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Guest ofCharlieRose. List. PBS & Bloomberg. 19. From 29 Dec 1995 to 02 Jan 1995.

4564.       AIR DATE: 9/11/95 REPEATED DATE: 12/29/95 PROGRAM: SULLIVAN/MARSHALL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Andrew Sullivan, Editor, The New Republic/Author, “Virtually Normal: An Argument About Homosexuality”(Knopf)//Garry Marshall, Director, book: “Wake Me When It’s Funny” (Adams Publishers)
4565.       AIR DATE: 12/28/95 PROGRAM: BRANAGH/MARSALIS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Kenneth Branagh, Actor/Director, Othello and A Midwinter’s Tale// Wynton Marsalis, Jazz Musician/Artistic Director, Jazz at Lincoln Center
4566.       AIR DATE: 11/09/95 REPEATED DATE: 12/27/95 PROGRAM: WIESEL/TAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Elie Wiesel, 1986 Nobel Laureate for Peace/Author, “All Rivers Run to the Sea” [Knopf]//Amy Tan, Author, “The Hundred Secret Senses” [Putnam & Sons]
4567.       AIR DATE: 12/26/95 5247 PROGRAM: HARRIS/MOCK & LIN/SHORT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Harris, Actor, Cry, The Beloved Country//Maya Lin, Artist/ Architect/Frieda Lee Mock, Filmmaker, “Maya Lin: A Strong, Clear Vision”//Martin Short, Actor, Father of the Bride Part II
4568.       AIR DATE: 9/22/95 REPEATED DATE: 12/25/95 PROGRAM: CRICHTON/GOMBRICH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Crichton, Author, “The Lost World” (Knopf)//Sir Ernst Gombrich, Art Historian, book: “The Story of Art” (Phaidon)
4569.       AIR DATE: 12/22/95 PROGRAM: POLLACK/KINNEAR/BROWN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sydney Pollack, Director, Sabrina//Greg Kinnear, Talk Show Host/Actor, Sabrina//Tony Brown, Founder, Howard University School of Communications/ Journalist/Author, “Black Lies, White Lies” [William Morrow]
4570.       AIR DATE: 12/21/95 PROGRAM: OWENS/RATTNER/PAKULA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Admiral William Owens, Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff//Steven Rattner, Managing Director, Lazard Freres & Co. LLC/Hannah Pakula, Author, “An Uncommon Woman” [Simon & Schuster]
4571.       AIR DATE: 12/20/95 PROGRAM: STRINGER/DOWNEY/VIETNAM GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Howard Stringer, Chairman & CEO, Tele-TV/Former President, CBS Broadcast Group//Robert Downey Jr., Actor, Restoration//William Prochnau, Author, “Once Upon a Distant War” [Times Books]/Vietnam War Corresponsdent/David Halberstam, Author/Vietnam War Correspondent
4572.       AIR DATE: 12/19/95 PROGRAM: RUSSIAN ELECTIONS/1995 YEAR IN SPORTS/BRILL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Remnick, The New Yorker/Adrian Karatnycky, President, Freedom House//Mike Lupica, Esquire/The Daily News/George Vescey, The New York Times// Steven Brill, Founder, Pres. & CEO, Court TV/Editor-in-Chief, The American Lawyer
4573.       AIR DATE: 12/18/95 PROGRAM: NELSON/SCHRAGER/ROGERS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Don Nelson, New York Knicks Head Coach//Ian Schrager, Entrepreneur/Hotelier/Ian Schrager Hotels, Inc.//Jim Rogers, Investor
4574.       AIR DATE: 12/15/95 PROGRAM: HOLBROOKE on BOSNIA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Holbrooke, Assistant Secretary of State
4575.       AIR DATE: 12/14/95 PROGRAM: REEVES on NIXON/WINTER MOVIES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Reeves, Historian//Janet Maslin, The New York Times/ David Denby, New York Magazine/Stephen Schiff, The New Yorker/National Public Radio
4576.       AIR DATE: 12/13/95 PROGRAM: HACKWORTH on BOSNIA/JONES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Col. David Hackworth (Ret.), Newsweek//James Earl Jones, Actor, Cry, The Beloved Country
4577.       AIR DATE: 12/12/95 PROGRAM: BOLTON/PINKERTON/SORVINO GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Bolton, Musician//James Pinkerton, Author/Journalist/ Former White House Aide/book: “What Comes Next: The End of Big Government and the New Paradigm Ahead” [Hyperion]//Paul Sorvino, Actor, Nixon
4578.       AIR DATE: 12/11/95 PROGRAM: RUSSIAN ELECTIONS/WOODS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Stephen Cohen, Princeton University/CBS News/(PBS Special: Russia Betrayed?: Voices of the Opposition)//James Woods, Actor, Nixon
4579.       AIR DATE: 12/8/95 PROGRAM: AIDS UPDATE/LIVING WITH AIDS/MARTIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dr. David Baltimore, Massachussetts Institute of Technology/Dr. William Paul, Director, Office of AIDS Research, National Institutes of Health//Dr. Paul Bellman, St. Vincent’s Hospital/Will Leonard, Person Living with AIDS/Robert Levithan, Person Living with AIDS/Ralph Martin, Author, “Seeds of Destruction: Joe Kennedy and His Sons” [Putnam]
4580.       AIR DATE: 12/7/95 PROGRAM: MOORE/JAMES RESTON OBIT/“WAS DORIS DUKE MURDERED?” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mary Tyler Moore, Actress, book: “After All” [Putnam]//Tom Wicker, Journalist/R.W. Apple Jr., The New York Times/book: “Deadline” (Reston’s Memoir) [Random House]//Bob Colacello, Vanity Fair
4581.       AIR DATE: 12/6/95 PROGRAM: BENNETT/FONSECA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: William Bennett, Former Secretary of Education/Co-Director, Empower America/Author, “The Moral Compass”, “The Children’s Book of Virtues” [Simon & Schuster]//Isabel Fonseca, Author, “Bury Me Standing” [Knopf]
4582.       AIR DATE: 12/5/95 PROGRAM: KISELYOV/HIJUELOS/ALEXANDER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Yevgeni Kiselyov, Russian Journalist//Oscar Hijuelos, Author, “Mr. Ives’ Christmas” [Harper Collins]//Shana Alexander, Journalist/Author, “Happy Days: My Mother, My Father, My Sister & Me” [DoubleDay]
4583.       AIR DATE: 12/4/95 PROGRAM: D’AMATO ON WHITEWATER/KEARNS GOODWIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. Alfonse D’Amato, (R) New York/Chairman, Senate Whitewater Committee//Doris Kearns Goodwin, Historian
4584.       AIR DATE: 12/01/95 PROGRAM: TAFEL/THEROUX/FRANKLIN/HAYES/CROWTHER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Tafel, Executive Director, Log Cabin Republicans//Paul Theroux, Author, “The Pillars of Hercules” [Putnam]//Jo Franklin, Documentary Filmmaker/ Author, “The Wing of the Falcon” [Atlantis Press]//Ivey Hayes, Artist//Hal Crowther, Journalist/ Author, “Unarmed But Dangerous” [Longstreet Press]
4585.       AIR DATE: 11/30/95 PROGRAM: SOROS/MOORE/GURNEY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: George Soros, International Philanthropist//Susanna Moore, Author, “In the Cut” [Knopf]//A.R. Gurney, Playwright, Sylvia
4586.       AIR DATE: 11/29/95 PROGRAM: DEATH OF ELISA IZQUIERDO/BEAT CULTURE/GROSSMAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gail Nayowith, Executive Director, Citizens Committee for the Children of New York/Children’s Advocate/Dr. Megan McLaughlin, Executive Director, Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies/Children’s Advocate//Allen Ginsberg, Poet/Steven Watson, Author, “The Birth of the Beat Generation” [Pantheon]/Nat Hentoff, The Village Voice/ George Herms, Artist//Larry Grossman, President, Horizons Cable Network/Former President, PBS/Former President, NBC News, book: “The Electronic Republic” [Viking]
4587.       AIR DATE: 11/28/95 PROGRAM: PEACE IN BOSNIA/HAGEN/REDMAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gen. Brent Scowcroft, Former National Security Advisor/Paul Wolfowitz, Former Undersecretary of Defense//Uta Hagen, Actress, Mrs. Klein//Joshua Redman, Jazz Saxophonist, cd: “Spirit of the Moment”
4588.       AIR DATE: 11/27/95 PROGRAM: CLINTON BOSNIA ADDRESS/KENNEDY & ALDERMAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Holbrooke, Assistant Secretary of State//Sen. Bob Kerrey, (D) Nebraska//Jeff Greenfield, ABC News/Jim Hoge, Editor, Foreign Affairs//Caroline Kennedy, Attorney/Author, “The Right to Privacy” [Knopf]/Ellen Alderman, Attorney/Author, “The Right to Privacy” [Knopf]
4589.       AIR DATE: 11/24/95 PROGRAM: KURALT/HARRIS/CHEETAHS/ECO GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Charles Kuralt, Author, “Charles Kuralt’s America” [Putnam]// Robert Harris, Author, “Enigma” [Random House]//Laurie Marker-Kraus, Cheetah Conservation Fund/Dan Kraus, Cheetah Conservation Fund//Umberto Eco, Author, “The Island of the Day Before” [Harcourt Brace & Co.]
