Jr.//Jewel, Singer/Songwriter//Amy Irving, Actor, Three Sisters [Roundabout Theatre]/Jeanne Tripplehorn, Actor, Three Sisters/Lili Taylor, Actor, Three Sisters
4259.       AIR DATE: 2/28/97 PROGRAM: GORELICK / MARSALIS & WILSON / ANDERSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jamie Gorelick, Deputy Attorney General//Wynton Marsalis, Artistic Director, Jazz at Lincoln Center, opera: Blood on the Fields [CBS News/Sunday Morning]/Cassandra Wilson, Jazz Vocalist//Walter Anderson, Editor, Parade Magazine/Author, “The Confidence Course: Seven Steps to Self-Fulfillment” [Harper Collins]
4260.       AIR DATE: 2/27/97 PROGRAM: NORTON ANTHOLOGY OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE / GATES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Henry Louis Gates, Harvard University/The New Yorker/Nellie McKay, University of Wisconsin, book: The Norton Anthology of African-American Literature [Norton]/Jamaica Kincaid, Author//Henry Louis Gates, Harvard University/The New Yorker, book: “ Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black Man” [Random House]
4261.       AIR DATE: 2/26/97 PROGRAM: HICKS / SINGLETON / BLAKE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Scott Hicks, Fimmaker, Shine [Fineline Features]//John Singleton, Filmmaker, Rosewood [Warner Bros.]//Michael Blake, Author/Screenwriter, “Marching to Valhalla:A Novel of Custer’s Last Days” [Villard]
4262.       AIR DATE: 2/25/97 PROGRAM: CLONING / GRAMMY PANEL / NEWCOMB GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dr. Glenn McGee, University of Pennsylvania Center for Bioethics/ Bioethicist//Dr. Jon Gordon, Mount Sinai School of Medicine/Paul Raeburn, Senior Editor, Business Week/Niles Eldredge, Evolutionary Theorist/American Museum of Natural History// Christopher John Farley, Time Magazine/Karen Schoemer, Newsweek/Neil Strauss, The New York Times [Clip: Montage of Grammy Nominees]//John Newcomb, President & CEO, Simon & Schuster
4263.       AIR DATE: 2/24/97 PROGRAM: BIRTH OF A NATION’HOOD / THE DARDEN DILEMMA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Toni Morrison, Nobel Laureate/Princeton University, book: “Birth of a Nation’hood” [Pantheon]/Claudia Brodsky Lacour, Princeton University/Author/Andrew Ross, New York University/Author/Armond White, Arts Editor, The City Sun/Author//Ellis Cose, Newsweek/Author, book: “The Darden Dilemma” [Harper Perennial], “Color Blind: Seeing Beyond Race in a Race-Obsessed World” [Harper Collins]/Stanley Crouch, New York Daily News, book: “The All-American Skin Game, or, The Decoy of Race” [Vintage]/Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune/Author, “Showing My Color: Impolite Essays on Race and Identity” [Harper Perennial] [clip: Christopher Darden on Charlie Rose, 3/26/96]
4264.       AIR DATE: 2/21/97 PROGRAM: STEWART / VREELAND PANEL / VIÑOLY / HADEN-GUEST GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Martha Stewart, Chairman, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia/ Author//Mary Louise Wilson, Actor, Full Gallop/Grace Mirabella, Founder, Mirabella Magazine/Former Editor-in-Chief, Vogue Magazine/ Isaac Mizrahi, Designer//Rafael Viñoly, Architect, (clip of The Tokyo International Forum)//Anthony Haden-Guest, Art Critic, book: “True Colors:The Real Life of the Art World” [A.T.M.P.]
