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Finalized minutes Undergraduate Students Association Council. KerckhoffHall 417, UCLA. 10 Feb 2015.

Finalized Approved February 17, 2015
Kerckhoff Hall 417
February 10, 2015 7:00 PM

PRESENT: Avinoam Baral, Heather Hourdequin, Conrad Contreras, Manjot Singh, Sofia Moreno Haq, Negeen Sadeghi-Movahed, Fabienne Roth, Allyson Bach, Greg Kalfayan, Cynthia Wong, Irmary Garcia, Carlos Quintanilla, Heather Rosen, Savannah Badalich, Cindy Wang

I. Call to Order
- Baral calls meeting to order at 7:08pm. A. Signing of the Attendance Sheet The attendance sheet has been passed around.

II. Approval of the Agenda
- Hourdequin moves to approve the agenda. Roth seconds. 10-0-0 the agenda is approved.

III. Approval of Minutes from February 3, 2015
- Roth moves to approve the minutes. Rosen seconds. 10-0-0 the minutes are approved.

IV. Public Comments
- Jacob Finn is the chair of John Wooden Board Chair of Governors and they’re going to showcase artwork to reinvigorate the center. I am here to highly recommend Lauren Hern on Facilities commission and Jake Saks who is an international student and have my highest recommendations.

V. Special Presentations
A. Unicamp
- Michael Starr graduated in 2013 and used to be on council. He works for university campus inc and is the program director for UCLA Unicamp. This year we are entering out 80th summer and we have some changes we’re going to add. There are about 450 UCLA student/alumni volunteers, $268,000 raised by volunteers, 5 weeks of “classic” ucla unicamp, one week of academicamp with UCLA Community School and one week of Outdoor Science Opportunity with UCLA CS 1195 UCLA Unicamp Campers. We have 3 main older camper programs, W.A.L.L Wilderness Adventures and Leadership Learning and take kids to a 30 mile hike for 4 days and 4 nights. There is CLIMB for Core Lessons in Mind and Body and UniCorps for service learning and make sure camp runs. We are really changing things up a bit for “sing songs, play games, change lives!” We challenged our head counselors to come with us an issue that they want to address and got 7 individual sessions and addressing different issues. The first week is in partnership with Project GRAD and follow them through high school to prepare them for college. We’re working with them and have resident problem with UCLA. The second week is the mental health and social and emotional learning. There’s the STEAM Imagination Summit with Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math to cultivate creativity. There’s going to be anti- bullying and inclusion and tolerance. There is going to be a literacy intervention with the UCLA community school. There’s the Environmental Science program and anything that goes on stays there. There’s health and nutrition and working with children’s hospital LA in anti-diabetes and obesity program and this will be offered to their campers and address different issues. We started recruitment yesterday and it goes until next Friday. Randall Park and the father of Fresh of the Boat is a woodsey and we’re all over the place from judges and lawyers.
- Garcia asks if there’s any group doing research going to college
- Starr says its hard to measure the impact from Sunday to Sunday. Of all the kids, 65% retained their academics and 35% improved.
- Singh asks if there’s mentorship opportunity for keeping up with the campers
- Starr says it’s a Sunday to Sunday and start in spring in training and there’s a falling. That’s unicamp’s flaw of lack of continual touching.