4590.       AIR DATE: 11/23/95 PROGRAM: MASSIE/RAITT/NIMOY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Robert Massie, Author/Historian, “The Romanovs: The Final Chapter” [Random House]//Bonnie Raitt, Musician, cd: “Road Tested”//Leonard Nimoy, Actor/Director, book: “I Am Spock” [Hyperion]
4591.       AIR DATE: 11/22/95 PROGRAM: SACIRBEY/FITZWATER/HECHINGER & HAMILL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Muhamed Sacirbey, Foreign Minister, Bosnia-Herzegovina // Marlin Fitzwater, Former White House Press Secretary, book: “Call the Briefing!” [Times Books]// Pete Hamill, New York Magazine/Journalist/Author, “Tools as Art: The Hechinger Collection” [Harry N. Abrams, Inc.]/John Hechinger, Art Collector/Chairman, Hechinger Company
4592.       AIR DATE: 11/21/95 PROGRAM: KISSINGER/GLENNY/FARROW GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dr. Henry Kissinger, Former Secretary of State//Misha Glenny, Journalist/Author//Mia Farrow, Actress, Reckless
4593.       AIR DATE: 11/20/95 PROGRAM: DOW 5000/CRAMER/GREENE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Byron Wein, Morgan Stanley & Co./James Cramer, Cramer & Co./New York Magazine//Richard Ben Cramer, Author, “Bob Dole” [Vintage Paperbacks]// Bob Greene, Chicago Tribune/Author, “Rebound: The Odyssey of Michael Jordan” [Viking]
4594.       AIR DATE: 11/17/95 PROGRAM: CASINO: SCORSESE/DE FINA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Martin Scorsese, Director//Barbara De Fina, Film Producer
4595.       AIR DATE: 11/16/95 PROGRAM: RUKEYSER/EYRE/KOZOL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Louis Rukeyser, Host, “Wall $treet Week”//Richard Eyre, Director, Royal National Theatre, play: “Racing Demon”//Jonathan Kozol, Boston University/Author, “Amazing Grace: The Lives of Children and the Conscience of a Nation” [Crown]
4596.       AIR DATE: 11/15/95 PROGRAM: THOMAS/NYPD BLUE/HAMBURG GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Evan Thomas, Washington, D.C. Bureau Chief, Newsweek/Author, “The Very Best Men: Four Who Dared: The Early Years of the CIA” [Simon & Schuster]//David Milch, Co-Creator & Executive Producer, “NYPD Blue”/Bill Clark, Former NYPD Homicide Detective, (Co-Authors: “True Blue” [William Morrow])//Dr. David Hamburg, President, Carnegie Corporation of New York, report: “Great Transitions: Preparing Adolescents for a New Century”
4597.       AIR DATE: 11/14/95 PROGRAM: BUDGET BATTLE/LEAR/PATINKIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Fred Barnes, The Weekly Standard/Matt Miller, The New Republic// Norman Lear, Producer/Founder, People for the American Way//Mandy Patinkin, Musician/ Actor (Chicago Hope)
4598.       AIR DATE: 11/13/95 PROGRAM: 60 MINUTES & THE TOBACCO INDUSTRY/BROWN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mike Wallace, CBS News/Morley Safer, CBS News/Victor Kovner, First Amendment Lawyer/Ben Bradlee, Former Executive Editor, The Washington Post//James Brown, Fox Sports
4599.       AIR DATE: 11/10/95 PROGRAM: RABINOVICH/HARRIS/MALFITANO GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Itamar Rabinovich, Israeli Ambassador to the U.S.//Emmylou Harris, Musician, album: “Wrecking Ball” [Elektra]//Catherine Malfitano, Soprano, opera: “Madama Butterfly”
4600.       AIR DATE: 11/9/95 PROGRAM: WIESEL/TAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Elie Wiesel, 1986 Nobel Laureate for Peace/Author, “All Rivers Run to the Sea” [Knopf]//Amy Tan, Author, “The Hundred Secret Senses” [Putnam & Sons]
4601.       AIR DATE: 11/8/95 PROGRAM: POWELL ANNOUNCEMENT/MILLER/BARENBOIM GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ed Rollins, Republican Political Strategist/Stuart Stevens, Republican Political Strategist/Advisor to Bob Dole//Howard Fineman, Newsweek/Ralph Reed, Executive Director, Christian Coalition//Reggie Miller, Indiana Pacers, book: “I Love Being the Enemy” [Simon & Schuster]//Daniel Barenboim, Chicago Symphony Orchestra/Conductor/Pianist
4602.       AIR DATE: 11/7/95 PROGRAM: RABIN REMEMBRANCE/PENN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mort Zuckerman, Editor-in-Chief, U.S. News & World Report/Elie Wiesel, 1986 Nobel Laureate for Peace/Author//Sean Penn, Actor/Filmmaker, The Crossing Guard
4603.       AIR DATE: 11/6/95 PROGRAM: YITZHAK RABIN OBITUARY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Henry Kissinger, Former Secretary of State//Thomas Friedman, The New York Times//Zbigniew Brzezinski, Former National Security Advisor/Center for Strategic & International Studies//Abba Eban, Former Israeli Foreign Minister
4604.       AIR DATE: 11/3/95 PROGRAM: BRINKLEY/WATTENBERG GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Brinkley, ABC News/Host, “This Week with David Brinkley” book: “David Brinkley” [Knopf]//Ben Wattenberg, American Enterprise Institute/Journalist/ Author, “Values Matter Most” [The Free Press]
4605.       AIR DATE: 11/2/95 PROGRAM: PILEGGI/WOOLLEY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Nicholas Pileggi, Author/Screenwriter, “Casino” [Simon & Schuster]//Robert Woolley, Artist/Auctioneer/Sotheby’s New York, book: “Going Once” [Simon & Schuster]
4606.       AIR DATE: 11/1/95 PROGRAM: BOUTROS-GHALI/AVEDON/DONALD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Boutros Boutros-Ghali,United Nations Secretary-General//Richard Avedon, Photographer/The New Yorker//David Herbert Donald, Harvard University/Author, “Lincoln” [Simon & Schuster]
4607.       AIR DATE: 10/31/95 PROGRAM: CUOMO & KINSLEY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mario Cuomo, Former Governor, New York, book: “Reason to Believe” [Simon & Schuster]/Michael Kinsley, CNN/The New Republic, book: “Big Babies” [William Morrow & Sons]
4608.       AIR DATE: 10/30/95 PROGRAM: KRISTOL/MAILER/KRULWICH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: William Kristol, Editor, The Weekly Standard//Norman Mailer, Author: “Picasso: Portrait of Picasso as a Young Man” [The Atlantic Monthly Press]//Robert Krulwich, Correspondent, “Frontline”/ABC News (Special: High Stakes in Cyberspace)
4609.       10/27/95 PROGRAM: HAVEL/NETANYAHU/BYRNE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Vaclev Havel, President, Czech Republic (Interpreted by Alexandra Brabcova)//Benjamin Netanyahu, Likud Party Leader, book: “Fighting Terrorism” [Farrar-Straus]//Gabriel Byrne, Actor, Usual Suspects and Frankie Starlight, book: “Pictures in My Head” [Roberts Rinehart]
4610.       AIR DATE: 10/26/95 PROGRAM: ROBERTSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Pat Robertson, Christian Broadcasting Network/Founder & Chairman, Christian Coalition, book: “The End of the Age” [Word Publishing]
4611.       AIR DATE: 10/25/95 PROGRAM: U.N.’s 50th ANNIVERSARY/MacNEIL/GRIFFITH JOYNER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sir Brian Urquhart, Former U.N. Under-Secretary-General/Rep. Lee Hamilton, (D) Indiana/House Foreign Affairs Committee//Robert MacNeil, Author, “The Voyage” [Doubleday]//Florence Griffith Joyner, Five-Time Olympic Medalist/Co-Chair, President’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports
4612.       AIR DATE: 10/24/95 PROGRAM: BHUTTO/UPDIKE/HOOKS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Benazir Bhutto, Prime Minister, Pakistan//John Updike, Author, “Rabbit Angstrom: The Four Novels” [Knopf/Everyman’s Library]//bell hooks, City University of New York/Author, “Killing Rage: Ending Racism” [Henry Holt Publishers]
4613.       AIR DATE: 10/23/95 PROGRAM: BUTTERFIELD/TAYLOR/MADRICK GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Fox Butterfield, The New York Times, book: “All God’s Children” [Knopf]//Susan Taylor, Editor-in-Chief, Essence Magazine, books: “Essence: 25 Years Celebrating Black Women” [Abrams], “Lessons in Living” [Anchor books]// Jeffrey Madrick, Author, “The End of Affluence” [Random House]
4614.       10/20/95 PROGRAM: MacNEIL/JACKSON/FREIDKIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Robert MacNeil, The MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour//Phil Jackson, Chicago Bulls Head Coach, book: “Sacred Hoops” [Hyperion]//William Freidkin, Director, Jade
4615.       AIR DATE: 10/19/95 PROGRAM: RUBIN/GET SHORTY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Robert Rubin, U.S. Treasury Secretary//Elmore Leonard, Author, “Get Shorty”/Barry Sonnenfeld, Director, Get Shorty
4616.       AIR DATE: 10/18/95 PROGRAM: EDELMAN/MASS GRAVES IN BOSNIA/STAR GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Marian Wright Edelman, President, Children’s Defense Fund, book: “Guide My Feet” [Beacon Press]//Dr. Michael Baden, Forensic Pathologist/Stephen Sakel, Project Director, Americares//Darren Star, TV Producer/Writer, Central Park West
4617.       AIR DATE: 10/17/95 PROGRAM: MILLION MAN MARCH/ZUCKERMAN/DERN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Anna Deveare Smith, Actress/Playwright/Erroll McDonald, Vice President & Executive Editor, Pantheon Books/Stanley Crouch, Writer//Mort Zuckerman, Editor-in-Chief, U.S. News & World Report//Laura Dern, Actress, Down Came a Blackbird
4618.       AIR DATE: 10/16/95 PROGRAM: MILLION MAN MARCH/WU GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: William Bennett, Former Secretary of Education/Co-Director, Empower America, books: “The Children’s Book of Virtues”, “The Book of Virtues”, “The Moral Compass” [Simon & Schuster]/Hugh Price, President, The National Urban League/Rep. Kweisi Mfume, (D) Maryland/Congressional Black Caucus//Harry Wu, Human Rights Advocate/ Former Political Prisoner, book: “Bitter Winds” [Wiley & Sons]
4619.       10/13/95 PROGRAM: VIDAL/SALINGER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gore Vidal, Author, “Palimpsest: A Memoir” [Random House]// Pierre Salinger, Former White House Press Secretary/Vice-Chairman, Burson-Marstellar, book: “P.S.: A Memoir” [St. Martin’s Press]
4620.       AIR DATE: 10/12/95 PROGRAM: LACK/HUGHES BROS./SERENY Part 2 GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Andrew Lack, President, NBC News//Albert Hughes, Filmmaker, Dead Presidents/ Allen Hughes, Filmmaker, Dead Presidents//Gitta Sereny, Journalist/ Author, “Albert Speer: His Battle with Truth” [Knopf]
4621.       AIR DATE: 10/11/95 PROGRAM: DOBRYNIN/MULRONEY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Anatoly Dobrynin, Former Soviet Ambassador to the U.S., book: “In Confidence: Moscow’s Ambassador to America’s Six Cold War Presidents (1962-1986)” [Times Books]//Brian Mulroney, Former Prime Minister of Canada
4622.       AIR DATE: 10/10/95 PROGRAM: SIMPSON VERDICT ANALYSIS/ISHIGURO/WASSERSTEIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gerald Lefcourt, Criminal Defense Attorney/Fred Graham, Court TV//Kazuo Ishiguro, Author, “The Unconsoled” [Knopf]//Wendy Wasserstein, Playwright, The Heidi Chronicles
4623.       AIR DATE: 10/9/95 PROGRAM: SIMPSON VERDICT IMPACT/VAN SANT/GRAVES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gloria Steinem, Co-Founder, Ms. Magazine/Author, “Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions” [Owl Books]/Patricia Williams, Columbia Law School//Gus Van Sant, Director, To Die For//Denyce Graves, Mezzo-Soprano, Carmen
4624.       10/6/95 PROGRAM: SCHECK & NEUFELD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Barry Scheck, O.J. Simpson Attorney/Peter Neufeld, O.J. Simpson Attorney
4625.       AIR DATE: 10/5/95 PROGRAM: PAPAL VISIT/KOCH/EVERS-WILLIAMS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Ostling, Time Magazine/Rev. Joesph O’Hare, President, Fordham University/Janet Ruffing, Ph.D., Sister of Mercy/Fordham University/Andrew Sullivan, The New Republic//Edward I. Koch, Former Mayor, New York City, book: “Murder at City Hall” [Kensington]//Myrlie Evers-Williams, Chairman, NAACP
4626.       AIR DATE: 10/4/95 PROGRAM: SIMPSON VERDICT/SERENY Part 1/HERMITAGE COLECTION GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dominick Dunne, Vanity Fair//Gitta Sereny, Journalist/Author: “Albert Speer: His Battle with Truth” [Knopf]//Albert Kostenevich, Curator, The Hermitage Museum/Paul Gottlieb, President and Publisher, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., book: “Hidden Treasures Revealed” [Harry N. Abrams, Inc.]
