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Guest ofCharlieRose. List. PBS & Bloomberg. 18. From 03 Jan 1997 to 01 Jan 1996.

4299.       AIR DATE: 10/4/96 REPEATED DATE: 1/3/97 PROGRAM: MARTIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Steve Martin, Actor/Writer, Picasso at the Lapin Agile
4300.       AIR DATE: 10/18/96 REPEATED DATE: 1/2/97 PROGRAM: LENO GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jay Leno, Host, “The Tonight Show”/Author, “Leading With My Chin” [Harper Collins]
4301.       AIR DATE: 10/14/96 REPEATED DATE: 1/1/97 PROGRAM: STALLONE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sylvester Stallone, Actor, Daylight [Universal Pictures]
4302.       AIR DATE: 7/9/96 REPEATED DATE:12/31/96 PROGRAM: CHER / KEATON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Cher, Singer/Actress//Michael Keaton, Actor, Multiplicity
4303.       AIR DATE: 12/30/96 PROGRAM: GOLDBERG GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Whoopi Goldberg, Actor, Ghosts of Mississippi [Castlerock Entertainment]
4304.       AIR DATE: 12/27/96 PROGRAM: CRONKITE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Walter Cronkite, Former Senior Correspondent, CBS NEWS/ “Cronkite Remembers”, [The Discovery Channel] book: “A Reporter’s Life” [Knopf]
4305.       AIR DATE: 12/26/96 PROGRAM: CRICHTON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Crichton, Author, “Air Frame” [Knopf]
4306.       AIR DATE: 12/25/96 PROGRAM: ANGELOU WITH ASHFORD & SIMPSON / SHAW / EISENHOWER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Maya Angelou, Author/Poet/Wake Forest University/Valerie Simpson, Singer/Songwriter/Nickolas Ashford, Singer/Songwriter/CD: “Been Found”[Hopsack & Silk Records]//Fiona Shaw, Actor, The Wasteland//Susan Eisenhower, President, Eisenhower Group/Author, “Mrs. Ike: Memories and Reflections on the Life of Mamie Eisenhower” [Farrar, Straus, Giroux]
4307.       AIR DATE: 12/24/96 PROGRAM: REINER / EVERS-WILLIAMS & DELAUGHTER / WOODS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Rob Reiner, Director, Ghosts of Mississippi [Castlerock Entertainment]//Myrlie Evers-Williams, Chairman, NAACP/Bobby DeLaughter, Assistant District Attorney, Jackson, Mississippi//James Woods, Actor, Ghosts of Mississippi
4308.       AIR DATE: 12/23/96 PROGRAM: BRANAGH / DAFOE / BYRNE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Kenneth Branagh, Actor/Director, Hamlet [Castlerock Entertainment]//Willem Dafoe, Actor, The English Patient [Miramax Films]//Gabriel Byrne, Actor, Mad Dog Time [United Artists]
4309.       AIR DATE: 12/20/96 PROGRAM: RUSH / YOAKAM / SAGAN OBIT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Geoffrey Rush, Actor, Shine [Fineline Features]//Dwight Yoakam, Singer/Songwriter/Actor, Slingblade [Miramax Films]/CD: “Gone”//Carl Sagan, Astronomer/ Author, “The Demon-Haunted World” [Random House] (1934-1996) [SEGMENT FROM 5/27/96]
4310.       AIR DATE: 12/19/96 PROGRAM: SAMPRAS & GULLICKSON / KAPLAN / MAILER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Pete Sampras, Tennis Player/Tom Gullickson, U.S. Davis Cup Captain//Gil Kaplan, Chairman, The Kaplan Foundation/Publisher/Conductor//Norman Mailer, Author
4311.       AIR DATE: 12/18/96 PROGRAM: RICHARDSON / HOLIDAY FILMS / FEINSTEIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John Richardson, Picasso Biographer, book: “A Life of Picasso” [Random House]//Janet Maslin, The New York Times/David Denby, New York Magazine/ Richard Corliss, Time Magazine, Holiday Film Clip Montage- Mars Attacks! [Warner Bros.], Everyone Says I Love You [Miramax Films], The People Vs. Larry Flynt [Columbia Pictures], Jerry Maguire [Tristar Pictures], Evita [Hollywood Pictures], Hamlet [Castlerock Entertainment], Breaking the Waves [October Films], Shine [Fineline Features], The English Patient [Miramax Films]//John Feinstein, Author, “A Civil War: Army Vs. Navy” [Little, Brown]
4312.       AIR DATE: 12/17/96 PROGRAM: HUSTON / GOLDIN EXHIBIT / CHAPMAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Anjelica Huston, Actor/Director, Bastard Out of Carolina [Showtime Original Films], The Crossing Guard [Miramax Films/Buena Vista Home Video]// Nan Goldin, Photographer/Elisabeth Sussman, Curator, Whitney Museum of American Art/Luc Sante, Art Critic//Tracy Chapman, Singer/Songwriter, CD: “New Beginning”
4313.       AIR DATE: 12/16/96 PROGRAM: CRAMER / WIDEMAN / KAHN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jim Cramer, Cramer & Co.//John Edgar Wideman, Author, “The Cattle Killing” [Houghton Mifflin]//Madeline Kahn, Actor, Cosby [Carsey-Werner Productions]
4314.       AIR DATE: 12/13/96 [Remixed Show] PROGRAM: ISAAK / HOOTIE AND THE BLOWFISH / MELLENCAMP GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Chris Isaak, Singer/Songwriter, CD: “The Baja Sessions” //Darius Rucker, Singer/Songwriter, Hootie & The Blowfish/Mark Bryan, Guitarist, Hootie & The Blowfish/Dean Felber, Bassist, Hootie & The Blowfish/Jim Sonnefeld, Drummer, Hootie & The Blowfish//John Mellencamp, Singer/Songwriter
4315.       AIR DATE: 12/12/96 [Remixed Show] PROGRAM: MYRHVOLD / GROVE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dr. Nathan Myhrvold, Microsoft, co-author, book: “The Road Ahead” by Bill Gates [Viking]//Andrew Grove, C.E.O., Intel, book: “Only the Paranoid Survive” [Doubleday]
4316.       AIR DATE: 12/11/96 PROGRAM: FRONTIERS OF MEDICINE (FROM 9/20/96) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dr. Sherwin B. Nuland, Yale University School of Medicine/Author //Dr. Paul Bellman, St. Vincent’s Hospital/Dr. Kenneth Davis, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine/Dr. Nancy Wexler, Columbia University/President, Hereditary Disease Foundation
4317.       AIR DATE: 12/10/96 [Remixed Show] PROGRAM: TAYLOR / BELAFONTE / JACKSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Rev. Gardner Taylor, Preacher//Harry Belafonte, Actor/Singer, Kansas City// Samuel L. Jackson, Actor, The Long Kiss Goodnight [New Line Cinema], Pulp Fiction [Miramax]
4318.       AIR DATE: 12/9/96 [Remixed Show] PROGRAM: BRING IN DA NOISE.../ RENT / HERMAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Savion Glover, Dancer/Choreographer, Bring in ‘Da Noise, Bring in ‘Da Funk/George Wolfe, Director/Producer, Bring in ‘Da Noise, Bring in ‘Da Funk// Michael Greif, Director, Rent/Kevin McCollum, Producer, Rent/Adam Pascal, Actor, Rent/Daphne Rubin-Vega, Actor, Rent/Anthony Rapp, Actor, Rent//Jerry Herman, Composer/Lyricist, book: “Showtune” [Donald I. Fine Books] CD: “Ms. Santa Claus”
4319.       AIR DATE: 12/6/96 [Remixed Show] PROGRAM: SORVINO / PALTROW & MCGRATH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mira Sorvino, Actor, Sweet Nothing [Warner Bros.]/ Mighty Aphrodite [Miramax]// Gwyneth Paltrow, Actor, Emma/Douglas McGrath, Director, Emma [Miramax]
4320.       AIR DATE: 12/5/96 [Remixed Show] PROGRAM: RUSSELL / HARRELSON / KILMER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Kurt Russell, Actor, Escape from L.A [Paramount Pictures]// Woody Harrelson, Actor, Kingpin [MGM/Rysher Entertainment]//Val Kilmer, Actor, The Ghost and the Darkness [Paramount Pictures]
4321.       AIR DATE: 12/4/96 PROGRAM: NATIONAL SECURITY TEAM / BAITZ & RIFKIN / STOLTZ GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Les Gelb, Council on Foreign Relations/Michael Elliott, Newsweek/ Johanna McGeary, Time Magazine/Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times//Jon Robin Baitz, Writer/Producer/Playwright, Substance of Fire [Miramax Films]/Ron Rifkin, Actor, Substance of Fire [Miramax Films]//Eric Stoltz, Actor, The Importance of Being Earnest
4322.       AIR DATE: 12/3/96 PROGRAM: McCAIN / TITANIC PANEL / FALK GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. John McCain, (R) Arizona//Steven Biel, Author, “Down With the Old Canoe: A Cultural History of the Titanic Disaster” [Norton]/George Tulloch, RMS Titanic/Jack Eaton, Historian/Peter Stone, Playwright//David Falk, Sports Agent
4323.       AIR DATE: 12/2/96 PROGRAM: CHINA PANEL / CHANNING / HWANG GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Harry Wu, Human Rights Advocate/Former Political Prisoner, book: “Troublemaker:One Man’s Crusade Against China’s Cruelty” [Times Books]/Les Gelb, Council on Foreign Relations/James Lilley, Former Ambassador to China/American Enterprise Institute//Stockard Channing, Actor, An Unexpected Family [USA Network]//David Henry Hwang, Playwright, Golden Child
4324.       AIR DATE: 11/29/96 PROGRAM: SIMON / EPSTEIN / NEIL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Neil Simon, Playwright/Author, “Rewrites:A Memoir” [Simon & Schuster]//Edward Jay Epstein, Author, “Dossier: The Secret History of Armand Hammer” [Random House]//Andrew Neil, Contributing Editor, Vanity Fair/Former Editor, The Sunday Times
4325.       AIR DATE: 11/28/96 PROGRAM: CLOSE / SABATINI / BLOOM GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Glenn Close, Actor, 101 Dalmations [Walt Disney Pictures], Mars Attacks! [Warner Bros.] Fatal Attraction [Paramount Home Video]//Gabriela Sabatini, Tennis Player//Claire Bloom, Actor/Author, “Leaving a Doll’s House” [Little, Brown]
4326.       AIR DATE: 11/27/96 PROGRAM: MOBIUS / EBERT / SWEENEY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mark Mobius, President, Templeton Emerging Markets Fund, Inc./ Emerging Markets Investor, book: “On Emerging Markets” [FT Pitman Publishing]//Roger Ebert, Film Critic/Co-Host, “Siskel & Ebert”/Chicago Sun Times, book: “Roger Ebert’s Book of Film” [Norton]//Julia Sweeney, Actor/Comedian, play, God Said Ha!
