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Guest ofCharlieRose. List. PBS & Bloomberg. 15. From 30 Dec 1999 to 01 Jan 1999.

3522.       AIR DATE: 12/29/99 PROGRAM: MCCULLOUGH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David McCullough. Historian, Author, “What If?” [G.P. Putnam’s Sons]; 1 Clip from “What if?” [History Channel]
3523.       AIR DATE: 12/28/99 PROGRAM: FORD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tom Ford, Creative Designer, Gucci, Designer; Footage from Gucci’s Spring 2000 Women’s and Men’s collection
3524.       AIR DATE: 12/27/99 PROGRAM: CENTURY PANEL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Henry Kissinger, Former Secretary o f State; William F. Buckley, Jr., Editor-at-Large, National Review; Walter Isaacson, Managing Editor, Time Magazine
3525.       AIR DATE: 12/24/99 PROGRAM: CHRISTMAS PANEL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Reynolds Price (via North Carolina), Author, “Three Gospels” [Scribner]; Rev. Gardner Taylor, Concord Baptist Church of Christ; Monsignor Lorenzo Albacete, Archdiocese of New York
3526.       AIR DATE: 12/23/99 PROGRAM: GLENN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John Glenn, Astronaut, (D) Former US Senator, Ohio, “John Glenn: A Memoir” [Bantam]
3527.       AIR DATE: 12/22/99 PROGRAM: WIESEL / ROBBINS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Elie Wiesel, Nobel Laureate, Author, “And the Sea is Never Full” [Knopf] /// Tim Robbins, Director, “Cradle Will Rock” [Touchstone Pictures]; Trailer from “Cradle Will Rock” [Touchstone Pictures]; 4 Clips from “Cradle Will Rock” [Touchstone Pictures]
3528.       AIR DATE: 12/21/99 PROGRAM: DEVITO / REM GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Danny DeVito, Actor, Producer; Career Montage; Clips from, “Man on the Moon” [Universal Pictures] /// Michael Stipe, Singer/Songwriter, REM; Mike Mills, Bassist, REM; Peter Buck, Guitarist, REM; Video Montage [Courtesy Warner Bros. Music]
3529.       AIR DATE: 12/20/99 PROGRAM: MILLENNIUM SPECIAL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: President Clinton (at the White House); Walter Isaacson; Various clips from 1999 CR shows
3530.       AIR DATE: 12/17/99 PROGRAM: MORISSETTE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Alanis Morissette, Singer/Songwriter; Video Montage; 2 Clips from “Alanis Morissette MTV Unpligged” [MTV]; “Alanis Morissette MTV Unplugged” [Maverick]; Live performance
3531.       AIR DATE: 12/16/99 PROGRAM: GARTH BROOKS (SPECIAL) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Garth Brooks, Musician
3532.       AIR DATE: 12/15/99 PROGRAM: BROKAW / GARWIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tom Brokaw, NBC News, Author; The Greatest Generation Speaks” [Random House]; Richard Garwin, Chairman, Arms Control Advisory Board, Council on Foreign Relations
3533.       AIR DATE: 12/14/99 PROGRAM: BILL BRADLEY / PETER MANDELSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bill Bradley, D- Former Senator, New Jersey, Presidential Candidate 2000 /// Peter Mandelson, British Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
3534.       AIR DATE: 12/13/99 PROGRAM: MCCAIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Senator John McCain, R- Arizona, Presidential Candidate 2000
3535.       AIR DATE: 12/10/99 PROGRAM: BLOBEL (from 10/19/99) / SEN (from 9/15/99) / TUTU (from 10/5/99) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gunter Blobel, Rockefeller University, Nobel Laureate; Slides /// Amartya Sen, Nobel Laureate- Economics/Author, “Development of Freedom” [Knopf] /// Desmond Tutu, Archbishop of Cape Town, South Africa, Nobel Laureate, Author, “No Future Witout Forgiveness” [Doubleday]; 1 Clip from CR interview, June 4, 1999 with F.W. de Klerk
3536.       AIR DATE: 12/9/99 PROGRAM: FRIEDMAN / ROBERTSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Thomas Friedman (via DC); The New York Times /// Lord George Robertson, Secretary-General, NATO
3537.       AIR DATE: 12/8/99 PROGRAM: ROTH / FIGIS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tim Roth, Actor, Director, “The War Zone” [Lot 47]; Career montage; 3 clips from “The War Zone” [Lot 47] /// Mike Figgis, Filmmaker, “Miss Julie” [MGM]; Career Montage; 3 clips from “Miss Julie” [MGM]
3538.       AIR DATE: 12/7/99 PROGRAM: RODGERS / HOLL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Rodgers, Architect, “Richard Rodgers: Complete Works” Volume One [Phaison]; 11 slides from various Rodgers buildings /// Steven Holl, Architect, Various slides from Holl buildings
3539.       AIR DATE: 12/6/99 PROGRAM: TORRE & MILKEN / WEAVER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Milken, CaPCURE, Milken Family Foundation; Joe Torre, Manager, New York Yankees; “The Taste for Living World Cookbook” [CaPCURE] /// Sigourney Weaver, Actor, “A Map of the World” [Overseas Films]; Career montage; 1 Trailer from “A Map of the World” [Overseas Films]; 3 clips from “A Map of the World” [Overseas Films]
3540.       AIR DATE: 12/3/99 PROGRAM: MYERS (from 6/8/99) / MCCOURT (from 9/21/99) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mike Myers, Actor /// Frank McCourt, Author “’Tis” [Scribner]
3541.       AIR DATE: 12/2/99 PROGRAM: SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHERS / BERKE (VIA DC) / R. KENNEDY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Neil Leifer, Photographer, “Walter Iooss: A Lifetime Shooting Sports & Beauty” [Graphics Inc.]; Walter Iooss, Photographer, “Walter Iooss: A Lifetime Shooting Sports & Beauty” [Graphics Inc.]; 20 photo slides from “Walter Iooss: A Lifetime Shooting Sports & Beauty” [Graphics Inc.] /// Richard Berke (VIA DC), New York Times /// Rory Kennedy, Filmmaker, “American Hollow” [HBO]; 4 clips from “American Hollow” [HBO]
3542.       AIR DATE: 12/1/99 PROGRAM: ALEC BALDWIN (from 8/23/99) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Alec Baldwin, Actor; Still from New York Magazine Cover story, “See Alec Run” [Nov. 24, 1997]; Career Montage; 2 Clips from “Outside Providence” [Miramax]
3543.       AIR DATE: 11/30/99 PROGRAM: CLARKE / FIENNES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Clarke, NSC Counter-Terrorism Advisor /// Ralph Fiennes, Actor, “The End of the Affair” [Columbia Pictures]; Ralph Fiennes, Actor, “Onegin” [Samuel Goldwyn Films]; 1 Trailer from “The End of the Affair” [Columbia Pictures]; 3 “The End of the Affair” [Columbia Pictures]; 2 Clips from “Onegin” [Samuel Goldwyn Films]
3544.       AIR DATE: 11/29/99 PROGRAM: MITCHELL / NEWTON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: George Mitchell, Former Senate Majority Leader, Mediator, Northern Ireland Peace Negotiations /// Helmut Newton, Photographer, “SUMO”; 12 Slides from “SUMO”
3545.       AIR DATE: 11/26/99 PROGRAM: LEIBOVITZ / AVEDON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Annie Leibovitz, Photographer, “Women” [Random House], “Photographs 1970-1990” [Harper Collins]; 15 Slides from “Women” [Random House]; 5 Slides from “Photographs 1970-1990” [Harper Collins] /// Richard Avedon, Photographer; 6 Slides from work soon to be published in the New Yorker
3546.       AIR DATE: 11/25/99 PROGRAM: CARON / CLYMAR / BYRNE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Glenn Gordon Caron, Creator, “Now and Again” [CBS], 2 Clips form “Now and Again” [CBS]; 1 Clip from “Moonlighting” [ABC Productions] /// Adam Clymar, New York Times, Author, “Edaward M. Kennedy” [William Morrow and Co.] /// Gabriel Byrne, Actor, “End of Days” [Universal Pictures]; Trailer from “End of Days” [Universal Pictures]; 1 Clip from “End of Days” [Universal Pictures]
3547.       AIR DATE: 11/24/99 PROGRAM: TORRICELLI / EMMOTT / TUMBLEWEEDS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. Robert Torricelli, (D) New Jersey, Author, “In Our Own Words: Extraordinary Speeches of the American Century” [Kodansha International] /// Bill Emmott, Editor, The Economist /// Janet McTeer, Actor, “Tumbleweeds” [Fine Line Features]; Gavine O’Connor, Director/Screenwriter, “Tumbleweeds” [Fine Line Features]; Trailer from “Tumbleweeds” [Fine Line Features]; 4 Clips from “Tumbleweeds” [Fine Line Features]
3548.       AIR DATE: 11/23/99 PROGRAM: BARSHEFSKY / SCHMIDT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ambassador Charlene Barshefsky, US Trade Representative (via Washington DC) /// Helmut Schmidt, Former Chancellor, West Germany
3549.       AIR DATE: 11/22/99 PROGRAM: BARAK / LIBERMAN OBIT. GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ehud Barak, Prime Minister, Israel (REMOTE) /// Alexander Liberman tribute; clips from CR appearance, 2/19/96 and 11/19/93; Alexander Liberman (b. 9/4/12 – 11/19/99)
3550.       AIR DATE: 11/19/99 PROGRAM: FAHMI / KALLSTROM / SOTHEBYS.AMAZON.COM / CATHEDRAL OF HOPE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Nabil Fahmi, Egyptian Ambassador to the US (via Washington DC) /// James Kallstrom, Former Assistant Director, FBI (via Willmington, DE) /// Jeff Bezos, CEO,; Diana Brooks, CEO, Sotheby’s Holdings /// Philip Johnson, Architect; Rev. Michael Piazza, Senior Pastor, Cathderal of Hope; Various mounted photographs of the Cathedral of Hope
3551.       AIR DATE: 11/18/99 PROGRAM: WILLS / BUFFETT / BOULEZ GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Garry Wills, Northwestern University, Author, “A Necessary Evil: A History of American Distrust of Government” [Simon & Schuster] /// Jimmy Buffet, Singer, Songwriter, “Buffett Live: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays” [Mailboat Records] /// Pierre Boulez, Composer, Conductor
3552.       AIR DATE: 11/17/99 PROGRAM: HOLBROOKE / DOGMA / J. WALKER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Holbrooke, US Ambassador to the UN /// Kevin Smith, Screenwriter, Director, “Dogma” [Lions Gate Films]; Chris Rock, Comedian, Actor, “Dogma” [Lions Gate Films]; Trailer from “Dogma” [Lions Gate Films]; 2 Clips from “Dogma” [Lions Gate Films] /// Jay Walker, Founder/Vice-Chairman,, Chairman, Walker Digital Corp.
