Saturday, May 9, 2015

JohnLurie. Transcript. Excerpt. VICE after dark with John Lurie. ep. 2. VICE. 20 Nov 2014.

  You know, I hung out withRobinWilliams a couple of times, and he was a sweetheart. He was a thousandtimes bigger star than me, and he was so sweet to me and supportive, but then he wouldn’t stop. He’d go from character to character to character to character. I was like, Cut it out, man, and I hurt his feelings. I hurt him. I realised I hurt his feelings, because he couldn’t cut it out. And I realised also that he was coping with that for ever, and he turned it into something incrediblypositive, until it made him take his life, because he couldn’t handle it anymore. You know, you’ve got that friend who is like ninethousandvoices going off in their head, and they’re brilliant, and they’re beautiful, and then it’s just like, Shutthefuckup. And it’s just like, which is what I said to him, and I reallyhurt his feelings. I was nobody, and he was a big star, and he latched onto me, and he wouldn’t stop that thing, and like, Shutthefuckup, man. And I really. I just thought it was going to be okay, but I could see I hurt his feelings. I hurt his feelings. His shoulders just slumped out, and really. I’ve got a lot of feeling forRobinWilliams, I really do. He was just like border mentalillness into an incrediblypositive way for forty or fiftyyears. Nah, but yeah. People who are reallyhyper. I have time for one more call, and I’m done.

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