B. Special Olympics World Games
-  Jody states Special Olympics International started by the Kennedy’s and there are 7,000 events per month globally. It’s a huge organization. There’s SOSC which is Special Olympics Southern California and we’re our own nonprofit. We started staffing up and are a games organizing committee solely for the purpose for putting on Worlds Games. We’ll be here at UCLA, Griffith Park, USC, Long Beach, LA live, and going through a lot of private schools and came from the LA Tennis Association and all kinds of groups. This is our athlete striking the celebratory pose and indicates victory, courage, bravery, and our athletes will strike this pose even if they came in last. They are in the circle of acceptance and inclusion. The mosaic different colors represent the different colors of the 177 countries and represents all the cultures that are in Los Angeles. It’s all shapes, colors, sizes and for whoever we are. We have all felt excluded or not accepted and the games are a way to understand how similar and alike we are rather than how different. This is the largest humanitarian event in the world with 7,000 athletes and recruiting 30,000 volunteers and 500,000 fans in the stands. We have a lot of work to do. We are the only world game that have to raise budgets. Most of our fundings come from individuals, corporations, and groups. We have raised over $50 million and this is the largest amount that has ever been raised by a World Games GOC. We need $78 million and we do need 30,000 volunteers. We are looking for volunteers 18 an over with people who can commit to 5 or more shifts of 6 hours and 9 hours each based on venue. The support in athlete program is in existence because it takes $2,500 to support one athlete to support them here. Once they arrive in LAX they are our responsibility. We have to house them, feed them, take care of them medically, and transport them. The first thing they do is go from LAX to UCLA and get physicals and can get glasses on the spot. Special Olympics is one of the biggest healthcare providers in the world for those with disabilities. The special Olympics saves lives. When they were in Korea 65% of athletes didn’t have the right shoes, they were the wrong size. They found that the track runners had crooked feet. If you create a team funding page and reach $2,500 we pair you with an athlete and then be a fan in the stands cheer them on and support them. They are your athlete and can request a specific sport or specific country but the idea is up to you. We are financially supportive of them and we are emotionally supportive of them. What I feel about this that this is a one shot deal with a beginning, middle, and end. It’s very hard to come by that with philanthropy. You will be able to see the results of your work and watch your athlete compete with the most joy on anyone’s face because you give the possibility of them doing their best. I encourage you to get in touch and we are the beneficiaries with Greek Week and what are we going to do.
- Roth says it sounds amazing and hopefully we can help in any way.
- Hourdequin says she will connect people with athletics and club sports and ill cc you.
- Jody said she’s open to any and all ideas.
- Baral said they’re all out a job in august and as seniors we can empathize with is.
- Garcia says people with countries and nametags, what role do they play.
- Jody said they’re going now it was meetings.

VI. Appointments
- Baral says we’ve been doing the council consent appointments. There’s two appointments the one that needs approval for stipend positions or judicial board. There are appointments that are council consent such as the John Wooden Board of Governors and the proper procedure and the ARC can choose to have an appointment or not, and then it goes to a consent item. It was changed two years ago and have 2 consent appointments and 2 regular appointments.
- Lazarovici states that a president a few years ago that made the appointments that are normally consent go through the whole thing but it ended up making things less efficient and in retrospect there wasn’t much value added.

A. John Wooden Center Board of Governors – Jake Sacks
- Baral states that Sacks is coming to council as regular approval. Sack is a pre- business economics member and enjoys wakeboarding and keeping fit and would love to be on the opportunity of John Wooden Center because its one of the most important resources and would love to contribute to maintaining the upward trajectory. I believe I am qualified for this position and I was the management board of the tennis club. I envision myself as an active member and someone who would contribute constructively.
- Rosen asks what makes him a unique candidate
- Sacks says he brings an international perspective and Wooden offers a huge amount of opportunities and its somewhat Americanized in the kinds of sports and there’s an opportunity to diversify.
- Roth asks how would you connect with students
- Sacks says social media is key to connect and with any changes you try to use social outlets
- Baral asks if he talked to any other board members
- Sacks says he talked to Jacob Finn and worked
- Baral asks if he’s fully committed to attending the 7:30 meetings
- Sacks says yes
- Garcia says he has a 3.9 gpa and how would you manage your work ethic.
- Sacks says he’s been here one quarter and its simply a balance
- Sacks thanks everyone for their time Sacks steps out.
- Roth asks how long is the term
- Hourdequin says his is 1 year.
- Singh moves to approve Jack Sacks to John Wooden Board of Governors. 9-0-0 Jack Sacks is approved.