3553.       AIR DATE: 11/16/99 PROGRAM: CRICHTON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Crichton, Author, “Timeline” [Knopf]
3554.       AIR DATE: 11/15/99 PROGRAM: BURTON / DEPP GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tim Burton, Director, “Sleepy Hollow” [Paramount Pictures]; Career montage; Trailer from “Sleepy Hollow” [Paramount Pictures]; 1 clip from “Ed Wood” [20th Century Fox] /// Johnny Depp, Actor, “Sleepy Hollow” [Paramount Pictures]; Career Montage; 3 clips from “Sleepy Hollow” [Paramount Pictures]
3555.       AIR DATE: 11/12/99 PROGRAM: MASLIN / KING GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Janet Maslin, The New York Times, Author, “The New York Times Guide to the 1,000 Best Movies Ever Made” [Times Books] /// Don King, Boxing Promoter
3556.       AIR DATE: 11/11/99 PROGRAM: GRUNWALD / BURNS / THE SIXTIES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Henry Grunwald, Former Editor-in-Chief, Time, Inc., Former US Ambassador to Austria, Author, “Twilight: Losing Sight, Gaining Insight” [Knopf] /// Ric Burns, Filmmaker, “New York: A Documentary Film” [Steeplechase Films/PBS]; “New York: An Illustrated History” [Knopf] /// Richard Avedon, Photographer, “The Sixties” [Random House]; Doon Arbus, Writer, “The Sixties” [Random House]
3557.       AIR DATE: 11/10/99 PROGRAM: LEVINSON / D. SMITH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Barry Levinson, Director, Producer, “Liberty Heights” [Warner Bros.]; Montage of “Diner,” “Avalon,” “Tin Men”; Trailer from “Liberty Heights” [Warner Bros.]; 3 clips from “Liberty Heights” [Warner Bros.] /// Dean Smith, Former Head Coach University of North Carolina, Author, “A Coach’s Life” [Random House]
3558.       AIR DATE: 11/9/99 PROGRAM: BOIES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Boies, Attorney, US Department of Justice
3559.       AIR DATE: 11/8/99 PROGRAM: MICROSOFT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Charles “Rick” Rule, Microsoft Consultant, Convington & Burling; Robert Herbold (Via Redmond, WA), Exec. VP, Microsoft /// Ken Auletta, The New Yorker /// Richard Blumenthal (Via Hartford, CT), Attorney Genreral, Connecticut; Jared Sandberg, Newsweek
3560.       AIR DATE: 11/5/99 PROGRAM: STREEP / FISCHER (From the Council on Foreign Relations) / BOYS DON’T CRY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Meryl Streep, Actor, “Music of the Heart” [Miramax]; Selected clips and trailer from “Music of the Heart” [Miramax] /// Joschka Fischer, Foreign Minister, Germany, Vice-Chancellor, Germany, from the Council on Foreign Relations /// Hilary Swank, Actor, “Boy’s Don’t Cry” [Fox Searchlight Pictures]; Kimberly Peirce, Director, “Boy’s Don’t Cry” [Fox Searchlight Pictures]; Trailer and 2 clips from “Boy’s Don’t Cry” [Fox Searchlight Pictures]
3561.       AIR DATE: 11/4/99 PROGRAM: GUMBEL / M. LEWIS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bryant Gumbel, Anchor, The Early Show [CBS] /// Michael Lewis, “The New New Thing” [W.W. Norton & Company]; 1 Clip from CR 6/6/99 with Jim Clark discussing Microsoft
3562.       AIR DATE: 11/3/99 PROGRAM: INTERVIEW’S 30TH ANNIVERSARY / “WAKE OF THE PERDIDO STAR” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David LaChapelle, Photographer; Ingrid Sischy, Editor in Chief, Interview; Jon Bon Jovi, Singer, Songwriter, Actor; Selected photos from David LaChapelle feature in Interview; Selected Interview covers /// Gene Hackman, Actor, Co-Author, “Wake of the Perdido Star” [Newmarket Press]; Daniel Lenihan, Underwater Archaeologist, Co-Author, “Wake of the Perdido Star” [Newmarket Press]
3563.       AIR DATE: 11/2/99 PROGRAM: MARIAH CAREY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mariah Carey, Singer, Songwriter, “Rainbow” [Columbia Records]; Clip from Music Video, “Heartbreaker”; selected clips from videos
3564.       AIR DATE: 11/1/99 PROGRAM: THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT / NY SENATE RACE / MACDONALD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Philip B. Kunhardt III, Author, “The American President” [Riverhead Books, a division of Penguin Putnam]; Hugh Sidey, Time Magazine /// Adam Nagourney, The New York Times /// Michael Patrick MacDonald, Author, “All Souls: A Family Story From Southie” [Beacon]
3565.       AIR DATE: 10/29/99 PROGRAM: EGYPTIAN ART (at the Met) / KRISTOFFERSON (at the Met) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dorothea Arnold, Curator, Metropolitan Museum of Art; Philippe de Montebello, Director, Metropolitan Museum of Art /// Kris Kristofferson, Musician
3566.       AIR DATE: 10/28/99 PROGRAM: J. CARTER / MALKOVICH (from 10/14/99) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jimmy Carter, Former US President, Author, “Sources of Strength” [Random House], Author, “Living Faith” [Random House] /// John Malkovich, Actor; Career Montage; Trailer from “Being John Malkovich” [USA Films]; 1 clip from ““Being John Malkovich” [USA Films]; 1 clip from “The Messanger” [Columbia Pictures]
3567.       AIR DATE: 10/27/99 PROGRAM: C. MATTHEWS / BASSETT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Chris Matthews, CNBC, Host, Hardball, Author, “Hardball” [Harper Collins] /// Angela Bassett, Actor, “Music of the Heart’ [Miramax]; Career Montage; Trailer and 1 Clip from “Music of the Heart” [Miramax]
3568.       AIR DATE: 10/26/99 PROGRAM: JAMISON / HAMILL / ALEXANDER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Kay Redfield Jamison, John Hopkins University, Author, “Night Falls Fast: Understanding Suicide” [Knopf] /// Pete Hamill, Author, “Diego Rivera” [Harry N. Abrams]; 9 Stills of Rivera’s work; 1 Photo of Rivera and Frieda Kaklo /// Adele Logan Alexander, George Washington University, Author, “Homelands and Waterways: The American Journey of the Bond Family, 1846-1926” [Pantheon Books]
3569.       AIR DATE: 10/25/99 PROGRAM: TUROW / EAMES EXHIBIT / THE TRUST GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Scott Turow, Author, “Personal Injuries: A Novel” [Farrar Straus & Giroux] /// Eames Demetrios, Director, The Eames Office; Elmer Bernstein, Composer; Ming Fung, Architect; Craig Hodgetts, Architect; 1 Clip from “901: After 45 Years of Working”; 2 Clips from Eames projects /// Susan Tift, Former Associate Editor, Time Magazine, Author, “The Trust: The Private and Powerful Family Behind the New York Times” [Little, Brown, and Company]; Alex Jones, Former Press Reporter, The New York Times, “The Trust: The Private and Powerful Family Behind the New York Times” [Little, Brown, and Company]
3570.       AIR DATE: 10/22/99 PROGRAM: BANDERAS / J. STEWART GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Antonio Banderas, Actor, Director, “Crazy In Alabama” [Columbia]; Career Montage; Trailer from “Crazy In Alabama” [Columbia]; 3 Clips from “Crazy In Alabama” [Columbia] /// James Stewart, Journalist, Author, “Blind Eye: How the Medical Establishment Let a Doctor Get Away With Murder” [Simon & Schuster]
3571.       AIR DATE: 10/21/99 PROGRAM: SANDY BERGER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sandy Berger, National Security Advisor (at the Council on Foreign Affairs)
3572.       AIR DATE: 10/20/99 PROGRAM: BERNERS-LEE / KINDNESS OF STRANGERS / KOCH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tim Berners-Lee, Director, World Wide Web Consortium, Author, “Weaving the Web: The Original Design and Ultimate Destiny of the World Wide Web by Its Inventor” [Harper San Francisco] /// Maro Chermayeff, Director/Producer, “Kindness of Strangers” [IWS Productions]; James Redford, Founder, James Redford Institute for Transplant Awareness, Executive Producer, “Kindness of Strangers” [IWS Productions]; 3 Clips from “Kindness of Strangers” /// Ed Koch, Former Mayor of New York City, Robinson Silverman Pearce, Author, “Giuliani: Nasty Man” [Barricade Books]