4327.       AIR DATE: 11/26/96 PROGRAM: RACE IN AMERICA / RACE & O.J. / C.P.J. AWARDS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Manning Marable, Columbia University/Author, “Speaking Truth to Power” [Westview]//Michael Eric Dyson, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill/Author, “Race Rules: Navigating the Color Line” [Addison Wesley]//Ruth Simmons, President, Smith College//Carl Rowan, Journalist/Author, “The Coming Race War in America” [Little, Brown]/ Jeffrey Rosen, The New Republic//Yusuf Jameel, Asian Age//Daoud Kuttab, President, Palestinian Audio-Visual Union/Michael Bloomberg, Founder & CEO, Bloomberg News//Jim Hoagland, The Washington Post
4328.       AIR DATE: 11/25/96 PROGRAM: GATES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bill Gates, Chairman & CEO, Microsoft Corporation, book: “The Road Ahead” [Penguin]
4329.       AIR DATE: 11/22/96 PROGRAM: O.J. TESTITFIES / WHITMAN / FONSECA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Martin Garbus, Attorney/Rikki Klieman, Court TV//Gov. Christie Whitman, (R) New Jersey//Caio Fonseca, Artist
4330.       AIR DATE: 11/21/96 PROGRAM: ALLEN / ROSEANNE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tim Allen, Actor, “Home Improvement”/Author, “I’m Not Really Here” [Hyperion]// Roseanne, Actor, “Roseanne”
4331.       AIR DATE: 11/20/96 PROGRAM: THE ENGLISH PATIENT / EDWARDS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Ondaatje, Author, “The English Patient” [Vintage]/ Anthony Minghella, Director, The English Patient [Miramax Films]//Blake Edwards, Director
4332.       AIR DATE: 11/19/96 PROGRAM: WOLFE / VONNEGUT / JOHNSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tom Wolfe, Novelist/Essayist//Kurt Vonnegut, Author, movie: Mother Night [FineLine Features]//Michael Johnson, Olympic Gold Medalist, 200/400 Meter, book: “Slaying the Dragon” [Regan Books/Harper Collins]
4333.       AIR DATE: 11/18/96 PROGRAM: BRONFMAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Chairman, Seagram Company Ltd./President, World Jewish Congress
4334.       AIR DATE: 11/15/96 [Taped in Los Angeles] PROGRAM: EASTWOOD & SCHICKEL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Clint Eastwood, Actor/Director, Magnum Force [Malpaso Productions/Warner Home Video] The Unforgiven [Malpaso Productions/Warner Home Video] The Bridges of Madison County [Malpaso Productions]/Richard Schickel, Time Magazin / Biographer, book: “Clint Eastwood: A Biography” [Knopf]
4335.       AIR DATE: 11/14/96 [Taped in Los Angeles] PROGRAM: NOLTE / WEST GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Nick Nolte, Actor, Mother Night [FineLine Features]//Jerry West, General Manager, Los Angeles Lakers
4336.       AIR DATE: 11/13/96 [Taped in Los Angeles] PROGRAM: WILLIAMS / HARRIS & MASSEY / HECKERLING GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Willie Williams, Chief of Police, L.A.P.D.//Ed Harris, Actor, Taking Sides/Daniel Massey, Actor, Taking Sides//Amy Heckerling, Director, Clueless (The TV Show) [Paramount Network Television]
4337.       AIR DATE: 11/12/96 PROGRAM: BOXING / LUPICA / KINGSLEY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jack Newfield, New York Post/Teddy Atlas, Boxing Trainer//Mike Lupica, Esquire/New York Daily News, book: “Mad As Hell, How Sports Got Away From the Fans and How We Get it Back” [Putnam]//Ben Kingsley, Actor, Twelfth Night [FineLine Features]
4338.       AIR DATE: 11/11/96 PROGRAM: MACHEL / “THE GREAT WAR” / FRASER / MARSHALL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Graca Machel, United Nations/Former Minister of Education, Mozambique//Blaine Baggett, Filmmaker, The Great War [KCET/PBS]/Michael York, Actor, The Great War//Antonia Fraser, Author, “Faith and Treason” [Doubleday]//Garry Marshall, Director/Producer, Dear God [Paramount Pictures]
4339.       AIR DATE: 11/8/96 PROGRAM: FUTURE OF ARCHITECTURE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Peter Eisenman, Architect/Eisenman Architects/Jay Chaterjee, University of Cincinnati, Sen. Stanley J. Aronoff, (R) President, Ohio Senate/David Childs, Architect/Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP/Henry N. Cobb, Architect/Pei Cobb Freed & Partners/Michael Graves, Architect/Michael Graves Architect/Charles Gwathmey, Architect/ Gwathmey Seigel & Associates/Richard Meier, Architect/Richard Meier & Partners/Stanley Tigerman, Architect/Tigerman McCurry Architects/Sanford Kwinter, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute/Ralph Lerner, Princeton University/Greg Lynn, Columbia University/Donna Robertson, Illinois Institute of Technology/Bernard Tschumi, Columbia University/Sarah Whiting, Review Editor, Assemblage/Paul Goldberger, The New York Times
4340.       AIR DATE: 11/7/96 PROGRAM: POST ELECTION 1996 COVERAGE / BRINKLEY / CELEBRITY JOURNALISM GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Eric Pooley, Time Magazine/Mark Penn, Democratic Political Consultant/Doug Schoen, Democratic Political Consultant//Evan Thomas, Newsweek//David Brinkley, Host, “This Week With David Brinkley”/ABC News//Edward Kosner, Esquire/Landon Y. Jones, Jr., People/Martha Sherrill, Esquire/Lois Smith, PMK
4341.       AIR DATE: 11/6/96 PROGRAM: MOYNIHAN / KINSLEY / FAVREAU GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, (D) New York, book: “Miles to Go: A Personal History of Social Policy” [Harvard]//Michael Kinsley, Editor, Slate/ Jon Favreau, Actor/Screenwriter, Swingers [Miramax Films]
4342.       AIR DATE: 11/5/96 LIVE SHOW PROGRAM: ELECTION NIGHT 1996 GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ed Rollins, Former Republican Strategist/Michael Kinsley, Editor, Slate/Peggy Noonan, Reagan Speach Writer/Dee Dee Myers, Former White House Press Secretary, Co-Anchor, “Equal Time”/David Frum, Contributing Editor, The Weekly Standard
4343.       AIR DATE: 11/4/96 PROGRAM: APPLE / TORRE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: R.W. Apple Jr., The New York Times//Joe Torre, Manager, New York Yankees
4344.       AIR DATE: 11/1/96 PROGRAM: DNA IN THE COURTROOM / ELLISON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Barry Scheck, Defense Attorney/Innocence Project/Peter Neufeld, Defense Attorney/Innocence Project//Lawrence Ellison, Founder & CEO, Oracle Corporation
4345.       AIR DATE: 10/31/96 PROGRAM: SWEENEY / BERNSTEIN / SMITH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John Sweeney, President, AFL-CIO//Carl Bernstein, Author, “His Holiness: John Paul II and the Hidden History of Our Time” [Doubleday]//Sally Bedell Smith, Author, “Reflected Glory, The Life of Pamela Churchill Harriman” [Simon & Schuster]
4346.       AIR DATE: 10/30/96 PROGRAM: PIXAR / COPPERFIELD / PIOTROVSKY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Steve Jobs, CEO, Pixar/John Lasseter, Director, Toy Story [Buena Vista Home Video]/V.P. Creative Development, Pixar//David Copperfield, Illusionist//Mikhail Piotrovsky, Director, State Hermitage Museum
4347.       AIR DATE: 10/29/96 PROGRAM: MCNEALY / REMNICK GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Scott McNealy, CEO, Sun Microsystems//David Remnick, The New Yorker/Author, “The Devil Problem and Other True Stories” [Random House]
4348.       AIR DATE: 10/28/96 PROGRAM: ELECTION ‘96 / DOHERTY / THARP GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Diana B. Carlin, Commission on Presidential Debates/University of Kansas//Dr. Peter Doherty, Winner, 1996 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis//Twyla Tharp, Choreographer
4349.       AIR DATE: 10/25/96 PROGRAM: GOULD / RITTS / CRAWFORD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Stephen Jay Gould, Evolutionary Biologist/Harvard University/ Author, “Full House: The Spread of Excellence From Plato to Darwin” [Harmony Books]// Herb Ritts, Photographer, book: “Herb Ritts: Work” [Bulfinch MFA]//Cindy Crawford, Model/Author, “Cindy Crawford’s Basic Face” [Broadway Books]
4350.       AIR DATE: 10/24/96 PROGRAM: LE CARRÉ / ISAAK GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John le Carré, Author, “The Tailor of Panama” [Knopf]//Chris Isaak, Singer/Songwriter, CD: “The Baja Sessions”
4351.       AIR DATE: 10/23/96 PROGRAM: GORBACHEV GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mikhail Gorbachev, Former President, Soviet Union, book: “Memoirs” [Doubleday]
4352.       AIR DATE: 10/22/96 PROGRAM: CIA DRUG “CONSPIRACY” / GAMBON / FEKKAI GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jack White, Time Magazine/Doyle McManus, Washington, D.C. Bureau Chief, Los Angeles Times/John Heilemann, National Affairs Editor, Wired Magazine /HotWired//Michael Gambon, Actor, [Play: Skylight], The Singing Detective//Frédéric Fekkai, Owner, Frédéric Fekkai Beauté
4353.       AIR DATE: 10/21/96 PROGRAM: SOCCER MOMS / TUROW / FIORI GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Deborah Tannen,Georgetown University/Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Annenberg School for Communications, University of Pennsylvania/Celinda Lake,Democratic Political Consultant/Kellyanne Fitzpatrick, CNN//Scott Turow, Author, “The Laws of Our Fathers” [Farrar Straus Giroux]//Pamela Fiori, Editor-In-Chief, Town & Country Magazine
4354.       AIR DATE: 10/18/96 PROGRAM: Leno GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jay Leno, Host, “The Tonight Show”/Author, “Leading With My Chin” [Harper Collins]
4355.       AIR DATE: 10/17/96 PROGRAM: RUSSIA / SCHILLER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Stephen Cohen, Princeton University/CBS News/Carroll Bogert, Newsweek/Peter Reddaway, George Washington University/Blair Ruble, Director, The Kennan Institute//Lawrence Schiller, Author, “American Tragedy:The Uncensored Story of the Simpson Defense” [Random House]
4356.       AIR DATE: 10/16/96 LIVE SHOW PROGRAM: 1996 PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE / ANDREESSEN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Laura Ingraham, Political Analyst, CBS News/Political Analyst, MSNBC/Howard Fineman, Newsweek/Anne Taylor Fleming, Journalist/Michael Barone, U.S. News & World Report/Dan Goodgame, Time Magazine//Marc Andreessen, Co-Founder, Netscape
4357.       AIR DATE: 10/15/96 PROGRAM: DOW 6000 / MOYERS / KING GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jim Cramer, Cramer & Co./Gail Dudack, Chief Investment Strategist, UBS Securities/Tom Gardner, Investment Advisor/David Gardner, Investment Advisor, book: “The Motley Fool Investment Guide” [Simon & Schuster]//Bill Moyers, Journalist/Public Affairs Television, book: “Genesis: A Living Conversation” [Doubleday]// B.B. King, Blues Guitarist, book: “Blues All Around Me” [Avon Books], CD: “How Blue Can You Get” & “There Is Always One More Time”
4358.       AIR DATE: 10/14/96 PROGRAM: STALLONE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sylvester Stallone, Actor, Daylight [Universal Pictures]
4359.       AIR DATE: 10/11/96 PROGRAM: HARLIN / TUCCI / MOREAU & TISSOT / CORBIJN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Renny Harlin, Director/Producer, The Long Kiss Goodnight [New Line Cinema]//Stanley Tucci, Actor/Filmmaker, Big Night [Rysher Entertainment/Samuel Goldwyn Co.]//Jeanne Moreau, Actor, The Proprietor, [Warner Bros.]/Marc Tissot, Actor, The Proprietor//Anton Corbijn, Photographer
4360.       AIR DATE: 10/10/96 PROGRAM: COCHRAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr., Criminal Defense Attorney/Author, “Journey To Justice” [Ballentine Books]
4361.       AIR DATE: 10/9/96 PROGRAM: LEE / KILMER / WEEK WITHOUT VIOLENCE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Spike Lee, Filmmaker, Get On The Bus [Columbia Pictures]//Val Kilmer, Actor, The Ghost and the Darkness [Paramount Pictures]//Kay Koplovitz, Chairman & C.E.O., USA Networks/Prema Mathai-Davis, National Executive Director, YWCA/Elizabeth Swados, Playwright/Author
4362.       AIR DATE: 10/8/96 PROGRAM: YOUNG / JACKSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Andrew Young, Former Mayor, Atlanta/Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, book: “An Easy Burden” [Harper Collins]//Samuel L. Jackson, Actor, The Long Kiss Goodnight [New Line Cinema]
4363.       AIR DATE: 10/7/96 PROGRAM: PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE / DUNAWAY / FRIDAY / SCAASI GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Joe Klein, Newsweek/Dan Goodgame, Time Magazine//Faye Dunaway, Actor, The Chamber [Universal Pictures]//Nancy Friday, Author, “The Power of Beauty” [Harper Collins]//Arnold Scaasi, Fashion Designer, book: “Scaasi: A Cut Above” [Rizzoli]
4364.       AIR DATE: 10/4/96 PROGRAM: MARTIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Steve Martin, Actor/Writer, Picasso at the Lapin Agile
4365.       AIR DATE: 10/3/96 PROGRAM: MIDDLE EAST / BARTABAS / ABDUL-JABBAR GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Les Gelb, Council on Foreign Relations//Bartabas, Artistic Director, Zingaro, Chimère//Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, NBA All Time Regular Scoring Leader/Author, “Black Profiles in Courage: A Legacy of African American Achievement” [William Morrow]
4366.       AIR DATE: 10/2/96 PROGRAM: SULLOWAY / BUSCEMI / NOVACEK GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Frank Sulloway, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, book: “Born To Rebel” [Pantheon]//Steve Buscemi, Actor/Filmmaker, Trees Lounge [Live Entertainment]//Michael Novacek, American Museum of Natural History/Author, “Dinosaurs of the Flamming Cliffs” [Anchor Books]
4367.       AIR DATE: 10/1/96 PROGRAM: MIDDLE EAST / SIMON / WATTLETON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Bar-Illan, Director of Communications & Policy Planning, Israel/Netanyahu Adviser//Seth Lipsky, President & Editor, The Forward/Raghida Dergham, Al-Hayat/Richard Haas, The Brookings Institution//Neil Simon, Playwright/Author, “Rewrites: A Memoir” [Simon & Schuster]//Faye Wattleton, Former President, Planned Parenthood /Author, “Life On the Line” [Ballentine Books]
4368.       AIR DATE: 9/30/96 PROGRAM: CHARLIE ROSE AT NOTRE DAME GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Regis Philbin, Host, “Live With Regis and Kathie Lee”/Notre Dame ‘53//Father Edward Malloy, President, University of Notre Dame//Lou Holtz, Head Coach, Notre Dame Fighting Irish
4369.       AIR DATE: 9/27/96 PROGRAM: SWEENEY / OLMOS / STEVENS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John Sweeney, President, AFL-CIO, book: “America Needs a Raise” [Houghton Mifflin]/Edward James Olmos, Actor, Caught [Sony Pictures Classics]/ George Stevens, Jr., Producer/Film Preservationist, Giant [Warner Bros.]