4627.       AIR DATE: 10/3/95 PROGRAM: SIMPSON TRIAL VERDICT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gerald Lefcourt, Criminal Defense Attorney/Ted Wells, Criminal Defense Attorney//Rev. Jesse Jackson, President, National Rainbow Coalition//Eric Breindel, New York Post/Hon. Leslie Crocker Snyder, New York State Supreme Court/Kimberle Crenshaw, UCLA Law School/Columbia Law School/Richard Cohen, The Washington Post/ Michael Kinsley, CNN/The New Republic
4628.       AIR DATE: 10/2/95 PROGRAM: SOROS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: George Soros, Founder and Chairman, The Open Society Foundation/Investor/Philanthropist book: “Soros on Soros” [John Wiley & Sons]
4629.       9/29/95 PROGRAM: PREVIN/ATTENBOROUGH/D’SOUZA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Andre Previn, Conductor/Composer/Pianist//Sir David Attenborough, Journalist/Naturalist, book/special: “The Private Life of Plants” [Princeton University Press/TBS]//Dinesh D’Souza, American Enterprise Institute/Author, “The End of Racism” [The Free Press]
4630.       AIR DATE: 9/28/95 PROGRAM: MOUSSA/BAKER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Amre Moussa, Foreign Minister, Egypt//James A. Baker, Former Secretary of State, book: “The Politics of Diplomacy” [Putnam]
4631.       AIR DATE: 9/27/95 PROGRAM: SIMPSON TRIAL/MEIER/GREENFIELD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gerald Lefcourt, Criminal Defense Attorney//Richard Meier, Architect//Jeff Greenfield, Abc News/Author, “The People’s Choice” [Putnam]
4632.       AIR DATE: 9/26/95 PROGRAM: RIFKIND/LEVINE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Rt. Hon. Malcolm Rifkind, British Foreign Secretary//James Levine, Artistic Director, The Metropolitan Opera
4633.       AIR DATE: 9/25/95 PROGRAM: BRADLEE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ben Bradlee, Former Executive Editor, The Washington Post, book: “A Good Life: Newspapering and Other Adventures” [Simon & Schuster]
4634.       9/22/95 PROGRAM: CRICHTON/GOMBRICH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Crichton, Author, “The Lost World” (Knopf)//Sir Ernst Gombrich, Art Historian, book: “The Story of Art” (Phaidon)
4635.       AIR DATE: 9/21/95 PROGRAM: COOK/LARROQUETTE/KRISTOL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Charles Cook, Editor, The Cook Political Report//John Larroquette, Actor//Irving Kristol, Editor, The Public Interest/Publisher, The National Interest/book, “Neo-Conservatism: The Autobiography of an Idea” (The Free Press)
4636.       AIR DATE: 9/20/95 PROGRAM: COATS/SAFIRE PART 2/EVANS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. Daniel Coats, (R) Indiana// William Safire, The New York Times (Part 2), book: “Sleeper Spy” (Random House)//Nicholas Evans, Author, “The Horse Whisperer” (Delacorte Press)
4637.       AIR DATE: 9/19/95 PROGRAM: KRISTOL & REED/ROSENTHAL/SAFIRE PART 1 GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: William Kristol, Editor, The Weekly Standard/Ralph Reed, Executive Director, Christian Coalition//A.M. Rosenthal, The New York Times//William Safire, The New York Times (Part 1), book: “Sleeper Spy” (Random House)
4638.       AIR DATE: 9/18/95 PROGRAM: KLEIN/QUINDLEN/FRANKLIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Joe Klein, Newsweek//Anna Quindlen, Author, “One True Thing” (Dell)//Carl Franklin, Director, Devil in a Blue Dress
4639.       9/15/95 PROGRAM: STEWART/SOWELL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Martha Stewart, Lifestyle Authority/Author//Thomas Sowell, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institute/Columnist/Author, “The Vision of the Anointed” (Basic Books)
4640.       AIR DATE: 9/14/95 PROGRAM: KISSINGER/U.S. ECONOMY/RABINOVICH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: GUEST HOST: Mortimer B. Zuckerman, Editor-in-Chief, US News & World Report//Dr. Henry Kissinger, Former Secretary of State//Felix Rohatyn, Managing Director, Lazard Freres & Co./Thomas F. McLarty, Former White House Chief of Staff//Itamar Rabinovich, Israeli Ambassador to the U.S.
4641.       AIR DATE: 9/13/95 PROGRAM: WALINSKY/TERKEL/ALLISON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: GUEST HOST: Mortimer B. Zuckerman, Editor-in-Chief, US News & World Report//Adam Walinsky, Chmn., National Committee for the Police Corps.//Studs Terkel, Author, “Coming of Age: The Story of Our Century By Those Who’ve Lived It” (The New Press)//Dorothy Allison, Author, “Two or Three Things I Know for Sure” (Dutton)
4642.       AIR DATE: 9/12/95 PROGRAM: LEE/NEWFIELD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Spike Lee, Filmmaker, Clockers//Jack Newfield, New York Post, book: “Only in America: The Life and Crimes of Don King” (William Morrow Publishers)
4643.       AIR DATE: 9/11/95 PROGRAM: SULLIVAN/MARSHALL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Andrew Sullivan, Editor, The New Republic/Author, “Virtually Normal: An Argument About Homosexuality”(Knopf)//Garry Marshall, Director, book: “Wake Me When It’s Funny” (Adams Publishers)
4644.       9/8/95 PROGRAM: ALEXANDER/LOWENSTEIN/PUENTE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Lamar Alexander, Republican Presidential Candidate//Roger Lowenstein, The Wall Street Journal/Author, “Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist” (Random House)//Tito Puente, Musician
4645.       AIR DATE: 9/7/95 PROGRAM: McGUINNESS/WINTOUR/FOLLETT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Martin McGuinness, Chief Negotiator, Sinn Fein//Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief, Vogue//Ken Follett, Author, “A Place Called Freedom” (Crown)
4646.       AIR DATE: 9/6/95 PROGRAM: HABERMAN/KORDA/JONES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Clyde Haberman, The New York Times//Michael Korda, Editor-in-Chief, Simon & Schuster//Bill T. Jones, Choreographer (Book: “Last Night on Earth,” Pantheon)
4647.       AIR DATE: 9/5/95 PROGRAM: BOSNIA/WILLIAM KUNSTLER OBIT./US OPEN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. Joesph Lieberman, (D) Connecticut//Gerald Lefcourt, Criminal Defense Attorney/Alan Dershowitz, Harvard University/(William Kunstler, July 7, 1919-Sept. 4, 1995)//Bud Collins, NBC Sports/The Boston Globe
4648.       AIR DATE: 7/14/95 REPEATED DATE: 9/1/95 PROGRAM: SAMPRAS/SHEEHY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Pete Sampras, 1995 Wimbledon Singles Champion/6 Grand Slam Titles//Gail Sheehy, Author “New Passages: Mapping Your Life Across Time” (Random House)
4649.       AIR DATE: 6/27/95 REPEATED DATE: 9/1/95 PROGRAM: CONROY/BUFORD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Pat Conroy, Author, “Beach Music”//Bill Buford, Literary Editor, The New Yorker
4650.       8/4/95 REPEATED DATE: 8/31/95 PROGRAM: MURPHY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tom Murphy, Chairman & CEO, Capital Cities/ABC Inc.