B. John Wooden Center Board of Governors – Lauren Hearne
- Quintanilla says Lauren is her chief of staff and is the one that runs the office. She’s aware of what happens during meetings and reached out to Jacob Finn and got his perspective as board member.

C. Judicial Board – Rachel Beyda
- Kalfayan says she received 3- 0- 0 vote and explains definition of conflict of interests and was really well spoken.
- Beyda is a second year economics major and philosophy minor and intention of law school and the law clerk on judicial board and vice president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi Sorority. I am not only passionate about the law but sees it as an opportunity to serve student body and hold constitution and by laws. I have several experience and analyze and interpret it and comprehension of legal diction to contribute to uphold the constitution with excellence and integrity.
- Roth says given that you are an active member of the Jewish sorority how would you maintain an unbiased
- Baral says I don’t know if its necessarily appropriate and feel like it was comfortable asking other students and I want to cut it off.
- Sadeghi-Movahed says maybe possible to rephrase the question. Given that the recent judicial board cases dealt with conflicts of interests leaning a particular way, how would you be able to keep an unbiased view?
- Beyda says anyone who is qualified is likely to have opinions on campus manners and the laws are not a matter of opinion. If I felt like I could not be unbiased I would remove myself but I don’t think I would be in that position.
- Singh asks what’s a conflict of interest
- Beyda says if its an invested interest in the outcome of the situation
- Rosen asks what would you like to improve on as a clerk
- Beyda says I’ve been a law clerk for only a quarter and I haven’t had that much experience in judicial board but we are supposed to have biweekly meetings and those tend to get cancelled and its really important to stay with the schedule.
- Sadeghi-Movahed asks if you have been able to be in contact with judicial board and what do you think about their experience and bring in that environment and exhibit uniqueness
- Beyda says she did go through the experience to be law clerk and talked to Matt Sattyadi and he does enjoy and serve the student body. I’m also friends with Jason Schafter and pursuing a legal career not that he’s a graduating senior.
- Garcia asks about her future vision
- Beyda says to ensure laws and not necessarily make big sweeping changes and the conflict of interest case set a precedent and that’s a great thing judicial board did. I hope we can continue to set precedents and make it more clear what the wording of the constitution.
- Roth asks if any language would be in the realm of being changed.
- Beyda says no
- Sarafin says you have a lot of friends in USAC, do you see yourself having certain political affiliations that will constitute conflict of interests.
- Beyda says definitely not she doesn’t affiliate with any party but rather by the issue.
- Beyda thanks everyone for the time and consideration and will put dedication in the position and do the best that she can.
- Roth says she’s going to be great and we put up these appointments and make things better in USAC and leave a legacy that is constantly not being divisive and I cannot separate the issue. Its not her fault and it’s a community that is invested in USAC even if she is talented I don’t see it as a feasible job to appoint someone that would be mixed.
- Rosen says its not fair that just because someone’s part of a community because she’s Jewish she shouldn’t be on jboard and that’s how I’m perceiving it. She’s a qualified candidate and has experience outside of UCLA and outside of USAC.
- Baral says the criticism is appointed to him and who is going to do a great job because she has 2 law internships, a great GPA, and she’s a sophomore. Baral says he’s quite frankly disappointed and not assume that everything he’s doing is politically motivated and allow me to appoint people that are great without looking at me politically.
- Sarrafin says the only confusion I have is that when you have had the interview did you have a conflict of interest and see if she has a detailed understanding of what that means.
- Baral says that judicial board decision and invested interests in the outcome of the case.
- Hourdequin says when we asked her what does conflict of interest she says invested interest and as it pertains from case was to separate herself from the case.
- Kalfayan says she gave an example when we interviewed for ARC and she knows what it is and invented a situation but she understands what it is and would remove herself.
- Garcia says if someone found themselves in conflict of interests do they step down
- Baral says they recluse themselves and abstain.
- Singh asks if there’s an oversight of jboard or an appeal process
- Baral says he’s not particularly sure
- Zimmerman says there’s particularly checks and balances
- Sadeghi-Movahed says she really admires she has so much experience and a matter of having friends in USAC and then slate politics and then exposure to issues and I’m not 100% comfortable. I feel her genuine desire to be in jboard and I will look over her applicant.
- Rosen moves to approve Rachel Beyda for judicial board. Hourdequin seconds. 4- 4-
- Hourdequin calls for a 5 minute recess.