4370.       AIR DATE: 9/26/96 PROGRAM: ISRAEL / MYHRVOLD / LIVING TO AGE 200 GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Haim Shibi, Yediot Ahronot /Dr. Nathan Myhrvold, Microsoft, co-author, book: “The Road Ahead” by Bill Gates [Viking]/Malcolm Gladwell, The New Yorker
4371.       AIR DATE: 9/25/96 PROGRAM: CILLER / MFUME / LEIGH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tansu Ciller, Foreign Minister, Turkey/Deputy Prime Minister, Turkey//Kweisi Mfume, President & C.E.O., N.A.A.C.P./(D) Former Congressman, Maryland, book: “No Free Ride: From the Mean Streets to the Mainstream” [Ballentine Books]//Mike Leigh, Director, Secrets and Lies[October Films]/Brenda Blethyn, Actor, Secrets and Lies/Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Actor, Secrets and Lies/book: “The World According to Mike Leigh” by Michael Coveney [Harper Collins]
4372.       AIR DATE: 9/24/96 PROGRAM: FEDERAL RESERVE / MILUTINOVIC / GROVE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Henry Kaufman, President, Henry Kaufman & Co., Inc./Economist// Milan Milutonivc, Foreign Minister, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia/Foreign Minister, Serbia & Montenegro//Andrew Grove, C.E.O., Intel
4373.       AIR DATE: 9/23/96 PROGRAM: RUSSIA / WILSON / HACKWORTH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Stephen Cohen, CBS News/Princeton University/David Satter, Author/Jamestown Foundation//William Julius Wilson, Harvard University/Author, “When Work Disappears: The World of the New Urban Poor” [Knopf]//Col. David Hackworth (Ret.), Newsweek/Author, “Hazardous Duty” [William Morrow]
4374.       AIR DATE: 9/20/96 PROGRAM: FRONTIERS OF MEDICINE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dr. Sherwin B. Nuland, Yale University School of Medicine/Author //Dr. Paul Bellman, St. Vincent’s Hospital/Dr. Kenneth Davis, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine/Dr. Nancy Wexler, Columbia University/President, Hereditary Disease Foundation
4375.       AIR DATE: 9/19/96 PROGRAM: BRESLIN / SORVINO GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jimmy Breslin, Columnist/Author, “I Want to Thank My Brain for Remembering Me” [Little Brown]//Mira Sorvino, Actor, Sweet Nothing [Miramax Films] / Mighty Aphrodite [Warner Bros.]
4376.       AIR DATE: 9/18/96 PROGRAM: NET BROWSER COMPETITION / FALL T.V. PREVIEW / VALENTINO GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Esther Dyson, Editor/Publisher, Release 1.0/Chairwoman, Electronic Frontier Foundation/President, Edventure Holdings/James Barksdale, CEO, Netscape //Steve Reddicliffe, TV Guide/Ken Tucker, Entertainment Weekly//Ginia Belafonte, T.V. Critic, Time Magazine//Valentino, Fashion Designer
4377.       AIR DATE: 9/17/96 PROGRAM: PEROT / SIMPSON TRIAL / DIDION / HADEN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Birdsell, Baruch College//Rikki Klieman, Court TV/Martin Garbus, Attorney/Anthony Thompson, New York University School of Law//Joan Didion, Author, “The Last Thing He Wanted” [Knopf]//Charlie Haden, Jazz Bassist
4378.       AIR DATE: 9/16/96 PROGRAM: HENDRICKSON / BURNS / OATES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Paul Hendrickson, Author, “The Living and The Dead” [Knopf] //Edward Burns, Filmmaker, She’s The One//Joyce Carol Oates, Author, “We Were the Mulvaney’s [Dutton] and “First Love” [Ecco]
4379.       AIR DATE: 9/13/96 PROGRAM: TESTOSTERONE / WRIGHT / MARSALIS & HENDRICKS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Geoffrey Cowley, Newsweek/Dr. William Rosner, Columbia University/St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital/Dr. Robert Butler, Director, International Longevity Center/Mount Sinai Medical Center/Dr. William Regelson, Medical College of Virginia//Jeffrey Wright, Actor, Basquiat//Bring In ‘Da Noise, Bring In ‘Da Funk Wynton Marsalis, Artistic Director, Jazz at Lincoln Center/Jon Hendricks, Jazz Vocalist
4380.       AIR DATE: 9/12/96 PROGRAM: IRAQ / KLEIN / SULLIVAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Martin, CBS News National Security Correspondent//Ed Klein, Former Editor-In-Chief, The New York Times Magazine/Author, “All Too Human: The Love Story of Jack and Jackie Kennedy” [Pocket Books]//Andrew Sullivan, Senior Editor, The New Republic/Author, “Virtually Normal” [Knopf]
4381.       AIR DATE: 9/11/96 PROGRAM: IRAQ / MERCHANT & IVORY / RENSE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Judith Miller, The New York Times/Author, “God Has 99 Names” [Random House]/Fareed Zakaria, Foreign Affairs Magazine/Newsweek/Geoffrey Kemp, Nixon Center for Peace and Freedom//Ismail Merchant, Producer, Surviving Picasso/James Ivory, Director, Surviving Picasso//Paige Rense, Editor-in-Chief, Architectual Digest
4382.       AIR DATE: 9/10/96 PROGRAM: CAMPAIGN ‘96 / “THE WEST” / OBST GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: GUEST HOST: Mortimer Zuckerman, Editor-in-Chief, U.S. News and World Report//William Schneider, CNN Political Analyst/The Atlantic Monthly//Ken Burns, Producer/Documentary Filmmaker, The West/Stephen Ives, Director, The West/Geoffrey Ward, Screenwriter/ Historian/Author, “The West” [Little Brown]//Lynda Obst, Producer/Author, “Hello, He Lied” [Little Brown]
4383.       AIR DATE: 9/9/96 PROGRAM: PICASSO PREVIEW / ROCK / CARPENTER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: William Rubin, Director Emeritus, Museum of Modern Art/Picasso Scholar//Chris Rock, Comedian//John Carpenter, Director, Escape From L.A.
4384.       AIR DATE: 9/25/95 REPEATED: 9/6/96 PROGRAM: BRADLEE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ben Bradlee, Former Executive Editor, The Washington Post, book: “A Good Life: Newspapering and Other Adventures” [Simon & Schuster]
4385.       AIR DATE: 9/5/96 PROGRAM: DOLE CAMPAIGN / DARMAN / DENBY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Stuart Stevens, Republican Strategist/William Kristol, The Weekly Standard//Richard Darman, Former Director, Office of Management & Budget/Former Reagan Advisor/book, “Who’s in Control?” [Simon & Schuster]//David Denby, New York Magazine/ Film Critic/Author, “Great Books” [Simon & Schuster]
4386.       AIR DATE: 9/4/96 PROGRAM: EDUCATION REFORM / LEONARD / ALBERT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sara Mosle, The New York Times Magazine/Linda Darling-Hammond, Columbia University/Chester Finn, The Hudson Institute/Jeanne Allen, National Center for Education Reform//Elmore Leonard, Author, “Out of Sight” [Delacourt Press]//Marv Albert, Sportscaster
4387.       AIR DATE: 9/3/96 PROGRAM: IRAQ / BUCHWALD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Judith Miller, Author/A.M. Rosenthal, The New York Times/Col. David Hackworth (Ret.), Newsweek/Richard Haas, The Brookings Institution/Richard Murphy, Council on Foreign Relations/Former Ambassador to Syria & Saudi Arabia//Art Buchwald, Author, “I’ll Always Have Paris” [Putnam]
4388.       AIR DATE: 9/2/96 [Remixed Show from 10/28/92] PROGRAM: ARTHUR ASHE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Arthur Ashe, Wimbledom Singles Champion, 1975/U.S. Open Singles Champion, 1968
4389.       AIR DATE: 8/30/96 PROGRAM: CUOMO / WISEMAN / BUSHNELL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mario Cuomo, (D) Former Governor, New York//Frederick Wiseman, Documentary Filmmaker, La Comédie-Française ou L’Amour Joué//Candice Bushnell, Author, “Sex and the City” [Atlantic Monthly Press]
4390.       AIR DATE: 8/29/96 [LIVE SHOW] PROGRAM: DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Walter Isaacson, Managing Editor, Time Magazine/E.R. Shipp, New York Daily News/Columbia University/Mandy Grunwald**, Democratic Strategist//Dan Rather*, CBS News//Ed Rollins, Republican Strategist/Mario Cuomo, (D) Former Governor, New York/Garry Wills*, Northwestern University/Historian
4391.       AIR DATE: 8/28/96 [LIVE SHOW] PROGRAM: DEMOCRACY’S DISCONTENT / RATHER / BOLLETTIERRI & SCHAAP / COLLINS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: (Clip, Re-air of Michael Sandel, Author, “Democracy’s Discontent” [Harvard University Press]/Alan Brinkley, Columbia University/Eric Alterman, The Nation/R.W. Apple Jr., The New York Times)//Dan Rather*, CBS News//Nick Bollettierri, Tennis Coach/Co-Author, “My Aces, My Faults” [Avon Books]/Dick Schaap, Sports Journalist/ABC News/ESPN/Co-Author, “My Aces, My Faults” [Avon Books]//Bud Collins, The Boston Globe/NBC Sports
4392.       AIR DATE: 8/27/96 [LIVE SHOW] PROGRAM: RUSSELL / DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Kurt Russell, Actor, Escape from L.A.//Dan Rather*, CBS News// George Stephanopoulos*, Special Adviser to the President//Sen. Bill Bradley*, (D) New Jersey
4393.       AIR DATE: 8/26/96 PROGRAM: KING / BRANCH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Alan King, Actor/Comedian//Taylor Branch, Contributor, Esquire Magazine/Author
4394.       AIR DATE: 4/19/96 REPEATED DATE:8/23/96 PROGRAM: HEANEY / SMITH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Seamus Heany, Poet/Nobel Laureate/book: “The Spirit Level” [Farrar/Straus/Giroux]//Huston Smith, Religious Scholar, Author, The World’s Religions”, “The Illustrated World’s Religions” [Harper Collins]
4395.       AIR DATE: 5/1/96 REPEATED DATE:8/22/96 PROGRAM: RICHARD GERE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Gere, Actor/Human Rights Activist
4396.       AIR DATE: 8/7/95 REPEATED DATE:8/21/96 PROGRAM: JIMMY CONNERS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jimmy Conners, Professional Tennis Player
4397.       AIR DATE: 4/12/96 REPEATED DATE: 8/20/96 PROGRAM: WEST & GATES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Cornel West & Henry Louis Gates, Co-Chairs, African American Studies, Harvard University / Co-Authors: “The Future of the Race” [Knopf]
4399.       AIR DATE: 8/16/96 PROGRAM: LIFE ON MARS / COPPOLA / BROWNING GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dr. Neil de Grasse-Tyson, Hayden Planetarium/Astrophysicist, Princeton University/Prof. Lionel Tiger, Rutgers University/Prof. Richard Berendzen, Physicist, American University//Francis Ford Coppola, Director, Jack//Dominique Browning, Editor, Condé Nast’s House & Garden
4400.       AIR DATE: 8/15/96 [LIVE SHOW] PROGRAM: CLANCY / REPUBLICAN CONVENTION GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tom Clancy, Author, “Executive Orders” [Putnam]/Mario Cuomo*, (D) Former Governor, New York/Sen. John McCain*, (R) Arizona
4401.       AIR DATE: 8/14/96 PROGRAM: BARAK / POLLAK / ALTMAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ehud Barak, Former Foreign Minister, Israel/Member of Knesset (Labor)//Kevin Pollak, Actor, House Arrest/Comedian//Robert Altman, Director, Kansas City
4402.       AIR DATE: 8/13/96 [LIVE SHOW] PROGRAM: REPUBLICAN CONVENTION GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jonathan Alter, Newsweek/David Frum*, Manhattan Institute/Author //Dan Rather*, CBS News /(Clip, Re-air of Mayor Rudy Giuliani, (R) City of New York)//Ron Brownstein*, Los Angeles Times/Dan Goodgame*, Time Magazine
4403.       AIR DATE: 8/12/96 [LIVE SHOW] PROGRAM: REPUBLICAN CONVENTION / BELAFONTE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mayor Rudy Giuliani, (R) City of New York/Dan Rather*, CBS News//Harry Belafonte, Actor/Singer, Human Rights Activist
4404.       AIR DATE: 8/9/96 PROGRAM: BASQUIAT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Julian Schnabel, Artist/Director, Basquiat/David Bowie, Musician/Actor, Basquiat
4405.       AIR DATE: 8/8/96 PROGRAM: EMMA / LEWIS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gwyneth Paltrow, Actor, Emma/Douglas McGrath, Director, Emma//Carl Lewis, Olympic Gold Medalist, Long Jump
4406.       AIR DATE: 8/7/96 PROGRAM: WIEN / ROLLINS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Byron Wien, Morgan Stanley/Investment Strategist//Ed Rollins, Former Republican Strategist, Author, “Bare Knuckles and Back Rooms” [Bantam]
4407.       AIR DATE: 8/6/96 PROGRAM: RUMSFELD / WORK FORCE PANEL / HOOTIE & THE BLOWFISH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Donald Rumsfeld, Former Secretary of Defense/Adviser to Bob Dole//Harry Smith, CBS News/Louis Uchitelle, The New York Times/Robert Reich, U.S. Secretary of Labor//Darius Rucker, Singer/Songwriter, Hootie & The Blowfish/Mark Bryan, Guitarist, Hootie & The Blowfish/Dean Felber, Bassist, Hootie & The Blowfish/ Jim Sonnefeld, Drummer, Hootie & The Blowfish
4408.       AIR DATE: 8/5/96 PROGRAM: TAX CUTS / BELAFONTE / RICE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jack Kemp, Empower America/Former H.U.D. Secretary/Lawrence Summers, Deputy Secretary of the Treasury//Harry Belafonte, Actor/Singer, Kansas City//Anne Rice, Author, “Servant of the Bones” [Knopf]
4409.       AIR DATE: 8/2/96 PROGRAM: DEFORD / AUSTIN / SUMMER MOVIE FLOPS / RABINOVICH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Frank Deford, Newsweek//Charles Austin, Olympic Gold Medalist, High Jump//Janet Maslin, The New York Times/Stephen Schiff, The New Yorker/Screenwriter/ Jack Matthews, Co-Host, “Cinema”/Newsday//Itamar Rabinovich, Israeli Ambassador to the U.S.