4651.       7/6/95 REPEATED DATE: 8/30/95 PROGRAM: GINGRICH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Rep. Newt Gingrich, The Speaker of the House/(R)-Georgia/ Author: “To Renew America”
4652.       AIR DATE: 05/26/95 REPEATED DATE: 8/29/95 PROGRAM: MAILER AT THE 92nd ST. Y GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Norman Mailer, Novelist
4653.       AIR DATE: 4/17/95 REPEATED DATE: 8/28/95 PROGRAM: McNAMARA/VIETNAM ROUNDTABLE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Robert McNamara, Former Secretary of Defense/ David Halberstam, Author/ Col. David Hackworth, Newsweek./ Stanley Karnow, Author
4654.       12/30/94 REPEATED DATE: 8/25/95 PROGRAM: BRANAGH/THOMPSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Kenneth Branagh, Actor/Writer/Director/ Emma Thompson, Actress
4655.       6/23/95 REPEATED DATE: 8/24/95 PROGRAM: DENEUVE/BALLET GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Catherine Deneuve, Actress/ Frederick Wiseman, Documentary Filmmaker/ Susan Jaffe, Principal Dancer, American Ballet Theatre/ Kathleen Moore, Principal Dancer, American Ballet Theatre
4656.       12/21/94 REPEATED DATE: 8/23/95 PROGRAM: HOPPER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dennis Hopper, Actor/Director
4657.       2/22/95 REPEATED DATE: 8/22/95 PROGRAM: TRAVOLTA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John Travolta, Actor “Pulp Fiction”
4658.       AIR DATE: 10/14/94 REPEATED DATE: 8/21/95 PROGRAM: TARANTINO GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Quentin Tarantino, Director/Screenwriter “Pulp Fiction”
4659.       AIR DATE: 08/18/95 PROGRAM: STEPHANOPOULOS / COOK / VIOLA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: George Stephanopoulos, Senior Adviser to the president//Charles Cook, Editor, The Cook Political Report//Bill Viola, Video Artist
4660.       AIR DATE: 08/17/95 PROGRAM: BRADLEY / MUMIA ABU-JAMAL PANEL / SHERR GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. Bill Bradley, (D) New Jersey//Joe McGill, Former Philadelphia Prosecutor/Leonard Weinglass, Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Appeals Lawyer//Lynn Sherr, ABC News/ Author, “Susan B. Anthony Slept Here: A Guide to Women’s Landmarks” (Times Books)
4661.       AIR DATE: 08/16/95 PROGRAM: COSTAS (MANTLE OBIT.) / O’DONNELL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bob Costas, NBC News//Lawrence O’Donnell, Staff Director, Senate Finance Committee
4662.       AIR DATE: 08/15/95 PROGRAM: EISNER & OVITZ DEAL / WINDOWS ‘95 / WAS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Peter Bart, Editorial Director, Variety/Johnnie L. Roberts, Newsweek//Esther Dyson, Editor, Release 1.0/Bill Machrone, V.P., Ziff-Davis Publishing/Steve Lohr, The New York Times//Don Was, Record producer/Filmmaker, Brian Wilson: I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times
4663.       AIR DATE: 08/14/95 PROGRAM: D ‘AMATO / MICKEY MANTLE OBIT. GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. Alfonse D’Amato, (R) New York/Chariman, Senate Whitewater Committee/book: “Power, Pasta & Politics” (Hyperion)//Ira Berkow, The New York Times/Phil Linz, Former New York Yankee/Dick Schaap, ABC News/ESPN
4664.       8/11/95 PROGRAM: OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING/DUNBAR/FUKUYAMA/TUCKER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Stephen Jones, Timothy McVeigh’s Attorney//Dr. Bonnie Dunbar, Atlantis Astronaut//Francis Fukuyama, Rand Corporation/Author “Trust: The Social Virtues & The Creation of Prosperity” (The Free Press)//Paul Hayes Tucker, Art Historian/University of Massachussetts, Boston
4665.       AIR DATE: 8/10/95 PROGRAM: TOBACCO/PRICE/BURNS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Joesph Califano, Former Secretary of Heath, Education and Welfare/Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, Columbia Univ./Philip Hilts, The New York Times//Hugh Price, President, National Urban League//Edward Burns, Director/Filmmaker, The Brothers McMullen
4666.       AIR DATE: 8/9/95 PROGRAM: WHITEWATER/STEWART & RUDNICK/JERRY GARCIA OBIT. GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Chertoff, Majority Counsel, Senate Whitewater Committee/ Richard Ben-Veniste, Minority Counsel, Senate Whitewater Committee// Patrick Stewart, Actor (Jeffrey)/Paul Rudnick, Playwright/Screenwriter (Jeffrey)//Anthony DeCurtis, VH-1 News/Jon Pareles, The New York Times
4667.       AIR DATE: 8/8/95 PROGRAM: MOYNIHAN/MIZRAHI/HIAASEN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. Daniel P. Moynihan, (D) New York//Isaac Mizrahi, Designer// Carl Hiaasen, The Miami Herald/Author, “Stormy Weather” (Knopf), “Strip Tease”
4668.       AIR DATE: 8/7/95 PROGRAM: CONNORS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jimmy Connors, 8 Grand Slam Titles/5-Time U.S. Open Champion
4669.       8/4/95 PROGRAM: MURPHY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tom Murphy, Chairman & CEO, Capital Cities/ABC Inc.
4670.       AIR DATE: 8/3/95 PROGRAM: Hiroshima GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gar Alperovitz, Author/Historian, book: “The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb” (Knopf)/Walter Pincus, The Washington Post//Richard Rhodes, Author “Dark Sun: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb” (Simon & Schuster)
4671.       AIR DATE: 8/2/95 PROGRAM: WACO/SONTAG/HADEN & JONES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Rep. Bill McCollum, (R) Florida/Co-Chair, House Waco Hearings/ Rep. Charles Schumer, (D) New York//Susan Sontag, Author/Human Rights Activist//Hank Jones, Jazz Pianist/Charlie Haden, Jazz Bassist
4672.       AIR DATE: 8/1/95 PROGRAM: TELECOMMUNICATIONS BILL/CBS-WESTINGHOUSE/KOPLOVITZ GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Rep. Ed Markey, (D) Massachussets/House Telecommunications & Finance Subcommittee//Tom Wolzien, Sanford C. Bernstein & Co./Dennis McAlpine, Josephthal Lyon & Ross/John Reidy, Smith Barney/Kay Koplovitz, Pres., Chmn. & CEO, USA Networks
4673.       AIR DATE: 7/31/95 PROGRAM: Disney-Capital Cities/Reed GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Steve Bollenbach, CFO, The Walt Disney Company (Cheif Financial Officer)//J. Max Robins, Variety/Stratford Sherman, Fortune//Ralph Reed, Executive Director, Christian Coalition
4674.       7/28/95 PROGRAM: RIVLIN/COLLEGE PRESIDENTS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Alice Rivlin, Director, Office of Management and Budget// Ruth Simmons, Pres., Smith College/Judith Shapiro, Pres., Barnard College/Claire Gaudiani, Pres., Connecticut College
4675.       AIR DATE: 7/27/95 PROGRAM: MOSELEY-BRAUN/WALSH/ESTABROOK GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun, (D) Illinois//Elsa Walsh, The Washington Post/Author: “Divided Lives” (Simon & Schuster)//Dr. Alison Estabrook, Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital
4676.       AIR DATE: 7/26/95 PROGRAM: STEWART/GREENHOUSE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Martha Stewart, Author/Lifestyle Authority//Linda Greenhouse, The New York Times
4677.       AIR DATE: 7/25/95 PROGRAM: BOXER/RICE/FUTTER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. Barbara Boxer, (D) California//Anne Rice, Author: “Memnoch the Devil” (Knopf)//Ellen V. Futter, Pres., The American Museum of Natural History
4678.       AIR DATE: 7/24/95 PROGRAM: ROBERTS/vanden HEUVEL/GARBER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Cokie Roberts, ABC News/National Public Radio//Katrina vanden Heuvel, Editor, The Nation// Marjorie Garber, Harvard University/Author: “Vice Versa: Bisexuality and the Eroticism of Everyday Life” (Simon & Schuster)
4679.       7/21/95 PROGRAM: SIMPSON TRIAL/CARCATERRA/BELKIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gerald Lefcourt, Criminal Defense Attorney/Rikki Klieman, Court TV//Lorenzo Carcaterra, Author “Sleepers” (Ballantine)//Lisa Belkin, The New York Times Magazine
4680.       AIR DATE: 7/20/95 PROGRAM: BOSNIA/HIROSHIMA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. Joesph Lieberman, (D) Connecticut/Sen. John Kerry, (D) Massachussetts//Evan Thomas, Newsweek/Greg Mitchell, Author, “Hiroshima in America: Fifty Years of Denial (Putnam)
4681.       AIR DATE: 7/19/95 PROGRAM: AFFIRMATIVE ACTION/RICHARDSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: George Stephanopoulos, Senior Adviser to the President//Sen. Bill Bradley, (D) New Jersey/Bob Woodson, President, National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise//Rep. Bill Richardson, (D) New Mexico
4682.       AIR DATE: 7/18/95 PROGRAM: WACO/FISHER/DiCILLO/SHEAR GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dick Reavis, Author, “The Ashes of Waco: An Investigation” (Simon & Schuster)/Rep. Bill McCollum, Co-Chair, Joint Hearings on Waco/(R) Florida//Mary Fisher, Person Living With H.I.V./Family AIDS Network, Inc., Book: “I’ll Not Go Quietly” (Scribner’s)//Tom DiCillo, Director, Living in Oblivion (Sony Pictures Classics)//Claudia Shear, Writer/Actress, Blown Sideways Through Life (American Playhouse)
4683.       AIR DATE: 7/17/95 PROGRAM: WHITEWATER/WILLIAMS/COSE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: James Carney, Time Magazine/Michael Isikoff, Newsweek//Dick Williams, Author/Journalist, Book: “Newt!:Leader of the Second Revolution” (Longstreet Press)//Ellis Cose, Newsweek/Author, “A Man’s World: How Real is Male Privilege--And How High Its Price?”