3573.       AIR DATE: 10/19/99 PROGRAM: BLOBEL / AMOS / M. STEWART GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gunter Blobel, Rockefeller University, Nobel Laureate; Slides /// Tori Amos, Singer; 1 Video Clip, “Bliss” /// Martha Stewart, Chairman, CEO, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
3574.       AIR DATE: 10/18/99 PROGRAM: FIORINA / ANTHONY / JONES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Carly Fiorina, President & CEO, Hewlett-Packard /// Marc Anthony, Singer; 1 Clip, Live, “My Baby, You” [Columbia Records]; 1 Clip, “Bringing Out The Dead” [Paramount]; B-Roll, Video, “I Need Know” [Columbia] /// Jerry Jones, Owner, Dallas Cowboys
3575.       AIR DATE: 10/15/99 PROGRAM: SCORSESE / JONES JR. GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Martin Scorsese, Director, “Bringing Out the Dead” [Paramount]; Trailer from “Bringing Out the Dead” [Paramount]; 2 Clips from “Bringing Out the Dead” [Paramount] /// Roy Jones Jr., Light Heavywieght Champion
3576.       AIR DATE: 10/14/99 PROGRAM: APPLE / HOLBROOKE / MALKOVICH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: R.W. Apple (via Washington DC), The New York Times /// Richard Holbrooke, US Representative to the UN /// John Malkovich, Actor; Career Montage; Trailer from “Being John Malkovich” [USA Films]; 1 clip from ““Being John Malkovich” [USA Films]; 1 clip from “The Messanger” [Columbia Pictures]
3577.       AIR DATE: 10/13/99 PROGRAM: ZAKARIA / GATES / STERN / CHAMBERLIN TRIBUTE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Fareed Zakaria, Managing Editor, Foreign Affairs; James Hoge, Editor, Foreign Affairs /// Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Harvard University, Author, “Wonders of the African World” [Knopf], Author, “Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African and African American Experience” [Basic Civitas, Perseus Book Group]; 2 clips from PBS documentary “Wonders of the African World”
3578.       AIR DATE: 10/12/99 PROGRAM: CAMPAIGN 2000 / FLEMING GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ronal Brownstein (via Washington DC), Los Angeles Times; Richard Berke (via Washington DC), New York Times; Joe Klein, The New Yorker /// Renee Fleming, Soprano; CD, “Renee Fleming; Strauss Heroines” [Decca]
3579.       AIR DATE: 10/11/99 PROGRAM: OLMERT / CRYSTAL / KOTOVA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ehud Olmert, Mayor of Jerusalem /// Dr. Ronald Crystal, Weill Medical College, Cornell University /// Nina Kotova, Cellist; CD: “Nina Kotova” [Phillips}
3580.       AIR DATE: 10/8/99 PROGRAM: VARMUS / SPORTSCENTURY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dr. Harold Varmus, Director, National Institute of Health /// David Halberstam, Author, “ESPN SportsCentury” [Hyperion], Author, “The Best American Sports Writing of the Century” [Houghton Mifflin]
3581.       AIR DATE: 10/7/99 PROGRAM: DUNNE/ SAID GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dominick Dunne, Vanity Fair, Author, “The Way We Live Then” [Crown]///Edward Said, Columbia Univeristy, Author, “Out of Place: A Memoir” [Alfred A. Knopf]
3582.       AIR DATE: 10/6/99 PROGRAM: LOCKHART/ ALTERMAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Joseph Lockhart, White House Press Secretary (VIA DC)///Eric Alterman, The Nation, Author, “It Ain’t No Sin To Be Glad You’re Alive: The Promise of Bruce Springsteen” [Little, Brown]
3583.       AIR DATE: 10/5/99 PROGRAM: TUTU/ JOY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Desmond Tutu, Archbishop of Cape Town, South Africa, Nobel Laureate, Author, “No Future Witout Forgiveness” [Doubleday]; 1 Clip from CR interview, June 4, 1999 with F.W. de Klerk///Bill Joy, Chief Scientist, Sun Microsystems
3584.       AIR DATE: 10/4/99 PROGRAM: MARANISS/ SCHRAGER/ HAMILTON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Maraniss, The Washington Post, Author, “When Pride Still Mattered: A Life of Vince Lombardi” [Simon & Schuster]///Ian Schrager, Chairman, Ian Schrager Hotels///Ann Hamilton, Artist; 1 Clip, Footage from project for the Venice Biennale, “Myein”; 4 Slides from Biennale
3585.       AIR DATE: 10/1/99 PROGRAM: EDMUND MORRIS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Edmund Morris, Author, “Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan” [Random House]
3586.       AIR DATE: 9/30/99 PROGRAM: KEVIN SPACEY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Kevin Spacey, Actor, “American Beauty” [Dream Works]; Career Montage; 4 Clips from “American Beauty” [Dream Works]
3587.       AIR DATE: 9/29/99 PROGRAM: CONTROVERSIAL ART- BAM/ VIENNNA PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Edward Koch, Former Mayor, New York City, Robinson, Silverman, Pearce; Bill Donahue, President, Catholic League; Michael Kimmelman, New York Times; Floyd Abrams, First Amendment Attorney///Lorin Maazel, Conductor, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra; Clemens Hellsberg, President, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
3588.       AIR DATE: 9/28/99 PROGRAM: WIEN/ANDREW/SIMON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Byron Wien, Director of Investment Strategy, Morgan Stanley- Dean Witter///Christopher Andrew, Cambridge University, Author, “The Sword and the Shield: The Mitrokhin Archive and the Secret History of the KGB” [Basic Books]///Neil Simon, Playwright, Author, “The Play Goes On” [Simon and Schuster]
3589.       AIR DATE: 9/27/99 PROGRAM: MOHAMAD/TORRE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister, Malaysia, Author, “A New Deal for Asia” [Pelanduk Publications, Kuala Lumpur]///Joe Torre, Manager, New York Yankees, Author, “Joe Torre's Ground Rules for Winners” [Hyperion]
3590.       AIR DATE: 9/24/99 PROGRAM: DAVE MATTHEWS (from 9/16/99) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dave Matthews, Singer/Songwriter, Member of the Dave Matthews Band; Music Video Montage [RCA Records]; Excerpt from “Memory Motel” [Virgin Records]; Live performance.
3591.       AIR DATE: 9/23/99 PROGRAM: ANNAN/FRIEDMAN/HORGAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Kofi Annan, Secretary-General, United Nations///Kinky Friedman, Author, “Spanking Watson” [Simon & Schuster]///John Horgan, Author, “The Undiscovered Mind: How the Human Brain Defies Replication, Medication, and Explanation” [Free Press]
3592.       AIR DATE: 9/22/99 PROGRAM: FALUDI/MCDUFFIE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Susan Faludi, Author, “Stiffed: The Betrayal of the American Man” [Morrow]///Robert Mcduffie, Violinist; Live Performance
3593.       AIR DATE: 9/21/99 PROGRAM: MCCOURT/DOWNS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Frank McCourt, Author “’Tis” [Scribner] /// Hugh Downs, 20/20, ABC News, 60 Year Montage [ABC], 1 Clip from interview with Barbara Walters
3594.       AIR DATE: 9/20/99 PROGRAM: EARLY BRAIN DEVELOPMENT/KASDAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John Bruer, Ph.D., Author “The Myth of the First Three Years” [Free Press]/President, James S. McDonnell Foundation; Alison Gopnik, Ph.D., Author “The Scientist in the Crib : Minds, Brains, and How Children Learn”/University of California, Berkeley; Kyle Pruett, President, Zero to Three/Yale University Child Study Center; Charlies Nelson, University of Minnesota/Chrmn, Research Network on Early Brain Development
3595.       AIR DATE: 9/17/99 PROGRAM: FALL TV/BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bill Carter, Critic, The New York Times; Ken Tucker, Critic, Entertainment Weekly; James Poniewozik, Critic, Time Magazine; Steve Reddicliffe, Editor in Chief, TV Guide///Wim Wenders, Director, “Buena Vista Social Club” [Artisan]; Ry Cooder, Musician/Producer, “Buena Vista Social Club”; 4 Clips from “Buena Vista Social Club”
3596.       AIR DATE: 9/16/99 PROGRAM: DAVE MATTHEWS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dave Matthews, Singer/Songwriter, Member of the Dave Matthews Band; Music Video Montage [RCA Records]; Excerpt from “Memory Motel” [Virgin Records]; Live performance.