4265.       AIR DATE: 2/20/97 PROGRAM: DENG XIAOPING REMEMBERED / ALBRIGHT IDENTITY / SACKS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dr. Henry Kissinger, Former Secretary of State//George P. Shultz, Former Secretary of State/Hoover Institution//Kati Marton, Chair, Committee to Protect Journalists/Author/Journalist/Richard Cohen, The Washington Post/Frank Rich, The New York Times/Lally Weymouth, The Washington Post//Oliver Sacks, Neurologist/ Author: “Island of the Color Blind” [Knopf]
4266.       AIR DATE: 2/19/97 PROGRAM: DEATH OF DENG XIAOPING GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Samuel R. Berger, National Security Adviser Designate//Richard Holbrooke, Former Secretary of State//Michel Oksenberg, Stanford University//Winston Lord, Former Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs//Mort Zuckerman, Editor-in-Chief, U.S. News & World Report/Richard Bernstein, The New York Times/Elizabeth Economy, Council on Foreign Relations/Chai Ling, Tiananmen Square Organizer/President, China Dialogue (Deng Xiaoping 1904-1997)
4267.       AIR DATE: 2/18/97 PROGRAM: ZYUGANOV / ROSS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gennady Zyuganov, Communist Party of the Russian Federation// Ambassador Dennis Ross, Special Middle East Coordinator
4268.       AIR DATE: 2/17/97 PROGRAM: CRAVEN / CORNWELL / PALANCE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Wes Craven, Director, Scream [Miramax Films]//Patricia Cornwell, Author, “Hornet’s Nest”[Putnam]//Jack Palance, Actor/Poet, book: “The Forest of Love” [Summerhouse Press], City Slickers [Columbia]
4269.       AIR DATE: 2/14/97 PROGRAM: LYNCH / TIBET HOUSE BENEFIT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Lynch, Filmmaker, Lost Highway [October Films], Eraser Head [Asymeatrical Productions], The Elephant Man [Paramount Home Video], Blue Velvet [Warner Home Video]//Robert Thurman, President, The Tibet House/Columbia University/ Natalie Merchant, Singer/Songwriter, CD: “Tiger Lily”
4270.       AIR DATE: 2/13/97 PROGRAM: DOW 7000 / PLIMPTON / CARPENTER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Byron Wien, Morgan Stanley & Co.//George Plimpton, Editor, The Paris Review/Author, clip: When We Were Kings [Gramercy Pictures]//Mary Chapin Carpenter, Singer/Songwriter, CD: “A Place in the World” [Columbia], book: “Dreamland” [Harper Collins]
4271.       AIR DATE: 2/12/97 PROGRAM: GRUNWALD / “WHEN WE WERE KINGS” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Henry Grunwald, Former Editor-in-Chief, Time Inc., book: “One Man’s America” [Doubleday]//Taylor Hackford, Producer, When We Were Kings [Gramercy Pictures]/Leon Gast, Director, When We Were Kings [Gramercy Pictures]
4272.       AIR DATE: 2/11/97 PROGRAM: OSCAR NOMINATIONS / THORNTON / ATTENBOROUGH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Janet Maslin, The New York Times/David Denby, New York Magazine/Richard Corliss, Time Magazine//Billy Bob Thornton, Actor/Filmmaker, Sling Blade[Miramax Films]//Richard Attenborough, Director, In Love and War [New Line Cinema]
4273.       AIR DATE: 2/10/97 PROGRAM: O.J. CIVIL SUIT / FORTUNE’S 10 BEST & WORST COMPANIES / BRADLEY / RHODES SCHOLARS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Martin Garbus, Attorney//John Huey, Managing Editor, Fortune Magazine//Bill Bradley, (D) Former U.S. Senator, New Jersey/1965 Rhodes Scholar, book: “Time Present, Time Past” [Vintage]//Benjamin Jealous, Columbia University/1997 Rhodes Scholar/Kerry Francis, Georgetown University/1997 Rhodes Scholar/ Cadet Adam Ake, United State Military Academy/1997 Rhodes Scholar/Tali Farimah Farhadian, Yale University/ 1997 Rhodes Scholar
4274.       AIR DATE: 2/7/97 PROGRAM: NUNN / FORMAN / MILLO GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sam Nunn, (D) Former U.S. Senator, Georgia/Former Chairman, Senate Armed Services Committee//Milos Forman, Director, The People vs. Larry Flynt [Columbia Pictures]//Aprile Millo, Soprano, Un Ballo in Maschera [Metropolitan Opera Association]
4275.       AIR DATE: 2/6/97 PROGRAM: McCAFFREY / HARRIMAN OBIT / ERVING / W.E.B. DU BOIS PANEL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gen. Barry McCaffrey, Director, Office of National Drug Control Policy//Richard Holbrooke, Former Assistant Secretary of State (Pamela Harriman, 1920 -1997)//Julius Erving, Former Professional Basketball Player/NBA Hall of Fame Player, NBA at 50 [NBA Entertainment], book: “NBA at 50” [Park Lane Press], CD: “NBA at 50: A Musical Celebration” [Mercury Records]//Louis Massiah, Documentary Filmmaker, W.E.B. Du Bois: A Biography in Four Voices [National Black Programming Consortium/WHYY/WQED]/David Levering Lewis, Du Bois Biographer/1994 Pulitzer Prize Winner/Rutgers University