4684.       7/14/95 PROGRAM: SAMPRAS/SHEEHY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Pete Sampras, 1995 Wimbledon Singles Champion/6 Grand Slam Titles//Gail Sheehy, Author “New Passages: Mapping Your Life Across Time” (Random House)
4685.       AIR DATE: 7/13/95 PROGRAM: EAGLEBURGER/STEEGER & HANSON/MINOW GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Lawrence S. Eagleburger, Former Secretary of State//Will Steger, Polar Explorer/Julie Hanson, Polar Explorer/Rex, The Lead Dog//Newton Minow, Former FCC Chairman/Former Chairman, PBS/Northwestern University/Book: “Abandoned in the Wasteland: Children, Television, and the First Amendment”
4686.       AIR DATE: 7/12/95 PROGRAM: Moynihan & Crowell/hannay GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, (D) New York/William Crowell, Deputy Director, National Security Agency//Sir David Hannay, UN Ambassador, The United Kingdom
4687.       AIR DATE: 7/11/95 PROGRAM: Vietnam GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen . John McCain, (R)Arizona/Former Prisoner of War//Winston Lord, Asst. Sec. of State, East Asian & Pacific Affairs//Robert Timberg, Baltimore Sun/Author: “The Nightingale’s Song”
4688.       AIR DATE: 7/10/95 PROGRAM: LILLEY/FIEDLER/LOVELL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: James Lilley, Fmr. U.S. Ambassador to China//Jeffrey Fiedler, Loagai Research Institute//Jim Lovell, Former Astronaut/Apollo 13 Commander/Book: “Lost Moon: The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13” (Simon & Schuster)
4689.       7/7/95 PROGRAM: ANGELL/SIMPSON TRIAL/WIMBLEDON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Wayne Angell, Chief Economist, Bear, Stearns & Co.//Gerald Lefcourt, Criminal Defense Attorney/Jeffrey Toobin, The New Yorker/Kristin Jeannette-Meyers, Court TV//Bud Collins, NBC Sports
4690.       7/6/95 PROGRAM: GINGRICH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Rep. Newt Gingrich, The Speaker of the House/(R)-Georgia/ Author: “To Renew America”
4691.       7/5/95 PROGRAM: REICH/SCHUMACHER/MINARD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Robert Reich, US Secretary of Labor//Joel Schumacher, Director, Batman Forever//Lawrence Minard, Managing Editor, Forbes Magazine
4692.       AIR DATE: 7/4/95 PROGRAM: BOULUD/JANKOWSKI/PAGELS/HARRISON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Daniel Boulud, Chef/Restaurateur (“Daniel”)//Gene Jankowski, Fmr. Pres. & Chairman, CBS/Jankowski Communication System/Author: “Television Today And Tomorrow: It Won’t Be What You Think”//Elaine Pagels, Princeton University/Author: “The Origin of Satan”//Patricia Harrison, Pres., AEF/Harrison International/Author: “A Seat at the Table: An Insider’s Guide for America’s New Women Leaders”
4693.       AIR DATE: 7/3/95 PROGRAM: FORBES/EUROPE TODAY/JENCKS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Malcolm S. Forbes, Jr., Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Magazine/Pres. & CEO, Forbes, Inc.//Tina Rosenberg, World Policy Institute/Author: “The Haunted Land: Facing Europe’s Ghosts After Communism”/Marc Fisher, The Washington Post/Author: “After the Wall: Germany, the Germans and the Burdens of History”//Charles Jencks, Architect/Author: “The Architecture of the Jumping Universe”
4694.       6/30/95 PROGRAM: HOAGLAND/STYRON/MASSON & McCARTHY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jim Hoagland, The Washington Post//Rose Styron, Human Rights Activist/Poet, “By the Vineyard Light”//Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, Author, “When Elephants Weep”/Susan McCarthy, Author, “When Elephants Weep”, (Clip from Nature of Sex used)
4695.       AIR DATE: 6/29/95 PROGRAM: WILSON/FORD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Robert Wilson, Artist/Director, Hamlet: A Monologoue//Richard Ford, Author, “Independence Day”
4696.       AIR DATE: 6/28/95 PROGRAM: HOWARD/DIYA & KLEIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ron Howard, Director, Apollo 13//Angelie Diya, Person Living with AIDS, CBS News Special: “Angelie’s Secret: Before Your Eyes”/Jonathan Klein, CBS News
4697.       AIR DATE: 6/27/95 PROGRAM: CONROY/BUFORD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Pat Conroy, Author, “Beach Music”//Bill Buford, Literary Editor, The New Yorker
4698.       AIR DATE: 6/26/95 PROGRAM: HACKWORTH/JACKSON/STONEY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Col. David Hackworth (Ret.), Newsweek (on Timothy McVeigh)// Rev. Jesse Jackson, Pres., National Rainbow Coalition//George Stoney, Documentary Filmmaker, The Uprising of ‘34 (P.O.V.)
4699.       6/23/95 PROGRAM: DENEUVE/BALLET GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Catherine Deneuve, Actress/ Frederick Wiseman, Documentary Filmmaker/ Susan Jaffe, Principal Dancer, American Ballet Theatre/ Kathleen Moore, Principal Dancer, American Ballet Theatre
4700.       6/22/95 PROGRAM: O.J. SIMPSON TRIAL/MOYERS/HOCKENBERRY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jay Goldberg, Criminal Defense Attorney/ Gerald Lefcourt, Criminal Defense Attorney/ Dick Thornburgh, Former U.S. Attorney/ Bill Moyers/ John Hockenberry, ABC News/Author “Moving Violations”
4701.       6/21/95 PROGRAM: CUOMO/OLAJUWON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mario Cuomo, Former Governor of New York/ Hakeem Olajuwon, Houston Rockets
4702.       AIR DATE: 6/20/95 PROGRAM: KINGSLEY/HUNGER/LaGRAVENESE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Kingsley, CNN/The New Republic/ Frank Hunger, Assistant U.S. Attorney General/ Richard LaGravanese, Screenwriter “The Bridges of Madison County”
4703.       AIR DATE: 6/19/95 PROGRAM: BOXING/”BATMAN FOREVER”/REMNICK GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Rock Newman, Boxing Promoter/ David Denby, New York Magazine/ Janet Maslin, The New York Times/ Stephen Schiff, The New Yorker/National Public Radio/ David Remnick, The New Yorker
4704.       6/16/95 PROGRAM: LIMAN/NORMAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Arthur Liman, Attorney/ Jessye Norman, Opera Singer
4705.       6/15/95 PROGRAM: CALI CARTEL/RUEHL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Albert Krieger, Criminal Defense Attorney/ Charles Rose, Former Asst. U.S. Attorney/ David Chesnoff, Criminal Defense Attorney/ Joseph diGenova, Former U.S. Attorney, District of Columbia/ Mercedes Ruehl, Actress “The Rose Tattoo”
4706.       6/14/95 PROGRAM: kerrey/ payne/procter GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. Bob Kerrey, (D) Nebraska/ Roger Payne, Pres., Whale Conservation Institute/Cetacean Biologist/Author “Among Whales”/ Jane Procter, Editor, Tatler Magazine
4707.       AIR DATE: 6/13/95 PROGRAM: SILAJDZIC/NORTH KOREA/DALY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Haris Silajdzic, Prime Minister, Bosnia/ Karen Elliott House, Dow Jones/ Chuck Daly, Former Head Coach, New Jersey Nets
4708.       AIR DATE: 6/12/95 PROGRAM: GINGRICH PANEL/MARGOLICK/FEINSTEIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jeff Greenfield, ABC News/ John Fund, The Wall Street Journal/ Tony Coelho, Democratic Advisor/ Howard Fineman, Newsweek/ David Margolick, The New York Times/ John Feinstein, Sportswriter/Author “A Good Walk Spoiled”
4709.       6/9/95 PROGRAM: EBOLA/SUMMER MOVIES/EISENHOWER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Laurie Garrett, New York Newsday/ Janet Maslin, The New York Times/ David Denby, New York Magazine/ Peter Travers, Rolling Stone/ Susan Eisenhower, Chairman, Center for Post-Soviet Studies/Author, “Breaking Free: A Memoir of Love and Revolution”
4710.       6/8/95 PROGRAM: CULTURE WARS/LADER/WORBY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Robert Hughes, Time Magazine/ William Bennett, Fmr. Secretary of Education/Co-Director, Empower America/ Phil Lader, U.S. Small Business Administration/ Rachel Worby, Conductor
4711.       6/7/95 PROGRAM: WEICKER/WERTHEIMER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Lowell Weicker, Former Governor of Connecticut (I)/Author “Maverick: A Life in Politics”/ Linda Wertheimer, National Public Radio/Author “Listening to America”
4712.       AIR DATE: 6/6/95 PROGRAM: OVITZ & MCA/BOSNIA/ANGIER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ed Klein, Vanity Fair/ Zlatko Dizdarevic, Bosnian Journalist/ Natalie Angier, The New York Times/Author “The Beauty of the Beastly”
4713.       AIR DATE: 6/5/95 PROGRAM: BOSNIA/TIANANMEN SQUARE ANNIVERSARY/TRILLIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gen. Michael Dugan (Rt.), U.S. Air Force/Pres. & CEO, National Multiple Sclerosis Society/ Li Lu, Tiananmen Square Organizer/ Calvin Trillin, New York Magazine/Author “Too Soon to Tell”
4714.       6/2/95 PROGRAM: BUCHANAN/BRESLIN & CARROLL/MARSHALL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Pat Buchanan, Republican Presidential Candidate/ Jimmy Breslin, Esquire Magazine/New York Newsday/ E. Jean Carroll, Esquire Magazine/ “America’s Talking/ Anthony Marshall, Wildlife Conservation Society/ Author “Zoo”/ Fmr. U.S. Ambassador to Kenya
4715.       6/1/95 PROGRAM: BOSNIA/WEITZMAN/MAYER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Zbigniew Brzezinski, Center for Strategic and International Studies/ Fmr. National Security Advisor/ Mark Weitzman, Simon Weisenthal Center/ Jane Mayer, The New Yorker
4716.       5/31/95 PROGRAM: GIULIANI/NEVILLE BROS. GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mayor Rudy Giuliani, (R) New York City/ Aaron Neville, Vocalist/ Charles Neville, Musician
4717.       AIR DATE: 5/30/95 PROGRAM: BOSNIA/PERES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Les Gelb, Council on Foreign Relations/ Jeane Kirkpatrick, American Enterprise Institute/Fmr. US Ambassador to the UN/ Shimon Peres, Foreign Minister, Israel
4718.       AIR DATE: 5/29/95 PROGRAM: US MARKET/HOLLYWOOD/BLECKNER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jim Rogers, Investor/ William LeFevre, Ehrenkrantz King Nussbaum/ David Picker, Former Studio Head/ David Brown, Producer/ Ross Bleckner, Artist
4719.       AIR DATE: 05/26/95 PROGRAM: MAILER AT THE 92nd ST. Y GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Norman Mailer, Novelist
4720.       AIR DATE: 05/25/95 PROGRAM: NEW T.V. SEASON / MARKS / PRICE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Betsy Frank, Zenith Media Services/Ken Tucker, Entertainment Weekly//Dr. Paul Marks, President & CEO, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center//Reynolds Price, Author, “The Promise of Rest”
4721.       AIR DATE: 05/24/95 PROGRAM: HIV TESTING ON BABIES / DAWS & P.O.W’S / “LOOSE LIPS” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gretchen Buchenholz, Association to Benefit Children/Theresa McGovern, HIV Law Project/Jim Dwyer, New York Newsday//Gavan Daws, Historian/Author, “”Prisoners of the Japanese: POW’s of WWII in the Pacific”/Otto Schwartz, WWII Prisoner of War/Richard Gordon, WWII Prisoner of War/Survived Bataan Death March//Harry Shearer, Satirist/Martin Charnin, Director, “Loose Lips”/Lisa Birnbach, Co-Writer “Loose Lips”
4722.       5/31/95 PROGRAM: GIULIANI/NEVILLE BROS. GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mayor Rudy Giuliani, (R) New York City/ Aaron Neville, Vocalist/ Charles Neville, Musician
4723.       AIR DATE: 05/22/95 PROGRAM: CONNIE CHUNG JOINS CBS EVENING NEWS / KERREY / LEONARD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ken Auletta, The New Yorker/ Peter Johnson, USA Today/ Jane Hall, Los Angeles Times // Sen. Bob Kerrey, (D) Nebraska//Elmore Leonard, Author, “Riding the Rap”
4724.       5/19/95 PROGRAM: KANTOR/KOLLEK/GILBERT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mickey Kantor, US Trade Representative/ Teddy Kollek, Former Mayor of Jerusalem/ Martin Gilbert, Author “The Day the War Ended”