- Baral says what am I seeing right now is someone being denied a position because they’re Jewish. She’s a great candidate and literally knows everything and had a fair interview and she’s fantastic.
- Roth says the issue isn’t that she’s Jewish but the cases that keep coming are in regards to certain communities that the way its presented and I would never deny someone something because they are Jewish or their identity. This appointment is going to go for years and I understand the political significance of this position and I’m not anti Semitic
- Hourdequin says her affiliation with Jewish communities and organizations aren’t going to affect decisions as judicial board member and it’s the job of a judicial board member to be unbiased. She fully recognizes that and said that in her interview and make decisions according to constitution that governs USAC.
- Singh says the only thing that this particular position is noncontentious and its just the fact that you somehow have to maintain neutral stance and surround yourself with certain communities and people
- Rosen says even in the If you don’t think she’s qualified candidate then that’s fine but not because of her identity.
- Hourdequin says Rachel passed ARC with a 3-0-0 vote. I’m not Jewish and they passed through with a unanimous vote.
- Roth says its slate politics and that’s what’s so hard and its supposed to be an unbiased position to keep us in check and we’re not being kept in check are brought up for conflicts of interests and try to get right back on the correct path and make it less than slate politics and move around.
- Lazarovici says almost everyone at this table is affiliated including the president. Does that mean that any appointment by any slate be considered slate politics and have an automatic conflict of interest. I don’t know this person or what she’s done. You’ll have no one to appoint to any position to anyone on this campus. If there’s reason or discomfort than that’s legitimate but for any other reason that seems legitimate this is a really disturbing track that we’re going down right now.
- Singh asks if judicial board recommended any candidates
- Baral says the judicial board doesn’t recommend anyone and she’s currently the law clerk and if there’s a case she’s a part of the judicial board.
- Serrafin says law clerk is not allowed in closed sessions. In conflict of interest and guiding documents for it have no definitions. In a weird sort of way jboard uses the USAC definition of conflict of interest and divided loyalty and a conflict of interest as been constituted. She kept giving vague answers when a simple legal analysis that she can actually say a conflict of interest because bylaws she lives in and maybe she hasn’t done the right homework and an invested interest isn’t what the USAC bylaws say. It would’ve been much better that when asking the conflict of interest she could’ve given a better answer.
- Geller says the definition of conflict of interests isn’t a legal definition its from a definition council put together. Its not about perception its about reality. USAC’s current definition is what was put in guided documents. Whether that’s the best or not that’s what you decide if its not you decide. The question was what conflict of interest means to her now what is USACs current definition of conflict of interest. The idea of perception is that there’s a significant difference of what might be perceived and what’s real. There isn’t a single student that you can appoint to anything where somebody wouldn’t have a perceived conflict. Perception is in the eyes of the third party. I am struck by the presumption that specific issue are going to land in front of jboard. None of us are going to know what’s going to happen. To figure out to see if that person has conflict, if there’s an issue they would not be part of the deliberation. Not selected by president but selected by jboard to be amongst the, and jboard votes and you have the ability to override a jboard decision.
- Serrafin says with regards to legality of conflicts of interest that in the publishing of all decisions Jboard always says as defined by USA bylaws article 1 section d and precedent makes it the guiding and governing documents
- Geller says the appearance of conflict as a valid part of deciding. I cant tell you what is or isn’t. We just have definition and a jboard that discredited a part of definition.
- Roth says I’m going to on goodwill that she’s qualified and she wants to be a lawyer and we need powerful woman that are strong and intelligent and based on the fact that there is a perceived conflict of interest that can be repealed and perceived good intentions and cares about making sure we are held accountable I’m going to approve her.
- Sadeghi-Movahed says the only thing that made me feel hesitant that many of my friends are involved in USAC and if one of my friends was being appointed to jboard and I was her friend that one portion threw me off. I feel confident that she has the ability to use reason to judge whether or not it is a conflict of interest. She is more than qualified beyond UCLA. With that I’ll be voting yes.
- Kalfayan moves to approve Rachel Beyda to judicial board. Rosen seconds. 9- 0- 0 Rachel Beyda is approved to the Judicial Board. Baral takes a 5 minute recess. Hourdequin seconds. Meeting continues at 8:45pm.