4410.       AIR DATE: 8/1/96 PROGRAM: KEATING / MTV’S 15TH ANNIVERSARY / MOORE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gov. Frank Keating, (R) Oklahoma//Tabitha Soren, Political Correspondent, MTV News/Tom Freston, Chairman & CEO, MTV Networks/Christopher John Farley, Time Magazine//Joe Dolce, Editor-in-Chief, Details Magazine/Brian Moore, Author, “The Statement” [Dutton]
4411.       AIR DATE: 7/31/96 PROGRAM: WELFARE / DEVITO GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: George Stephanopoulos, Special Adviser to the President//Ed Koch, (D) Former Mayor, City of New York/Robert Woodson, Sr. , National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise/Jason DeParle, The New York Times//Danny DeVito, Actor/Fimmaker, Matilda
4412.       AIR DATE: 7/30/96 PROGRAM: TERRORISM / SPIEGELMAN / CARTER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: GUEST HOST: Stanley Crouch, Daily News//A.M. Rosenthal, The New York Times/Nadine Strossen, American Civil Liberties Union/Brent Scowcroft, Former National Security Advisor/William Webster, Former F.B.I. Director//Art Spiegelman, Artist, “Maus”// James Carter, Jazz Saxophonist
4413.       AIR DATE: 7/29/96 PROGRAM: TOM FRIEDMAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tom Friedman, The New York Times
4414.       AIR DATE: 7/26/96 PROGRAM: CISNEROS / PUZO / NIEPORENT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Henry Cisneros, H.U.D. Secretary//Mario Puzo, Screenwriter, Author, “The Last Don” [Random House]//Drew Nieporent, Restaurateur
4415.       AIR DATE: 7/25/96 PROGRAM: DASCHLE / MOUSSA / GARDINER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. Thomas Daschle, (D) South Dakota/Senate Minority Leader //Amre Moussa, Foreign Minister, Egypt//John Eliot Gardiner, Conductor
4416.       AIR DATE: 7/24/96 PROGRAM: THE ROLE OF GOVERNMENT / GERGIEV GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jacob Weisberg, New York Magazine/Author, “In Defense of Government” [Scribner]/David Frum, Mahattan Institute/Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, (D) New York//Valery Gergiev, Artistic Director, Kirov Opera/Conductor
4417.       AIR DATE: 7/23/96 PROGRAM: DOLE V.P. LIST / REYNA / “THE END OF SCIENCE” / MIXNER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John Cochran, ABC News Correspondent//Leonel Fernandez Reyna, President, Dominican Republic//John Horgan, Scientitfic American/Author, “The End of Science”[Addison-Wesley]/Michael Lemonick, Time Magazine/Dr. Jeremiah P. Ostriker, Provost, Princeton University/Professor, Astophysical Sciences//David Mixner, Author, “Stranger Among Friends” [Bantam]
4418.       AIR DATE: 7/22/96 PROGRAM: KLEIN / SCHUMACHER / OLYMPIC TRAINING GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Joe Klein, Newsweek/Author, “Primary Colors” [Random House]// Joel Schumacher, Director, A Time to Kill”//Dr. Thomas Burke, Hunter College/American College of Sports Medicine/Dr. Lisa Callahan, Medical Director, Women’s Sports Medicine Program, Hospital for Special Surgery/Adam Rogers, Newsweek/Dr. Thomas Wickiewicz, Chief of Sports Medicine, Hospital for Special Surgery
4419.       AIR DATE: 7/19/96 PROGRAM: MOLINARI / MATALIN / MELLENCAMP GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Susan Molinari, (R) New York /Mary Matalin, Co-Host, “Equal Time”/CNBC//John Mellencamp, Singer/Songwriter
4420.       AIR DATE: 7/18/96 PROGRAM: GIULIANI / TWA FLIGHT 800 CRASH / DYSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mayor Rudy Giuliani, (R) City of New York//Paul Bremer, Kissinger & Associates/Former Ambassador for Counterterrorism/Robert Machol, Former Chief Scientist, FAA/Gideon Rose, Council on Foreign Relations/Roger Rosenblatt*, Journalist//Ester Dyson, Editor/Publisher, Release 1.0/Chairman, Electronic Frontier Foundation/WWW.EDventure.Com
4421.       AIR DATE: 7/17/96 PROGRAM: “PRIMARY COLORS” / LAMM / RATHER ON CASTRO GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Smith, Editor-in-Chief, Newsweek/Edward Kosner, Editor-in-Chief, Esquire/Ken Auletta, The New Yorker/Kurt Andersen, Editor-in-Chief, New York Magazine//Richard Lamm, Former Governor, Colorado//Dan Rather, CBS News
4422.       AIR DATE: 7/16/96 PROGRAM: RUSSIA - YELTSIN’S HEALTH / PRICE / MSNBC / CHANCELLOR OBIT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Remnick, The New Yorker/Andrew Nagorski, Newsweek// Michael Price, President, Mutual Series Fund, Inc./Mutual Fund Manager//Andy Lack, President, NBC News/Tom Brokaw, NBC News/ (John Chancellor, NBC News, 1927-1996)
4423.       AIR DATE: 7/15/96 PROGRAM: DOLE POLITICS / TRAINSPOTTING / WASHINGTON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Arianna Huffington, Center for Effective Compassion/Lawrence O’Donnell, Former Democratic Campaign Strategist/William Kristol, Editor, The Weekly Standard//Danny Boyle, Director, Trainspotting/John Hodge, Screenwriter, Trainspotting/ Andrew Macdonald, Producer, Trainspotting//MaliVai Washington, 1996 Wimbledon Finalist/ Tennis Player
4424.       AIR DATE: 7/12/96 PROGRAM: AIDS CONFERENCE / PEROT / BAKER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Larry Kramer, Author/Playwright/Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director, National Institutes of Health/Dr. William Paul, Director, National Institutes of Heath, Office of Aids Research//Jonathan Alter, Newsweek/ Stuart Rothenberg, The Rothenberg Political Report//Rick Baker, Make-Up Aritist/3-Time Academy Award Winner
4425.       AIR DATE: 7/11/96 PROGRAM: NETANYAHU / SUMMER BOOKS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister, Israel//Paul Gray, Time Magazine/Sybil Steinberg, Publisher’s Weekly/David Gates, Newsweek
4426.       AIR DATE: 3/25/96 REPEATED DATE: 7/10/96 PROGRAM: WILSON / BARTOLI GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: August Wilson, Playwright, Seven Guitars//Cecila Bartoli, Mezzo-Soprano, “Great Performances:La Cenerentola”
4427.       AIR DATE: 7/9/96 PROGRAM: CHER / KEATON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Cher, Singer/Actress//Michael Keaton, Actor, Multiplicity
4428.       AIR DATE: 7/8/96 PROGRAM: PHILIP JOHNSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Philip Johnson, Architect
4429.       AIR DATE: 7/5/96 PROGRAM: FRADY / TRILLINS / SORENSEN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Marshall Frady, Journalist/Author, “Jesse: The Life and Pilgrimage of Jesse Jackson” [Random House]//Calvin Trillin, Author, “Messages From My Father” [Farrar -Straus-Giroux]/Alice Trillin, Author, “Dear Bruno” [The New Press]//Ted Sorensen, Policy Advisor to President Kennedy/Author, “Why I Am a Democrat” [Henry Holt & Sons]
4430.       AIR DATE: 7/4/96 PROGRAM: THE GODFATHER - DUVALL / CAAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Robert Duvall, Actor, A Family Thing/James Caan, Actor, Eraser
4431.       AIR DATE: 7/3/96 PROGRAM: RUSSIA ELECTIONS / BRAIN TRAUMA / GREENSPAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Satter, Johns Hopkins University/Jamestown Foundation/ Michael Elliot, Newsweek/Peter Reddaway, George Washington University/Stephen Cohen*, CBS News/Princeton University//Dr. Jam Ghajar, New York Hospital Cornell Medical Center /Jamaica Hospital/Malcolm Gladwell, The New Yorker//Bud Greenspan, Olympic Cinematographer, “America’s Greatest Olympians” [TBS]
4432.       AIR DATE: 7/2/96 PROGRAM: DOLE & TOBACCO / A DELICATE BALANCE / HEWITT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jonathan Alter, Newsweek/Tim Russert, NBC News//George Grizzard, Actor, A Delicate Balance/Edward Albee, Playwright, A Delicate Balance//Hugh Hewitt, Author, “Searching for God in America” [Word Publishing]
4433.       AIR DATE: 7/1/96 PROGRAM: “UNLIMITED ACCESS” / WHITTLE / SAPPHIRE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ed Rollins, Republican Strategist/John Fund, The Wall Street Journal/James Carville, Democratic Strategist/Tony Coehlo, Former Chairman, Democratic National Committee//Christopher Whittle, Founder/Partner, The Edison Project//Sapphire, Author/Poet, “Push” [Knopf]
4434.       AIR DATE: 6/28/96 PROGRAM: SANDEL / HARRELSON / FRASER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Sandel, Author, “Democracy’s Discontent”[Harvard University Press]/Alan Brinkley, Columbia University/Eric Alterman, The Nation/R.W. Apple Jr., The New York Times// Woody Harrelson, Actor, Kingpin//Flora Fraser, Author/Historian, “The Unruly Queen” [Knopf]
4435.       AIR DATE: 6/27/96 PROGRAM: SLATE MAGAZINE / KING / BROWN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Kinsley, Editor, Slate Magazine//Alan King, Actor/ Comedian/book: “Name-Dropping” [Scribner]//J. Carter Brown, Director Emeritus, The National Gallery of Art/Chairman, Ovation-The Arts Network
4436.       AIR DATE: 6/26/96 PROGRAM: SAUDI ARABIA BOMBING / GURRIA / LONE STAR GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Judith Miller, The New York Times/Richard Murphy, Former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia/Council on Foreign Relations/Lawrence S. Eagleburger, Former Secretary of State/Adel Al-Jubeir, Spokesman, Saudi Arabian Embassy//Angel Gurria, Foreign Minister of Mexico//John Sayles, Filmmaker/Director, Lone Star/Chris Cooper, Actor, Lone Star /Joe Morton, Actor, Lone Star