3597.       AIR DATE: 9/15/99 PROGRAM: PATAKI/SEN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Governor George Pataki, (R), New York///Amartya Sen, Nobel Laureate- Economics/Author, “Development of Freedom” [Knopf]
3598.       AIR DATE: 9/14/99 PROGRAM: CHINA/BARRY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: James Sasser, US Ambassador to China///Robert Kagan, Carnegie Endowment for the International Peace/The Weekly Standard; Patrick Tyler, Author, “A Great Wall: Six Presidents and China: An Investigative History” [PublicAffairs] /The New York Times; John Holden, President, National Committee on US-China Relations///Dave Barry, The Miami Herald/Author, “Big Trouble” [Putnam]
3599.       AIR DATE: 9/13/99 PROGRAM: MCCAIN/JOHN PAUL II: THE MILLENNIAL POP GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sentator John McCain, (R), Arizona/Presidential Candidate- 2000/Author “Faith of My Fathers: A Family Memoir” [Random House]///Helen Whitney, Producer, “John Paul Ii: The Millennial Pop” [PBS], Monsignor Lorenzo Albacete, Archdiocese of New York; 3 Clips from “John Paul Ii: The Millennial Pop” [PBS]
3600.       AIR DATE: 9/10/99 PROGRAM: RUSSIA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Strobe Talbott, Deputy Secretary of State///Padma Desai, Columbia University; Robert Kaiser, The Washington Post; Michael McFaul, Carnegie Endowment for the International Peace
3601.       AIR DATE: 9/9/99 PROGRAM: KOUCKNER /KING GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bernard Kouchner, Special Representative, UN Mission in Kosovo///Peter King, Sports Illustrated
3602.       AIR DATE: 9/8/99 PROGRAM: LABOR PANEL/VONNEGUT/MAYLE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Alexis Herman, US Secertary of Labor; John Sweeney, President, AFL-CIO///Kurt Vonnegut, Author, “Bagombo Snuff Box” [Putnam]///Peter Mayle, Author, “Encore Provence: New Adventures in the South of France” [Knopf/Random House]
3603.       AIR DATE: 9/7/99 PROGRAM: VIACOM MERGER/EAST TIMOR GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ken Auletta, The New Yorker; Geraldine Fabrikant, New York Times; David Londoner, Media Analyst, Maging Director, Schroder, Inc.///Makarim Wibisono, Indonesian Ambassador to UN; Jose Ramos-Horta, VP National Council of Timorese Resistance, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
3604.       AIR DATE: 9/6/99 PROGRAM: HITCHCOCK/LEVINSON (REMIX) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Patricia Hitchcock O’Connell, Daughter of Alfred Hitchcockl; Peter Bogdonavich, Filmmaker; Laurence Kardish, Curator Film and Video, NY Museum of Modern Art; (From 5/5/99)///Barry Levinson, Filmmaker (From 2/2/99)
3605.       AIR DATE: 9/3/99 PROGRAM: JACSKON POLLOCK EXHIBIT (from 1/18/99) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Kirk Varnedoe. Chief Curator, Musuem of Modern Art (on location at the MOMA)
3606.       AIR DATE: 9/2/99 PROGRAM: YANG/DELL (REMIX) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jerry Yang, CEO, Yahoo, Inc. (from 3/1/99); Michael Dell, Chairman/CEO, Dell Computers (from 2/24/99)
3607.       AIR DATE: 9/1/99 PROGRAM: KRISTOFFERSON/NELSON (REMIX) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Kris Kristofferson, Actor/Singer (from 9/18/98); Willie Nelson, Musician (from 7/14/99)
3608.       AIR DATE: 8/31/99 PROGRAM: MUTI/OZAWA (REMIX) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Riccardo Muti (from 3/9/99); Seiji Ozawa, Conductor, Boston Symphony Orchestra (from 4/20/99)
3609.       AIR DATE: 8/30/99 PROGRAM: SAN FRANCISCO TECHNOLOGY PANEL (from 5/24/99) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bill Joy, Chief Scientist Sun Microsystems; Paul Saffo, Institute for the Future; William Hearst III, At Home Corp; Esther Dyson, President Edventure Holdings; Delaine Eastin
3610.       AIR DATE: 8/27/99 PROGRAM: QUINCY JONES (from 4/1/99) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Quincy Jones, Musician
3611.       AIR DATE: 8/26/99 PROGRAM: DUSTIN HOFFMAN (from 5/3/99) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dustin Hoffman, Actor
3612.       AIR DATE: 8/25/99 PROGRAM: WILSON/ROBERTS/KRALl (REMIX) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Cassandra Wilson, Singer (from 4/7/99)///Marcus Roberts, Musician (from 11/17/99)///Diana Krall, Singer (from 7/29/99)
3613.       AIR DATE: 8/24/99 PROGRAM: BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (from 11/20/98) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bruce Springsteen, Musician; Live Performance included
3614.       AIR DATE: 8/23/99 PROGRAM: ALEC BALDWIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Alec Baldwin, Actor; Still from New York Magazine Cover story, “See Alec Run” [Nov. 24, 1997]; Career Montage; 2 Clips from “Outside Providence” [Miramax]
3615.       AIR DATE: 8/20/99 PROGRAM: GRANT/NELSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Hugh Grant, Actor, “Mikey Blue Eyes” [Castle Rock.]; Carrer Montage; 3 clips from Mikey Blue Eyes [Castle Rock]; 1 clip from Notting Hill [Universal]; 1 clip from Maurice [Warner Bros.]///Zed Nelson, Photographer; 15 visual stills from Gun Nation exhibit at Newseum/NY
3616.       AIR DATE: 8/19/99 PROGRAM: COMBS/ON THE ROPES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sean “Puffy” Combs, CEO, Bad Boy Entertainment, Producer, Entertainer, “Forever” [BMG/Arista/Bad Boy]; Video Montage///Nanette Burstein, Producer/Director, “On The Ropes” [WinStar Cinema], Brett Morgen, Producer/Director, “On The Ropes” [Winstar Cinema]
3617.       AIR DATE: 8/18/99 PROGRAM: ART FRAUD/SHORE/LAHIRI GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Peter Landesman, Author, Painter, Journalist; Thomas Hoving, Former Director, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Author///Bill Shore, Founder, Share Our Strength, Author, “The Cathedral Within: Transforming Your Life By Giving Something Back” [Random Ho use]///Jhumpa Lahiri, Author, “Interpreter of Maldies” [Mariner Books/Houghton Mifflin]
3618.       AIR DATE: 8/17/99 PROGRAM: RAMOS-HORTA/SIEBERT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jose Ramos-Horta, VP National Council of Timorese Resistance, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate///Muriel F. Siebert, President, Siebert Financial Corp.
3619.       AIR DATE: 8/16/99 PROGRAM: SCHIEFFER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bill Schieffer, CBS News
3620.       AIR DATE: 8/13/99 PROGRAM: MURRAY/STEWART/BERNHARD (REMIX) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bill Murray (From 1/29/99)///Jon Stewart (From 5/20/99)///Sandra Bernhard (From 11/25/98)
3621.       AIR DATE: 8/12/99 PROGRAM: PROULX/MATTHISSEN/GUTERSON (from 6/3/99) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Annie Proulx///Peter Matthiessen///David Guterson
3622.       AIR DATE: 8/11/99 PROGRAM: DUVAL (from 6/24/99) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Duval, Professional Golfers
3623.       AIR DATE: 8/10/99 PROGRAM: KORDA/KING (REMIX) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Korda, Editor in Chief, Simon & Schuster, Author, Another Life: A Memoir of Other People” [Random House] (From 5/17/99)///Stephen King, Author, “Bag of Bones” [Scribner] (From 9/23/98)
3624.       AIR DATE: 8/9/99 PROGRAM: YELTSIN’S NEW PRIME MINISTER/BERRY/RILEY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Steven Solnick, Assistant Professor of Politcal Science, Columbia University, Author, “Steeling the State: Control and Collapse in Soviet Institutions” [Harvard University Press]; Stephen Cohen, Professor, Russian Studies Center, New York University///Halle Berry, Actor; 4 Clips “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge” [HBO]///Terence Riley, Chief Curator, Architecture and Design, Museum of Modern Art; 18 stills from “The Un-Private House” [Museum of Modern Art]; 1 clip “The Digital House” [Hariri & Hariri/Proun Space Studio]
3625.       AIR DATE: 8/6/99 PROGRAM: 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF NIXON’S RESIGNATION/ORBIT TRIBUTE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Leonard Garment, Former White House Counsel; Carl Bernstein, Journalist; John Dean, Former Nixon Counsel///Willie Morris Obit.; Willie Morris (b. 11/26/34 – 8/2/99)
3626.       AIR DATE: 8/5/99 PROGRAM: “THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Pierce Brosnan, Actor, “The Thomas Crown Affair” [MGM]; Rene Russo, Actor, “The Thomas Crown Affair” [MGM]; Brosnan Career Montage; Trailer and 2 Clips from “The Thomas Crown Affair” [MGM]; 1 Clips from “Golden Eye” [MGM]
3627.       AIR DATE: 8/4/99 PROGRAM: BRODER/ILLUMINATA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Broder, Journalist///John Turturro, Actor/Director, “Illuminata”; Christopher Walken, Actor, “Illuminata”
3628.       AIR DATE: 8/3/99 PROGRAM: BUTLER/COLE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Butler, Council on Foreign Relations///Natalie Cole, Musician, “Snowfall in the Sahara” [Elektra]
3629.       AIR DATE: 8/2/99 PROGRAM: GERE/MEYER/JANOWITZ GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Gere///Catherine Meyer///Tama Janowitz
3630.       AIR DATE: 7/30/99 PROGRAM: SERGIO VIEIRA DE MELLO/IS THE MOB DEAD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sergio Vieira De Mello///John Miller; Lewis Schiliro, FBI; Malcolm Gladwell
3631.       AIR DATE: 7/29/99 PROGRAM: GREENSPAN EFFECT/KRALL/THE GLOBE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Joshia Ramo///Diana Krall, Singer///Stephan Paternot, Co-CEO, The Globe.Com; Todd Krizelman, Co-CEO, The Globe.Com
3632.       AIR DATE: 7/28/99 PROGRAM: MCAIN/KORB/CARLSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. John McCain (In Washington D.C.)///Lawrence Korb, Council on Foreign Relations, Former Assistant Secretary of Defense///Maj. Gen. Bruce Carlson, US Air Force
3633.       AIR DATE: 7/27/99 PROGRAM: LIU XIAOMING/THE FIENNES FAMILY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Liu Xiaoming, Embassy Of China; Erping Zhang,Translator///Ralph Fiennes, Actor; Joseph Fiennes, Actor; Sophie Fiennes, Actor