D. Office Space Allocation Committee Chairperson – Eric Hambly
- Garcia says this is a topic that hit home and there has to be a level of respect and maturity and with the ongoing appointments council in general keeps everything in perspective and we can handle that better.
- Baral apologizes and didn’t want to call him out. As Robert’s rules its not fairness its about moving the meeting as efficiently as possible. For further discussion I will wait an additional half minute.
- Hourdequin says the recommendation by ARC was to adhere more stringently to deadlines to make sure everyone gets approved and allocated. Another recommendation was to manage time wisely to adequately accommodate everyone from 3- 0- 0.
- Hambly states he’s a third year business economics major and accounting minor. He’s interested in doing this effectively and officially to help students help their student groups go to get resources and for students that are large enough that need office space I know its very important to do this position unbiased and officially as possible. I’m also an RA on the hill and see a lot of personalities. I am used to helping students with various news and I will apply same skill set who may not be able to articulate. I sit on the John Wooden board as proxy and take initiatives and send emails.
- Sadeghi-Movahed said the guidelines haven’t been updated to 6 years and no student group receives preferential treatment and how you intend on holding OSAC to those guidelines
- Hambly says as far as updating goes SOUL is now a thing and important indicator there are archaic things is that the requirement students requested funding for the last 5 years. For example, a student group like mine with an outside funding maybe we can change that requirement so that it still shows that a student group has a heavy commitment to UCLA not in that respect.
- Sadeghi-Movahed says how would you uphold without preferential treatment
- Hambly says look at the student groups that are in there and use this as an arbitrary example. Say everyone else was business groups why do they keep getting selected to reposition it because everyone should have a chance to grow.
- Haq asks how he plans to promote diversity and inclusion
- Hambly says that’s a matter of looking through the applications and asking if they really need the space. There are groups that use the space correctly and incorrectly and its time to take action. Perhaps if there’s a certain growth percentage or different incentives.
- Sadeghi-Movahed wants to understand guidelines in what criteria their guidelines to have a space or maintain a space.
- Hambly said there are guidelines and community space is a great thing for the club to grow and that’s a great thing.
- Hourdequin says there will be four people in the committee. How do you plan to select them?
- Hambly said he would have to publicize it and would go through the hill and target and SOUL newsletter and journalists to help know they make a difference.
- Sarrafin says he’s a member of ASA as a cultural center and definitely a lot of the communities use it for the same person and I commend you to include more of these student groups in Kerckhoff. My only question is how can you maintain the community center and areas for growth while actually promoting other student groups to be part of this vibrant building.
- Hambly said if there’s student groups using the space they shouldn’t be kicked out. Is it still being used at the best performance and existing student groups are following our guidelines. There should be a certain spot for formal and informal gathering.
- Sadeghi-Movahed asks why is it that a student group has 5 years of requesting funding
- Geller says with 1000 groups its trying to find someway to limit the number applying and a group that’s been around for 5 years would demonstrate the staying power that it will remain.
- Hambly says he really hopes he gets approved and it’s a very important job for campus and its not just a resume builder its something I want to be involved in and at this point of the year I’m looking for more things to do and this is a great way to help out.
- Quintanilla says what happens every 2 years it rarely ever happens to get kicked out and the only reason is because they do something bad the space. He’s a great staff member.
- Lazarovici asks did he say he has a job lined up
- Sadeghi-Movahed moves to approve Eric Hambly for Office Space Allocation Committee Chair. Rosen seconds. 9-0-0 Eric Hambly is approved.