4276.       AIR DATE: 2/5/97 PROGRAM: GRAHAM GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Katharine Graham, Publisher, The Washington Post, book: “Katharine Graham:Personal History” [Knopf], [Clip: Ben Bradlee on Charlie Rose, 9/25/95]
4277.       AIR DATE: 2/4/97 [LIVE SHOW] PROGRAM: STATE OF THE UNION / O.J. CIVIL SUIT VERDICT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Todd Purdum, The New York Times/Dan Goodgame, Time Magazine [Clip: Excerpt from Clinton’s State of the Union Address]//Katrina vanden Heuvel, Editor, The Nation/David Remnick, The New Yorker/Bret Schundler, (R) Mayor, Jersey City, NJ/Michael Sandel, Harvard University//Dominick Dunne, Vanity Fair, [Clip: Court TV Coverage of the Simpson Verdict]
4278.       AIR DATE: 2/3/97 PROGRAM: RYDER / KIPLINGER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Winona Ryder, Actor, The Crucible [Twentieth Century Fox], The Age of Innocence [Columbia/Tristar Home Video]//Knight Kiplinger, Editor-in-Chief, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine
4279.       AIR DATE: 1/31/97 PROGRAM: O.J. SIMPSON CASE / LEHRER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Philip Vannatter, Former Detective, LAPD/Tom Lange, Former Detective, LAPD//Jim Lehrer, The Newshour with Jim Lehrer/Author, “White Widow” [Random House]
4280.       AIR DATE: 1/30/97 PROGRAM: HUNTINGTON / CLEESE / BACALL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Samuel Huntington, Harvard University/Author, “The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order” [Simon & Schuster]//John Cleese, Actor/ Writer, Fierce Creatures [Universal Pictures] //Lauren Bacall, Actor, The Mirror Has Two Faces [Tristar Pictures], My Fellow Americans [Warner Bros.]
4281.       AIR DATE: 1/29/97 PROGRAM: HOWARD / SIMPSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Desmond Howard, Green Bay Packers/Super Bowl XXXI MVP, clip: Super Bowl XXXI [NFL/Fox Sports]//Alan Simpson, (R) Former U.S. Senator, Wyoming, book: “Right in the Old Gazoo” [Morrow]
4282.       AIR DATE: 1/28/97 PROGRAM: O.J. SIMPSON CIVIL SUIT / “NAKED CAME THE MANATEE” / BISSET GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dan Abrams, Court TV//Dave Barry, Humorist/Author, “Naked Came the Manatee” [Putnam]/Carl Hiaasen, The Miami Herald/Author, “Naked Came the Manatee” [Putnam]/Elmore Leonard, Author, “Naked Came the Manatee” [Putnam]//Jacqueline Bisset, Actor, Le Ceremonie [New Yorker Films], End of Summer [Showtime]
4283.       1/27/97 PROGRAM: BAR-ILLAN / “DIXIE RISING” / SCOTT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Bar-Ilan/Director of Policy Planning & Communication, Israel/Advisor to Prime Minister Netanyahu/Former Executive Editor, The Jerusalem Post// Howell Raines, The New York Times/Roy Blount, Humorist/Peter Applebome, The New York Times/Author, “Dixie Rising” [Times Books]//Jimmy Scott, Jazz Vocalist
4284.       AIR DATE: 1/24/97 PROGRAM: SUPERBOWL PREVIEW / CAMPOLO / MIRREN & GEORGE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Frank Deford, Newsweek/Mike Lupica, New York Daily News/ Esquire//Tony Campolo, President, Evangelical Association for Promotion of Education//Helen Mirren, Actor, Some Mother’s Son [Castlerock Entertainment]/Terry George, Director, Some Mother’s Son
4285.       AIR DATE: 1/23/97 PROGRAM: SIMPSON CIVIL TRIAL / LANGELLA / HERSHEY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dan Abrams, Court TV//Frank Langella, Actor, Present Laughter// Barbara Hershey, Actor, Portrait of a Lady [Gramercy Pictures]
4286.       AIR DATE: 1/22/97 PROGRAM: NEESON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Liam Neeson, Actor, Michael Collins [Warner Bros.], Schindler’s List [MCA/Universal Home Video]
4287.       AIR DATE: 1/21/97 PROGRAM: GOMES / BINOCHE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Peter Gomes, Minister, Harvard University/Author, “The Good Book: Reading the Bible with Mind and Heart” [Morrow]//Juliette Binoche, Actor, The English Patient [Miramax], Blue [Miramax]
