Monday, May 4, 2015

SusanBurke. Lyric. SureLove2008.

  I was going out of a party one night, Downtown
  When I got claustrophobic, too many people around
  So I went outside by myself, to take a few deep breath for my mentalhealth
  When out of nowhere, to my surprise
  I see a tall, young man with pale blue eyes
  He said, "Hey, mama, how you doing?"
  I said, "Pretty good. By the way, my name is Susan."
  Dirty blondehair, vintage sneeze, cowboyshirt, and natural stink
  We started talking into the night about Education, Philosophy, and [unclear]
  [unclear] dude I've met in a while, smart as a whip with a crooked tooth smile
  He kissed me, and my pants exploded
  I thought the Earth shake and my being fell pole (?)

  Suddenly, my friend came out of the party, and said,
  "Holy smoke, Susan, [unclear] he's a homelessguy,
  who sleeps in my hall. He saves all the poop, and showers at the mall."
  I said, "Double-u, tee, fuck, I thought he was a hipster."
  And he said, "I can play the hipster. The fashions are the trickster."
  Tell the difference. Take my advice. There's a little difference between the hipsters and the homelessguys.
  (Homeless. Yik, yik.) Eats bean from a can.
  (Hipster. Yik, yik.) Plays bass in a dangerbirdband.
  (Homeless. Yik, yik.) Will suck dick for crack
  (Hipster. Yik, yik.) Will suck a dick, but, well, for lifeexperience. It's notbecause they're homosexual, butbecause they aren't as closeminded. Different aspects of Sexuality, or afraid of what other people may think of them. Oh, and also, because they just did a shitload of coke.
  (Homeless. Yik, yik.) Saves his poop in a jar.
  (Hipster. Yik, yik.) Don't think it's ironic to drink TBR.
  (Homeless. Yik, yik.) Needs fiftycents for a new lung.
  (Hipster. Yik, yik.) Just bought a mini new coupe with his trustfund.

  Not that homelessLove is all that bad.
  It's just a little bumsy and strange for mom and dad.
  You see, Marty and I, we have a Love that's real,
  and I don't give a fuck if we beg for our meal.
  Now I'm a homeless, and I live in a park,
  I'm mugging hipsterwallets when I'm in the park.
  That's way tencity.
  I'm a smiley, living in tents.
  Yeah, I fuck your ass up.
  Excuse me, are those leftovers?
  God bless you.
  Poor fucking cunt.
  I love you.
  Seriously, I do. I love you.
  Okay. Start again.

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