VII. Officer and Member Reports
A. President – Avinoam Baral
- Baral is flying to Sacramento tomorrow to go up and talk to the legislatures about what’s going on with tuition. It’ll be a quick day trip in the afternoon. This is super last minute and try to keep people involved and see if there’s different opportunities to talk about different issues. Originally I wanted to have a townhall I’m postponing that town hall to next Thursday at 7pm the 19th of February. I’m trying to work on a proposal. I’ve been meeting with administrative vice chancellor and the dean of students and the associated dean of students and had a productive conversation about UCPD and community relations. The first thing was the oversight committee that they would like to talk about in Fall and they were hostile and Devin misrepresented that context to that meeting. One thing is scheduling a regular meeting week 9 and have one or two council members come with him potentially to have these conversations. The idea of UCPD body cameras and the national conversation about police brutality and from my point of view I have a strong understanding that it doesn’t solve an issue but it is something to push for because it has the ability to have the amount of information flowing and the transparency. The chief is going to report back and are going to have the legislative front and the UCPD body camera conversation. I’ve been working with UCOP and my question is what are they doing and what has that been looking like. Baral is going to leave the meeting and one of the biggest prejudices against Jews that have been going on for hundreds of years that Jews inherently have divided loyalties and a variety of different forms Jewish people were never really citizens and were never really part of that country and divided loyalties and active members of society. I am just so unbelievably disappointed, its mind- blowing and I was holding back tears and Devin would appoint black students and there’s nothing wrong with that and I’m appointing Jewish students and she’s a fantastic candidate and to have her put down there and the second I’m going to keep applicants out of the room and anything you say should be said to their face.
- Garcia says its hypocritical and an incredibly dramatic meeting.

B. Internal President – Heather Hourdequin
- Hourdequin says its important that students should have a strong relationship with UCPD and have that relationship be transparent and something with better relationships is to have a form for open dialogue. During campus safety week I want to have a townhall for students to come. Student vendor fair applications are open. Lastly the vice chancellor for equity, diversity, and inclusion and we will be having a new vice chancellor.
- Sadeghi-Movahed asks if there was update for sensitivity training of UCPD
- Hourdequin says she can ask Nancy
- Moreno Haq says her office is working on it and we’re not trying to reach out to just one community so at this point that platform should be done within the next few weeks and I can get you into contact with directors.
- Hourdequin says Kevin Doughtery would be a good person to contact and he was in our meeting.
- Moreno Haq says she’s spoken to Nancy Green Stein a few times

C. External Vice President – Conrad Contreras
- Serrafin there was a press conference with Senator Ricardo Lara with SCA 1 and our office supports it and its quite important to keep UC system accountable in general and don’t hesitate to contact him. With regards to the UCLA diversity requirement resolution that was going to be discussed at UCSA it passed unanimously which basically means it will continue to fight and have the diversity requirement instituted. We are working with AAC to have online petition and working with offices to be instituted. An update with the EVP office is working with UCLA governmental campus called Campus Climate Leg Day to have student groups to have conversation on host of topics to be a break out by topic and each topic is going to have specific time allotment. I will reach out to the facilities commission. A lot of it will be access, affordability, mental health, sexual assault prevention and in general sexual violence and how we need to take a stance against it with legislators present and a lot of these issues are things that shouldn’t exist. This meeting over this Saturday at UCSA. Divestment passed from multiple companies and working with office to finalize lobby visit times and will be sent out to each of the offices. Lastly, because Conrad is amazing and fabulous he was appointed to sit as the student representative in the California Legislator Prop 209 working group.
- Lazarovici asks if there’s already an online petition
- Serrafin says yes