4437.       AIR DATE: 6/25/96 PROGRAM: VICTIM’S RIGHTS / MURROW BOYS / A PERFECT CANDIDATE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gerald Lefcourt, Attorney/Laurence H. Tribe, Harvard University// Stanley Cloud, Author/Former Washington Bureau Chief, Time Magazine/Lynne Olson, Author /American University/Richard Hottelet, Former Correspondent, CBS News/Robert Trout, Broadcast Journalist//R.J. Cutler, Director/Producer, A Perfect Candidate/David Van Taylor, Director/Producer, A Perfect Candidate/Mark Goodin, Political Strategist
4438.       AIR DATE: 02/16/96 REPEATED DATE: 6/24/96 PROGRAM: LETTERMAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Letterman, The Late Show
4439.       AIR DATE: 6/21/96 PROGRAM: HELPRIN / VANDERBILT / O’NEIL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mark Helprin, Adviser/Speechwriter for Bob Dole/Author//Gloria Vanderbilt, Author, “A Mother’s Story”[Knopf]//Buck O’Neil, Former Negro League Baseball Player/book: “I Was Right on Time” [Simon & Schuster]
4440.       AIR DATE: 6/20/96 PROGRAM: FILEGATE / CHURCH BURNINGS / ROBERTS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Isikoff, Newsweek/John Harris, The Washington Post//Rev. Jesse Jackson, National Rainbow Coalition/Rev. Gardner Taylor, Preacher/Rep. John Conyers, (D) Michigan/House Judiciary Committee//Marcus Roberts, Pianist/2 CD’s “Time and Circumstance” [Columbia], “Portraits in Blue” [Sony Classical]/Jason Marasalis, Percussion/ David Grossman, Bass
4441.       AIR DATE: 6/19/96 PROGRAM: WHITEWATER / CAAN / KENNEDY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: James Stewart, Author, “Blood Sport” [Simon & Schuster]/Journalist //James Caan, Actor, Eraser//William Kennedy, Author, “The Flamming Corsage” [Viking]/ Playwright
4442.       AIR DATE: 6/18/96 PROGRAM: WHITEWATER VERDICTS / MCFADDEN / NBA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Chertoff, Majority Counsel, Senate Whitewater Committee //Richard Ben-Veniste, Minority Counsel, Senate Whitewater Committee//Cokie Roberts, ABC News/Tim Russert, NBC News//Cynthia McFadden, ABC News/“Primetime Live”, Judgement at Midnight//Peter Vecsey, NBC Sports/New York Post
4443.       AIR DATE: 6/17/96 PROGRAM: RUSSIAN ELECTIONS/ELLA FITZGERALD OBIT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dan Rather, CBS News//Stephen Cohen*, Princeton University/CBS News//David Remnick*, The New Yorker/Author, “Lenin’s Tomb”//Marshall Shulman, Columbia University/Steven Solnick, Columbia University/Stephen Sestanovich, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace/Peter Reddaway, George Washington University//Johnathan Schwartz, Radio Host, WQEW-AM (NY)/American Music Standards Authority/Tommy Flanagan, Pianist/Ella Fitzgerald Accompanist/(Ella Fitzgerald 1918-1996)
4444.       AIR DATE: 6/14/96 PROGRAM: TAX CUTS / GORDON / BERTOLUCCI GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Roger Altman, Former Deputy Secretary of the Treasury/Jack Kemp, Former HUD Secretary/Empower America//Mary Gordon, Author, “The Shadow Man: A Daughter’s Search for Her Father” [Random House]//Bernardo Bertolucci, Director, Stealing Beauty
4445.       AIR DATE: 6/13/96 PROGRAM: CHURCH BURNINGS / BRODER & JOHNSON / WERBACH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: A.M. Rosenthal, The New York Times/Deval Patrick, Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights//Haynes Johnson, Journalist/Author, “The System: The American Way of Politics at the Breaking Point” [Little, Brown]/David Broder, The Washington Post/book: “The System: The American Way of Politics at the Breaking Point” [Little, Brown]//Adam Werbach, President, Sierra Club
4446.       AIR DATE: 6/12/96 PROGRAM: G.O.P. & ABORTION / WICKER / STILLER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Arianna Huffington, Center for Effective Compassion/Laura Ingraham, Attorney//Tom Wicker, Former Columnist, The New York Times/Author, “Tragic Failure: Racial Integration in America” [William Morrow]//Ben Stiller, Director, The Cable Guy/Actor, Flirting With Disaster
4447.       AIR DATE: 6/11/96 PROGRAM: DOLE’S LAST DAY IN SENATE / KANTOR / FRANK ISRAEL OBIT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen.William Cohen, (R) Maine//Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, (D) New York//Al Hunt, The Wall Street Journal/Gloria Borger, U.S. News & World Report //Mickey Kantor, Secretary of Commerce//(Frank Israel, Architect)
4448.       AIR DATE: 6/10/96 PROGRAM: TIME MAGAZINE 25 MOST INFLUENTIAL / STATE OF BOXING / THE ROCK GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Walter Isaacson, Managing Editor, Time Magazine//Pete Hamill, Esquire/Journalist/Author/Seth Abraham, President & CEO, Time-Warner Sports//Jerry Bruckheimer, Producer, The Rock/Michael Bay, Director, The Rock
4449.       AIR DATE: 6/7/96 PROGRAM: KARAGANOV / TALBOTT / NYT PHOTOJOURNALISM GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sergei Karaganov, Advisor to Boris Yeltsin//Strobe Talbott, Deputy Secretary of State//Kathy Ryan, Photography Editor, The New York Times Magazine/Gilles Peress, Photographer//Jim Nachtwey, Photographer//Peter Galassi, Museum of Modern Art
4450.       AIR DATE: 6/6/96 PROGRAM: RUDMAN / SAID / JOSEPH MITCHELL OBIT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Warren Rudman, Former U.S. Senator (R-NH)/Concord Coalition/ book: “Combat: 12 Years in the U.S. Senate” [Random House]//Edward Said, Columbia University/Former Member, Palestine National Council//David Remnick, The New Yorker/Roger Angell, The New Yorker
4451.       AIR DATE: 6/5/ 96 PROGRAM: THUROW / TAYLOR / HART GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Lester Thurow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Economist/ book: “The Future of Capitalism” [William Morrow]//Rev. Gardner Taylor, Preacher//Gary Hart, Former U.S. Senator (D-CO)/Former Democratic Presidential Candidate/book: “The Patriot: An Exhortation to Liberate America from the Barbarians” [Free Press]
4452.       AIR DATE: 6/4/96 PROGRAM: TIANANMEN SQUARE / DUCHIN & MICHENER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Chai Ling, Tiananmen Square Organizer/James Lilley, Former U.S. Ambassador to China/American Enterprise Institute//Peter Duchin, Bandleader/Author, “Ghost of a Chance” [Random House]/Charles Michener, The New Yorker/Author, “Ghost of a Chance” [Random House]
4453.       AIR DATE: 6/3/96 PROGRAM: REED / RENT CAST & CREATORS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ralph Reed, Executive Director, Christian Coalition/book: “Active Faith” [Free Press]//Michael Greif, Director, Rent/Kevin McCollum, Producer, Rent/Adam Pascal, Actor, Rent/Daphne Rubin-Vega, Actor, Rent/Anthony Rapp, Actor, Rent
4454.       AIR DATE: 5/31/96 PROGRAM: TIANANMEN SQUARE ANNIVERSARY / BRAGA / TONY AWARD PREVIEW GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Carma Hinton, Producer, The Gate of Heavenly Peace [Frontline]/Li Lu, Tiananmen Square Organizer/Nicholas Platt, President, Asia Society//Sonia Braga, Actress, Two Deaths//John Lahr, The New Yorker/Theatre Critic
4455.       AIR DATE: 5/30/96 PROGRAM: ISRAELI ELECTIONS / KOPPEL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Thomas Friedman, The New York Times//Ted Koppel, ABC News/ book: “Nightline” [Random House]
4456.       AIR DATE: 5/29/96 PROGRAM: WHITEWATER / ISRAELI ELECTIONS / McNALLY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: James B. Stewart, Author, “Blood Sport”//Clyde Haberman, The New York Times/Amy Wilentz, The New Yorker/ Haim Shibi, Yediot Ahronoth, Israeli Journalist//Terrance McNally, Playwright, Master Class
4457.       AIR DATE: 5/28/96 PROGRAM: WHITEWATER / ECONOMY / ARCHER / ATKINS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: GUEST HOST: Mortimer Zuckerman, Editor-in-Chief, U.S. News & World Report//John Fund, The Wall Street Journal/Brian Duffy, U.S. News & World Report//Daniel Yankelovich, President, Public Agenda Foundation//Lord Jeffrey Archer, Author, “The Fourth Estate” [Harper Collins]//Chet Atkins, Musician/CD: “Almost Alone”
4458.       AIR DATE: 5/27/96 PROGRAM: SAGAN / SOLONDZ / SIMPSON TRIAL / McKINNEY-WHETSTONE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Carl Sagan, Astronomer/Author, “The Demon-Haunted World” [Random House]//Todd Solondz, Director, Welcome to the Dollhouse//Gerald Uelman, Santa Clara University School of Law/Author, “Lessons From the Trial” [Andrews and McMeel] //Diane McKinney-Whetstone, Author, “Tumbling” [William Morrow]
4459.       AIR DATE: 5/24/96 PROGRAM: DOLE CAMPAIGN / CANNES FILM FESTIVAL / ANDY WARHOL PANEL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. John McCain, (R) Arizona//Janet Maslin, The New York Times/David Ansen, Newsweek/Bingham Ray, October Films//Mary Harron, Director, I Shot Andy Warhol/John Cale, Musician/Robert Rosenblum, New York University
4460.       AIR DATE: 5/23/96 PROGRAM: COMPUTER SECURITY / KERR / CBS FALL SEASON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. Sam Nunn, (D) Georgia//Sir John Kerr, U.K. Ambassador to the U.S.//Leslie Moonves, President, CBS Entertainment/Executive Vice President, CBS, Inc.