3634.       AIR DATE: 7/26/99 PROGRAM: HUMPHRIES/PARKER/DREW GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Margaret Humphries///Robert Parker///Elizabeth Drew, Author
3635.       AIR DATE: 7/23/99 PROGRAM: MARLORIE MOWLAM/WILSON/BEHAR GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Marjorie “Mo” Mowlam, Secretary of State. Northern Ireland///Robert Wilson, Director; Book “Robert Wilson” [Rizzoli]; Stills from past work///Joy Behar, Comedian, Author, “Joy Shtick” [Hyperion], Co-host, “The View”
3636.       AIR DATE: 7/22/99 PROGRAM: JFK JR TRAGEDY/ALDRIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Pete Hamill, Author///Buzz Aldrin, Astronaut
3637.       AIR DATE: 7/21/99 PROGRAM: KENNEDY TRAGEDY/WUHL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mario Cuomo, Former Gov. State of New York///Robert Wuhl, Actor
3638.       AIR DATE: 7/20/99 PROGRAM: KRUGMAN/THUROW/SEBAK GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Paul Krugman, Professor of Economics, MIT///Lester Thurow, Professor of Economics, MIT///Rick Sebak
3639.       AIR DATE: 7/19/99 PROGRAM: JFK JR. TRIBUTE/REEVES/COYOTE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Abigail Pogrebin; Jack Newfield, Columnist///Richard Reeves///Peter Coyote
3640.       AIR DATE: 7/16/99 PROGRAM: EYES WIDE SHUT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Janet Maslin, New York Times; David Denby, New York Magazine; Richard Corliss, Time Magazine; James Meigs. Premiere Magazine; Lionel Tiger
3641.       AIR DATE: 7/15/99 PROGRAM: NIGHTLINE PRIMETIME/MCGRUDER/FOOTE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ted Koppel, ABC NEWS; Robert Krulwich, ABC News; Tom Bettag///Aaron Mcgruder///Horton Foote, Playwright
3642.       AIR DATE: 7/14/99 PROGRAM: IRAN/WRIGHT/CUOMO/PUTTNAM GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Fouad Ajami; Shaul Bakhash///Robin Wright, Actor///Andrew Cuomo///Lord David Puttnam
3643.       AIR DATE: 7/13/99 PROGRAM: NELSON/LOVETT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Willie Nelson. Musician///Lyle Lovett, Musician
3644.       AIR DATE: 7/12/99 PROGRAM: TALBOTT/WAHL/DHALIWAL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Strobe Talbott, Deputy Secretary of State///Grant Wahl, Sports Illustrated///Daljit Dhaliwal, Journalist
3645.       AIR DATE: 7/9/99 PROGRAM: HARE/DENCH (REMIX) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Hare (From 5/4/99)///Judi Dench, Actor (From 6/11/99)
3646.       AIR DATE: 7/8/99 PROGRAM: MILLER/DENNEHY/SPACEY (REMIX) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Arthur Miller, Playwright (From 2/25/99)///Brian Dennehy, Actor (2/25/99)///Kevin Spacey, Actor (From 5/19/99)
3647.       AIR DATE: 7/7/99 PROGRAM: Bette Midler (From 3/3/99) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bette Midler, Musician, Actress, “Bathhouse Betty” [Warner Bros.]
3648.       AIR DATE: 7/6/99 PROGRAM: SOPHIA LOREN (From 2/1/99) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sophia Loren, Actress, Author, “Sophia Loren's Recipes and Memories” [GT Publishing]
3649.       AIR DATE: 7/5/99 PROGRAM: JOHN MCENROE (From 2/4/99) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John Mcenroe, Tennis Player
3650.       AIR DATE: 7/2/99 PROGRAM: “Summer of Sam” GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Spike Lee, Director, “Summer Of Sam”; John Leguizamo, Actor, “Summer Of Sam”; Mira Sorvino, Actor, “Summer Of Sam”; Steve Dunleavy, New York Post
3651.       AIR DATE: 7/1/99 PROGRAM: RUBIN/BRONFMAN/SCHALANT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: James Rubin, US Dept. of State///Edgar Bronfman, Sr.///Ernestine Schalant
3652.       AIR DATE: 6/30/99 PROGRAM: COHEN / MARTIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: William Cohen (In Washington), US Secretary of Defense///David Martin
3653.       AIR DATE: 6/29/99 PROGRAM: MUBARAK / AMBROSE/ FOLDS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Hosni Mubarak (In Washington), President, Arab Republic of Egypt///Stephen Ambrose, Author///Ben Folds, Musician, Member Ben Fold Five
3654.       AIR DATE: 6/28/99 PROGRAM: RATHER / GEHRY / LEVY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dan Rather, CBS News///Frank O. Gehry, Architect///David C. Levy
3655.       AIR DATE: 6/25/99 PROGRAM: BARNES / JUDT / ATTENBOROUGH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Edward Barnes///Tony Judt///Sir David Attenborough, Film Maker
3656.       AIR DATE: 6/24/99 PROGRAM: DAVID DUVAL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Duval, Professional Golfer
3657.       AIR DATE: 6/23/99 PROGRAM: MOUSSA / CEZANNE TO VAN GOGH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Amre Moussa///Philippe De Montebello, Director, Metropolitan Musuem of Art; Susan Alyson Stein, Author, “Cezanne To Van Gogh: The Collection Of Dr. Gachet” [Abrams,Harry N Inc.]
3658.       AIR DATE: 6/22/99 PROGRAM: WALTON / OUT FOR GOOD/40TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE 4 SEASONS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bill Walton///Adam Nagourney, Author, “Out For Good”; Dudley Clendinen, Author, “Out For Good”///Julian Niccolini; Alex Von Bidder
3659.       AIR DATE: 6/21/99 PROGRAM: BROWNSTEIN / HADID / GREER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ronald Brownstein, US News And World Report///Zaha Hadid, Architect///Germain Greer, Writer
3660.       AIR DATE: 6/18/99 PROGRAM: BASH/ KASPAROV/ BOUTROS-GHALI GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Neil Labute, Playwright, “Bash”; Calista Flockhart, Actor, “Bash”; Paul Rudd, Actor, “Bash”; Ron Eldard, Actor, “Bash”///Garry Kasparov, Chess Grandmaster///Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Former UN Secretary- General
3661.       AIR DATE: 6/17/99 PROGRAM: WOODWARD / VECESY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bob Woodward, Journalist///Peter Vecesy
3662.       AIR DATE: 6/16/99 PROGRAM: GELB / CLARK/ ROSENFELD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Les Gelb///Jim Clark///Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld
3663.       AIR DATE: 6/15/99 PROGRAM: THE GENERAL’S DAUGHTER/ LIMBO GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John Travolta, Actor, “The General’s Daughter” [Paramount];Madeleine Stowe, Actor, “The General’s Daughter” [Paramount];Timothy Hutton, Actor, “The General’s Daughter” [Paramount]/// John Sayles, Director, “Limbo”; David Strathairn, Actor, “Limbo”
3664.       AIR DATE: 6/14/99 PROGRAM: DE KLERK / BRADLEY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: F.W. De Klerk, Former President, Republic of South Africa///Ed Bradley, Journalist
3665.       AIR DATE: 6/11/99 PROGRAM: STEINBERG / HOGE/ DENCH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: James Steinberg///James Hoge///Judi Dench, Actor
3666.       AIR DATE: 6/10/99 PROGRAM: BUCKLEY / BRACK / FUKUYAMA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: William F. Buckley, Jr.///Kenny Brack, Race Car Driver///Francis Fukuyama, George Mason University
3667.       AIR DATE: 6/09/99 PROGRAM: SEIB / ZAKARIA / BINOCHE/ SMITH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Gerald Seib///Fareed Zakaria, Foreign Affairs Magazine///Juliette Binoche, Actor///Martin Cruz Smith
3668.       AIR DATE: 6/08/99 PROGRAM: MYERS / MIDDELHOFF / LAWRENCE-LIGHTFOOT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mike Myers, Actor///Thomas Middelhoff///Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, Harvard University
3669.       AIR DATE: 6/07/99 PROGRAM: WIESEL / ELLISON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Elie Wiesel, Writer///Larry Ellison, CEO, Oracle (In San Francisco)
3670.       AIR DATE: 6/04/99 PROGRAM: BRZEZINSKI / WATCHMAKER/ TONY AWARDS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Zbigniew Brzezinski///Mike Watchmaker///Ben Brantley;John Simon;Rita Dove
3671.       AIR DATE: 6/03/99 PROGRAM: PROULX / MATTHIESSEN / GUTERSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Annie Proulx, Author///Peter Matthiessen, Author///David Guterson, Author
3672.       AIR DATE: 6/02/99 PROGRAM: BROWN / ROSS / BRONSTEIN (IN SAN FRANCISCO) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Willie Brown. Mayor, San Francisco///David Ross///Phil Bronstein, San Francisco Examiner
3673.       AIR DATE: 6/01/99 PROGRAM: FRIEDMAN / ROMER / TYSON (IN SAN FRANCISCO) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Milton Friedman///Paul Romer///Laura Tyson
3674.       AIR DATE: 5/31/99 PROGRAM: DOERR / BARKESDALE / KLEIN (IN SAN FRANCISCO) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John Doerr, Partner, Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers ///James Barkesdale, President and CEO, Netscape /// Joel Klein, Assistant U.S. Attorney General
3675.       AIR DATE: 5/28/99 PROGRAM: FRIEDMAN (IN SAN FRANCISCO) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Thomas Friedman, New York Times
3676.       AIR DATE: 5/27/99 PROGRAM: Chambers / Grove (IN SAN FRANCISCO) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John Chambers///Andy Grove, Chairman, Intel
3677.       AIR DATE: 5/26/99 PROGRAM: BEZOS / YANG / CHRISTENSEN (IN SAN FRANCISCO) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jeff Bezos, CEO, Yang, Chief Yahoo, Christensen, Harvard University
3678.       AIR DATE: 5/25/99 PROGRAM: METCALFE / MCNEALY (IN SAN FRANCISCO) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Robert Metcalfe, 3Com///Scott Mcnealy, CEO, Sun Microsystems
3679.       AIR DATE: 5/24/99 PROGRAM: TECHNOLOGY PANEL (IN SAN FRANCISCO) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bill Joy, Sun Microsystems; Paul Saffo, Institute for the Future; William Hearst III, At Home Corp.; Esther Dyson, Edventure Holdings; Delaine Eastin
3680.       AIR DATE: 5/21/99 PROGRAM: BARAK / REICHL / BENHAMOU GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ehud Barak (Re-Configured / Re-Broadcast From 1/5/96 & 6/19/98); Ruth Reichl, Gourmet Magazine///Eric Benhamou, 3Com Corp.