4725.       5/18/95 PROGRAM: GREEN/SALLE/JONES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mark Green, New York City Public Advocate/Author “The Consumer Bible: 1001 Ways to Shop Smart”/ David Salle, Artist/Filmmaker “Search & Destroy”/ Thomas W. Jones, President & COO, TIAA-CREF
4726.       5/17/95 PROGRAM: HILL/BUTLER/MAAS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Grant Hill, Detroit Piston/NBA Co-Rookie of the Year/ Brett Butler, Actress “Grace Under Fire”/ Peter Maas, Author “Killer Spy”
4727.       AIR DATE: 5/16/95 PROGRAM: BROWN & WALSH/FOREMAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Larry Brown, Head Coach, Indiana Pacers/ Donnie Walsh, President, Indiana Pacers/ George Foreman, World Heavyweight Champion/Author “By George”
4728.       AIR DATE: 5/15/95 PROGRAM: THE FEDERAL BUDGET/TOMEI & NAIR/MEIER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mort Zuckerman, Editor-in-Chief, US News & World Report/ Jeffrey Madrick, Author “The End of Affluence”/ Frank Luntz, Republican Pollster/ Jacob Weisberg, New York Magazine/ Marisa Tomei, Actress “The Perez Family”/ Mira Nair, Director “The Perez Family”/ Deborah Meier, Founder, Central Park East H.S./Author “The Power of Their Ideas: Lessons for America From a Small School in Harlem”
4729.       5/12/95 PROGRAM: OJ SIMPSON TRIAL/BRODERICK/NICHOLAS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gerald Lefcourt, Criminal Defense Attorney/ Jeanine Ferris Pirro, District Attorney for Westchester County/ Dr. Michael Baird, Geneticist/ Matthew Broderick, Actor “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”/ Lynn Nicholas, Author “The Fate of Europa”
4730.       5/11/95 PROGRAM: OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING/EBOLA VIRUS/YOBA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Elaine Shannon, Time Magazine/ James Fox, Former Assistant Director, FBI/ Laurie Garrett, Newsday/ Stephen Morse, Rockefeller University/Virologist/Dr. Margaret Hamburg, New York City Health Commissioner/ Malik Yoba, Actor “New York Undercover”
4731.       5/10/95 PROGRAM: BROKAW/SIMPSON & BRUCKHEIMER/COMMUNISM GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tom Brokaw, NBC News/ Don Simpson, Producer “Crimson Tide”/ Jerry Bruckheimer, Producer “Crimson Tide”/ Harvey Klehr, Emory University/co-author “The Secret World of American Communism”/ John Earl Haynes, Library of Congress/ co-author “The Secret World of American Communism”
4732.       AIR DATE: 5/9/95 PROGRAM: CLINTON IN RUSSIA/MACLAINE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Stephen Cohen, Princeton University/ R. James Woolsey, Former CIA Director/ Stephen Sestanovich, The Carnegie Endowment/ Shirley MacLaine, Actress
4733.       AIR DATE: 5/8/95 PROGRAM: V-E DAY/ASHRAWI GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Doris Kearns Goodwin, Historian/ Samuel Pisar, Holocaust Survivor/ Hanan Ashrawi, Former Palestinian Spokeswoman/Palestinian Independent Commission for Citizens’ Rights/ Author “This Side of Peace”
4734.       5/5/95 PROGRAM: O.J. SIMPSON TRIAL/VAN PEEBLES/BURNS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gerald Lefcourt, Criminal Defense Attorney/ Gerry Goldstein, Criminal Defense Attorney/ Barry Tarlow, Criminal Defense Attorney/ Mario Van Peebles, Actor/Director “Panther”/ Ric Burns, Filmmaker, “The Way West”
4735.       5/4/95 PROGRAM: HOLBROOKE/BOSNIA/ROONEY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Holbrooke, Assistant Secretary of State/ David Rieff, Author, “Slaughterhouse: Bosnia and the Failure of the West”/ Misha Glenny, Journalist/ Susan Woodward, Brooking Institution/Andy Rooney, 60 Minutes/CBS News
4736.       5/3/95 PROGRAM: DEES/GATES/JAMIESON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Morris Dees, Southern Poverty Law Center/ William Gates, Basketball Player “Hoop Dreams”/Marquette University/ Kathleen Hall Jamieson, University of Pennsylvania
4737.       AIR DATE: 5/2/95 PROGRAM: OKLAHOMA/ZAGATS/BYRON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Lind, Harper’s Magazine/ Joe Klein, Newsweek/ Jacob Weisberg, New York Magazine/ Armstrong Williams, Radio Talk Show Host/ Tim & Nina Zagat, Guide Book Authors/ William J. Byron, S.J./ Georgetown University/Author, “Finding Work Without Losing Heart”
4738.       AIR DATE: 5/1/95 PROGRAM: AMIS/ROSENBAUM/RIGER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Martin Amis, Author “The Information”/ Ron Rosenbaum, Journalist/ Robert Riger, Photographer
4739.       4/28/95 PROGRAM: FALL OF SAIGON/HAUPT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Col. Harry Summers, Retired, US Army/ Neil Sheehan, Author/ Malcolm Browne, New York Times/ Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, New York Times Book Reviewer/Author “A Crooked Man”
4740.       4/27/95 PROGRAM: NUCLEAR NON-PROLIFERATION TREATY/ GENE THERAPIES/ WEIDENFELD PART II GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John Holum, Director, Arm Control & Disarmament Agency/ Richard Perle, American Enterprise Institute/ Jeff Lyon, co-author “Altered Fates”/ Peter Grove, co-author, “Altered Fates”/ Dr. Ron Crystal, New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center/ Dr. Nelson Wivel, National Institutes of Health/ Lord George Weidenfeld, Author “Remembering My Good Friend: An Autobiography”
4741.       4/26/95 PROGRAM: SCHAMA/ EARTH DAY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Simon Schama, Historian/Author “Landscape and Memory”/ Gregg Easterbrook, Author “A Moment on Earth”/ David Brower, Environmentalist/Author “Let the Mountains Talk, Let the Rivers Run”/ Jessica Mathews, Council on Foreign Relations
4742.       AIR DATE: 4/25/95 PROGRAM: ROSE/GROVE/WEIDENFELD PART I GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Pete Rose, Former Baseball Player/ Andrew Grove, President & CEO, INTEL Corp./ Lord George Weidenfeld, Author “Remembering My Good Friend: An Autobiography”
4743.       AIR DATE: 4/24/95 PROGRAM: THOMPSON/COSELL OBIT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. Fred Thompson, (R) Tennessee/ Frank Deford, Vanity Fair/ Dick Schaap, ABC News/ Jimmy Roberts, ESPN
4744.       4/21/95 PROGRAM: OKLAHOMA BOMBING/BOYZ II MEN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: James Fox, Former Assistant Director, FBI/ Bob McGuire, Kroll Associates/ Tom Halpern, Anti-Defamation League/ Philip Weiss, Journalist/ Wanya Morris, Boyz II Men/ Shawn Stockman, Boyz II Men/ Nathan Morris, Boyz II Men/ Michael McCary, Boyz II Men
4745.       4/20/95 PROGRAM: IMMIGRATION/STERN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Peter Brimelow, Author “Alien Nation”/ Julian Simon, University of Maryland/ Robert A.M. Stern, Architect
4746.       4/19/95 PROGRAM: O.J. SIMPSON TRIAL/PENNY/CHILD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Fred Graham, Court TV/ Gerald Lefcourt, Criminal Defense Attorney/ Timothy Penny, Former Congressman, (D) Minnesota/ Julia Child, Chef/Author
4747.       AIR DATE: 4/18/95 PROGRAM: McNAMARA HIGHLIGHTS/VIETNAM PANEL PART II/MORRIS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Robert McNamara, Former Secretary of Defense/ David Halberstam, Author/ Col. David Hackworth, Newsweek./ Stanley Karnow, Author/ Willie Morris, Author “My Dog Skip”
4748.       AIR DATE: 4/17/95 PROGRAM: McNAMARA/VIETNAM ROUNDTABLE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Robert McNamara, Former Secretary of Defense/ David Halberstam, Author/ Col. David Hackworth, Newsweek./ Stanley Karnow, Author
4749.       4/14/95 PROGRAM: O.J. SIMPSON TRIAL/LUMET/LeBLANC GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gerald Lefcourt, Criminal Defense Attorney/ David Lewis, Criminal Defense Attorney/ Sidney Lumet, Director/ Adrian Nicole LeBlanc, Esquire Magazine
4750.       4/13/95 PROGRAM: SERBIA/WYNN/ARNOT/YODER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Srdja Popovic, Human Rights Lawyer/ Ivana Nizich, Human Rights Watch/ Jim Hoagland, The Washington Post/ Stephen Wynn, Chairman, Mirage Resorts, Inc./ Dr. Bob Arnot, CBS News/ Author “Dr. Bob Arnot’s Guide to Turning Back the Clock”/ Edwin Yoder, Jr., Author “Joe Alsop’s Cold War”
4751.       4/12/95 PROGRAM: BRADLEY/BRINKLEY/KENNEDY & VADIM GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. Bill Bradley, (D) New Jersey/ Alan Brinkley, Columbia University/ Rory Kennedy, Filmmaker “Fire in Our House”/ Vanessa Vadim, Filmmaker “Fire in Our House”
4752.       AIR DATE: 4/11/95 PROGRAM: WEST & LERNER/FELKER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Cornel West, Harvard University/Co-Author “Blacks & Jews: Let the Healing Begin”/ Michael Lerner, Tikkun Magazine/Co-Author “Blacks & Jews: Let the Healing Begin”/ Clay Felker, Editor
4753.       AIR DATE: 4/10/95 PROGRAM: SPENCE/ELLISON/SZULC GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gerry Spence, Criminal Defense Attorney/ Lawrence Ellison, Chairman, Oracle Corp./ Tad Szulc, Author “Pope John Paul II: The Biography”
4754.       4/7/95 PROGRAM: SCHWARTZ/MODELS/QUAID GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tony Schwartz, Author “What Really Matters: Searching for Wisdom in America”/ Lauren Hutton, Model/Actress/ Michael Gross, Esquire/Author “Model: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women”/ Randy Quaid, Actor “Bye Bye, Love”
4755.       4/6/95 PROGRAM: POWELL SCENARIO/FULGHUM/CUNNINGHAM GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tom Edsall, The Washington Post/ Ed Rollins, Republican Political Strategist/ Michael Kramer, Time Magazine/ Robert Fulghum, Author “From Beginning to End”/ Merce Cunningham, Choreographer
4756.       4/5/95 PROGRAM: REED/CIA/ELLROY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ralph Reed, Executive Director, Christian Coalition/ Douglas Waller, Time Magazine/ Bernie Aronson, Fmr. Asst. Secretary of State/ Evan Thomas, Newsweek/ James Ellroy, Author “American Tabloid”
4757.       AIR DATE: 4/4/95 PROGRAM: 100 DAYS/AARON/BIOGRAPHERS ROUNDTABLE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Norman Ornstein, American Enterprise Institute/ Elizabeth Drew, Author/ Jeff Greenfield, ABC News/ Hank Aaron, Baseball Hall of Famer/ Orlando Bagwell, Filmmaker/ David Grubin, Filmmaker/ Ric Burns, Documentary Filmmaker/ Geoffrey Ward, Biographer
4758.       AIR DATE: 4/3/95 PROGRAM: BASEBALL/LACK/POTTINGER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Steve Greenberg, Fmr. Deputy Baseball Commissioner/ Ira Berkow, The New York Times/ Andrew Lack, President, NBC News/ Stanley Pottinger, Author “The Fourth Procedure”
4759.       3/31/95 PROGRAM: GUATEMALA/ISRAEL/NANTZ GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Elliott Abrams, Former Asst. Secretary of State/ Allan Nairn, The Nation/ Rep. Robert Torricelli, (D) New Jersey/House Intelligence Committee/ Frank Israel, Architect/ Jim Nantz, CBS Sports
4760.       3/30/95 PROGRAM: KISSINGER/MERCHANT & IVORY/DEFORD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dr. Henry Kissinger, Former Secretary of State/ Ismail Merchant, Producer “Jefferson in Paris”/ James Ivory, Director “Jefferson in Paris”/ Frank Deford, Author/ HBO Sports
4761.       3/29/95 PROGRAM: CISNEROS/CITYVOTE/TOOBIN/DUNAWAY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Henry Cisneros, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development/ Larry Agran, Executive Director, CITYVOTE/Former Mayor, Irvine CA/ Osborn Elliott, Chrm., Citizens Committee for NYC/ Jeffrey Toobin, The New Yorker/ Faye Dunaway, Actress “Don Juan DeMarco”
4762.       3/28/95 PROGRAM: NOVAK/KELLY/LOVE! VALOUR! COMPASSION! GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Robert Novak, CNN/Syndicated Columnist/ Michael Kelly, The New Yorker/ Terrence McNally, Playwright “LOVE! VALOUR! COMPASSION!”/ Nathan Lane, Actor “LOVE! VALOUR! COMPASSION!”