4461.       AIR DATE: 5/22/96 PROGRAM: GOTCHA JOURNALISM / GILL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Nina Totenberg, ABC News/National Public Radio/Jonathan Alter, Newsweek/Lawrence O’Donnell, Former Senate Staffer/Kurt Andersen, Editor-in-Chief, New York Magazine/John R. MacArthur, Publisher, Harper’s Magazine//Brendan Gill, The New Yorker/books: “Late Bloomers” [Artisan] “Here at the New Yorker” [Random House]
4462.       AIR DATE: 5/21/96 PROGRAM: GAY RIGHTS / FUND / PROSTATE CANCER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Andrew Sullivan, Former Editor, The New Republic/Author/ Martin Duberman, Historian/Martin Coles, American Civil Liberties Union/Urvashi Vaid, Author//John Fund, The Wall Street Journal//Michael Korda, Editor-in-Chief, Simon & Schuster/Author, “Man to Man” [Random House]/Dr. William Fair, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
4463.       AIR DATE: 5/20/96 PROGRAM: FUJIMORI / RUSSIAN ELECTIONS / PULITZER AUTHORS / RICHARD CLURMAN OBIT. GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Alberto Fujimori, President, Peru//Michael Kramer, Time Magazine//Richard Ford, 1996 Pulitzer Prize Winner/Author, “Independence Day” [Vintage]/ Jack Miles, 1996 Pulitzer Prize Winner/Author, “God: A Biography” [Vintage]//Osborn Elliott, Former Editor-in-Chief, Newsweek/Chairman, Citizens Committee for New York City
4464.       AIR DATE: 5/17/96 PROGRAM: DODD on DOLE / JOURNALISTS on CLINTON / YOUNG FICTION WRITERS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. Christopher Dodd, (D) Connecticut/General Chairman, Democratic National Committee//Todd Purdam, The New York Times/E.J. Dionne, The Washington Post/The Brookings Institution//David Foster Wallace, Author, “Infinite Jest” [Little, Brown]/Mark Leyner, Author, “Tooth Imprints on a Corn Dog” [Vintage]/Jonathan Franzen, Author, “Strong Motion” [Norton]
4465.       AIR DATE: 5/16/96 PROGRAM: CHANGE IN AFRICA / GEORGE WASHINGTON / FAKE ART GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Robert Krueger, U.S. Ambassador to Burundi/Randall Robinson, President, TransAfrica Inc./Lansana Kouyate, United Nations Assistant Secretary-General// Richard Brookhiser, National Review/New York Observer/Author, “Founding Father” [Free Press]/ Thomas Hoving, President, Hoving Associates, Inc./Former Director, The Metropolitan Museum of Art/Author, “False Impressions” [Simon & Schuster]
4466.       AIR DATE: 5/15/96 PROGRAM: KEMP / DOLE RESIGNS FROM SENATE / REISER / STOUDAMIRE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jack Kemp, Former HUD Secretary/Empower America//Ed Rollins, Republican Political Strategist/Fred Barnes, Executive Editor, The Weekly Standard/Jacob Weisberg, New York Magazine//Paul Reiser, Comedian/Actor, “Mad About You”//Damon Stoudamire, Toronto Raptors/NBA Rookie of the Year
4467.       AIR DATE: 5/14/96 PROGRAM: DEATH ON MT. EVEREST / COSBY / MENDELSOHN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Swanson, President & CEO, Country Mark, Inc./Former President, Explorers Club/Lawrence Huntington, Chairman & CEO, Fiduciary Trust Company International/Mt. Everest Climber/Joe Blackburn, Adventure Photographer/Mountaineer//Bill Cosby, Actor/Comedian//Jane Mendelsohn, Author, “I Was Amelia Earhart” [Knopf]
4468.       AIR DATE: 5/13/96 PROGRAM: GRAVES / SINISE / POGREBIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Graves, Architect//Gary Sinise, Actor/Director, Buried Child//Letty Cottin Pogrebin, Ms. Magazine/Author, “Getting Over Getting Older”
4469.       AIR DATE: 5/10/96 PROGRAM: ROTBLAT / McINERNEY / RUSSELL / ADAMS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dr. Joseph Rotblat, Nuclear Physicist/1995 Nobel Peace Prize Winner//Jay McInerney, Author, “The Last of the Savages” [Knopf]//David O. Russell, Filmmaker, Flirting with Disaster//Noah Adams, National Public Radio/All Things Considered / Author, “Piano Lessons” [Delacorte Press]
4470.       AIR DATE: 5/9/96 PROGRAM: SACIRBEY / JARMUSCH / WINIK / KLEIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Muhamed Sacirbey, Bosnian Ambassador to the United Nations// Jim Jarmusch, Filmmaker, Dead Man//Jay Winik, University of Maryland/Author, “On the Brink: The Reagan Presidency” [Simon & Schuster]//William Klein, Photographer/book: “New York 1954.55” [Dewi Lewis Press]
4471.       AIR DATE: 5/8/96 PROGRAM: EMPLOYEE DOWNSIZING / CARRERAS / GOEBBELS BOOK GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Stephen Roach, Morgan Stanley & Co., Inc./Robert Reich, Secretary of Labor//José Carreras, Tenor/album: “Passion”//Eric Breindel, New York Post/Christopher Hitchens, Vanity Fair
4472.       AIR DATE: 5/7/96 PROGRAM: RUSSIAN ELECTIONS / COOKE / JONES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Stephen Cohen, Princeton University/CBS News/Prof. Steven Solnick, Columbia University/The Harriman Institute/Fareed Zakaria, Managing Editor, Foreign Affairs Magazine//Alistair Cooke, BBC/Author//George Jones, Singer/Songwriter/ book: “I Lived to Tell It All” [Villard]
4473.       AIR DATE: 5/6/96 PROGRAM: GAS PRICES / MILLER / INFORMATION SUPER HIGHWAY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Daniel Yergin, President, Cambridge Energy Research//Judith Miller, The New York Times/Author, “God Has Ninety-Nine Names” [Simon & Schuster]// James Barksdale, President & CEO, Netscape Communications Corp./James Moore, President, Geopartners Research, Inc./Author, “The Death of Competition” [HarperBusiness]
4474.       AIR DATE: 5/3/96 PROGRAM: DRUG CZAR / LANE / WRIGHT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gen. Barry McCaffrey, Director, Office of National Drug Control Policy//Nathan Lane, Actor, The Birdcage and Forum//Jim Wright, Former Speaker of the House / Texas Christian University/book: “Balance of Power” [Turner Books]
4476.       AIR DATE: 5/1/96 PROGRAM: GERE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Gere, Actor, Primal Fear
4477.       AIR DATE: 4/30/96 PROGRAM: FORBES / DUNNE / MOTLEY FOOLS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Steve Forbes, CEO, Forbes Inc./Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Magazine // Dominick Dunne, Vanity Fair/Author//David Gardner, The Motley Fool/Tom Gardner, The Motley Fool/book: “The Motley Fool Investment Guide” [Simon & Schuster]
4478.       AIR DATE: 4/29/96 PROGRAM: DOLE CAMPAIGN / McMILLAN / QUEENAN / WEISBACH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Stuart Stevens, Dole Campaign Advisor/Republican Strategist//Terry McMillan, Author, “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” [Viking]//Joe Queenan, Journalist/Author, “The Unkindest Cut” [Hyperion]//Rob Weisbach, Publisher
4479.       AIR DATE: 4/26/96 PROGRAM: QUAYLE / ROBERTS / TAYLOR GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dan Quayle, Former U.S. Vice President/book: “The American Family” [HarperCollins]//Brian Roberts, President, Comcast Corporation//Dr. Billy Taylor, Jazz Musician/Artisitic Director, Jazz for the Kennedy Center
4480.       AIR DATE: 4/25/96 PROGRAM: RABINOVICH on ISRAEL / MEHTA / FUCHS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Itamar Rabinovich, Israeli Ambassador to the United States// Zubin Mehta, Conductor/Israel Philharmonic Orchestera//Michael Fuchs, Former Chairman & CEO, HBO, Inc./Former Chairman & CEO, Warner Music Group
4481.       AIR DATE: 4/24/96 PROGRAM: HOLBROOKE on BOSNIA / JACQUELINE KENNEDY ONASSIS AUCTION / AX GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Holbrooke, Former Assistant Secretary of State/Vice Chairman, CS First Boston, Inc.//Robert Woolley, Artist/Auctioneer/Sotheby’s New York/ David Redden, Senior Vice President, Sotheby’s Worldwide/Marvin Shanken, Publisher/ Purchased Kennedy Humidor//Emmanuel Ax, Pianist
4482.       AIR DATE: 4/23/96 PROGRAM: INTEGRITY IN POLITICS / BUTLER / ESPIONAGE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Stephen Carter, Yale University/Author, “Integrity” [Basic Books]//Robert Wilson, Wilson Communications/(Editor of the) book: “Character Above All” [Simon & Schuster]/Peggy Noonan, Former Special Assistant to President Reagan/Author/ (Contributor to the) book: “Character Above All”/Hendrik Hertzberg, The New Yorker/ (Contributor to the) book: “Character Above All”//Brett Butler, Actor, “Grace Under Fire”/ book: “Knee Deep in Paradise” [Hyperion]//Rodney Barker, Author, “Dancing with the Devil” [Simon & Schuster]/David Whipple, Executive Director, Association of Former Intelligence Officers/Former Senior CIA Operations Officer
4483.       AIR DATE: 4/22/96 PROGRAM: BELL ATLANTIC/NYNEX MERGER / ELLISON / PIERSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Raymond Smith, Chairman & CEO, Bell Atlantic/Ivan Seidenberg, Chairman & CEO, Nynex//Lawrence Ellison, Founder & CEO, Oracle Corporation//John Pierson, Film Producer’s Representative/Grainy Pictures/book: “Spike, Mike, Slackers & Dykes” [Hyperion]
4484.       AIR DATE: 4/19/96 PROGRAM: HEANEY / SMITH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Seamus Heaney, Poet/Nobel Laureate/book: “The Spirit Level” [Farrar/Straus/Giroux]//Huston Smith, Religious Scholar/Author, “The World’s Religions”, “The Illustrated World’s Religions” [HarperCollins]
4485.       AIR DATE: 4/18/96 PROGRAM: SULLIVAN / HOPKINS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Andrew Sullivan, Editor, The New Republic/Author, “Virtually Normal” [Knopf]//Anthony Hopkins, Actor/Director, August
4486.       AIR DATE: 4/17/96 PROGRAM: BOSNIAN WIDOWS & ORPHANS / PELOSSOF / BRANCUSI EXHIBIT / WILSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Catherine O’Neill, Women’s Commission for Refugee Women and Children/Nancy Rubin, Women’s Commission for Refugee Women and Children/Jurate Kazickas, Journalist/Rose Styron, Poet/Human Rights Activist/Liv Ullman, Human Rights Activist//Noa Ben Artzi-Pelossof, Granddaughter of Yitzhak Rabin/book: “In the Name of Sorrow and Hope” [Knopf]//Kirk Varnadoe, Curator, Museum of Modern Art/Margit Rowell, Curator, Museum of Modern Art//Cassandra Wilson, Jazz Vocalist/Album, “New Moon Daughter”/Brandon Ross, Guitar/Lonnie Plexico, Bass/Jeff Haynes, Percussion
4487.       AIR DATE: 4/16/96 PROGRAM: CAMPAIGN ‘96 / DENEUVE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Reeves, Journalist/Author, “Running in Place”[Knopf]/ Paul Greenberg, The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/book: “No Surprises” [Brassy’s Press]/ Jonathan Alter, Newsweek/Mario Cuomo, Former Governor of New York//Catherine Deneuve, Actress, Ma Saison Preferee (My Favorite Season)
4488.       AIR DATE: 4/15/96 PROGRAM: KLUGER on TOBACCO / SHTETL / AFFIRMATIVE ACTION GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Kluger, Journalist/Author, “Ashes to Ashes” [Knopf]// Marian Marzynski, Documentary Filmmaker, Shtetl/Jack Rubin, Holocaust Survivor//Barbara Bergmann, American University/Author, “In Defense of Affirmative Action” [Basic Books]/ Terry Eastland, Editor, Forbes Mediacritic/Author, “Ending Affirmative Action” [Basic Books]
4489.       AIR DATE: 4/12/96 PROGRAM: GATES & WEST GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Henry Louis Gates, Harvard University/Author, “The Future of the Race” [Knopf]/Cornel West, Harvard University/Author, “The Future of the Race” [Knopf]
4490.       AIR DATE: 4/11/96 PROGRAM: GLOVER & WOLFE / SCHWARTZ / LEWIS / WASSERSTEIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS:Savion Glover, Danver/Choreographer, Bring in ‘Da Noise, Bring in ‘Da Funk/ George Wolfe, Director/Producer//Tony Schwartz, Author, “What Really Matters” [Bantam]//Loida Lewis, Chairman & CEO, TLC Baetrice International/book, “Why Should White Guys Have All the Fun?” by Reginald Lewis [Wiley & Sons]//Wendy Wasserstein, Playwright/book, “Pamela’s First Musical” [Hyperion]
4491.       AIR DATE: 4/10/96 PROGRAM: EDELMAN / GUCCIONE / JAMES ROUSE OBIT. GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Marian Wright Edelman, Children’s Defense Fund//Bob Guccione, Penthouse/general Media International//Paul Goldberger, The New York Times/Kurt Andersen, Editor-in-Chief, New York Magazine/Architecture Critic
4492.       AIR DATE: 4/09/96 PROGRAM: POLITICS OF 1996 / PULITZER WINNERS / UPDIKE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Elizabeth Drew, Journalist/Author, “Showdown” [Simon & Schuster]/John Fund, The Wall Street Journal/William Kristol, Editor, The Weekly Standard/ Howard Fineman, Newsweek//Rick Bragg, The New York Times/1996 Pulitzer Prize Winner// John Updike, Author, “In the Beauty of the Lillies” [Knopf]