3681.       AIR DATE: 5/20/99 PROGRAM: BELL / MCDONAGH / STEWART GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: George Bell///Martin Mcdonagh///Jon Stewart, Host, The Daily Show
3682.       AIR DATE: 5/19/99 PROGRAM: ANDERSEN / SPACEY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Kurt Andersen///Kevin Spacey, Actor
3683.       AIR DATE: 5/18/99 PROGRAM: ISRAELI ELECTIONS / WIT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Fouad Ajami; Lally Weymouth///Margaret Eson; Kathleen Chalfant
3684.       AIR DATE: 5/17/99 PROGRAM: KORDA / YOUNG / MEG GREENFIELD APPRECIATION GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Korda///Hugo Young///Meg Greenfield Appreciation
3685.       AIR DATE: 5/14/99 PROGRAM: SHELBY / GEPHARDT / PERETZ GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. Richard Shelby, (R-Alabama)///Richard Gephardt (D- Missouri)///Martin Peretz, New Republic
3686.       AIR DATE: 5/13/99 PROGRAM: RUSSIA / FRIEDMAN / OSGOOD / BARTLETT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mort Zuckerman; Marek Halter///Thomas Friedman, New York Times///Charles Osgood, CBS///John Bartlett, Designer
3687.       AIR DATE: 5/12/99 PROGRAM: COHEN / FRASER / LEGACY OF SIGMUND FREUD GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Stephen Cohen///Brendan Fraser, Actor /// Peter Gay, Former Professor of History, Yale University; Michale Roth, Curator, The Jewish Museum Exhibition on Freud / Editor, “Freud, Conflict and Culture / Associate Director, Getty Research Institute for the History of Art and Humanities; Louise Kaplan, Psychoanalyst; Adolf Grunbaum, Professor of Philosophy of Science and Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh [Exhibition “Sigmund Freud, Conflict and Culture”]
3688.       AIR DATE: 5/11/99 PROGRAM: KISSINGER / EVERY MAN A TIGER / KLINE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Henry Kissinger///“Every Man A Tiger”: Tom Clancy, Author, “Every Man A Tiger” [Putnum]; General Chuck Horner///Kevin Kline, Actor
3689.       AIR DATE: 5/10/99 PROGRAM: GELB / LORD / ADAMS / RUSSELL (PART II) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Les Gelb, Council on Foreign Relations///Winston Lord///Scott Adams///Bill Russell
3690.       AIR DATE: 5/7/99 PROGRAM: HOAGLAND / CHECKETTS / RUSSELL (PART I) / TIBOR KALMAN APPRECIATION GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jim Hoagland///Dave Checketts///Bill Russell///Tibor Kalman Appreciation
3691.       AIR DATE: 5/6/99 PROGRAM: DYSON / PETIT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Freeman Dyson, Physicist, Author///Philippe Petit
3692.       AIR DATE: 5/5/99 PROGRAM: HITCHCOCK PANEL / ANGIER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Patricia Hitchcock O’Connell; Peter Bogdonavich, Film Maker; Laurence Kardish, Museum of Modern Art, New York///Natalie Angier, Author
3693.       AIR DATE: 5/4/99 PROGRAM: HARE / WHITAKER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Hare///Mark Whitaker
3694.       AIR DATE: 5/3/99 PROGRAM: DUSTIN HOFFMAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dustin Hoffman, Actor; Career Montage
3695.       AIR DATE: 4/30/99 PROGRAM: ARENS / CLOSER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Moshe Arens, Former Minister of Denfense, State of Isreal///Natasha Richardson, Actor, “Closer”; Patrick Marber, Playwright, “Closer”; 1 Clip from “Closer”
3696.       AIR DATE: 4/29/99 PROGRAM: GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: George Stephanopoulos, Author, “All Too Human: A Political Education” [Little, Brown]
3697.       AIR DATE: 4/28/99 PROGRAM: HITCHENS / BUI GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Christopher Hitchens, Writer///Tony Bui, Director, “Three Seasons”
3698.       AIR DATE: 4/27/99 PROGRAM: BUCKLEY / WINSLOW BOY / MCCARTHY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Christopher Buckley///David Mamet, Director, “Winslow Boy”; Rebecca Pidgeon, Actor, “Winslow Boy”///Patrick Mccarthy
3699.       AIR DATE: 4/26/99 PROGRAM: ANDREW GROVE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Andrew Grove, Intel.
