Sunday, March 1, 2015


  Am reading General Psychopathology by Karl Jaspers. Will read Exodus by Leon Uris and The Tree of hands by Ruth Rendell.
  Will not go to the libraries to copy articles. Will read them on the internet.
  The films of Costa-Gavras released by Criterion.
  In order to learn computerLang and gamedesign. First, Must know what the sources in the Reality are. Computations of the homosapiensLang.
  Plan. 02 Mar, laundry.
  03 Mar. Se reveille. HobbyAirport. FortWorth. NewJersey. (Finish skimming Exodus by Leon Uris.) Checkin. Meal. HunterCollege. Sleep.
  04 Mar. Se reveille. Angelika. RevolutionBookstore & others. YoungBodiesHealEasily.
  05 Mar. Return toHTX.
  Finish General Psychpathology by Karl Jaspers.
  10 Mar. UNO, 7PM. Finkelstein. Leave tomorrow morning.

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