4763.       AIR DATE: 3/27/95 PROGRAM: HOAGLAND/STOPPARD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jim Hoagland, The Washington Post/ Tom Stoppard, Playwright “Arcadia”
4764.       3/24/95 PROGRAM: FOLEY/TYSON PANEL/BEDFORD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tom Foley, Former Speaker of the House/ Butch Lewis, Boxing Promoter/ Rock Newman, Riddick Bowe’s Manager/ Jack Newfield, New York Post/ Teddy Atlas, Boxing Trainer/ Brian Bedford, Actor “The Moliere Comedies”
4765.       3/23/95 PROGRAM: GRUNWALD & STONE/TORRICELLI/HARBURY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mandy Grunwald, Democratic Media Consultant/ Roger Stone, Republican Political Consultant/ Rep. Robert Torricelli, (D) New Jersey/House Intelligence Committee/ Jennifer Harbury
4766.       3/22/95 PROGRAM: DREIER/ALGERIA/LUPICA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Rep. David Dreier, (R) California/ Judith Miller, New York Times/ Twentieth Century Fund/ Daniel Pipes, Middle East Quarterly/ John Entelis, Fordham University/ Mike Lupica, Sportswriter/New York Newsday
4767.       AIR DATE: 3/21/95 PROGRAM: BREAUX/VINCENT/THE BRAIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. John Breaux, (D) Louisiana/ Fay Vincent, Former Baseball Commissioner/ Sharon Begley, Newsweek
4768.       AIR DATE: 3/20/95 PROGRAM: AFFIRMATIVE ACTION/MOURNING GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Roger Wilkins, George Mason University/ Patricia Williams, Columbia University/ Abigail Thernstrom, Manhattan Institute/ Joe Klein, Newsweek/ Alonzo Mourning, Charlotte Hornets
4769.       3/17/95 PROGRAM: ADAMS/LEWIS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gerry Adams, President, Sinn Fein/ Jerry Lewis, Actor “Damn Yankees”
4770.       3/16/95 PROGRAM: TALBOTT/COSTAS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Strobe Talbott, Deputy Secretary of State/ Bob Costas, NBC Sports
4771.       3/15/95 PROGRAM: VAN PEEBLES/BARKIN/SAYLES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mario Van Peebles, Actor/Director “Panther”/ Melvin Van Peebles, Filmmaker, “Panther”/ Ellen Barkin, Actress, “Bad Company”/ John Sayles, Director “The Secret of Roan Inish”
4772.       AIR DATE: 3/14/95 PROGRAM: OJ SIMPSON/BRUTON/PLIMPTON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Otto Obermaier, Former U.S. Attorney/ Gerald Lefcourt, Criminal Defense Attorney/ David Lewis, Criminal Defense Attorney/ John Bruton, Prime Minister, Ireland/ George Plimpton, Author, “The X Factor”/Editor-In-Chief, The Paris Review
4773.       AIR DATE: 3/13/95 PROGRAM: DODD/TOFFLERS/AIDS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. Christopher Dodd, (D) Connecticut/Democratic National Committee/ Alvin Toffler, Author/Futurist/ Heidi Toffler, Author/Futurist/ Dr. Paul Bellman, St. Vincent’s Hospital/ Steven Landman, Person Living With AIDS/ Dennis Meyer, Person Living With AIDS
4774.       3/10/95 PROGRAM: OJ SIMPSON TRIAL/JORDAN PANEL/MOBIUS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Cynthia McFadden, ABC News Legal Correspondent/ Jack Ford, NBC News Legal Correspondent/ Gerald Lefcourt, Criminal Defense Attorney/ Bob Greene, Syndicated Columnist/Chicago Tribune/ Dave Checketts Pres., Madison Square Garden/ Pres., New York Knicks/ William Rhoden, New York Times/ Roy S. Johnson, Author/ Mark Mobius, Templeton Emerging Markets Fund
4775.       3/9/95 PROGRAM: OJ SIMPSON TRIAL/METABOLISM/GATES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gerald Lefcourt, Criminal Defense Attorney/ Dr. Jules Hirsch, Rockefeller University/ Dr. Rudolph Leibel, Rockefeller University/ Robert Gates, Former Director, CIA
4776.       3/8/95 PROGRAM: COSTAS/HOWARD/SONNENBERG GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bob Costas, NBC Sports/ Philip Howard, Author “The Death of Common Sense”/ Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, Violinist
4777.       AIR DATE: 3/7/95 PROGRAM: GREENBERG/MEDAVOY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Stanley Greenberg, Democratic Pollster/Author “Middle Class Dreams”/ Mike Medavoy, Former Chairman, TRISTAR Pictures
4778.       AIR DATE: 3/6/95 PROGRAM: ROHATYN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Felix Rohatyn, Senior Partner, Lazard, Freres & Co.
