Tuesday, March 3, 2015

FrancisMNevinsJunior. Cornell Woolrich. First you dream, then you die. MysteriousPress. 1988.

  Almost at once he increased his natural speed of composition by devising a system of abbreviations and symbols that he used in his correspondence and handwritten first drafts for the rest of his life. “Two crossed lines with a slantwise connection for ‘and,’ a small g with a line under it for the ending ‘ing’ on any word, the letter y for ‘you’ and all its derivatives, ‘yours,’ ‘yourself,’ etc.; the numeral 1 followed by for ‘once,’ similarly for ‘twice,’ and so on; ‘bec’ for ‘because,’ and many more. It seems cumbersome at first sight, but it became a great time-saver.” When typing up his drafts of course he had to revert to normal usage.

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