4493.       AIR DATE: 4/08/96 PROGRAM: SCHECK / JOSEF STALIN PANEL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Barry Scheck, Defense Attorney/Cardozo School of Law//Edvard Radzinsky, Author, “Stalin” [Doubleday]/Robert C. Tucker, Princeton University/Author, “Stalin as Revolutionary”, “Stalion in Power” [Norton]/Stephen Cohen, CBS News/Princeton University
4494.       AIR DATE: 4/5/96 PROGRAM: GOLDHAGEN / SMITH / GRANT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS:Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, Harvard University/Author, “Hitler’s Willing Executioners” [Knopf]//Howard K. Smith, Former Broadcast Journalist/Author: “Events Leading Up to My Death” [St. Martin’s Press]//Richard E. Grant, Actor, Jack & Sarah
4495.       AIR DATE: 4/4/96 PROGRAM: UNABOMBER SUSPECT / MAHER / ZEFFIRELLI GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: James Gleick, The New York Times/John Douglas, Fomer F.B.I. Agent/Serial Crime Expert/book: “Mind Hunter” [Scribner’s]/Elaine Shannon, TimeMagazine// Bill Maher, Politcally Incorrect//Franco Zeffirelli, Director, Jane Eyre
4496.       AIR DATE: 4/3/96 PROGRAM: RON BROWN OBIT. / DUVALL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Steven V. Roberts, U.S. News & World report/Tony Coelho, Senior White House Adviser/David Dinkins, Former Mayor, City of New York/Clifford Alexander, Former Secretary of the Army//Robert Duvall, Actor, A Family Thing
4497.       AIR DATE: 4/2/96 PROGRAM: WHITEWATER / DINES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Joe Conason, The New York Observer/John Fund, The Wall Street Journal/Anthony Lewis, The New York Times/James Stewart, Journalist//James Dine, Artist/Nancy Dine, Filmmaker, Jim Dine: A Self-Portrait on the Walls
4498.       AIR DATE: 4/1/96 PROGRAM: JESUS / KROFT on SIMPSON JUROR TAMPERING / CELLULOID CLOSET GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dr. Peter CarnleyArchbishop of Perth, Australia/Rev. J. Philip Wogaman, Foundry United Methodist Church/Kenneth Woodward, Newsweek//Steve Kroft, CBS News//Howard Rosenman, Executive Producer, The Celluloid Closet/Jeffrey Friedman, Filmmaker
4499.       AIR DATE: 3/29/96 PROGRAM: NCAA FINAL FOUR PREVIEW / KRZYZEWSKI in North Carolina / BOEHEIM GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Billy Packer, CBS Sports//Mike Krzyzewski, Duke Basketball Coach//Jim Boeheim, Syracuse Basketball Coach
4500.       AIR DATE: 3/28/96 PROGRAM: SCHROEDER on LATE TERM ABORTIONS / HOPPER / SINGER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Rep. Pat Schroeder, (D) Colorado//Dennis Hopper, Actor, Carried Away//Bryan Singer, Director, The Usual Suspects
4501.       AIR DATE: 3/27/96 PROGRAM: DARDEN / GAY MARRIAGE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Christopher Darden, Former Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney/Former Los Angeles Prosecutor/Author, “In Contempt” [ReganBooks]//Andrew Sullivan, Editor, The New Republic/Evan Wolfson, Attorney/Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund/Bob Knight, Family Research Council/Robert George, Princeton University
4502.       AIR DATE: 3/26/96 PROGRAM: HYUKATAKE COMET / PALMINTERI / CASA DRUG STUDY / CARLIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Lemonick, Time Magazine/Dr. Neil deGrass Tyson, Astrophysicist/Hayden Planetarium/Prof. Joe Patterson, Astronomer/Columbia University// Chazz Palminteri, Actor/Screenwriter, Diabolique/Playwright//Joseph Califano, President, Center for Addiction & Substance Abuse/Former Secretary of Health, Education & Welfare/ Charle J. Hynes, Brooklyn District Attorney/Dr. Margaret Hamburg, Health Commissioner, City of New York//George Carlin, Comedian, “George Carlin’s Back in Town”
4503.       AIR DATE: 3/25/96 PROGRAM: WILSON / BARTOLI GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: August Wilson, Playwright, “Seven Guitars”//Cecila Bartoli, Mezzo-Soprano, “Great Performances: La Cenerentola”
4504.       AIR DATE: 03/22/96 PROGRAM: STEWART / MILLER / BROWN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: James Stewart, Journalist/Author, “Blood Sport” [Simon & Schuster]//Rebecca Miller, Director/Screenwriter, Angela//Ruth Brown, Rhythm & Blues Singer/book, “Miss Rhythm” [Donald I. Fine Books]
4505.       AIR DATE: 03/21/96 PROGRAM: HUME / COEN BROS. & McDORMAND / DeCARAVA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John Hume, President, Social Democratic and Labour Party [Ireland], book: “A New Ireland” [Roberts Rinehart]//Joel Coen, Filmmaker, Fargo/Ethan Coen, Filmmaker, Fargo/Frances McDormand, Actor, Fargo//Roy DeCarava, Photographer, book: “Retrospective” [MoMA Publishers]
4506.       AIR DATE: 03/20/96 PROGRAM: DOLE CANDIDACY / LEE / KOOLHAAS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: William Kristol, Editor, The Weekly Standard/Ed Rollins, Republican Political Strategist//Spike Lee, Filmmaker, Girl 6//Rem Koolhaas, Architect, book: “S, M, L, XL”
4507.       AIR DATE: 03/19/96 PROGRAM: DURNING / ABSTRACTION EXHIBIT / JOSEPH BRODSKY TRIBUTE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Charles Durning, Actor, “Inherit the Wind”//Mark Stevens, New York Magazine/Art Critic/Mark Rosenthal, Curator [Guggenheim], book: “Abstaction in the 20th Century”/Frank Stella, Artist//Thomas Venclova, Poet, Yale University/Mark Strand, Former Poet Laureate/Anthony Hecht, Poet
4508.       AIR DATE: 03/18/96 PROGRAM: ARMEY / PAGE / PUCCI GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Rep. Dick Armey, House Majority Leader/(R) Texas/book: “The Flat Tax” [Fawcett Columbine]//Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune/Author, “Showing My Color” [HarperCollins]//Idanna Pucci, Author, “The Trials of Maria Barbella” [Four Walls Eight Windows Publishers]
4509.       AIR DATE: 03/15/96 PROGRAM: McKELLEN / EYRE / HAGEN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sir Ian McKellen, Actor, Richard III (orig. air: 1/5/96)// Richard Eyre, Director, Royal National Theatre, play: “Racing Demon” (orig. air: 11/16/95)//Uta Hagen, Actress, Mrs. Klein (orig. air: 11/28/95)
4510.       AIR DATE: 03/14/96 PROGRAM: PHILBIN / CALLOW GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Regis Philbin, Host, Live With Regis and Kathie Lee, book: “I’m Only One Man” [Hyperion] (orig. air: 1/10/96) // Simon Callow, Actor/Author, “Orson Welles: The Road to Xanadu” [Viking Press] (orig. air: 2/6/96)
4511.       AIR DATE: 03/13/96 PROGRAM: AMBROSE / MOORE / DYSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Stephen Ambrose, Author, “Undaunted Courage” [Simon & Schuster] (orig. air: 2/23/96)// Susanna Moore, Author, “In the Cut” [Knopf] (orig. air: 11/30/95)// Michael Eric Dyson, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill/Author, “Between God and Gangsta Rap” [Oxford University Press] (orig. air: 1/11/96)
4512.       AIR DATE: 03/12/96 PROGRAM: CALDWELL / FOSTER & KASSOVITZ GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Zoe Caldwell, Actor/Director, Master Class (orig air: 1/31/96)// Jodie Foster, Actor/Director/Mathieu Kassovitz, Actor/Director, La Haine [a.k.a. Hate] (orig air: 1/26/96)
4513.       AIR DATE: 03/11/96 PROGRAM: CRAMER / DONALD / GOODWIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Ben Cramer, Author, “Bob Dole” [Vintage Paperbacks] (orig. air: 11/20/95)// David Herbert Donald, Harvard University/Author, “Lincoln” [Simon & Schuster] (orig. air: 11/1/95)// Doris Kearns Goodwin, Historian, “No Ordinary Time” (orig. air: 12/4/95)
4514.       AIR DATE: 3/08/96 PROGRAM: ROBBINS / PREJEAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tim Robbins, Actor/Director, Dead Man Walking (orig. air: 2/8/96)//Sr. Helen Prejean, C.S.J., Author, “Dead Man Walking” [Vintage] (new)
4515.       AIR DATE: 3/07/96 PROGRAM: SPACEY / BYRNE / WHITAKER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Kevin Spacey, Actor (Academy Award Nom. for The Usual Suspects) (orig. air: 3/1/96)// Gabriel Byrne, Actor, The Usual Suspects, book: “Pictures in My Head” [Roberts Rinehart] (10/27/95)// Forest Whitaker, Actor/Director, Waiting to Exhale (orig. air: 1/3/96)
4516.       AIR DATE: 01/18/96 REPEATED : 03/06/96 PROGRAM: RUSHDIE / GOULD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Salman Rushdie, Author, “The Moor’s Last Sigh” [Pantheon]// Stephen Jay Gould, Evolutionary Biologist/Harvard University/Author, “Dinosaur in a Haystack” [Harmony Books]
4517.       AIR DATE: 3/05/96 PROGRAM: MAASS / QUINLAN / THOMAS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Peter Maass, The Washington Post/Author, “Love Thy Neighbor” [Knopf]//Kathleen Quinlan, Actress [Academy Award Nom. for Apollo 13]//Michael Tilson Thomas, Music Director, San Francisco Symphony/Founder, New World Symphony
4518.       AIR DATE: 3/04/96 PROGRAM: ISRAEL BOMBING / MOBIUS / HAMLISCH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mort Zuckerman, Editor-in-Chief, U.S. New & World Report// Steve Emerson, Journalist/Les Gelb, President, Council on Foreign Relations/Gad Yaacobi, Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations//Mark Mobius, Investor/Templeton Emerging Market Funds, Inc.//Marvin Hamlisch, Composer/Conductor
4519.       AIR DATE: 3/1/96 PROGRAM: SPACEY / KINCAID GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Kevin Spacey, Actor (Academy Award Nom. for The Usual Suspects)// Jamaica Kincaid, Author, “The Autobiography of My Mother” [Farrar Strauss Giroux]
4521.       AIR DATE: 2/28/96 PROGRAM: (ARIZONA PRIMARY) RUSSERT / KEMP & BENNETT / KRISTOL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tim Russert, NBC News//Jack Kemp, Former HUD Secretary/Empower America/William Bennett, Former Secretary of Education/Empower America//William Kristol, Editor, The Weekly Standard
4522.       AIR DATE: 2/27/96 PROGRAM: PICKERING / BRATTON / GRAMMY AWARDS PREVIEW GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Thomas Pickering, U.S. Ambassador to Russia//William Bratton, Police Commissioner, City of New York//Scott Poulson-Bryant, Vibe/Karen Schoemer, Newsweek/Neil Strauss, The New York Times
4523.       AIR DATE: 2/26/96 PROGRAM: CUBA SHOOTS DOWN PLANES / REED / LORD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Les Gelb, President, Council on Foreign Relations/Pamela Falk, Caribbean Cultural Center/Bernard Aronson, Former Assistant Secretary of State for Interamerican Affairs//Ralph Reed, Executive Director, Christian Coalition//Bette Bao Lord, Chariwoman, Freedom House/Author, “The Middle Heart” [Knopf]
4524.       AIR DATE: 2/23/96 PROGRAM: RUDMAN / STOCK MARKET PANEL / AMBROSE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Warren Rudman, Former U.S. Senator/(R) New Hampshire/Richard Jenrette, Former Chairman, Equitable Companies Inc./Senior Advisor, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette/Byron Wein, Investment Strategist/Morgan Stanley//Stephen Ambrose, Author, “Undaunted Courage” [Simon & Schuster]
4525.       AIR DATE: 2/22/96 PROGRAM: PAT BUCHANAN PANEL / AIELLO / BUMILLER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Howard Kurtz, The Washington Post/book: “Hot Air” [Times Books]/Ben Wattenberg, American Enterprise Institute/Howard Fineman, Newsweek//Danny Aiello, Actor, City Hall//Elisabeth Bumiller, The New York Times/Author, “The Secrets of Mariko” [Times Books]
4526.       AIR DATE: 2/21/96 PROGRAM: COHEN / BRINKLEY / KENNEDY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. William Cohen, (R) Maine//Alan Brinkley, Historian/Columbia University//Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Natural Resources Defense Council
4527.       AIR DATE: 2/20/96 LIVE SHOW PROGRAM: NEW HAMPSHIRE PRIMARY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ed Rollins, Repulican Political Strategist/Arianna Huffington, Chair, The Center for Effective Compassion/Lawrence O’Donnell, Jr., Former Campaign Strategist/Former Senate Staffer/Walter Isaacson, Managing Editor, Time Magazine/Jonathan Alter, Senior Editor, Newsweek/Michael Duffy, Time Magazine/Laura Ingraham, Independent Women’s Forum/Roger Stone, Jr., Republican Political Strategist
4528.       AIR DATE: 2/19/96 PROGRAM: NAISBITT / BUCHANAN / BENNETT Part 2 / LIBERMAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John Naisbitt, Trend Forecaster/Author, “Megatrends Asia” [Simon & Schuster]//Edna Buchanan, Author, “Act of Betrayal” [Hyperion]//Tony Bennett, Singer// Alexander Liberman, Deputy Chairman, Condé Nast/Photographer/Artist/book: “Then”
4529.       AIR DATE: 2/16/96 PROGRAM: LETTERMAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Letterman, The Late Show