4779.       3/3/95 PROGRAM: O.J. SIMPSON/FALK/STRITCH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gerald Lefcourt, Criminal Defense Attorney/ Ted Wells, Criminal Defense Attorney/ Prof. Stephen Gillers, New York University/ Sonya Hamlin, Jury Consultant/ Peter Falk, Actor “Roommates”/ Elaine Stritch, Actress “Showboat”
4780.       3/2/95 PROGRAM: CLEESE/BROOK/WRIGHT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John Cleese, Actor/ Peter Brook, Theater Director/ Robert Wright, The New Republic/Author, The Moral Animal
4781.       3/1/95 PROGRAM: CONRAD/MAXWELL/VANYA ON 42nd STREET GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. Kent Conrad, (D) North Dakota/ William Maxwell, Author, All the Days and Nights/ Wallace Shawn, Actor “Vanya on 42nd Street”/ Andre Gregory, Actor/Director
4782.       AIR DATE: 2/28/95 PROGRAM: WALKER/SOLTI GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sir David Walker, Morgan Stanley Europe/ Sir George Solti, Conductor
4783.       AIR DATE: 2/27/95 PROGRAM: SEN. PAUL SIMON/“A GREAT DAY IN HARLEM/THELMA GOLDEN/MARK BRICKELL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Senator Paul Simon, (D) Illinois /// Jean Bach, Producer, “A Great Day in Harlem”; Benny Golson, Jazz Musician; Art Farmer, Jazz Musician /// Thelma Golden, Associate Curator, Whitney Museum of American Art; Mark Brickell, Vice Chairman, International Swaps & Derivatives Association
4784.       2/24/95 PROGRAM: RACE/MCGRATH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: bell hooks, City University of New York/ Michael Meyers, New York Civil Rights Coalition/ Stanley Crouch, Writer/ David Levering Lewis, Rutgers University/ Doug McGrath, Screenwriter “Bullets Over Broadway”
4785.       2/23/95 PROGRAM: TYSON/SACKS/ANDERSEN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Laura D’Andrea Tyson, National Economic Counsel/ Dr. Oliver Sacks, Neurologist/Author “An Anthropologist on Mars”/ Kurt Andersen, Editor-In-Chief, New York Magazine
4786.       2/22/95 PROGRAM: TRAVOLTA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John Travolta, Actor “Pulp Fiction”
4787.       AIR DATE: 2/21/95 PROGRAM: REED/CRIME ON THE INTERNET/TAPERT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ralph Reed, The Christian Coalition/ Steven Levy, Newsweek/ Philip Elmer-DeWitt, TIME/ Annette Tapert, Author The Power of Style
4788.       AIR DATE: 2/20/95 PROGRAM: CLINTON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Maraniss, Author “First in His Class”/Washington Post/ Joe Klein, Newsweek/ R.W. Apple, Jr., New York Times
4789.       2/17/95 PROGRAM: O.J. SIMPSON TRIAL/SHARON/SAYLES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Cynthia McFadden, ABC News/ Ariel Sharon, Former Israeli General/ Likud Politician/ John Sayles, Director “The Secret of Roan Inish”
4790.       2/16/95 PROGRAM: DEATH PENALTY/CHINA/FAGAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Robert Morgenthau, Manhattan District Attorney/ Winston Lord, Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian & Pacific Affairs/ Ambassador Nicholas Platt, The Asia Society/ Ross Terrill, Harvard University/ Garth Fagan, Choreographer “Griot New York”
4791.       2/15/95 PROGRAM: NETWORKS/PODHORETZ GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jessica Reif, Merrill Lynch, Geraldine Fabrikant, The New York Times/ Max Robbins, Variety/ Norman Podhoretz, Editor, Commentary Magazine
4792.       AIR DATE: 2/14/95 PROGRAM: OSCAR NOMINATIONS/WALSH/ROSENBERG GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Susan Lyne, Premiere Magazine/ Stephen Schiff, National Public Radio/ The New Yorker/ Janet Maslin, The New York Times/ David Denby, New York Magazine /Bill Walsh, Former San Francisco 49er’s Coach/ Claude Rosenberg, Philanthropist/Author “Wealthy and Wise”
4793.       AIR DATE: 2/13/95 PROGRAM: FOSTER NOMINATION/MOUSSA/PAUL MONETTE OBIT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Donna Shalala, Secretary of Health and Human Services/ Pamela Maraldo, Planned Parenthood Foundation of America/ Lisa Schiffren, Independent Women’s Forum/ Sen. Don Nickles, (R) Oklahoma/ Amre Moussa, Foreign Minister, Egypt/ Paul Monette, Author
4794.       2/10/95 PROGRAM: WTC BOMBING/PARKER & FRANKEL/THE PROMISED LAND GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Peg Tyre, New York Newsday/ Jim Dwyer, New York Newsday/ Richard Bernstein, The New York Times/ Sarah Jessica Parker, Actress “Miami Rhapsody”/ David Frankel, Director/Screenwriter “Miami Rhapsody”/ Nicholas Lemann, Author “The Promised Land”/ Anthony Geffen, Producer “The Promised Land”/ Prof. Sterling Plumpp, University of Illinois
4795.       2/9/95 PROGRAM: REPUBLICAN PRESS FIELD/THE HUMAN LANGUAGE/ARNETT/LAUREN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ed Rollins, Republican Political Strategist/ Stuart Stevens, Republican Political Strategist/ Gene Searchinger, Filmmaker “The Human Language”/ Steven Pinker, Author/ Peter Arnett, Author/CNN/ David Lauren, Swing Magazine
4796.       2/8/95 PROGRAM: BASEBALL/KOSS & GREENSPAN/ROCHE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. Robert Dole, (R) Kansas/Senate Majority Leader/ Rep. Charles Schumer, (D) New York/ Johann Olav Koss, Olympic Skater/ Bud Greenspan, Filmmaker/ David Roche, Global Strategist
4797.       AIR DATE: 2/7/95 PROGRAM: BRODER/BROWN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Broder, Washington Post/ Jim Brown, NFL Hall of Famer
4798.       AIR DATE: 2/6/95 PROGRAM: PERES/NEGROPONTE/BABE RUTH OBIT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Shimon Peres, Foreign Minister of Israel/ Nicholas Negroponte, Author “Being Digital”
4799.       2/3/95 PROGRAM: RUSSERT/FORD/JEFFREYS/FLORIO GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tim Russert, NBC News/Host “Meet the Press”/ Jack Ford, NBC News Legal Correspondent/ Diarmuid Jeffreys, Executive Producer “Inside the FBI”/ Steve Florio, President, Conde Nast
4800.       2/2/95 PROGRAM: ARMEY/McCULLOUGH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Rep. Richard Armey, (R) Texas/ David McCullough, Author/Historian
4801.       2/1/95 PROGRAM: BERGSTEN/TRAINOR & GORDON/ABBOTT OBIT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: C. Fred Bergsten, Dir., Institute for International Economics/ Bernard Trainor, USMC Lt. General (ret.)/Co-author, “The Generals’ War”/ Michael Gordon Co-author, “The Generals’ War”/ Joy Abbott, Wife of George Abbott/ Frank Rich, The New York Times/ Mary Rodgers, Composer
4802.       AIR DATE: 1/31/95 PROGRAM: RUSSIA/O.J. SIMPSON TRIAL/MA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Stephen Cohen, Princeton University/ Gerald Lefcourt, Criminal Defense Attorney/ Yo-Yo Ma, Cellist
4803.       AIR DATE: 1/30/95 PROGRAM: MEXICO/PAGLIA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Asman, Wall Street Journal/ Jorge Mariscal, Goldman, Sachs & Co./ Doug Henwood, The Nation/ Matthew Winkler, Editor-in-Chief, Bloomberg Business News/ Camille Paglia, Author “Vamps and Tramps”
4804.       1/27/95 PROGRAM: AUSCHWITZ 50th ANNIVERSARY/ENDOWMENTS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dr. Tzipora Hager Halivni, City University of New York/ Jack Schwartz, Auschwitz Survivor/ Dr. Michael Berenbaum, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum/ Regina Gelb, Auschwitz Survivor/ Lynne Cheney, Former Chair, National Endowment for Humanities/ American Enterprise Institute/ Alan Brinkley, Columbia University
4805.       1/26/95 PROGRAM: SARANDON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Susan Sarandon, Actress
4806.       1/25/95 PROGRAM: GEPHARDT/O.J. SIMPSON/DOCTOR’S WITHOUT BORDERS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Rep. Richard Gephardt, (D) Missouri/ Ted Wells, Criminal Defense Attorney/CBS News Consultant/ David Lewis, Criminal Defense Attorney/ Jack Ford, NBC News Legal Correspondent/ Dr. Alain Destexhe, “Doctors Without Borders International”/ Fiona Terry, Program Coordinator “Doctors Without Borders”/ Dr. Evan Lee, “Doctors Without Borders”
4807.       AIR DATE: 1/24/95 PROGRAM: STATE OF THE UNION/FROST GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: William Kristol, Chairman “Project for the Republican Future”/ Jonathan Alter, Newsweek/ Richard Brookhiser, National Review/ Jim Hoge, Editor “Foreign Affairs/ Sir David Frost, Journalist
4808.       AIR DATE: 1/23/95 PROGRAM: O.J. SIMPSON/KENNEDY OBIT/HOLBROOKE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Greg Garrison, Former Special Prosecutor/ David Lewis, Criminal Defense Attorney/ David Margolick, The New York Times/ Doris Kearns Goodwin, Biographer/ Richard Holbrooke, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Canadian Affairs
4809.       1/20/95 PROGRAM: WEAVER/KINGSLEY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sigourney Weaver, Actress “Death and the Maiden”/ Ben Kingsley, Actor “Death and the Maiden”
4810.       1/19/95 PROGRAM: GINGRICH BOOK DEAL/PORNOGRAPHY/HAWTHORNE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Stuart Stevens, Republican Political Consultant/ Bob Shrum, Democratic Political Consultant/ Nadine Strossen, President, American Civil Liberties Union/ Norma Ramos, Women Against Pornography/ Nigel Hawthorne, Actor “The Madness of King George”
4811.       1/18/95 PROGRAM: SAWYER/BARKIN/KRAMER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Forest Sawyer, ABC News/Co-Anchor “DAY ONE”/ Ellen Barkin, Actress “Bad Company / Larry Kramer, Writer
4813.       AIR DATE: 1/16/95 PROGRAM: GRAHAM/HAMPTON & ROCKEFELLER/CALIFANO GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Fred Graham, Court TV/ Henry Hampton, Executive Producer “America’s War on Poverty”/ Terry Kay Rockefeller, Series Producer “America’s War on Poverty”/ Joseph A. Califano, Jr., Former Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare/Chairman & President, Center On Addiction and Substance Abuse
4814.       1/13/95 PROGRAM: KAGAN/BALDWIN/THARP GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Donald Kagan, Yale University/Author “Origins of War”/ Alec Baldwin, Actor/ Twyla Tharp, Choreographer/Dancer
4815.       1/12/95 PROGRAM: CUOMO GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mario Cuomo, Former Governor, New York State
4816.       1/11/95 PROGRAM: FRANK/WATTS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Rep. Barney Frank, (D) Massachusetts/ Heather Watts, Principal Dancer, New York City Ballet
4817.       AIR DATE: 1/10/95 PROGRAM: HILLARY CLINTON ROUNDTABLE/REDGRAVE & ATKINS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jeannie Williams, USA Today/ Linda Stasi, New York Daily News/ Eleanor Clift, Newsweek/ Vanessa Redgrave, Actress “Vita and Virginia”/ Eileen Atkins, Actress “Vita and Virginia”
4818.       AIR DATE: 1/9/95 PROGRAM: REPUBLICAN REVOLUTION/MILLER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: William F. Buckley, Jr., Founder and Editor, National Review/Host, “Firing Line”/ Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., City University of New York/ Reggie Miller, Indiana Pacers
4819.       1/6/95 PROGRAM: NEW CONGRESS/SINGLETON/OLDMAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Norman Podhoretz, Editor-In-Chief, Commentary Magazine/ Joe Klein, Newsweek/ John Singleton, Filmmaker “Higher Learning”/ Gary Oldman, Actor “Immortal Beloved”
4820.       1/5/94 PROGRAM: WEBER/MOYERS/SAGAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Vin Weber, Vice-Chairman, Empower America/ Bill Moyers/ Carl Sagan, Astronomer/Author “Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space”
4821.       1/4/95 PROGRAM: DREIER/MEXICAN ECONOMY/MORRIS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Rep. David Dreier, (R) California/ Jim Rogers, Investor/ Susan Kaufman Purcell, Vice President, Americas Society/ Desmond Morris, Zoologist/”The Human Animal”
4822.       AIR DATE: 1/3/95 PROGRAM: ORNSTEIN/FINEMAN&LUNTZ/ROSSELLINI GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Norman Ornstein, American Enterprise Institute/ Howard Fineman, Newsweek/ Frank Luntz, Republican Pollster/ Isabella Rossellini, Actress “Immortal Beloved”
4823.       AIR DATE: 1/2/95 PROGRAM: MACNEIL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Robert MacNeil, Executive Editor & Co-Anchor, “The MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour”

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