D. Student Wellness Commission
- Chen says that the all of us mental health conference which was a massive success and had 27 student led workshop sand had 200 students participate and it was conflicted with UCSA. It was very successful and SWC would like to introduce a bylaw where we do something like this each year. This Thursday there will be a debrief for the event and a quick meeting for the AllofUs committee and Savannah Badalich. We have extra bags for everyone. Inside there’s a consent gram with the student wellness commission bruin consent coalition similar to Valentines. I apologize if not everyone got these consent grams. The link is and all proceeds would go to Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center. Other schools will be following our lead and donate to local charities.
- Moreno Haq says a lot of people were inspired how strong SWC is and were inspired by all the work and this made her even more inspired. I love the diversity of it.

F. Transfer Student Representative
- Sadeghi-Movahed says her office did a workshop for Transfer Resources and apparently we got called the most fun workshop but ill take it as a compliment. On that same kind of note I’ve been talking with Manjot Singh and going through timeline and build an office from ground up and got elected mid November and have retreat and already at break and already January and students are really into it. I guarantee you we’re working as hard as possible and transfers haven’t been politicized in the past and we have transfer pride week and we created the bruin resource center and hopefully implement that in bylaws and had meeting with Janina Montero and set up meetings and if our initiatives can be further and about transfer center with administrators within the next 10 years or so to build up on Ackerman for transfer center and multicultural center. The location will hopefully be finalized in the near future. I’m trying hard to get in contact with transportation. We have been trying to keep up with transparency and work with administration for bruin resource center.

G. Administrative Representatives
- Geller says its good to be back.
- Lazarovici says her husband and I led a self care workshop for activists and had some left over packets and have enough for students.

VIII. Fund Allocations.
A. Contingency Programming
- Wang states $102,042 required. $16,952.70 requested, and $6,150.00 recommended. Balance will be $75, 952.12. Rosen moves to approve. Haq second. 10- 0- 0 contingency is approved.

B. Cultural Affairs Mini-Fund

XI. Announcements
- CEC is screening the Theory of Everything on Thursday in AGB.
- Badalich says I <3 my body week is next week and will be everything from glow in the dark zumba to dining in the dark to different dance classes. There will be breast paintings and commercialization of breast cancer movement and how to give yourself a proper breast exam and interactive exam. The Vagina Monologues are happening next week and its first come first serve.
- Haw asks what kind of dance teacher do you need
- Badalich says anything!! We are willing to pay.
- Rosen says a leadership and diversity conference on April 13 and what it is to be a woman in a business setting. We’re also going to combine it with recruitment aspect.
- Singh says tomorrow is publicity workshop in Royce 164 on how to give a good presentation and communicate effectively. Last night there was the grand opening of The Hub and it was awesome and lots of good feedback and make a monthly thing.
- Garcia says its black history month and important to recognize comments that Devin had black appointments and nobody brought attention to that. That’s not ideological and the fact that someone made a comment making black appointment really perpetuated racism and that was just uncalled for and I think that people need to check themselves and its incredibly frustrating to say things and they should have brought that up. Everyone who was a black appointment and candidate and was incredibly uncalled for. Its black history month and we are trying to educate people and on that note if you didn’t go to art gallery up until the 13th and his art is up. We have the black power mixtape and had a really cool event in Kerckhoff Coffee House and thanks Heather for coming. This Thursday we have a panel called “get home safe” with the evolution of socially conscience artist from 7-9pm and get to know who artist is for explosion. The word this week is with UCLA Sex Squad bringing Sexy back and promoting education about sexual health. World Fest and DiverCity are taking a tour to china town. XII. Signing of the attendance sheet The attendance sheet is passed around

XIII. Adjournment
- Roth moves to adjourn the meeting. Moreno-Haq seconds.
- Hourdequin adjourns the meeting at 9:41pm.

XIV. Good and Welfare

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