4530.       AIR DATE: 2/15/96 PROGRAM: ROHATYN / DEMME / MURRAY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Felix Rohatyn, Managing Director, Lazard Freres & Co. LLC// Ted Demme, Director, Beautiful Girls//Albert Murray, Author “The Blue Devils of Nada” and “The Seven League Boots” [Pantheon]
4531.       AIR DATE: 2/14/96 PROGRAM: JOAN COLLINS Vs. RANDOM HOUSE / CARTER / ORNISH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Lucianne Goldberg, Literary Agent/Ghost Writer/Judith Regan, President & Publisher, ReganBooks/Kristin Jeanette-Meyers, Court TV//Bill Carter, The New York Times/Author, “The Late Shift” [Hyperion]//Dr. Dean Ornish, President, Preventative Medicine Research Center/Author, “Everyday Cooking with Dr. Dean Ornish” [HarperCollins]
4532.       AIR DATE: 2/13/96 PROGRAM: IOWA CAUCUS R/T / DIONNE / OSCAR NOMINATIONS R/T / LOBO GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ed Rollins, Republican Political Strategist/John Sununu, Host, Crossfire/Former Governor, New Hampshire/Howard Baker, Former White House Chief of Staff/Former Senate Majority Leader//E.J. Dionne Jr., The Washington Post/Author, “They Only Look Dead” [Simon & Schuster]//Janet Maslin, The New York Times/David Denby, New York Magazine/Stephen Schiff, The New Yorker/National Public Radio//Rebecca Lobo, USA Women’s National Basketball Team
4533.       AIR DATE: 2/12/96 PROGRAM: ROTHWAX / REDGRAVES / STEIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Judge Harold J. Rothwax, New York State Supreme Court/book: “Guilty: The Collapse of Criminal Justice” [Random House]//Vanessa Redgrave, Actor/ Director/Corin Redgrave, Actor/Director//Donald G. Stein, Neuroscientist/Emory University/ book: “Brain Repair” [Oxford University Press]
4534.       AIR DATE: 2/9/96 PROGRAM: COOK/IOWA CAUCUS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Charles Cook, Editor, The Cook Political Report//Cokie Roberts, ABC News/National Public Radio/Richard Ben Cramer, Author/William Kristol, Editor, The Weekly Standard/Ed Rollins, Republican Political Strategist/Michael Kramer, Time Magazine
4535.       AIR DATE: 2/8/96 PROGRAM: ROBBINS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tim Robbins, Actor/Director, Dead Man Walking
4536.       AIR DATE: 2/7/96 PROGRAM: CHINA R/T / MITCHELL / HUNDT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: A.M. Rosenthal, The New York Times/Alice Young, Attorney/ James Lilley, Former Ambassador to China/American Enterprise Institute/Dr. Richard Solomon, Former Ambassador to the Phillipines/United States Institute of Peace//George Mitchell, International Body on Decommissioning of Arms in Northern Ireland/Former Senate Majority Leader (D-ME)//Reed Hundt, FCC Chairman
4537.       AIR DATE: 2/6/96 PROGRAM: RATHER / MARABLE / CALLOW GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dan Rather, CBS News/book: “Our Times” [Scribner]//Manning Marable, Columbia University/Author, “Beyond Black and White” [Verso Press]//Simon Callow, Actor/Author, “Orson Welles: The Road to Xanadu” [Viking Press]
4538.       AIR DATE: 2/5/96 PROGRAM: THOMAS & KRISTOL / TIME MAGAZINE R/T / INFECTIOUS DISEASES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: William Kristol, Editor, The Weekly Standard/Evan Thomas, Managing Editor, Newsweek//Richard Stengel, Time Magazine/Steve Wulf, Time Magazine/ Christine Gorman, Time Magazine/Walter Isaacson, Managing Editor, Time Magazine// Margaret Hamburg, M.D., New York City Health Commissioner/Dr. Joshua Lederberg, Nobel Laureate/Rockefeller University
4539.       AIR DATE: 2/2/96 PROGRAM: REPUBLICAN REVOLUTION / GURLEY BROWN / GENE KELLY OBIT. GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dan Balz, The Washington Post/Author, “Storming the Gates” [Little, Brown & Co.]/Richard Brownstein, Los Angeles Times/Author, “Storming the Gates” [Little, Brown & Co.]//Helen Gurley Brown, Editor in Chief, Cosmopolitan//Stephen Donen, Director
4540.       AIR DATE: 2/1/96 PROGRAM: DRUG POLICY REFORM / BROWN / BENNETT Part 1 GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mayor Brent Schundler, (R) Jersey City, New Jersey/Richard Price, Author/Screenwriter/Craig Horowitz, Contributing Editor, New York Magazine/Ethan Nadelman, Director, The Lindesmith Center//Larry Brown, Super Bowl XXX M.V.P./Dallas Cowboys// Tony Bennett, Singer, CD: “Here’s to the Ladies” [Columbia Records]
4541.       AIR DATE: 1/31/96 PROGRAM: “PRIMARY COLORS” / FOSTER & KASSOVITZ GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: book: “Primary Colors” by Anonymous [Knopf]/Eric Alterman, The Nation/Rolling Stone/Walter Shapiro, Time Magazine/Mandy Grunwald, Democratic Political Consultant/ David Maraniss, The Washington Post/Author// Jodie Foster, Actor/Director/ Mathieu Kassovitz, Actor/Director, La Haine [a.k.a. Hate]
4542.       AIR DATE: 1/30/96 PROGRAM: GORE & CHERNOMYRDIN / BRADLEY Part 2 / KRAKAUER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Al Gore, Vice President of the United States/Viktor Chernomyrdin, Prime Minister, Russia//Sen. Bill Bradley, (D) New Jersey/book: “Time Present, Time Past” [Knopf]//Jon Krakauer, Outside Magazine/Author, “Into the Wild” [Villard]
4543.       AIR DATE: 1/29/96 PROGRAM: NEW PLANETS / OWEN / WALKER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Lemonick, Time Magazine/Prof. David Helfand, Coulmbia University/Dr. Wesley T. Huntress, Jr., Office of Space Science, NASA//Lord David Owen, Former British Foreign Secretary/Former European Union Negotiator, Bosnia/book: “Balkan Odyssey” [Harcourt Brace]//Alice Walker, Author, “The Same River Twice” [Scribner]
4544.       AIR DATE: 1/26/96 PROGRAM: HILLARY CLINTON PANEL / CALDWELL / SUPER BOWL PREVIEW GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Ben-Veniste, Senate Whitewater Committee/Leonard Garment, Former White House Counsel//Zoe Caldwell, Actor/Director, [Play: Master Class]//Frank Gifford, ABC Sports/Ira Berkow, The New York Times
4545.       AIR DATE: 1/25/96 PROGRAM: BARAK / BRADLEY Part 1 GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ehud Barak, Foreign Minister, Israel//Sen. Bill Bradley, (D) New Jersey/ book: “Time Present, Time Past” [Knopf]
4546.       AIR DATE: 1/24/96 PROGRAM: ROSSETTO / STERN / FRANKEN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Louis Rossetto, Editor & Publisher, Wired Magazine/Co-Founder & CEO, Wired Ventures Ltd.//David Stern, N.B.A. Commissioner//Al Franken, Political Satirist/ Author, “Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot” [Dell Publishing]
4547.       AIR DATE: 1/23/96 PROGRAM: STATE OF THE UNION PANEL / MICHELANGELO DICOVERY / SHIMOMURA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Eric Foner, Columbia University/Laura Ingraham, Independent Women’s Forum/Attorney/Writer/Mark Green, New York City Public Advocate/(D) New York City/ Benjamin Barber, Rutgers University/E.J. Dionne, The Washington Post/Fred Barnes, Executive Editor, The Weekly Standard//Prof. Kathleen Weil-Garris Brandt, Art Historian/New York University//Tsutomu Shimomura, Computer Security Expert/book: “Takedown” [Hyperion]
4548.       AIR DATE: 1/22/96 PROGRAM: STEVE FORBES & FLAT TAX PANEL / FALLOWS / MEDIA PANEL / BETTMAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Walter Isaacson, Managing Editor, Time/Dan Goodgame, Washington D.C. Bureau Chief, Time/Mark Hosenball, Newsweek//James Fallows, The Atlantic Monthly/Author, “Breaking the News” [Pantheon]// Walter Isaacson, Managing Editor, Time/Jonathan Alter, Newsweek/ James Fallows, The Atlantic Monthly/Author, “Breaking the News” [Pantheon]/Michel McQueen, ABC News//Gary Bettman, N.H.L. Commissioner
4549.       AIR DATE: 1/19/96 PROGRAM: BURSTEIN /BACALL /AVEDON & WHITNEY /HAMILL /BARBARA JORDAN OBIT. GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Daniel Burstein, The Blackstone Group/Author, “Road Warriors” [Dutton]//Lauren Bacall, Actress, book: “Now” [Ballantine]//Richard Avedon, Photographer/ Helen Whitney, Producer/Director, American Masters: “Richard Avedon: Darkness and Light”//Pete Hamill, Esquire/Author, “Piecework” [Little, Brown & Co.] [Barbara Jordan, Former Congresswoman, (D) Texas, 1936-1996]
4550.       AIR DATE: 1/18/96 PROGRAM: RUSHDIE / GOULD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Salman Rushdie, Author, “The Moor’s Last Sigh” [Pantheon]// Stephen Jay Gould, Evolutionary Biologist/Harvard University/Author, “Dinosaur in a Haystack” Harmony]
4551.       AIR DATE: 1/17/96 PROGRAM: TAX REFORM-FORSTMANN / TAX REFORM-SUMMERS / IRAQ+5 GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ted Forstmann, Forstmann Little & Co.//Lawrence Summers, Deputy Secretary of the Treasury//Les Gelb, President, Council on Foreign Relations/Fouad Ajami, Johns Hopkins University/U.S. News & World Report/Rend Rahim Francke, Executive Director, Iraq Foundation
4552.       AIR DATE: 1/16/96 PROGRAM: AT&T LAYOFFS / LIPPER / ULLMAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Robert Reich, Secretary of Labor//Ken Lipper, Chairman, Lipper & Co./Producer, City Hall//Tracey Ullman, Comic Satirist/Actress, “Tracey Takes On...”
4553.       AIR DATE: 1/15/96 PROGRAM: MARTIN LUTHER KING & CIVIL RIGHTS / COVEY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jewell Jackson McCabe, Founder, National Coalition of 100 Black Women/Hugh Price, President, The National Urban League/Rev. Al Sharpton, President, National Action Network/Armstrong Williams, Columnist/Radio Talk Show Host//Stephen Covey, Founder & Chairman, Covey Leadership Center/Author, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”
4554.       AIR DATE: 1/12/96 PROGRAM: WHITEWATER-CHERTOFF/WHITEWATER PANEL/SCHLESINGER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Chertoff, Lead Counsel, Senate Whitewater Committee//Jacob Weisberg, New York Magazine/Evan Thomas, Newsweek/Mandy Grunwald, Democratic Political Consultant//John Schlesinger, Director, Eye For an Eye
4555.       AIR DATE: 1/11/96 PROGRAM: RUSSERT/DYSON/NEILL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tim Russert, Washington Bureau Chief, NBC News/Host, Meet The Press//Michael Eric Dyson, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill/Author, “Between God and Gangsta Rap” [Oxford University Press]//Sam Neill, Actor, Restoration
4556.       AIR DATE: 1/10/96 PROGRAM: TERRORISM IN ISRAEL/PHILBIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Judith Miller, Author/Paul Bremer, Managing Director, Kissinger Associates/Haim Shibi, Israeli Journalist/Yedioth Ahronoth//Regis Philbin, Host, Live With Regis and Kathie Lee, book: “I’m Only One Man” [Hyperion]
4557.       AIR DATE: 1/9/96 PROGRAM: CHINESE HUMAN RIGHTS/ISAACSON/FRANÇOIS MITTERAND OBIT. GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sidney Jones, Executive Director, Human Rights Watch, Asia/ David M. Lampton, President, The National Committee on U.S.-China Relations//Walter Isaacson, Managing Director, Time//Felix Rohatyn, Managing Director, Lazard Freres & Co. LLC
4558.       AIR DATE: 1/8/96 PROGRAM: PENN/O’BRIEN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sean Penn, Filmmaker, The Crossing Guard/Actor, Dead Man Walking//Conan O’Brien, Talk Show Host
4559.       AIR DATE: 1/5/96 PROGRAM: BUDGET IMPASSE/McKELLEN/RUSSIAN ELECTIONS/TRAVELGATE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Norman Ornstein, The American Enterprise Institute/Rep. Joe Scarborough, (R) Florida//Sir Ian McKellen, Actor, Richard III//Katrina vanden Heuvel, Editor, The Nation/Stephen Cohen, CBS NEws/Princeton University//Michael Isikoff, Newsweek
4560.       AIR DATE: 1/4/96 PROGRAM: GILLIAM/WAITING TO EXHALE/PIET MONDRIAN EXHIBIT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Terry Gilliam, Director, 12 Monkeys//Thelma Golden, Curator, The Whitney Museum of American Art/Jewell Jackson McCabe, Founder,National Coalition of 100 Black Women//John Elderfield, Chief Curator at Large, Museum of Modern Art/Joesph Masheck, Former Editor, Art Forum/Art Historian
4561.       AIR DATE: 1/3/96 PROGRAM: REPUBLICANS & WOMEN/MARTINS & WUORINEN/WHITAKER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tanya Melich, Author, “The Republican War Against Women” [Bantam]/Ariana Huffington, Chair, The Center for Effective Comparison//Peter Martins, Choreographer/Charles Wuorinen, Composer//Forest Whitaker, Actor/Director, Waiting to Exhale
4562.       AIR DATE: 1/2/96 PROGRAM: FORD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Harrison Ford, Actor, Sabrina
4563.       AIR DATE: 1/1/96 PROGRAM: STONE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Oliver Stone, Director, Nixon

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