3700.       AIR DATE: 4/23/99 PROGRAM: KOSOVO- NATO / LITTLETON, CO SCHOOL/ BALTIMORE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ivo Daalder; Laura Silber///Joseph Gagliano; William J. Ivey///David Baltimore
3701.       AIR DATE: 4/22/99 PROGRAM: LITTLETON, CO SCHOOL SHOOTING / TALBOTT / IVILLAGE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (New York)///Strobe Talbott, US Deputy Secretary Of State///Candice Carpenter, Co-CEO, iVillage; Nancy Evans, Co-CEO, iVillage
3702.       AIR DATE: 4/21/99 PROGRAM: LITTLETON, CO SCHOOL SHOOTING / LAVROV / GREENSTOCK / TILBERIS OBIT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sissela Bok; Jeffrey Fagan///Sergey Lavrov, Russian Ambassador To UN///Sir Jeremy Greenstock, UK Ambassador To UN///Liz Tilberis Obit.; Liz Tilberis (b. 9/7/47 – d. 4/21/99)
3703.       AIR DATE: 4/20/99 PROGRAM: FISHBURNE / OZAWA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Laurence Fishburne, Actor///Seiji Ozawa, Conductor
3704.       AIR DATE: 4/19/99 PROGRAM: BAKER / PETTY / FEINSTEIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Russell Baker///Tom Petty, Musician///John Feinstein, Sportswriter
3705.       AIR DATE: 4/16/99 PROGRAM: MCCARVER / RUSHDIE (PART II) / COLANGELO GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tim Mccarver, Fox Sports///Salman Rushdie, Author///Jerry Colangelo
3706.       AIR DATE: 4/15/99 PROGRAM: THOMAS FRIEDMAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Thomas Friedman, New York Times
3707.       AIR DATE: 4/14/99 PROGRAM: MITCHELL / ZIMMERMANN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: George Mitchell///Warren Zimmermann
3708.       AIR DATE: 4/13/99 PROGRAM: WOLFENSOHN / RUSHDIE (PART I) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: James Wolfensohn///Salman Rushdie, Author
3709.       AIR DATE: 4/12/99 PROGRAM: HENRY KISSINGER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Henry Kissinger, Former Secretary of State
3710.       AIR DATE: 4/9/99 PROGRAM: BREITLING ORBITER 3/ MASUR / MARSALIS / LAYBOURNE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bertrand Piccard, Psychiatrist; Brian Jones///Kurt Masur, Music Director, New York Philharmonic///Wynton Marsalis, Musician///Geraldine Laybourne
3711.       AIR DATE: 4/8/99 PROGRAM: MILKEN / ISIKOFF GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Milken///Michael Isikoff, Newsweek
3712.       AIR DATE: 4/7/99 PROGRAM: FRIEDMAN / WILSON / ASHLEY / PIPHER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Thomas Friedman,New York Times///Cassandra Wilson, Singer///Maurice Ashley///Mary Pipher, Author
3713.       AIR DATE: 4/6/99 PROGRAM: HOLBROOKE / LUPICA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Richard Holbrooke, U.N. Ambassador///Mike Lupica, Sports, New York Daily News
3714.       AIR DATE: 4/5/99 PROGRAM: MCCAIN / FRANKEL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sen. John McCain (R- Arizona)///Max Frankel
3715.       AIR DATE: 4/2/99 PROGRAM: BEZOS / NEUPERT / BLACK HAWK DOWN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon.Com///Peter Neupert, CEO, Drugstore.Com///Mark Bowden; Shawn Nelson; Daniel Schilling
3716.       AIR DATE: 4/1/99 PROGRAM: QUINCY JONES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Quincy Jones, Musician
3717.       AIR DATE: 3/31/99 PROGRAM: KOSOVO GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Dan Rather, CBS News; James Rubin; Laura Silber; Radmila Milentijevic, Former Minister Of Information, Republic Of Serbia; Misha Glenny
3718.       AIR DATE: 3/30/99 PROGRAM: WAGONER / UPDIKE / JENNINGS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: G. Richard Wagoner, President, General Motors///John Updike, Author///Peter Jennings, ABC News
3719.       AIR DATE: 3/29/99 PROGRAM: MCDONOUGH / SUSANKA / GOODNIGHT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: William McDonough///Sarah Susanka///James Goodnight
3720.       AIR DATE: 3/26/99 PROGRAM: FINAL FOUR / KOSOVO / NOT ABOUT NIGHTINGALES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Billy Packer, Cbs Sports; Mike Jarvis///David Rieff, Author; Ivo Daalder/// Vanessa Redgrave, Actor, “Not About Nightingales”; Corin Redgrave, Actor, “Not About Nightingales”
3721.       AIR DATE: 3/25/99 PROGRAM: KOSOVO GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Zbigniew Brzezinski, Former US National Security Advisor///Brent Scowcroft///Sergei Lavrov, UN- Russian Ambassor
3722.       AIR DATE: 3/24/99 PROGRAM: GARBAGE / CLAIRE DANES / YOUNG PAINTER’S PANEL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Shirley Manson, Musician, Garbage; Duke Erikson, Musician, Garbage; Steve Marker, Musician, Garbage; Butch Vig, Musician, Garbage///Claire Danes, Actor///Damian Loeb; Cecily Brown; Shahzia Sikander
3723.       AIR DATE: 3/23/99 PROGRAM: ED TV GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ron Howard, Director, “Edtv”; Brian Grazer, Producer, “Edtv”; Jenna Elfman, Actor, “Edtv”, “Dharma And Greg”
3724.       AIR DATE: 3/22/99 PROGRAM: TIME 100: SCIENTISTS AND THINKERS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Daniel C. Dennett///Dr. Robert C. Gallo///Peter J. Gay///Walter Isaacson, Time Magazine///Steven Pinker, MIT///Maxine Singer, President, Carnegie Institute Of Washington///Bruce Sterling
3725.       AIR DATE: 3/19/99 PROGRAM: BENIGNI / HANKS / NORTON (REMIX) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Roberto Benigni (From 10/20/98)///Tom Hanks (From 7/20/98 & 7/21/98)///Edward Norton (10/30/98)
3726.       AIR DATE: 3/18/99 PROGRAM: THE LEGACY OF YITZAK RABIN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Leah Rabin, Wife Of Yitzak Rabin; Dalia Rabin-Pelossof; Noa Ben; Artzi-Pelossof; Norman Podhoretz; Charles Ogletree Jr.
3727.       AIR DATE: 3/17/99 PROGRAM: MCKELLEN / NOLTE (REMIX) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ian Mckellen (From 3/8/99)///Nick Nolte (From 1/5/99)
3728.       AIR DATE: 3/16/99 PROGRAM: STOPPARD / MADDEN (REMIX) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tom Stoppard (From 12/3/98)///John Madden (From 2/24//99)
3729.       AIR DATE: 3/16/99 PROGRAM: KING / OSCAR PREVIEW PANEL (REMIX) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Don King, Promoter///Janet Maslin, New York Times; James Meigs, Premiere Magazine; Jeff Giles, Newsweek
3730.       AIR DATE: 3/12/99 PROGRAM: BROKAW / JENNINGS / BREWSTER / STAHL (REMIX) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tom Brokaw (From 12/14/98)///Peter Jennings; Todd Brewster (From 11/23/98)///Lesley Stahl (2/10/99)
3731.       AIR DATE: 3/11/99 PROGRAM: EPHRON / BATES (REMIX) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Nora Ephron ( From 12/7/98, 12/8/98)///Kathy Bates (From 3/30/98)
3732.       AIR DATE: 3/10/99 PROGRAM: BOWIE / COLLINS / WATSON (REMIX) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Bowie (From 3/31/98)///Phil Collins (From 11/9/98)///Emily Watson (From 1/12/99)
3733.       AIR DATE: 3/9/99 PROGRAM: FOSSE PANEL / BENIGNI (REBROADCAST FROM 10/20/98) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ann Reinking, Choreographer; Gwen Verdon, Artistic Director; Valarie Pettiford; Riccardo Muti///Roberto Benigni (Rebroadcast From 10/20/98)
3734.       AIR DATE: 3/8/99 PROGRAM: DIMAGGIO APPRECIATION / REMEMBERING STANLEY KUBRICK / MCKELLEN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Henry Kissinger; Dr. Rock Postiano; Bill Gallo; Roger Angell. Journalist///Remembering Stanley Kubrick///Sir Ian McKellen, Actor
3735.       AIR DATE: 3/5/99 PROGRAM: BOB COSTAS (RECONFIGURED FROM 10/22/98) GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bob Costas (Reconfigured From 10/22/98)
3736.       AIR DATE: 3/4/99 PROGRAM: ALL ABOUT BOOKS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Patricia Cornwell, Author; Charles Mcgrath; John Ridley, Writer; Maria B. Campbell; David Gernert; Elizabeth Strout, Author
3737.       AIR DATE: 3/3/99 PROGRAM: BETTE MIDLER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bette Midler, Actor, Musician
3738.       AIR DATE: 3/2/99 PROGRAM: “THE VIEW” / JOHN THOMPSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Star Jones, Co-host, “The View”; Meredith Vieira, Moderator, “The View”; Joy Behar, Co-host, “The View” /// John Thompson, Former Basketball Coach, Georgetown Hoyas
3739.       AIR DATE: 3/1/99 PROGRAM: YANG / COCKBURN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jerry Yang, CEO, Yahoo.Com///Andrew and Patrick Cockburn, Authors, “Out of the Ashes”
3740.       AIR DATE: 2/26/99 PROGRAM: OSAMA BIN LADEN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John Barry; Peter Berge; John Miller; Robert A.M. Stern
3741.       AIR DATE: 2/25/99 PROGRAM: MILLER / DEATH OF A SALESMAN / GRAMMYS WRAP-UP GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Arthur Miller, Playwright///Arthur Miller, Playwright, Death Of A Salesman; Brian Dennehy, Actor, Death Of A Salesman///Grammys Wrap-Up: Carson Daly, MTV; Dave Holmes, MTV; Jancee Dunn, MTV
3742.       AIR DATE: 2/24/99 PROGRAM: MADDEN / DELL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John Madden///Michael Dell
3743.       AIR DATE: 2/23/99 PROGRAM: GREENSTOCK / WALDMAN / PAUL ROBESON PANEL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sir Jeremy Greenstock, UN Ambassador, United Kingdom///Michael Waldman///Ossie Davis, Actor; Paul Robeson, Author
3744.       AIR DATE: 2/22/99 PROGRAM: GRAMMYS PANEL / NEW YORKER’S 74TH ANNIVERSARY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Carson Daly, MTV; Dave Holmes, MTV; Jancee Dunn, MTV///David Remnick, Editor, New Yorker Magazine; Liz Smith, Columnist; Hilton Als, Writer; Elizabeth Kolbert, Journalist
3745.       AIR DATE: 2/19/99 PROGRAM: JACQUES CHIRAC GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jacques Chirac, President France