4288.       AIR DATE: 1/20/97 [Montage of Previous Shows] PROGRAM: CLINTON’S SECOND TERM INAUGURATION GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dick Morris, Former Clinton Advisor/Political Strategist//R.W. Apple Jr., The New York Times/Tim Russert, NBC News/Cokie Roberts, ABC News// Joe Klein, The New Yorker//Richard Holbrooke, Former Assistant Secretary of State/Bosnia Peace Negotiator//Mario Cuomo, (D) Former Governor, New York/Richard Reeves, Author//Harry Belafonte, Actor/Activist//Donald Baer, White House Advisor//Mickey Kantor, Secretary of State//Felix Rohatyn, Lazard Freres & Co. LLC/Investment Banker//Tom Friedman, The New York Times
4289.       AIR DATE: 1/17/97 [ON-LOCATION IN WASHINGTON] PROGRAM: CLINTON PANEL / ECONOMY - NEXT FOUR YEARS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tim Russert, NBC News/Cokie Roberts, ABC News/R.W. Apple Jr., The New York Times//Felix Rohatyn, Lazard Freres & Co. LLC/Investment Banker/Mort Zuckerman, Editor-in-Chief, U.S. News & World Report/Lawrence Summers, Deputy Secretary of the Treasury/Richard Darman, Former Director, Office of Management & Budget/The Carlyle Group
4290.       AIR DATE: 1/16/97 PROGRAM: MORRIS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dick Morris, Former Clinton Advisor/Political Strategist, book: “Behind the Oval Office” [Random House]
4291.       AIR DATE: 1/15/97 PROGRAM: FRIEDMAN / PERES / KANTOR GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tom Friedman, The New York Times//Shimon Peres, Former Prime Minister, Israel//Mickey Kantor, Secretary of Commerce
4292.       AIR DATE: 1/14/97 PROGRAM: HOLBROOKE / SPACEY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Holbrooke, Bosnia Peace Negotiator/Former Assistant Secretary of State//Kevin Spacey, Actor/Director, Albino Aligator [Miramax Films], Saturday Night Live [NBC Productions]
4293.       AIR DATE: 1/13/97 PROGRAM: PAULA JONES / IRVING / WINBLAD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Isikoff, Newsweek/Edward Felsenthal, The Wall Street Journal//Amy Irving, Actor, I’m Not Rappaport [Gramercy Pictures] The Three Sisters [Roundabout Theatre]//Ann Winblad, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners/Venture Capitalist
4294.       AIR DATE: 1/10/97 PROGRAM: PAULA JONES / THOMAS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Stuart Taylor, The American Lawyer//Evan Thomas, Newsweek/Nina Totenberg, National Public Radio//Kristin Scott Thomas, Actor, The English Patient [Miramax], Angels & Insects [Samuel Goldwyn Co./Hallmark Home Video], Four Weddings and a Funeral [Polygram Home Video]
4295.       AIR DATE: 1/9/97 PROGRAM: “CHICAGO” / ROWLANDS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ann Reinking, Actor, Chicago/Joel Grey, Actor, Chicago/James Naughton, Actor, Chicago/Walter Bobbie, Director, Chicago//Gena Rowlands, Actor, Unhook the Stars, [Miramax Films], Faces, [Castle Hill Productions], Woman Under the Influence, [Castle Hill Productions]
4296.       AIR DATE: 1/8/97 PROGRAM: RIGHT-TO-DIE / FLYNT / FLYNT PANEL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Laurence Tribe, Harvard Law School//Dr. Sherwin B. Nuland, Yale School of Medicine/Dr. Howard Grossman, Plaintiff, Vacco v. Quill/Dr. John Collins Harvey, Professor Emeritus, Georgetown University/Center for Clincal Bioethics//Larry Flynt,President, Larry Flynt Publications/Publisher/Editor, Hustler Magazine, [The People Vs. Larry Flynt, Columbia Pictures]//Gloria Steinem, Co-Founder, Ms. Magazine/Author/Tonya Flynt Vega, Daughter of Larry Flynt/American Family Association
4297.       AIR DATE: 1/7/97 PROGRAM: NEWT GINGRICH RE-ELECTION / GOLDMAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Rep. Charles Schumer, (D) New York/Rep. Christopher Shays, (R) Connecticut//Lawrence O’Donnell, Former Congressional Aide/Norm Ornstein, American Enterprise Institute/Jim Glassman, The Washington Post//William Goldman, Screewriter/Author, William Goldman:Five Screenplays [Applause Books], William Goldman:Four Screenplays with Essays [Applause Books], The Ghost and the Darkness [Applause Books]
4298.       AIR DATE: 1/6/97 [ON LOCATION IN CAIRO/JERUSALEM] PROGRAM: MUBARAK / NETANYAHU GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Hosni Mubarak, President, The Arab Republic of Egypt//Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister, Israel

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