3746.       AIR DATE: 2/18/99 PROGRAM: REPORTING VIETNAM / GREENWAY / SHEARER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Frances Fitzgerald; Sydney Schanberg; Kevin Buckley; Stanley Kernow///H.D.S Greenway///Harry Shearer, Comedian
3747.       AIR DATE: 2/17/99 PROGRAM: LEONARD / AMIS / GARCIA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Elmore Leonard, Author///Martin Amis, Author///Andy Garcia, Actor
3748.       AIR DATE: 2/16/99 PROGRAM: TIERNEY / GREENE / RITCHIE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: James Tierney///Brian Greene, Physicist, Author///Guy Ritchie, Director
3749.       AIR DATE: 2/15/99 PROGRAM: PETERSON / RETIREE PANEL / A COUPLE OF BLAGUARDS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Peter Peterson///Dr. Paul Marks; Harvey Lichtenstein; William Luers///Frank Mccourt, Author; Malachy Mccourt, Priest, Author
3750.       AIR DATE: 2/12/99 PROGRAM: PRESIDENT CLINTON ACQUITTED / WRIGHT PENN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jacob Weisberg, Slate Magazine; Laurence Tribe, Harvard University///Robin Wright Penn, Actor
3751.       AIR DATE: 2/11/99 PROGRAM: WOODWARD / QUINN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bob Woodward, Journalist///Sally Quinn, Columnist
3752.       AIR DATE: 2/10/99 PROGRAM: DILLER / STAHL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Barry Diller, CEO, USA Networks///Leslie Stahl, 60 Minutes
3753.       AIR DATE: 2/9/99 PROGRAM: THE LAST DAYS / PARADE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: James Moll, Film Maker; Rep. Tom Lantos (D-California); Renee Firestone; Irene Zisblatt///Hal Prince; Alfred Uhry
3754.       AIR DATE: 2/8/99 PROGRAM: MIKE TYSON JAILED / RUDNICK GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Tom Patti; Pete Hamill, Author; Jack Newfield, New York Post; Jim Voyles, Attorney; Rock Newman///Paul Rudnick
3755.       AIR DATE: 2/5/99 PROGRAM: KING HUSSEIN OF JORDAN TRIBUTE / GEHRY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Shimon Peres; Brent Scowcroft; Tom Lantos, (D-California)///Frank O. Gehry, Architect
3756.       AIR DATE: 2/4/99 PROGRAM: JOHN MCENROE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John McEnroe, Tennis Player
3757.       AIR DATE: 2/3/99 PROGRAM: BLOOMBERG / SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Michael Bloomberg, CEO Bloomberg/// Janet Maslin, New York Times; David Denby, New York Magazine; James B. Meigs; Helen Thomas
3758.       AIR DATE: 2/3/99 PROGRAM: JORDAN / LEVINSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Robert Satloff; Fouad Ajami, US News And World Report///Barry Levinson, Film Maker
3759.       AIR DATE: 2/1/99 PROGRAM: SOPHIA LOREN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Sophia Loren, Actor, Author
3760.       AIR DATE: 1/29/99 PROGRAM: MURRAY/ANDERSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bill Murray, Actor, “Rushmore” [Buena Vista]; 2 Clips from “Rushmore”; 1 Clip from “What About Bob” [Touchstone]; 1 Clip from “Space Jam” [Warner Brothers]; 1 SNL Montage [NBC Broadway Video]///Wes Anderson, Director, “Rushmore” [Touchstone]; 3 Clips from “Rushmore”; Bill Murray Interview on “The Charlie Rose Show” [Rose Communications]
3761.       AIR DATE: 1/28/99 PROGRAM: HALBERSTAM/ELLIS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: David Halberstam, Author, “Playing for Keeps: Michael Jordan and the World He Made” [Random House] Clips added in post///Bret Easton Ellis, Author, “Glamorama” [Alfred A. Knopf]
3762.       AIR DATE: 1/27/99 PROGRAM: BLANCHETT/KERSHAW GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Cate Blanchett, Actor, “Elizabeth” [Gramercy Pictures]3 Clips from movie, 1 Clip from Golden Globes///Ian Kershaw, Author/University of Sheffield, “Hitler: 1889-1936 Hubris” [Norton]
3763.       AIR DATE: 1/26/99 PROGRAM: SUPER BOWL PREVIEW/STERN/GATES AND APPIAH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mike Lupica, New York Daily News//Mike Francesa, Mike and the Mad Dog, WFAN [via miami]//Peter King, Sports Illustrated [via miami]///David Stern, NBA Commissioner///Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Co-Editor, Microsoft Encarta Africana/Harvard University//Kwame Anthony Appiah, Co-Editor, Microsoft Encarta Africana/Harvard University
3764.       AIR DATE: 1/25/99 PROGRAM: RUSSIA/TARLOFF/MCEWAN GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Mortimer Zuckerman, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of U.S. News and World Report//Stephen Cohen, Professor of Russian and Slavic Studies, NYU//Thomas Graham, Jr., Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace [via wash]///Erik Tarloff, Author, “Face-Time” [Crown Publishers]///Ian McEwan, Author, “Amsterdam” [Nan A. Talese/Doubleday]
3765.       AIR DATE: 1/22/99 PROGRAM: PELLEY/SENATE TRIAL/ARQUETTE GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Scott Pelley, CBS News, Clip of his news broadcast///Evan Thomas, Assistant Managing Editor of Newsweek [via wash]///Patricia Arquette, Actor, “The Hi-Lo Country” [Gramercy Pictures] 3 Clips from “The Hi-Lo Country”, 1 Clip from “True Romance” [Warner Brothers]
3766.       AIR DATE: 1/21/99 PROGRAM: CHEF PANEL/BAYER-SAGER GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Ann Rosenzweig, Chef, The Lobster Club//Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Chef, Jean Georges//Daniel Boulud, Chef, Daniel//Gray Kunz, Chef, 2 Stills of Books///Carole Bayer Sager, Songwriter
3767.       AIR DATE: 1/20/99 PROGRAM: IRAQ & KOFFI ANNAN-OPINION/HURLYBURLY GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Thomas Friedman, The New York Times///Sean Penn, Actor//Anthony Drazan, Director//David Rabe, Screenwriter/Playwright “Hurlyburly” [Fine Line Features] 2 Stills
3768.       AIR DATE: 1/19/99 PROGRAM: STATE OF THE UNION/MITCHELL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Jacob Weisberg, The New York Times Magazine//Senator Robert Torricelli, Dem. New Jersey [via wash]//David Gergen, U.S. News and World Report/Former Presidential Advisor [via wash] 1 Clip from State of the Union Address///George Mitchell, Former Senate Majority Leader
3769.       AIR DATE: 1/18/99 PROGRAM: POLLOCK EXHIBIT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Kirk Varnedoe, Jackson Pollock Exhibit
3770.       AIR DATE: 1/15/99 PROGRAM: WILLIAM KENNARD / “AT FIRST SIGHT” / DR. OLIVER SACKS GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: William Kennard, Chairman of the FCC /// Val Kilmer, Actor, “At First Sight” /// Dr. Oliver Sacks, Author, “An Anthropologist on Mars” /// Irwin Winkler. Director & Producer, “At First Sight”
3771.       AIR DATE: 1/14/99 PROGRAM: IMPEACHMENT/GRIFFITH GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Joe Klein, The New Yorker//Nina Totenberg, National Public Radio 1 Clip///Melanie Griffith, Actor, “Another Day in Paradise” [Trimark Pictures] 2 Clips from “Another Day in Paradise”, 1 Clip from “Night Moves” [Warner Brothers], 1 Clip from “Celebrity” [Miramax Films], 1 Clip from “Lolita” [Showtime
3772.       AIR DATE: 1/13/99 PROGRAM: MICHAEL JORDAN RETIRES (Part II)/HERSH/AT FIRST SIGHT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Bob Costas, NBC Sports [via st. louis] 2 Jordan clips///Seymour Hersh, Author [via wash] Stills from New Yorker///Val Kilmer, Actor, “At First Sight” [MGM]//Dr. Oliver Sachs, Author//Irwin Winkler, Director, “At First Sight” [MGM] 3 Clips from “At First Sight
3773.       AIR DATE: 1/12/99 PROGRAM: MICHAEL JORDAN RETIRES (Part I)/WATSON GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Frank Deford, Senior Contributing Writer for Sports Illustrated//Bob Greene, The Chicago Tribune [via chicago]//Mark Vancil, President, Rave Air Media [via chicago] 4 Clips///Dave Cecketts, President & CEO, Madison Square Garden///Emily Watson, Actor, “Breaking the Waves” [October Films], “Hilary and Jackie” [October Films] 1 Clip from “Breaking the Waves”, 3 Clips from “Hilary and Jackie
3774.       AIR DATE: 1/11/99 PROGRAM: REHNQUIST/YOSANO GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Nina Totenberg, National Public Radio///William Rehnquist, Chief Justice of Supreme Court///Kaoru Yosano, Minister of International Trade and Industry, Japan
3775.       AIR DATE: 1/8/99 PROGRAM: NBA AGREEMENT GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Billy Hunter, Executive Director of the NBA Players Association///Isiah Thomas, Former NBA Player/Former President of the NBA Players Association [via detroit]///Steven Brill, Chairman and Editor in Chief, Brill’s Content
3776.       AIR DATE: 1/7/99 PROGRAM: SENATE IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS/TRIBE/RECORD DOW GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Scott Pelley, CBS News///Laurence Tribe, Harvard University [via miami]//Norman Ornstein, American Enterprise Institute [via wash]///Byron Wien, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
3777.       AIR DATE: 1/6/99 PROGRAM: BOWLES GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: Erskine Bowles, Former White House Chief of Staff/Founder, Carousel Capital, 2 Clips with President Clinton
3778.       AIR DATE: 1/5/99 PROGRAM: A CIVIL ACTION/AFFLICTION PANEL GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John Travolta, Actor, “A Civil Action” [Touchstone Pictures]//Jonathan Harr, Author, “A Civil Action” [Vintage Books]//Steven Zaillian, Director/Screenwriter, “A Civil Action” [Touchstone Pictures] 3 Clips from “A Civil Action”///Nick Nolte, Actor//James Coburn, Actor//Willem Dafoe, Actor, “Affliction” [Lions Gate Films] 3 Clips
3779.       AIR DATE: 1/4/99 PROGRAM: TRAVOLTA GUESTS/AFFILIATIONS: John Travolta, Actor, “A Civil Action” [Touchstone Pictures]

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